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Spring 2013 - Volume 69, No. 1

Advances in the Study of the Origin of Humanness
by Sally McBrearty

Re-entry into First Creation: A Contextual Frame for the Ju/’Hoan Bushman Performance of Puberty Rites, Storytelling, and Healing Dance
by Bradford Keeney and Hillary Keeney

Bipolar Knapping in Gravettian Occupations of El Palomar Rockshelter (Yeste, South Eastern Spain)
by Paloma de la Pena and Gerardo Vega

Proverbs in Nigerian Pidgin
by Eyo Mensah

Book Reviews

Summer 2013 - Volume 69, No. 2

Joaquín González Echegaray (1930–2013)

The Fate of the Neandertals
by Fred H. Smith

Conceptions of Nature in Iran: Science, Nationalism, and Heteroglossia
by Satoshi Abe

The Geopolitics of Emerging Maya Rulers: A Case Study of Kayuko Naj Tunich, a Foundational Shrine at Uxbenká, Southern Belize
by Holley Moyes and Keith M. Prufer

The Hard Work of Small Talk in Ethnographic Fieldwork
by Henk Driessen and Willy Jansen

Book Reviews

Fall 2013 - Volume 69, No. 3

Linda S. Cordell (1943–2013)

T. Patrick Culbert (1930-2013)

David M. Brugge (1927–2013)

The Indian Fashion Show: Fighting Cultural Stereotypes with Gender
by Nancy Parezo

The Contract with God: Patterns of Cultural Consensus across Two Brazilian Religious Communities
by H. J. François Dengah, II

Evidence of a Neanderthal Quartz-Based Technology in Navalmaillo Rockshelter (Pinilla del Valle, Madrid Region, Spain)
by B. Márquez, M. Mosquera, E. Baquedano, A. Pérez-González, J. L. Arsuaga, J. Panera, J. A. Espinosa, and J. Gómez

Neanderthal Graphic Behavior: The Pecked Pebble from Axlor Rockshelter (Northern Spain).
by Marcos García-Diez, Blanca Ochoa Fraile, and Ignacio Barandiarán Maestu

Book Reviews

Winter 2013 - Volume 69, No. 4

John Martin "Jack" Campbell (1927–2013)

Keith H. Basso (1940–2013)

An Archaeology of the History of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Anthropology: James McCune Smith, Radical Abolitionist and Anthropologist
by Thomas C. Patterson

What is Local? Looking at Ceramic Production in the Peruvian Highlands and Beyond
Isabelle Druc

Early Dogs and Endemic South American Canids of the Spanish Main
by Peter Stahl

Hearth-Related Wood Remains from Abric Romani Layer M (Capellades, Spain)
by Alex Solé, Ethel Allué, and Eudald Carbonell

Book Reviews

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