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Spring 2014 - Volume 70, No. 1

George W. Stocking, Jr. (1928–2013)

Africa in the World: (Re)centering African History through Archaeology
by Ann B. Stahl

Disparate Technological Evolution of West and East: Lithic Technological Variability and Population Relations in North China during MIS 3
by Feng Li, Steven L. Kuhn, John W. Olsen, Fuyou Chen, Xing Gao

Spatial Seriation, Vectors of Change, and Multi-Centered Modeling for Cultural Transformations among San Diego’s Historical Gravestones: 50 Years after Deetz and Dethlefsen’s Archaeological Doppler Effect
by Seth Mallios

Family Alliances and “Comparatico” among a Group of Calabrian-Australian Families Living in Adelaide, South Australia
by Simone Marino and Giancarlo Chiro

Book Reviews

Summer 2014 - Volume 70, No. 2

Peter Harrison (1937–2014)

The Veneration of Womb Tombs: Body-based Rituals and Politics at Mary’s Tomb and Maqam al-Hijja (Israel/Palestine)
by Nurit Stadler and Nimrod Luz

From Collective Villages to Private Ownership: Ujamaa, Tamaa, and the Postsocialist Transformation of Peri-Urban Dar es Salaam, 1970–1990
by Geoffrey Ross Owens

Where To and What For? Mobility Patterns and the Management of Lithic Resources by Gravettian Hunter-Gatherers in the Western Pyrenees
by Alvaro Arrizabalaga, Aitor Calvo, Irantzu Elorrieta, Jesus Tapia, and Andoni Tarrino

Bribery in Preindustrial Cultures: Understanding the Universalism-Particularism Puzzle
by Bo Rothstein and Davide Torsello

Book Reviews

Fall 2014 - Volume 70, No. 3

Ardipithecus and Earliest Human Evolution in Light of 21st Century Developmental Biology
by C. Owen Lovejoy

Wartime Anthropology, Nationalism, and ‘Race’ in Margaret Mead’s And Keep Your Powder Dry
by Anthony Q. Hazard Jr.

DIF’G’ONE and Semiotic Calquing: A Signography of the Linguistic Landscape of the Navajo Nation
by Anthony K. Webster

Cultural Importance of Two Lifestyle Sub-Domains (Education & Professional Life and Intimate & Family Relationships) in Croatian Youth: Significance for Holistic Anthropological Research
by Lana Peternel, Ana Malnar, and Irena Martinović Klarić

Book Reviews

Winter 2014 - Volume 70, No. 4

Peripheral Elite as Imperial Collaborators
by Craig Tyson

Everything Old is New Again? Rethinking the Transition to Cast Iron Production in the Central Plains of China
by Wengcheong Lam

Reconceptualizing the Landscape: Changing Patterns of Land Use in a Coalescent Culture
by Nathan Lawres

Solutrean Seal Hunters? Modeling Transatlantic Migration Parameters Fundamental to the Solutrean Hypothesis for the Peopling of North America
by Kelly M. Phillips

Book Reviews

Editor's Note
by Lawrence Guy Straus


Department of Anthropology