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Distinguished Lectures

Public lectures and seminars by leading figures in all areas of anthropology
Lectures are published in the Journal of Anthropological Research

Debra Martin (University of Nevada-Las Vegas)
Hard Times in Dry Lands: Apocalypse in the Ancient Southwest or Business as Usual?
Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wendy Ashmore (University of California, Riverside)
What Were Ancient Maya Landscapes Really Like?
Volume 71, (Fall), No. 3

Charles R. Menzies (University of British Columbia)
Oil, Energy, and Anthropological Collaboration on the North West Coast of Canada
Volume 71, (Spring), No. 1

Owen Lovejoy (Kent State University)
Ardipithecus and Earliest Human Evolution in Light of 21st Century Developmental Biology
Volume 70, (Fall), No. 3

Ann Stahl (University of Victoria)
Africa in the World: (Re)centering African History through Archaeology
Volume 70, (Spring), No. 1

Nancy Parezo (University of Arizona)
The Indian Fashion Show: Fighting Cultural Stereotypes with Gender
Volume 69, (Fall), No. 3

Fred H. Smith (Illinois State Unviersity)
Neandertals and Folks Like Us.
Volume 69, (Summer), No. 2

William F. Hanks (University of California, Berkeley)
The Formation and Spread of Colonial Yucatec Maya
Volume 68, (Winter), No. 4

Sally McBrearty (University of Connecticut-Storrs)
Debunking the Human Revolution: The Last Ten Years
Volume 69, (Spring), No. 1

David H. Price (St. Martins University)
How the CIA and Pentagon Harnessed Anthropological Research during the Cold War
Volume 67, (Fall), No. 3

Melinda A. Zeder (Director, Archaeobiology Program, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution)
The Domestication of Animals
Volume 68, (Summer), No. 2
Walter D. Mignolo (Duke University)
The Global South and World Dis/Order
Volume 67, (Summer), No. 2

George J. Armelagos (Emory University)
Omnivore's Dilemma: The Evolution of the Brain and the Determinates of Food Choice
Volume 66, (Summer), No. 2)

Paola Villa (University of Colorado – Boulder) and Sylvain Soriano (Université Paris Ouest)
Hunting Weapons of Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans in South Africa: Similarities and Differences
Volume 66, (Spring), No. 1

E. Paul Durrenberger (Penn State University)
The Last Wall to Fall: The Anthropology of Collective Action & Labor Unions in the Global System
Volume 65, (Spring), No.1

Regna Darnell (University of Western Ontario)
Benedictine Visionings of Southwestern Cultural Diversity: Beyond Relativism
Volume 64, (Winter), No.4

Jean Clottes President of IFRAO (International Federation of Rock Art Organizations)
Rock Art: An Endangered Heritage Worldwide
Volume 64, (Spring), No. 1
Donald K. Grayson (University of Washington)
Ice Age Extinctions in North America: Deciphering the Cause
Volume 63, (Summer), No. 2

William C. McGrew (University of Cambridge)
New Wine in New Bottles: Prospects and Pitfalls of Cultural Primatology

Volume 63, (Summer), No. 2

Polly Wiessner (University of Utah)
From Spears to M16s: Changing Means and Meanings of War in Papua New Guinea Society
Volume 62, (Summer), No. 2
Fraser D. Neiman  (Director of Archaeology, Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia)

Lost World Monticello: An Evolutionary Perspective

Volume 64, (Summer), No. 2

David J. Meltzer (Southern Methodist University)

The Seventy Year Itch: Controversies over Human Antiquity and their Resolution

Volume 61, (Winter), No. 4

Michael Silverstein (University of Chicago)

The Poetics of Politics: "Theirs" and "Ours"

Volume 61, Spring, No. 1

Peter M. Whiteley (American Museum of Natural History)
Why Anthropology Needs More History: Some Hopi & Other Native American Cases
Volume 60, (Winter), No. 4
Donald C. Johanson (Arizona State University)
Lucy: 30 Years Later
Volume 60, (Winter), No. 4
Henry Wright (University of Michigan)
Early State Dynamics as Political Experiment
Volume 62, (Fall), No. 3
Don D. Fowler (University of Nevada, Reno)
E.L. Hewett, J.F. Zimmerman, and the Beginnings of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico, 1927-1946
Volume 59, (Fall), No. 3
Jane Hill (University of Arizona)
Towards a Linguistic Prehistory of the Southwest
Volume 58, (Winter), No. 4
Matt Cartmill (Duke University)
Paleoanthropology-- Science or Mythical Charter?
Volume 58, (Summer), No. 2
Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University)
Performing Comparisons: Ethnography, Globetrotting, and the Spaces of Social Knowledge
Volume 57, (Fall), No. 3
Richard G. Klein (Stanford University)
Southern Africa and Modern Human Origins
Volume 57, (Spring), No. 1
William Longacre (University of Arizona)
Exploring Prehistoric Social and Political Organization in the American Southwest
Volume 56, (Fall), No. 3
William A. Douglass (University of Nevada)
In Search of Juan de Oñate: Confessions of a Cryptoessentialist
Volume 56, (Summer), No. 2
Yolanda Moses (City College of New York)
Race, Higher Education, and American Society
Volume 55, (Summer), No. 2
C. Loring Brace (University of Michigan)
An Anthropological Perspective on "Race" and Intelligence: The Non-Clinal Nature of Human Cognitive Capabilities
Volume 55, (Summer), No. 2
F. Clark Howell (University of California, Berkeley)
Paleo-Demes, Species Clades, and Extinctions in the Pleistocene
Volume 55, (Summer), No 2
Sherry Ortner (Columbia University)
Identities: The Hidden Life of Class
Volume 54, (Spring), No. 1
L.L. Cavalli-Sforza (Stanford University)
Genetic and Cultural Diversity in Europe
Volume 53, (Winter), No. 4
John and Jean Comaroff (University of Chicago)
Postcolonial Politics and Discourses of Democracy in Southern Africa: An Anthropological Reflection on African Political Modernities
Volume 53, (Summer), No. 2
Kathleen Deagan (University of Florida)
Colonial Transformation: Euro-American Cultural Genesis in the Early Spanish-American Colonies
Volume 52, (Summer), No. 2
Elisabeth S. Vrba (Yale University)
Climate, Heterochrony, and Human Evolution
Volume 52, (Spring), No. 1


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