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Baales, Michael, "Hunter-Gatherer Behavior in a Changing Late Glacial Landscape: Allerød Archaeology in the Central Rhineland, Germany," 52:281

Babb, Florence, book review by, 54:567

Bacterial gastroenteritis in humans, 56:486

Badaga, household structure and demography of, 56:277

Bahia Colorada (Île d’Englefield): Les Premiers Chasseurs de Mammifères Marins de Patagonie Australe, by Dominique Legoupil, review of, 55:320

Bahn, Paul G.: book review by, 55:450; review of book by, 55:302

Bailey, Geoff, review of book edited by, 55:452

Baker-Cristales, Beth, book review by, 55:478

Bandelier, Adolph F., biography of, 53:110

Bandelier: The Life and Adventures of Adolph Bandelier, by Charles H. Lange and Carroll L. Riley, review of, 53:111

Bands among hunter-gatherers, 49:43

Bantu horticulturalists, food avoidances among, 50:280

Barbash, Ilisa, review of book by, 56:274

Barfield, Thomas, review of book edited by, 54:573

Barkow, Jerome H., review of book edited by, 53:100

Barnes, R.H., review of book by, 54:246

Barnett, Clifford, "John Adair, 1913-1997: Work across the Anthropological Spectrum," 55:429

Barnett, Homer, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:175

Barth, Fredrik, "Other Knowledge and Other Ways of Knowing," 51:65

Barton, C. Michael, review of book edited by, 55:286

Bar-Yosef, Ofer: "The Anatolian Middle Paleolithic: New Research at Karain Cave," 51:287; review of book edited by, 55:289, 57:88

Basketry:  in central interior California, 54:49; of Elizabeth and Louise Hickox (Lower Klamath), 56:247; from postcontact sites at Hesquiat Harbour, British Columbia, 56:247

Basketry and Cordage from Hesquiat Harbour, by Kathryn Bernick, review of, 56:247

Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade: Elizabeth and Louise Hickox, by Marvin Cohodas, review of, 56:247

Basques:  archaeology of, 57:336; classical polymorphisms among, 57:327; and cultural tradition, 56:147; DNA polymorphisms among, 57:328; evolutionary history of, 57:325; genetic, cultural, and linguistic place of, in Europe, 53:384, 388, 395; identity of 56:142; and language, 56:145; and prehistory, 56:146; and race, 56:144

Bass, George F., book review by, 57:233

Batak, ethnography of, 53:98

Batak, The: Peoples of Sumatra, by Achim Sibeth, review of 53:98
Bates, Daniel G., review of book edited by, 54:106

Bauer, Brian S., review of book by, 52:381

Baumann, Gerd, review of book by, 53:473, 56:266

Baumann, Gerhard, book review by, 48:358

Baumler, Mark F., book review by, 52:241

Bawden, Garth:  book review by, 52:115, 54:120, 57:247; "Comments on ‘Seeking an Ethical Balance in Archaeological Practice in Ecuador,’" 50:183; review of book by, 55:185

Baxter, Sylvester, writings of, 53:246

Bayman, James M., "Rethinking ‘Redistribution’ in the Archaeological Record: Obsidian Exchange at the Marana Platform Mound," 51:37

"Beating the Boundaries: Land Tenure and Identity in the Papua New Guinea Highlands," article by Paul Sillitoe, 55:331

Beck, Charlotte:  review of book by, 52:120; review of book edited by, 56:416

Beck, Lane Anderson, review of book edited by, 51:399

Becker, Bertha K., book review by, 48:74

Bedamuni, land ownership and use among, 55:361

Begun, David R., review of book edited by, 55:145

Behavior:  anthropology of, 49:180; human, and human evolution, in Europe, 54:373; human, and language, 52:367; model of hunter-gatherers', in marginal environments, 49:57; reconstructions of, in Middle Pleistocene southwestern Europe, 47:201; social, evolution of, 55:279

Behavioral:  adaptations, changes in, during Paleolithic, 56:113; archaeology, 53:87, 148, 177, 219; archaeology in American Southwest, 56:295; complexity and biocultural change in Europe, 54:373

"Behavioral Complexity and Biocultural Change in Europe around Forty Thousand Years Ago," article by Eudald Carbonell and Manuel Vaquero, 54:373

Belgium:  archaeology of, 56:598; Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:95, 55:298, 57:360

Belief systems: of Dene Tha, 50:97; maladaptiveness of, in Ituri Forest, 50:277
Belize:  diet of prehistoric Maya in, 49:352; Mayan archaeology of, 52:523

Beltrán, A., review of book edited by. 55:457

Bement, Leland C., review of book by, 52:373

Benavides, Alonzo de, Memorials of, 50:51. See also Memorials

Bennahum, David A., book review by, 54:433, 55:281

Benquet Province, Philippines, farming in, 50:12

Bentley, Jerry H., book review by, 52:516

Berdan, Frances F., review of book by, 53:257

Bergmann's Rule, 52:8

Bering Sinkhole, Texas, archaeology of, 52:373

Berlin, Brent, review of book by, 49:79

Berlin, Ethnological Museum, Native American collections of, 57:223

Bermann, Marc, review of book by, 52:115

Bernard, H. Russel, review of book edited by, 55:479

Bernick, Kathryn, review of book by, 56:247

Berninghausen, Jutta, review of book by, 50:92

Berreman, Gerald D.:  book review by, 56:392; reminiscences of Hortense Powdermaker by, 47:470

Berreman, Joel, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:174

Besnier, Niko: "The Demise of the Man Who Would Be King: Sorcery and Ambition on Nukulaelae Atoll," 49:185; review of book by, 52:504

Besteman, Catherine, "Polygyny, Women’s Land Tenure, and the ‘Mother-Son Partnership’ in Southern Somalia," 51:193

Between Artifacts and Texts: Historical Archaeology in Global Perspective, by Anders Andrén, review of, 55:460
Beyond Art: Pleistocene Image and Symbol, edited by M. Conkey, O. Soffer, D. Stratmann, and N. Jablonski, review of, 54:289

Beyond Chiefdoms: Pathways to Complexity in Africa, edited by Susan Keech McIntosh, review of, 56:592

Beyond the Natural Body: An Archeology of Sex Hormones, by Nelly Oudshoorn, review of, 51:189

Beyond the Reservation: Indians, Settlers, and the Law in Washington Territory, 1853-1889, by Brad Asher, review of, 55:590

Beyond the Second Sex: New Directions in the Anthropology of Gender, edited by Peggy Reeves Sanday and Ruth Gallagher Goodenough, review of, 48:265

Beyond Subsistence: Plains Archaeology and the Postprocessual Critique, edited by Philip Duke and Michael C. Wilson, review of, 53:481

Bickerton, Derek:  book review by, 55:448; review of book by, 52:367

Bickman, Leonard, review of book edited by, 55:167

Bidayuh women: ethnography of, 57:151; role of "housewife" among, 57:157; rural-urban migration of, 57:155;

"Bidayuh Housewives in a Changing World: Sarawak, Malaysia," article by Hew Cheng Sim, 57:151

Bierwert, Crisca, review of book by, 55:587

Bietti, A., review of book edited by, 56:131

Billig, Michael S., book review by, 49:172

Billman, Brian R., review of book edited by, 56:570

Bills, Garland D., book review by, 53:244

Binford, Lewis R.:  and concept of curation, 52:259; interviews with, 55:293

Biocultural change and behavioral complexity in Europe, 54:373

Biological anthropology, 55:585

Biology, human, of English villagers, 52:501
Biolsi, Thomas, review of book edited by, 54:562

Birth, Kevin K., review of book by, 56:567

Birth intervals, effect of technology on, 55:507

Birthing huts, 48:156. See also Cyprus, Chalcolithic

Bischoff, James L., book review by, 54:552

Blackiston, A.H., and Paquimé, 48:5

Blades, Brook S., review of book by, 57:253

Blasco, M. Fernanda, "In the Pursuit of Game: The Mousterian Cave Site of Gabasa 1 in the Spanish Pyrenees," 53:177

Bledsoe, Caroline, book review by, 54:104

Bleed, Peter, book review by, 52:243

Blier, Suzanne, review of book by, 51:403

Blinman, Eric, book review by, 52:246

Bliss, Wesley, 48:52

Bloch, Alexia, book review by, 54:428

Blonder, Lee X., book review by, 50:403

Blurton Jones, Nicholas:  book review by, 47:95; "Foraging Returns of !Kung Adults and Children: Why Didn’t !Kung Children Forage?," 50:217

"Boars, Barrows, and Breeders: The Reproductive Status of Domestic Pig Populations in Mainland New Guinea," article by Peter D. Dwyer, 52:481

Boas, Adrian J., review of book by, 56:596

Boas, Franz:  48:60; biography of, 57:354; and California archaeology, 48:319; role of, in American anthropology, 57:107

Boas, Franz: The Early Years, 1858-1906, by Douglas Cole, review of, 57:354

Bock, Barbara, book note by. 328
Bock, Philip K.: 48:61; book note by, 53:121, 514, 55:328; book review by, 52:237, 361, 364, 367, 53:464, 473, 54:239, 573, 57:228; editorial by, 50(1):i, 50(4):i; review article by, 48:261; review of book edited by, 51:281

Bodies, Pleasures, and Passions: Sexual Culture in Contemporary Brazil, by Richard G. Parker, review of, 49:289

Bodley, John H., book review by, 55:492

Body and adornment as social markers among Tuareg, 52:76

Bogucki, Peter, book review by, 53:499, 56:583

Bois Roche, France, analysis of lithic assemblage at, 56:187, 190, 195

Boldurian, Anthony T., review of book by, 56:251

Bolger, Diane L., "The Archaeology of Fertility and Birth: A Ritual Deposit from Chalcolithic Cyprus," 48:145

Bolivia:  adoption of agricultural technology in, 54:351; agricultural history of, 54:355; ecological zones of, 54:353; household archaeology of, 52:115

Bolz, Peter, review of book by, 57:223

Bond, George C., review of book edited by, 55:470

Bonds and Boundaries in Northern Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso, edited by Sten Hagbert and Alexis B. Tengan, review of, 57:346

Bone tools, southwestern Europe Middle Pleistocene, 47:199

Bone Voyage: A Journey in Forensic Anthropology, by Stanley Rhine, review of, 55:148

Boo!  Culture, Experience and the Startle Reflex, by Ronald C. Simons, review of, 53:464

Boone, Elizabeth Hill, review of book edited by, 54:120, 55:492

Boone, James L., book review by, 54:134

Bordeaux Narrative, The, by Harold Courlander, review of, 47:359

Borderlands, U.S.-Mexican, ethnography of, 57:352

Bordes, Francois, lithic typology of, 50:395
Borneman, John, review of book by, 55:326

Bororo, social change among, 54:430

Borrero, Luis Alberto:  book review by, 54:422; "Early Patagonian Hunter-Gatherers: Subsistence and Technology," 53:219

Botswana: democratization in, 53:123; indigenous political organization of, 53:129; one-party system in, 53:127

Boundaries, social, in prehistoric Southwest as reflected by ceramics, 54:488

Bourdier, Jean-Paul, review of book by, 54:241

Bourguignon, Erika, book review by, 52:363, 55:322; "Hortense Powdermaker, the Teacher," 47:417

"Bow and the Blanket, The: Religion, Identity, and Resistance in Rarámuri Material Culture," article by Jerome M. Levi, 54:299

Bows and arrows among Rarámuri, 54:313

Boyarin, Jonathan, review of book by, 50:408

Boyer, L. Bryce, review of book edited by, 52:507

Boyer, Ruth M., review of book edited by, 52:507

"Boys and Girls of Summer, The: The University of New Mexico Archaeological Field School in Chaco Canyon," article by Carol Joiner, 48:49

Brace, C. Loring: "An Anthropological Perspective on ‘Race’ and Intelligence: The Non-Clinal Nature of Human Cognitive Capabilities," 55:245; book review by, 55:585

Brady, James E., "Caves and Crystalmancy: Evidence for the Use of Crystals in Ancient Maya Religion," 55:129

Brain, evolution of, in Hominidae, 52:13

Branch, Michael, review of book edited by, 365

Branch structure of utopian communes: and communal control, 56:434; and dominance among branches, 56:443

Brand, Donald:  48:51; description of UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:52; and professionalism in archaeological fieldwork, 48:61; and UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:54, 58

Bravo, David, "Technological Adoption in Rural Cochabamba, Bolivia," 54:351

Brazil:  color-race classification system in, 51:389; ethnography of Yanomami in, 57:219; infant death in, 49:73; lifestyle in, 52:331; sexual culture of, 49:289; street children in, 55:592; women's public roles in, 51:263

Breakout, The: The Origins of Civilization, edited by Martha Lamberg-Karlovsky, review of, 57:247

Breeding systems of domestic pigs in New Guinea, 52:481

Brettell, Caroline, book review by, 54:558

Breuil, Abbe Henri, biography of, 51:405

Bricker, Victoria, review of book by, 55:447

Bridewealth:  among Turkana, 54:23; in precolonial Kenya, fluctuations of, 50:263; in precolonial Kenya, system of, 50:258

Bridging Mental Boundaries in a Postcolonial Microcosm: Identity and Development in Vanuatu, by William F.S. Miles, review of, 55:594

Breuil, El Abate Henri, (1877-1961), by Eduardo Ripoll Perelló, review of, 51:405

Briggs, Charles L., review of book edited by, 54:99

Brinkman, Raymond, book review by, 55:590

British Columbia, archaeology of, 56:247

British Isles, archaeology of, 56:583

Brodie, Neil, book review by, 53:503

Brody, J.J., book review by, 54:132, 55:465, 56:252

Brokaw, Nicholas, "Of Trade and Cognition: Markets and the Loss of Folk Knowledge among the Tawahka Indians of the Honduran Rain Forest," 54:219

Bronze Age:  in the Aegean, 55:468; of Korea, 56:325

Brooks, Alison S., "Across Forests and Savannas: Later Stone Age Assemblages from Ituri and Semliki, Democratic Republic of Congo," 57:197

"Brown and the Gray, The: Pots and Population Movement in East-Central Arizona," article by J. Jefferson Reid and Barbara K. Montgomery, 54:447

Brown, Cecil H., book review by, 49:79

Brown, James A.:  book review by, 57:243; review of book by, 53: 480

Brown, Michael F.:  review article of book by, 49:393; review of book by, 54:239

Brown, Robin M., book review by, 56:596

Brugge, David M., book review by, 52:512

Brumann, Christoph, "The Dominance of One and Its Perils: Charismatic Leadership and Branch Structures in Utopian Communes," 56:425

Brumfiel, Elizabeth M., book review by, 49:412, 56:579

Brushed by Cedar, Living by the River: Coast Salish Figures of Power, by Crisca Bierwert, review of, 55:587

Bucher, Bernadette, book review by, 54:102

Bucko, Raymond A., review of book by, 56:276

Buddhist phenomenology and fuzzy set theory, 49:28

Buenos Aires, historical archaeology of, 57:232

Buffelgrass, planting of, in Mexico, 54:74

Buffering mechanisms of hunter-gatherers, 49:52, 58

Buikstra, Jane:  book review by, 52:237, 526, 54:235, 56:397, 57:85; review of book by, 56:406

Building, Chalcolithic Cyprus ritual model of, 48:146, 156

"Building the Nation Back Up": The Politics of Identity on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, by Mikael Kurkiala, review of, 54:564

Bullfighting in Spain: 54:245; and women, 54:560

Bulls, Bullfighting, and Spanish Identities, by Carrie B. Douglass, review of, 54:245

Burckle, L.H., review of book edited by, 53:114

Bureaucracy, public, in Gurupá, Brazil, 51:273

Burials:  archaeology of, 57:85; ceramics in, in prehistoric Southwest, 54:489; at Paquimé and nonlocal ceramics, 48:11; in prehistoric Southwest, 51:103, 125, 130.  See also Mortuary practices

Buried Cities, Forgotten Gods: William Niven’s Life of Discovery and Revolution in Mexico and the American Southwest, by Robert S. Wicks and Roland H. Harrison, review of, 56:400

Burkina Faso, ethnography of, 57:346

Burma, ethnography of, 53:241

Burns, Allan, book review by, 55:447

Búrquez, Alberto, "Twenty-Seven: A Case Study in Ejido Privatization in Mexico," 54:73

Burton, James H., "Anthropological Interpretations from Archaeological Ceramic Studies: An Introduction," 54:435; "Intraregional Connections in the Development and Distribution of Salado Polychromes in Central Arizona," 54:519

Bush Base; Forest Farm: Culture, Environment and Development, edited by Elisabeth Croll and David Parkin, review of, 49:404

Bushmen. See !Kung Bushmen

Bustard, Wendy, book review by, 54:128, 55:170

Butchering practices at Gabasa 1, Spain, 53:199

"By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them," review article by Lawrence Guy Straus, 48:255

Byland, Bruce E., review of book by, 52:377

Byrne, Bryan, "What’s in a Name?  The Consequences of Violating Brazilian Emic Color-Race Categories in Estimates of Social Well-Being," 51:389

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