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Daily Life of the Greek Gods, The, by Giulia Sissa and Marcel Detienne, review of, 57:237

Dalby, Andrew, review of book by, 53:472

Dance:  Matachines, in Southwest, 53:74; mestizo, in Peruvian Andes, 57:221; prophet, of Dene Tha, 50:122; and ritual, 54:427

Dance: Rituals of Experience, 3rd ed., by Jamake Highwater, review of, 54:426

D’Andrade, Roy, review of book by, 52:361

Dangerous Voices: Women’s Laments and Greek Literature, by Gail Holst-Warhaft, review of, 52:227

"Darker Side of the ‘Original Affluent Society,’ The," article by David Kaplan, 56:301

Darnell, Regna, review of book by, 57:107

Data analysis in study of land reform and inequality in Nadur Village, Kerala, 48:83

Dating:  chronometric, in archaeology, 54:552; of surface contexts, 52:120

Dating in Exposed and Surface Contexts, by Charlotte Beck, review of, 52:120

Davidson, I., review of book by, 53:251

Davidson, Thomas E., review of book by, 55:172

Davis, Susan Schaefer, book review by, 55:155

Deagan, Kathleen, "Colonial Transformations: Euro-American Cultural Genesis in the Early Spanish-American Colonies," 52:135

Dearborn, David S.P., review of book by, 52:381

Death:  archaeology of, 57:85; biological origin of, and sex, 54:433; and concepts of the self in the United States, 48:289; of infants in Brazil, 49:73

Debénath, André, review of book by, 50:395

Decentralization: in agricultural societies, 52:323; among Maya of Yucatán, 52:325

Decker, Seamus, "Evolution and Culture Turf Wars: History, Mind, and/or Ecology?," 50:327

Décsy, Gyula, book review by, 52:365

"Defining Material Correlates for Ceramic Circulation in the Prehistoric Puebloan Southwest," article by María Neves Zedeño, 54:461

Deka, Ranjan, review of book edited by, 56:560

de Laguna, Frederica, review of book edited by, 50:400

de la Rúa, Concepción, "DNA Analysis and the Evolutionary History of the Basque Population: A Review," 57:325

Delle, James A., review of book by, 55:170

Deloria, Vine, Jr., writings of, 54:562

Demarest, Arthur A., review of book edited by, 49:412

"Demise of the Man Who Would Be King, The: Sorcery and Ambition on Nukulaelae Atoll," article by Niko Besnier, 49:185

Democratization in southern Africa, 53:123

Demographic:  expansions in Europe, 53:386, 396, 54:399, 401, 405, 406, 411, 417; studies of horticulturalists, pastoralists, and hunter-gatherers, 47:2;

Demography:  of the Agta, 55:314; of the Americas, 49:169; of the Badaga, 56:277; and children's play groups, 47:18; of English villages, 52:501; and father involvement with young children, 47:18; and fostering, 47:22; general patterns among foragers and farmers, 47:6; of historic Southwest, 52:161; of hunter-gatherers, 49:43, 59; of the Iberian Mesolithic, 56:25; of the Iberian Solutrean, 56:46; and indulgent childcare, 47:15 ; and infant and juvenile mortality, 47:3; of Japan, 56:369; methods, 47:3; sample problems, 47:5; of Spanish Caribbean colonies, 52:151; and stepparenting, 47:20; and supervision of young children, 47:18; and total fertility rate, 47:3; of Willie Handcart Company, 52:188, 191; of Yanomami, 57:219

"Demography and Childcare in Preindustrial Societies," article by Barry S. Hewlett, 47:1

Dene Tha:  belief system of, 50:97; construction of reality, 48:217; dreams and visions, 48:220; and firsthand experience and truth-claims, 48:224; religion of, 50:113; self-validation of reality, 48:221

De Nike, Howard J.:  book review by, 55:326, 56:266; review of book by, 56:284

Dent, Richard J., Jr.:  book review by, 55:172; review of book by, 52:383

Denton, G.H., review of book edited by, 53:114

Depositional History of Franchthi Cave: Sediments, Stratigraphy and Chronology, by William R. Farrand, review of, 57:91

Derniers chasseurs de rennes du monde pyrénéen, Les: L’Abri Dufaure, un gisement tardiglaciaire en Gascogne, by Lawrence G. Straus, review of, 53:93

Derrida, J.: and aphasia, 47:301; ideas of postmodernism, 47:295, 301; ideas of science, 47:294; ideas of speech, 47:295.  See also Aphasia

Descent groups among Inka, 57:167

de Soto, Hernando, expedition of, 55:472

Detienne, Marcel, review of book by, 57:237

Development:  economic, and transport efficiency in Guerrero, Mexico, 52:411; in India, 55:324

Development of Cognitive Anthropology, The, by Roy D’Andrade, review of, 52:361

Devil Sickness and Devil Songs: Tohono O’odham Poetics, by David L. Kozak and David I. Lopez, review of, 56:562

De Vos, George, analysis of work of, 52:507

"Dialectical History of ‘Jungle’ in Pakistan, The: An Examination of The Relationship between Nature and Culture," article by Michael R. Dove, 48:231

Dialogue:  in ethnography, 48:302, 57:127

Dibble, Harold L.:  book review by, 53:95; "Mousterian Assemblage Variability on an Interregional Scale," 47:239; review of book by, 50:395; review of book edited by, 52:533

Dick-Bissonnette, Linda E., "Gender and Authority among the Yokoch, Mono, and Miwok of Central California," 54:49

Dictionary:  of anthropology, 54:573; German/English, of archaeology, 53:514; of Indian food, 56:565; of Itzaj Maya, 54:574

Dictionary of Anthropology, The, edited by Thomas Barfield, review of, 54:573

Dictionary of the Maya Language as Spoken in Hocabá, Yucatán, by Victoria Bricker, Eleuterio Po’ot Yah, and Ofelia Dzul de Po’ot, review of, 55:447

Dictionary of Prehistoric Archaeology/Prähistorisches Wörterbuch, by Linda R. Owen, review of, 53:514

Die Bie, Marc, review of book by, 57:360

Diet:  of early hominids, 56:497; of hunter-gatherers, 56:309; male contribution to, and male-biased sex ratios, 47:24; of prehistoric Maya, 49:352, 56:397; in prehistoric Southwest, 51:95; of primates and hunter-gatherers, and gut morphology, 56:482; in Spanish Caribbean colonies, 52:147

Digestion, characteristics of, among primates, 56:482

Digging through Darkness: Chronicles of an Archaeologist, by Carmel Schrire, review of, 52:256

Diggs, Nancy Brown, review of book by, 55:159

Dilworth, Leah, book review by, 53:246

Dincauze, Dena F., review of book by, 57:357

Dinwoodie, David W., book review by, 54:99, 576, 55:311, 56:268

DiPeso, Charles C.:  excavations by, at Wind Mountain, 54:132; and Paquimé, 48:3, 8, 18

Disaster, studies of, in anthropology, 56:568

Discourses, indigenous, in Iceland: differences in, 48:301; prestige in, 48:311

Disease:  in the Americas, 49:169; archaeology of, 52:370; among Australian Aborigines, 52:237; in Caribbean, 54:236; causes of, 52:164; effects of environment on spread of, 52:164; hosts and reservoirs of, 52:171 ; introduced, in Southwest, 52:161; role of parasites in, 52:174.  See also Illness

Disease and Demography in the Americas, edited by John W. Verano and Douglas H. Ubelaker, review of, 49:169

Disorderly Discourse: Narrative, Conflict, and Inequality, edited by Charles L. Briggs, review of, 54:99

"Dispersal of Homo erectus from Africa and the Emergence of More Modern Humans, The," article by G. Philip Rightmire, 47:177

"Distant Sources, Local Contexts: Interpreting Nonlocal Ceramics at Paquimé (Casas Grandes), Chihuahua," article by John E. Douglas, 48:1

Diversity:  genetic, cultural, and linguistic, in Europe, 53:383; genetic, of modern humans, 55:193; study of, in culture, 52:333

Diviault, Diane, review of book by, 52:237

Divination by Tuareg medicine women, 54:152

DNA analysis of Basque origins, 57:325

"DNA Analysis and the Evolutionary History of the Basque Population: A Review," article by Neskuts Izagirre, Santos Alonso, and Concepci ón de la Rúa, 57:325

Dobres, Marcia-Anne, book review by, 55:178

"Does the Sociocentric Self Exist?  Reflections on Markus and Kitayama’s ‘Culture of the Self,’" article by Charles Lindholm, 53:405

Dolukhanov, Pavel, book review by, 53:259

Domestic Architecture, Ethnicity, and Complementarity in the South-Central Andes, edited by Mark S. Aldenderfer, review of, 49:409

Domestic Architecture and Power: The Historical Archaeology of Colonial Ecuador, by Ross W. Jamieson, review of, 57:100

Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space: An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study, edited by Susan Kent, review of, 48:355

Domestication of plants in Eastern Woodlands, 49:397

Domiculture, 57:17

"Dominance of One and Its Perils, The: Charismatic Leadership and Branch Structures in Utopian Communes," article by Christoph Brumann, 56:425

Domination, study of, 53:260

Domination and Resistance, edited by D. Miller, M. Rowlands, and C. Tilley, review of, 53:260

Dominican Republic, Spanish settlement of, 52:137

Donham, Donald L., review of book by, 48:278

Doody, Rachelle Smith, "Aphasia as Postmodern (Anthropological) Discourse," 47:285

Dorsey, J. Owen, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:171

Dos Santos, José Ernesto, "Studying Diversity and Sharing in Culture: An Example of Lifestyle in Brazil," 52:331

Douglas, John E., "Distant Sources, Local Contexts: Interpreting Nonlocal Ceramics at Paquimé (Casas Grandes), Chihuahua,"48:1

Douglass, Carrie B., review of book by, 54:245

Douglass, William A.:  book review by, 57:102; "In Search of Juan de Oñate: Confessions of a Cryptoessentialist," 56:137

Dove, Michael R., "The Dialectical History of ‘Jungle’ in Pakistan: An Examination of the Relationship between Nature and Culture," 48:231

Draper, Patricia, "Foraging Returns of !Kung Adults and Children: Why Didn’t !Kung Children Forage?," 50:217

Drawn from African Dwellings, by Jean-Paul Bourdier and Trinh T. Minh-ha, review of, 54:241

"Dreams Are Made Like This: Hortense Powdermaker and the Hollywood Film Industry," article by Jill B.R. Cherneff, 47:429

Dreams and visions among Dene Tha, 48:220

Drechsel, Emanuel, review of book by, 54:576

Dressler, William W., "Studying Diversity and Sharing in Culture: An Example of Lifestyle in Brazil," 52:331

Drooker, Penelope Ballard, review of book by, 56:259

Drori, Israel, review of book by, 57:225

Drucker, Philip, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:173

Dube, Leela, review of book by, 55:164

Duckfoot site, archaeology of, 52:247

Duckfoot Site, The: Archaeology of the House and Household, by Ricky R. Lightfoot, review of, 52:247

Duckfoot Site, The: Descriptive Archaeology, edited by Ricky R. Lightfoot and Mary C. Etzkorn, review of, 52:247

Duke, Philip, review of book edited by, 53:481

Dumbarton Oaks, Andean art at, 54:120

Dunbar, R.I.M., review of book edited by, 55:279

Dunnell, Robert C.:  book review by, 47:113, 55:286; review of book by, 54:265

Durrenberger, E. Paul:  book review by, 55:324, 57:225; "Explorations of Class and Consciousness in the U.S.," 57:41; "Getting a Raise: Organizing Workers in an Industrializing Hospital," 53:31; "Icelandic Dialogues: Individual Differences in Indigenous Discourse," 48:301; review of book by, 49:401

Dutton, Bertha: 48:56, 60; description of UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:58

Dwyer, Graham, book review by, 54:252

Dwyer, Peter D.: "Boars, Barrows, and Breeders: The Reproductive Status of Domestic Pig Populations in Mainland New Guinea," 52:481; "The Transformation of Use-Rights: A Comparison of Two Papua New Guinean Societies," 55:361

Dyson-Hudson, Neville, "Children of the Dancing Ground, Children of the House: Costs and Benefits of Marriage Rules (South Turkana, Kenya)," 54:19
Dyson-Hudson, Rada, "Children of the Dancing Ground, Children of the House: Costs and Benefits of Marriage Rules (South Turkana, Kenya)," 54:19

Dzul de Po'ot, Ofelia, review of book by, 55:447

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