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Earle, Timothy:  book review by, 56:590; review of book by, 54:550

Early, John D., review of book by, 55:314

Early Human Behaviour in Global Context: The Rise and Diversity of the Lower Paleolithic Record, edited by Michael D. Petraglia and Ravi Korisettar, review of, 55:614

Early Ireland: An Introduction to Irish Prehistory, by Michael J. O'Keny, review of, 47:107

"Early Patagonian Hunter-Gatherers: Subsistence and Technology," article by Luis Laberto Borrero and Nora Viviana Franco, 53:219

Eastern Shore, ethnohistory of, 55:172

Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland, by Helen C. Rountree and Thomas E. Davidson, review of, 55:172

Eastern Woodlands, domestication of plants in, 49:397

Ebert, James L., book review by, 54:136

Echegaray, Joaquín González: "L.G. Freeman and Spanish Prehistory," 56:11; review of book by, 55:176, 57:364

"Ecological and Historical Perspectives on Navajo Land Use and Settlement Patterns in Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto," article by Tracy J. Andrews, 47:39

"Ecological Mutualism in Navajo Corrals: Implications for Navajo Environmental Perceptions and Human/Plant Coevolution," article by Lawrence A. Kuznar, 57:17

Ecology:   cultural, of Amazonia, 53:109; cultural, of Jordan, 52:528; evolutionary, and human behavior, 50:327; human, case studies of, 54:104; of !Kung San and Hadza compared, 50:217; of Navajo corrals, 57:17, 24; social, of northwestern Mexico, 54:248; of ungulates in Southwest, 49:139

"Ecology and Ceramic Production in an Andean Community: A Reconsideration of the Evidence," article by Lidio M. Valdes, 53:65

Economic: anthropology, 52:388, 55:157, 324; development and transport efficiency in Guerrero, Mexico, 52:411; pressures and family life in urban Zambia, 47:444

Economic change:  archaeology of, 57:93; among Bidayuh women in Malaysia, 57:151

Economics:  of art market in St. Louis, 54:109; and politics and "jungle" in Pakistan, 48:242; of technological adoption in Bolivia, 54:351

Economy:  of Aztec Empire, 53:257; of Ch'orti's, 54:331; of colonial Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, 52:385; of Gurupá, Brazil, 51:272; in Honduras, 54:219; in Ituri Forest, 50:277; of !Kung San and Hadza. 217; of Mesolithic, 52:243; middle-class, in Mexico, 49:1; multicentric, in prehistoric Southwest, 54:512; of Nepal, 51:225; of northwestern Mexico, 57:111; of Oaxaca Valley, 53:255; of Philippine highland farmers, 50:1; of prehistoric Southwest, 51:95, 173, 54:130; rural, in highland Peru, 49:255; and settlement history in Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:47; of Spanish Caribbean, 52:135; tribal, in precolonial Kenya, 50:249, 261; of women farmers in Nigeria, 50:311; of Zuni, 51:162

Ecosystems: arctic, 49:48; desert, 49:50; desert upland, 49:139

Ecuador:  archaeological practices in, 50:169, 183; historical archaeology of, 57:100; study of Quechua in, 53:144

Edgerton, Robert B., book review by, 55:153

Editorial:   by Philip K. Bock, 50(1):i, 50(4)i; by Lawrence Guy Straus, 57:494

Education:  and archaeology, 57:249; and changing women's roles in Oaxaca, 55:99; higher, and race in United States, 55:254; medical, 55:281

Edwards, David, book review by, 55:166

Efe, multiple childcare practices among, 47:13

Egalitarian exchange in prehistoric Southwest, 54:461

Egalitarianism and hierarchy: on Ambae, 49:217; on Nukulaelae Atoll, 49:185; on Sapwuahfik Atoll, 49:111

"Egalitarianism in the Face of Hierarchy," article by Lin Poyer, 49:111

Egenter, Nold, review of book by, 52:355

Egocentric versus sociocentric selves, 55:541

Egypt:  archaeology of, 56:409; empire of, 53:491; Paleolithic archaeology of, 57:255
Ejidos, Mexican: privatization of, 54:73, 77; history of, 54:77; parcel size in, 54:79

Ekain Y Altxerri: Dos santuarios paleolíticos en el país Vasco, by J. Altuna, review of, 55:457

Elders: council of, among Ibibio, 53:423; roles of, among Tuareg, 57:277; status of, among Ibibio, 53:427

Elites:  among Aztecs, 55:409; in prehistoric Mesoamerica, 52:252

El Juyo, Spain:  faunal analysis at, 56:99; microfauna at, 56:100; paleoenvironmental reconstruction at, 56:102

Ellis, Florence Hawley: description of UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:51, 57; impression of Edgar L. Hewett and Donald Brand, 48:61; student project at UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:54; and UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:54, 56, 60

Ellwood, Brooks B., book review by, 54:421

Elwin, Verrier, biography of, 56:392

Emberling, Geoff, book review by, 56:594

Emmerichs, Mary Beth, review of book edited by, 56:581

Emmons, George Thornton, review of book by, 50:400

Emotion, construction of, among Hutterites, 50:69

"Emotional Acculturation of Hutterite Defectors, The," article by Caroline M. Hartse, 50:69

Empire: of Aztecs, 53:157; of Egyptians, 53:491; in Oaxaca, 53:255

Employment of women in Oaxaca, 55:99

Encephalization in Hominidae, 52:15

Encyclopedia of anthropology, 54:573

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa: Archaeology, History, Languages, Cultures and Environments, edited by Joseph O. Vogel, review of, 54:281

Endangered Cultures, by Miguel León-Portilla, review of, 48:70

Enduring Western Civilization: The Construction of the Concept of Western Civilization and Its "Others," edited by Silvia Federici, review of, 52:516

Energy balance among Maya women, 55:502

England:   colonies of, in America contrasted with Spanish colonies, 52:151; ethnic identities in, 53:473; human biology of villagers in, 52:501

Ennes, Mark J., "Corrugated Pottery, Technological Style, and Population Movement in the Mimbres Region of the American Southwest," 56:217

Environment:  of Africa, 54:281; of Allerød Interstadial, 52:283; attitudes toward, of environmentalists and loggers in Pacific Northwest, 53:443; degradation of, in northwestern Mexico, 57:111; and development, 49:404; diversity of, among prehistoric Maya, 49:369; household responses to degradation of, in Mexico, 57:124; marginal, and hunter-gatherer adaptations, 49:39; women’s responses to degradation of, in Mexico, 57:126

Environmental archaeology, 54:118, 57:357

Environmental Archaeology: Principles and Practice, by Dena F. Dincauze, review of, 57:357

Environmentalists' attitudes toward science in Pacific Northwest, 53:445

Erchak, Gerald M., review of book by, 49:180

Erem, Suzan, "Getting a Raise: Organizing Workers in an Industrializing Hospital," 53:31

Erickson, Mark, book review by, 52:368

Eriksen, B.V., review of book edited by, 55:296

Errington, Frederick, book review by, 47:121

Errington, Shelly, review of book edited by, 48:67

Escobar, Arturo, "The Limits of Reflexivity: Politics in Anthropology’s Post-Writing Culture Era," 49:377

Eskimo, patterns of fighting among, 55:569

Essentialism in anthropology, 56:137, 148

Estévez, Juan José Ibañez, review of book by, 53:497

"Ethical Considerations in Anthropology and Archaeology, or Relativism and Justice for All," article by Merrilee H. Salmon, 53:47
Ethical relativism, 53:47

Ethics:  of anthropology, 53:47, 269, 273, 293, 319, 349, 371; in archaeology, 50:169, 183, 52:117, 541, 53:47, 259, 512

Ethiopia, human evolution in, 57:87

Ethnic:  categories in United States, 54:4; identity in England, 53:473, identity in Mexico, 53:462

Ethnicity:  and archaeology, 52:117, 541; in Chinese history, 55:169; construction of, in archaeology , 54:271; and elites, 49:399; formation of, among Western Shoshoni, 52:208; in Spanish Caribbean colonies, 52:150

Ethnicity and the State, edited by Judith D. Tolland, review of, 49:399

Ethnoarchaeology:  in American Southwest, 56:289, 295; of Kalinga, 52:122; of Rarámuri, 52:128; of Zuni region, 52:125

Ethnobiological Classification: Principles of Categorization of Plants and Animals in Traditional Societies, by Brent Berlin, review of, 49:79

Ethnobotany of Navajo, 57:23

Ethnographic analogy, use of, in Southwest , 51:92

Ethnography:  of Africa, 54:104, 281, 56:592; of Amazon, 55:490; of the Batak, 53:98; of Brazil, 51:263, 52:331, 55:592, 57:219; of Burma, 53:241; of Cambodia, 51:247; of Cameroon, 57:473; of channeling, 54:239; of Ch'orti's, 54:325; of Coast Salish, 55:587; collaborative and reciprocal, 57:137; dialogic, 48:302; and ethnographic memoir, 47:77; experiential, 50:113; of Faroe Islands, 53:469; of fishers and weavers in Indonesia, 54:246; of Ghana and Burkina Faso, 57:346; of the Great Basin, 56:585; of Greece, 55:468; of Guatemalan clothing, 53:106; of Haitian immigrants to New York, 53:116; historical, of Alabama seafood industry, 49:401;  of Honduras, 54:219; of Hopi, 55:476; of Huichol, 54:111, 57:305; of hunter-gatherers, 56:301; of the Ibibio, 53:423; of Iceland, 55:482; of India, 56:392; of Inka, 57:167; of Iroquois, 55:474; of Japan, 51:301; of Jumanos, 51:279; of Kalinga, 52:122; of Khmer, 51:247; of Korea, 51:329; of !Kung Bushmen, 57:105; of Lakota, 54:564; of lesbian families in the United States, 54:573; of Madagascar, 55:71, 56:163; of Makuna, 55:490; of Maragoli, 54:173; of Maya, 55:129, 56:395; of Mexico, 55:99; of Miwok, 54:49; of Mongols, 54:428; of Mono, 54:49; of Mountain Arapesh, 51:347; of Nadar caste in India, 54:115; narrative, 47:71; of Navajo, 51:69, 52:512; of Nepal, 51:215, 55:483; of Oaxaca, 55:478; of Ojibwe, 52:510; of O’odham, 56:562; of Papua New Guinea, 55:331, 361; of Peru, 56:270; of Philippines, 55:314; of the Plateau, 55:309; of Polish Jews in Paris, 50:408; of Polynesia, 52:504; postmodern theories in, 50:336, 348; professional, and participant observation, 47:69; of projectile technology, 54:294; provisional, and long-term fieldwork, 48:339; of Rarámuri (Tarahumara), 52:126, 54:299; of Somalia, 51:193; of South America, 57:97; of Southeast, 57:398;  of Southwest, 51:125, 149; of Spain, 52:129; of Sri Lankan rituals, 52:29; of Tlingit Indians, 50:400; of Tuareg, 52:61, 363, 54:147, 57:277; of Turkana, 54:19; S.A. Tyler's ideas of, 47:302; of United States-Mexico borderlands, 57:352; of Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:199; of Western Shoshoni, 52:207; of women in Sarawak, Malaysia, 57:151; of the Yanomami, 57:219; of Yokoch, 54:49; of Zuni, 53:17.  See also Fieldwork; Participant observation

Ethnography of the Neolithic, The: Early Prehistoric Societies in Southern Scandinavia, by Christopher Tilley, review of, 53:499

Ethnohistory:  of Aztecs, 54:121, 55:409; of Celts, 54:134; of central interior California, 54:49; contextualization of texts in, 50:51; of Eastern Shore, 55:172; economic, of Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, 52:385; of Florida, 53:249; of French wine cooperatives, 54:102; of Great Lakes region, 49:283; of lower Missouri River area, 54:114; of Maya, 52:523, 55:132, 56:243, 245; of Mono, 55:309; of northwestern Mexico, 54:248; of Papua New Guinea, 49:286; of Plains, 53:481; of precolonial Kenya, 50:249; of Shahsevan, 54:567; of Southeast, 55:610; of Southwest, 52:161; of Spanish Caribbean, 52:135; of Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:199; of Zuni, 51:125

Ethnomusicology of northern Ewe, 53:119

Ethnopsychology. See Self

Etzkorn, Mary C., review of book edited by, 246

Europe: genetic patterns, language distribution, and cultural diversity in, 53:383; geography of Neandertals and modern humans in, 57:88; Homo erectus in, 47:182; human settlement of, 52:107; justice in postsocialist, 55:326; Mesolithic archaeology of, 53:499; Middle Pleistocene behavioral reconstructions in, 47:201; Middle Pleistocene bone tools, 47:199; Middle Pleistocene chronology of, 47:196; Middle Pleistocene lithic industries of, 47:207; Middle Pleistocene scavenging in, 47:206; Middle Pleistocene site data base of, 47:193; Neolithic archaeology of, 53:499; northwestern, after last glacial maximum, 47:271; Paleolithic abandonment of, 47:260; Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:93, 95, 112, 147, 177, 262, 494, 497, 54:286, 373; peopling of, 54:399, 401, 405, 406, 411, 417; races in, 53:391; Vindija Cave, Croatia, 51:9. See also Altamira; Basques; Belgium; British Isles; Celts; Colonialism; England; Great Britain; Faroe Islands; Finno-Ugrian; France; Germany; Greece; Iberian Peninsula;  Iceland; Ireland; Jews; Mediterranean; Mesolithic; Moravia; Mousterian; Netherlands; Norway; Paleolithic; Poland; Portugal; Rhineland; Scandinavia; Spain; Switzerland; Wales

Evolution: and culture change, 54:373; cultural, measurement of, 55:596; of cultural traits, 50:277, 327; human, 52:1, 107, 375, 53:91, 114, 251, 252, 57:367; human, in China, 52:536; human, in Pleistocene, 55:191; of hominoids, 55:145; of language, 52:367; of the mind, 52:537, 539; of modern humans in southern Africa, 57:1; of Neandertals and modern humans in Europe and the Mediterranean, 57:88; of social behavior, 55:279; study of, in Ethiopia, 57:87; tools, language, and cognition in, 52:539; and women, 54:144

"Evolution and Culture Turf Wars: History, Mind, and/or Ecology?," review article by Mark Flinn, David Tedeschi, Robert Quinlan, Seamus Decker, Paul R. Picha, Richard Sutter, and Mark Turner, 50:327

Evolution of Political Systems, The: Sociopolitics in Small-Scale Sedentary Societies, by Steadman Upham, review of, 47:98

Evolution of Social Behaviour Patterns in Primates and Man, edited by W.G. Runciman, J. Maynard Smith, and R.I.M. Dunbar, review of, 55:279

Evolutionary:   archaeology, 55:286, 57:241; history of the Basque population, 57:325; principles of adolescence, 56:559

Evolutionary Principles of Human Adolescence, by Glenn Weisfeld, review of, 56:559

Evolving Complexity and Environmental Risk in the Prehistoric Southwest: Proceedings from the Workshop "Resource Stress, Economic Uncertainty, and Human Response in the Prehistoric Southwest" Held February 25-29, 1992 in Santa Fe, NM, edited by Joseph A. Tainter and Bonnie Bagley Tainter, review of, 54:130

Ewe:  northern, music of, 53:119; voodoo among, 55:322

Ewing, Katherine P., book review by, 48:71

Excavations at the Indian Creek Site, Antigua, West Indies, by Irving Rouse and Birgit Faber Morse, review of, 56:418

Exchange:  of cattle for grain in precolonial Kenya, 50:266; of ceramics in prehistoric Southwest, 54:435, 447, 461, 477, 497, 519; of corn in prehistoric Southwest, 51:97; among hunter-gatherers, 49:55; of obsidian in prehistoric Southwest, 51:37; in Papua New Guinea, 49:237: of products in Peru, 53:66; social processes of, 50:249, 262.  See also Trade

"Exegesis of the Curation Concept, A," article by Michael J. Shott, 52:259

Expanding Archaeology, edited by James M. Skibo, William H. Walker, and Axel Nielsen, review of, 53:87

"Expanding Women’s Roles in Southern Mexico: Educated, Employed Oaxaqueñas," article by Jayne Howell, 55:191

Experience: firsthand, and Dene Tha truth-claims, 48:224; personal, and long-term fieldwork, 48:351; subjective, and the self, 48:284, 286

Experiencing the Past: On the Character of Archaeology, by Michael Shanks, review of, 49:167

Experiential:  anthropology, 50:113; proximity hypothesis, 49:21
"Explorations of Class and Consciousness in the U.S.," article by E. Paul Durrenberger, 57:41

"Exploring Prehistoric Social and Political Organization in the American Southwest," article by William A. Longacre, 56:387

Exploring Social, Political, and Economic Organization in the Zuni Region, edited by Todd L. Howell and Tammy Stone, review of, 125

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