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 Fagan, Brian:  book review by, 52:541, 55:598; review of book by, 55:605

Famdon, Richard, review of book edited by, 47:101

"Familiar Partners-  The Mountain Arapesh and the Westermarck Effect," article by Paul B. Roscoe, 51:347

Family:   extended, in precolonial Kenya, 50:259; forms of, among Bidayuh of Malaysia, 57:151; in Japan, 56:365; middle-class, in Mexico, 49:1; organization and gender relations in Asia, 55:164; in Spain, 54:558; succession in Korea, 51:329; in urban Zambia, 47:441

Fandango among Western Shoshoni, 52:211

Fano Martinez, Miguel Angel, review of book by, 55:620

Faris, James C.: "John Adair, 1913-1997: Work across the Anthropological Spectrum," 55:429; review of book by, 47:109, 53:466

Farmers:  migrations of, in Europe, 53:386.  See also Horticulturalists; Neolithic

Farming:   Navajo, in Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:40, 48, 54.  See also Agriculture; Livestock production

Faroe Islands, ethnography of, 53:469

Farr, Patricia Aylward, "Key Informants in Cottonville: Revisiting Powdermaker's Mississippi," 47:389

Farrand, William R.:  book review by, 57:357; review of book by, 57:91

Father-child relationship on Yap, 53:3

Father involvement with young children and demography, 47:18

Fauna:  Pleistocene, of Fuego-Patagonia, 53:230; at prehistoric Mayan sites, 49:357
Faunal analysis:  history of, in Spain, 56:95; at Konam-ri, Korea, 56:330, 333; of Paleolithic sites in Spain, 56:95

Faunal assemblage at Gabasa 1, Spain: analysis of, 53:180; modification of, 53:199; mortality profiles of, 53:184; skeletal representation in, 53:187

Fawcette, Clare, review of book edited by, 53:259

Feasts on Sapwuahfik Atoll, 49:120

Feast of the Sorcerer, The: Practices of Consciousness and Power, by Bruce Kapferer, review of, 54:252

Féblot-Augustins, J., review of book by, 54:286

Federici, Silvia, review of book edited by, 52:516

Federmesser culture:  archaeology of, 52:281, 288; material culture of, 52:290; settlement organization of, 52:296, 300; settlement patterns in Holland, 53:262; subsistence of, 52:303

Fedick, Scott L., review of book edited by, 54:123

Feinman, Gary M., review of book edited by, 56:570

Fenton, William N., review of book by, 55:474

Ferguson, James, review of book by, 47:357

Ferguson, Leland, book review by, 56:576

Ferguson, T.J.:  book review by, 53:510, 55:609; review of book by, 54:128

Fernández, Eduardo, review article of book by, 49:393

Fernandez, James W., book review by, 56:282

Ferrassie Mousterian assemblages, and Quina, Yabrudian, and Zagros, 47:250.  See also Mousterian assemblages

Fertility:   effect of food avoidances on, in Ituri Forest, 50:289; of garden sites in Papua New Guinea, 49:237; of hunter-gatherers versus horticulturalists, 47:6; rate in demography and childcare study, 47:3; variability of, 47:21; women's, effect of technology on, 55:499

Festivals: in Mexico, 54:243; among Tuareg, 57:277; in Spain, 54:245; of Western Shoshoni, 52:211
Fetish carving at Zuni, 51:160

Field, Les, book review by, 53:247, 54:432, 562, 55:309, 319, 56:264

Field school, archaeological, of University of New Mexico in Chaco Canyon, history of, 48:49

Fieldwork: in Africa, 54:104; and fieldnotes, memory, and change, 48:340; firsthand ethnographic accounts as preparation for, 47:78; and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:377, 389; on land reform and inequality in Nadur Village, Kerala, 48:82; and personal experience, 48:345; and provisional ethnography, 48:339; revealing participatory details of, 47:71.  See also Ethnography

Fiesta de los Tastoanes, La: Critical Encounters in Mexican Festival Performance, by Olga Nájera-Ramírez, review of, 54:243

Fighting in prestate societies: asymmetrical nature of, 55:573; killing rates from, 55:547; patterns of, 55:563; role of surprise in, 55:573

Figurines:  clay, made by children at Sinagua sites, 57:436; and offerings, use of, in procreative ritual in Chalcolithic Cyprus, 48:152, 159

Films and filmmaking:  cross-cultural, 56:274; ethnographic, 54:571; among Navajo, 55:437

Fingerprints used to determine age of potter, 57:433

Finno-Ugrian oral poetry, 52:365

Fire and flowers as symbols in Uto-Aztecan spirituality, 48:131

"First Acheulian Quarry in India, The: Stone Tool Manufacture, Biface Morphology, and Behaviors," article by Michael Petraglia, Philip LaPorta, and K. Paddayya, 55:39

"First Human Settlement of Europe, The," article by Eudald Carbonell, Marina Mosquera, Xosé Pedro Rodríguez, and Robert Sala, 52:107

Fish, Paul R., review of book edited by, 53:487

Fish, Suzanne K., review of book coedited by, 47:354

Fishing:  commercial, in Ireland, 52:85; concepts of, in Iceland, 48:307; effect of environmental degradation on, in northwestern Mexico, 57:120; in Indonesia, 54:246; by peasants in Philippines, 52:437; and skipper effect, 52:434

Flannery, Kent V., review of book by, 53:255

Fleagle, John G., review of book edited by, 57:83
Fleisher, Seth L., "Rethinking Historical Change in Sri Lankan Ritual: Deities, Demons, Sorcery and the Ritualization of Resistance in the Sinhala Traditions of Suniyam," 52:29

Fletcher, Roland, review of book by, 53:102

Flinn, Mark, "Evolution and Culture Turf Wars: History, Mind, and/or Ecology?," 50:327

Flood, Famines, and Emperors: El Niño and the Fate of Civilizations, by Brian Fagan, review of, 55:605

Florida:   archaeology of, 57:382; ethnohistory of, 53:249

Flowers:  and fire, 48:131; and gender differences, 48:132; historical problem of, 48:136; and souls and hearts, 48:131; as symbols in Uto-Aztecan spirituality, 48:122; and Uto-Aztecan song, 48:127

Flower World imagery:  diffusion of, in time and space, 55:16; future research on, 55:21; gender associations of, 55:19; in Southwestern and Mesoamerican material culture, 55:1; as Spirit Land, 48:127; temporal and geographic distribution of, 55:4; among Tzotzil Maya, 48:134; in Uto-Aztecan spirituality, 48:122;

"Flower World in Material Culture, The: An Iconographic Complex in the Southwest and Mesoamerica," article by Kelley Hays-Gilpin and Jane H. Hill, 55:1

"Flower World of Old Uto-Aztecan, The," Jane H. Hill, 48:117

Folk:  knowledge in Honduras, 54:219; models of social class in United States, 57:41

Folktales, depictions of incest and family violence in, 54:256

Folsom, lithic technology of, 57:251

Folsom Lithic Technology: Explorations in Structure and Variation, edited by Daniel S. Amick, review of, 57:251

Fontana, Bernard L., book review by, 56:562

Food:  anthropology of, 56:389; history of, in Greece, 53:472; Indian, historical dictionary of, 56:565; prehistory of, 57:93; processing in prehistoric Southwest, 51:96, 176; used to construct social relations among Tuareg, 52:61, 69

Food avoidances:  and adaptation in Ituri Forest, 50:277, 285, 294; development and conditioning of, in primates and humans, 56:490

Football in Yemen as ritual event, 56:453

"Football in Newly United Yemen: Rituals of Equity, Identity, and State Formation," article by Thomas B. Stevenson and Abdul Karim Alaug, 56:453

Foragers.  See Hunter-gatherers

"Foraging Returns of !Kung Adults and Children: Why Didn’t !Kung Children Forage?," article by Nicholas Blurton Jones, Kristen Hawkes, and Patricia Draper, 50:217

Ford, James A., contributions of, to archaeology, 55:603

Ford, James A., and the Growth of Americanist Archaeology, by Michael J. O’Brien and R. Lee Lyman, review of, 55:603

Forensic anthropology, 55:148

Forests, old-growth, in Pacific Northwest, 53:443

Forging New Paths: Feminist Social Methodology and Rural Women in Java, by Jutta Berninghausen and Birgit Kerstan, review of, 50:92

"Formation of the Aurignacian in Europe, The," article by Janusz K. Koz*owski and Marcel Otte, 56:513

Forsyth, Dan W., book review by, 52:229, 54:256

Fortune, Reo, studies by, of Mountain Arapesh, 51:348

Fossil record, human, 55:202

Fossil Trail, The, by I. Tattersall, review of, 53:91

Fostering: and childcare, 47:19; and demography, 47:22; and fertility variability, 47:21

Foulkes, Roland A., book review by, 50:87

Fowler, Don D., book review by, 55:599

Fowler, William R., book review by, 57:100

Fox, Richard, review article of book edited by, 49:377

Frachtenberg, Leo, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:173

France:  Aurignacian in, 57:253; archaeology of, 56:59, 187; Mousterian of, 52:531, 533; Paleolithic cave art of, 55:457; southwestern, Paleolithic continuity of settlement in, 47:262; Upper Paleolithic in, 55:616; wine cooperatives in, 54:102.  See also Bois Roche; Grotte Vaufrey

Franchthi Cave, Greece, archaeology of, 57:91

Francis, David: "Golden Dreams of the Social Constructionist, The," 50:97; "A Response to Watson and Goulet’s ‘A Reply to David Francis’," 50:111

Francis, Harris, review of book by, 52:512

Franco, Nora Viviana, "Early Patagonian Hunter-Gatherers: Subsistence and Technology," 53:219

Franke, Richard W., "Land Reform versus Inequality in Nadur Village, Kerala," 48:81
Fraser, Gertrude, "Race, Class, and Difference in Hortense Powdermaker's After Freedom: A Cultural Study in the Deep South," 47:403

Freeman, Leslie G.:  appreciation of, 56:3, 7; publications of, 56:5; review of book by, 55:176, 57:364; work of, 56:3, 7, 11, 17, 39, 59

"Freeman, Leslie Gordon:  An American in Spanish Prehistory," article by Lawrence G. Straus, 56:3

"Freeman, L.G.: An Appreciation," article by F. Clark Howell, 56:7

"Freeman, L.G., and Spanish Prehistory," article by Joaquín González Echegaray, 56:11

Friedl, Ernestine, "Colleague and Friend: A Reminiscence of Hortense Powdermaker," 47:473

Friedlander, Judith, book review by, 53:462

Frisbie, Charlotte J., book review by, 47:109

Frison, George C., review of book by, 53:478

"From Adversary to Son: Political and Ecological Process in Northern Madagascar," article by Lisa L. Gezon, 55:71

"From Burros to Buses: Transport Efficiency and Economic Development in Guerrero, Mexico," article by Chris Kyle, 52:411

From Duty to Desire: Remaking Families in a Spanish Village, by Jane Fishburne Collier, review of, 54:558

"From Participant Observation to the Observation of Participation: The Emergence of Narrative Ethnography," article by Barbara Tedlock, 47:69

From Principles to Practice: Indigenous Peoples and Biodiversity Conservation in Latin America, by the International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs, review of, 55:317

"From ‘Reading over the Shoulders of Natives’ to ‘Reading alongside Natives,’ Literally: Toward A Collaborative and Reciprocal Ethnography," article by Luke Eric Lassiter, 57:137

From Tool Use to Site Function: Use-wear Analysis in Some Final Upper Palaeolithic Sites in the Basque Country, by Juan José Ibañez Estévez and Jesús Emilio González Urquijo, review of, 53:497

Frontier Nomads of Iran: A Political and Social History of the Shahsevan, by Richard Tapper, review of, 54:565

Frye, David, review of book by, 53:462

Fuego-Patagonia. See Patagonia

Funari, Pedro Paulo A., review of book edited by, 56:404

Function, Phylogeny, and Fossils: Miocene Hominoid Evolution and Adaptations, edited by David R. Begun, Carol V. Ward, and Michael D. Rose, review of, 55:145

Functionalism and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:377, 382

Funerary practices, archaeology of, 57:85

Furst, Peter T., review of book edited by, 54:111

Future of Amazonia, The Destruction or Sustainable Development?, edited by David Goodman and Anthony Hall, review of, 48:74

"Fuzziness and Phenomenology in Ethnological Research: Insights from Fuzzy Set Theory," article by Charles D. Laughlin, 49:17

Fuzzy set theory in ethnological research, 49:17

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