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 Gabasa 1, Spain: faunal assemblage at, 53:180; Middle Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:177

Gable, Eric, review of book by, 54:273

Gaddis.  See S*dhins
Gaffin, Dennis, review of book by, 53:469

Gaile, Gary L., book review by, 52:517

Galef, Bennett G., Jr., review of book edited by, 54:97

Galloway, Patricia:  book review by, 54:114; review of book edited by, 55:472

Gamble, Clive, review of book by, 51:283

Gardens, productivity of, in Papua New Guinea, 49:237

Garvin, James L., book review by, 54:273

Gasco, Janine:  book review by, 54:248; "Cacao and Economic Inequality in Colonial Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico," 52:385

Gastroenteritis, bacterial, in humans, 56:486

Gat, Azar, "The Pattern of Fighting in Simple, Small-Scale, Prestate Societies," 55:563

Gathering:  among Pume, 54:570; by !Kung San and Hadza, 50:217

Geertz, C., ideas of, and interpretive anthropology, 47:310

Gell-Mann, Murray, review of book edited by, 53:489

Gender:  in African prehistory, 55:178; anthropological views of, and illness, 51:70; archaeological studies of, in Spanish Caribbean colonies, 52:149; archaeology of, 54:136, 142, 56:578, 579, 57:95; and caste division of labor in Nepal, 51:223; cosmology of, among Tuareg, 54:147; and craft production at Zuni, 51:149; differences and flowers as symbols in Uto-Aztecan spirituality, 48:132; diversity in native North America, 55:160; and Flower World imagery, 55:19; identity, Native American, 54:250; impact of colonization on, in Southwest, 51:125; and leadership roles at Zuni, 51:125; in prehistoric Southwest, 51:91, 103, 125, 149, 166, 173; relations, studies of, in Asia, 55:164; research in human evolution, 54:144; roles, aboriginal, in central interior California, 54:49; roles, changes in attitudes toward, in Oaxaca, 55:100, 117; roles, factors affecting, in Oaxaca, 55:107; roles in Mexico, 49:3; in Spain, 54:560; studies of, in kibbutzim, 52:364; studies of, in South Asia, 51:216; study of, 53:242; symbolism of, among Navajo, 51:69, 81.  See also Men; Women

Gender in African Prehistory , edited by Susan Kent, review of, 55:178

Gender Archaeology, by Marie Louise Stig Sorenson, review of, 57:95

Gender and Archaeology, edited by Rita P. Wright, review of, 54:139
Gender in Archaeology: Analyzing Power and Prestige, by Sarah Milledge Nelson, review of, 54:142

"Gender and Authority among the Yokoch, Mono, and Miwok of Central California," article by Linda E. Dick-Bissonnette, 54:49

"Gender Discord and Illness: Navajo Philosophy and Healing in the Native American Church," article by Gilbert A. Quintero, 51:69

"Gender and the Reorganization of Historic Zuni Craft Production: Implications for Archaeological Interpretation," article by Barbara J. Mills, 51:149

Genealogy , priestly and royal, in Cambodia, 51:248

Genes, distribution of, in Europe, 53:383

Genetic:  characteristics of the Basque population, 57:325; distance in Europe, 53:393; diversity of modern humans, 55:193; patterns in Europe, 53:383, 54:399, 405, 408, 414

"Genetic and Cultural Diversity in Europe," article by L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, 53:383

"Genetic and Cultural Diversity of Europe: A Comment on Cavalli Sforza," article by Marek Zvelebil, 54:411

Genocide in Rwanda, 57:102

Genomic diversity, 56:560

Genomic Diversity: Applications in Human Population Genetics, edited by Surinder S. Papiha, Ranjan Deka, and Ranajit Chakraborty, review of, 56:560

Geographic information systems and anthropology, 54:136

Geography of genes in Europe, 53:383

Geography of Neandertals and Modern Humans in Europe and the Greater Mediterranean, The, edited by Ofer Bar-Yosef and David Pilbeam, review of, 57:88

Georgia, archaeology of, 57:382, 409

German, archaeological terms in, 53:514

German Bodies: Race and Representation after Hitler, by Uli Linke, review of, 56:387

German Unification and the Jurists of East Germany: An Anthropology of Law, Nation and History, by Howard J. De Nike, review of, 56:284

Germany:  archaeology of, 56:197; Middle Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:147; representations of race in, 56:387; unification of, and the law, 56:284; Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic archaeology of, 55:300

"Getting a Raise: Organizing Workers in an Industrializing Hospital," article by E. Paul Durrenberger and Suzan Erem, 53:31

Gezon, Lisa L., "From Adversary to Son: Political and Ecological Process in Northern Madagascar," 55:71

Ghana, ethnography of, 57:346

Gibbs, George, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:171

Gibson, D. Blair, review of book edited by, 54:134

Gibson, Kathleen R., review of book edited by, 52:539, 53:252

Gifford-Gonzalez, Diane, book review by, 55:607

Gift of Life, The: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru, by Bonnie Glass-Coffin, review of, 56:270

Gifting: in prehistoric Southwest, 54:462; in Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:208

Gila polychrome ceramics, at Paquimé, 48:7

Gill, Sam D., review of book by, 55:162

Gilliam, Angela, review of book edited by, 55:470

Gilman, Patricia A.:  book review by, 53:489; review of book by, 54:275

Gilmore, David D., review of book by, 56:282

Givens, Douglas R., book review by, 53:110, 56:581

Glass-Coffin, Bonnie, review of book by, 56:270

"Glimpses of Gender in the Prehistoric Southwest," article by Katherine A. Spielmann, 51:91

Goddard, Ives, review of book edited by, 55:311

Goddard, Sara, student project at UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:54

Godoy, Ricardo: "Of Trade and Cognition: Markets and the Loss of Folk Knowledge among the Tawahka Indians of the Honduran Rain Forest," 54:219; "Technological Adoption in Rural Cochabamba, Bolivia," 54:351

Goebel, Ted, book review by, 53:494

"Golden Dreams of the Social Constructionist, The," article by David Francis, 50:97

"Gold In; Gold Out: The Objectification of Dene Tha Accounts of Dreams and Visions," article by Graham Watson and Jean-Guy Goulet, 48:215

Gomes Consorte, Josildeth, "What’s in a Name?  The Consequences of Violating Brazilian Emic Color-Race Categories in Estimates of Social Well-Being," 51:389

"Good Side of Relativism, The," article by Elvin Hatch, 53:371

Goodenough, Ruth Gallagher, review of book edited by, 48:265

Goodman, David, review of book edited by, 48:74

Goodman, Dean, review of book by, 54:421

Goodman, Roger, review of book by, 48:279

Goodson-Lawes, Julie, review of book translated by, 48:70

Gosden, Chris, review of book edited by, 57:93

Gossip on Nukulaelae Atoll, 49:185

Gould, Richard A.:  book review by, 52:122, 53:97, 54:279; review of book by, 57:233

Goulet, Jean-Guy A., "Gold In; Gold Out: The Objectification of Dene Tha Accounts of Dreams and Visions," 48:215; "A Reply to David Francis," 50:109; "Ways of Knowing: Towards a Narrative Ethnography of Experiences among the Dene Tha," 50:113;

Gragson, Ted, book review by, 55:317

Graham, Martha, review of book by, 52:128

Graham, Susan Brandt, book review by, 51:189

"Grain, Cattle, and Power: Social Processes of Intensive Cultivation and Exchange in Precolonial Western Kenya," article by N. Thomas Hakansson, 50:249

Grammar of Nahuatl, 53:461

Gran Dolina, Spain: raw material selection at, 55:392; Paleolithic archaeology of, 55:388

Grasshopper Pueblo, Arizona, archaeology of, 56:415

Grasshopper Pueblo: A Story of Archaeology and Ancient Life, by Jefferson Reid and Stephanie Whittlesey, review of, 56:415

Grayson, Donald K., "Human Mortality in a Natural Disaster: The Willie Handcart Company," 52:185

Great Basin:  archaeology of, 56:416; archaeology and linguistics of, 52:519; work of Julian Steward in, 56:585.  See also Shoshoni

Great Bear, The: A Thematic Anthropology of Oral Poetry in the Finno-Ugrian Languages, edited by Lauri Honko, Senni Timonen, and Michael Branch, 52:365

Great Britain, cultural differences in immigrants' health in, 54:557

Great Lakes region, culture contact in, 49:283

Great Law and the Longhouse, The: A Political History of the Iroquois Confederacy, by William N. Fenton, review of, 55:474

Greece:  archaeology of, 55:468, 57:91; ethnography of, 55:468; food and gastronomy in, 53:472; gods of, 57:237; Paleolithic in, 55:452; women's laments in, 52:227

Green, Roger C., "Taphonomic Analysis of Anasazi Skeletal Remains from Largo-Gallina Sites in Northwestern New Mexico," 49:83

Green, Stanton W., book review by, 47:107

Greenfield, Sidney M., book review by, 55:157

Gregory, James R., book review by, 48:269

Gremillion, Kristen J., book review by, 56:402

Grimaldi, S., review of book edited by, 56:131

Grimes, Kimberly M., review of book by, 55:478

Grinding of corn in prehistoric Southwest, 51:96

Grit-Tempered: Early Women Archaeologists in the Southeastern United States, edited by Nancy Marie White, Lynne P. Sullivan, and Rochelle A. Marrinan, review of, 56:402

Gronenborn, Detlef, book review by, 54:281

Grotte d’Altamira, La, by L.G. Freeman and J. González Echegaray, review of, 57:364

Grotte du Bois Laiterie, Le: Recolonisation magdalénienne de la Belgique (Magdalenian Resettlement of Belgium), edited by M. Otte and L.G. Straus, review of, 55:298

Grotte Vaufrey, France, archaeology of, 56:195

Ground-Penetrating Radar: An Introduction for Archaeologists, by Lawrence B Conyers and Dean Goodman, review of, 54:421

Group size of hunter-gatherers, 43

Guatemala: archaeology of, 52:379, 54:422, 56:535; conquest of Maya in, 56:243; Itzaj Maya language in, 54:574; Tikal, architecture at, 51:372; weaving in, 53:106.  See also Ch'orti's

Guerrero, Mexico: comparative transport efficiency in, 52:419; measuring transport costs in, 52:417; production, exchange, and transportation in the Chilapa region of, 52:414; transportation to market in, 52:422; transportation patterns and divergent development in, 52:425

Guha, Ramachandra, review of book by, 56:392

Gulf Coast of Texas, Cabeza de Vaca's ethnography of, 199

Gumerman, George J., review of book edited by, 53:489

Gurupá, Brazil: description of, 51:264; expansion of public bureaucracy in, 51:273; socioeconomic conditions in, 51:272; women's public roles in, 51:263, 265

Gusii, subsistence and exchange patterns of, 50:249, 261

Gut morphology:  of hunting and scavenging animals, 56:492; of primates and humans, and diet, 56:482

"Gut Morphology and the Avoidance of Carrion among Chimpanzees, Baboons, and Early Hominids," article by Sonia Ragir, Marten Rosenberg, and Philip Tierno, 56:477

Gutiérrez Mendoza, Edgar, review of book by, 54:422

Guyer, Jane I., book review by, 49:404, 57:348

Gwako, Edwins Laban Moogi, "Widow Inheritance among the Maragoli of Western Kenya," 54:173

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