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Habitat mesolítico en el Cantábrico occidental, El: Transformaciones ambientales y medio Fisico durante el Holoceno antiguo, by Miguel Angel Fano Martinez, review of, 55:620

Hadza:  foraging patterns of, 50:217; studies of, 56:301

Hagbert, Sten, review of book edited by, 57:346

Hage, Per, "Alternate Generation Terminology: A Theory for a Finding," 55:521

Hager, Lori D., review of book edited by, 54:144

Haines, David W., review of book edited by, 54:262

Haiti:  immigrants from, to New York, 53:116; Spanish settlement of, 52:144

Haitian Immigrants in Black America: A Sociological and Sociolinguistic Portrait, by Flore Zéphir, review of, 53:117

Hakansson, N. Thomas, "Grain, Cattle, and Power: Social Processes of Intensive Cultivation and Exchange in Precolonial Western Kenya," 50:249

Halberstein, R.A., review of book edited by, 54:236

Hall, Anthony, review of book edited by, 48:74

Hall, Martin, review of book edited by, 56:404

Hall, Robert L., "Language and Cultural Affiliations of Natives Residing near the Mouth of the Coquille River before 1851," 48:165

Halpern, Katherine Spencer, 48:60

Halpin, Marjorie M., book review by, 50:400

Hammond, George P., 48:52

Hanamiai: Prehistoric Colonization and Cultural Change in the Marquesas Islands (East Polynesia), by Barry Vladimir Rolett, review of, 56:256
Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods, edited by Leonard Bickman and Debra J. Rog, review of, 55:167

Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology, edited by H. Russel Bernard, review of, 55:479

Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 12: Plateau, edited by Deward Walker, Jr., review of, 55:309

Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 17: Languages, edited by Ives Goddard, review of, 55:311

Handbook of Paleolithic Typology, vol. 1: Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Europe, by André Debénath and Harold Dibble, review of, 50:395

Handcart companies, 52:185

Handedness:  among Cameroonian potters, 57:485; identification of, in pottery production in prehistoric Southeast, 57:418

Handelman, Don, review of book by, 47:121

Handler, Richard:  book review by, 57:354; review of book by, 54:273

Hand morphology and criteria for precision grasping, 47:133.  See also Hominids

Hangert, Andres Hasler, review of book by, 53:461

Hann, John H., review of book by, 53:249

Hansen, Karen Tranberg, "After Copper Town: The Past in the Present in Urban Zambia," 47:441

Hansen, Mogen Herman, review of book edited by, 57:355

Happenings and Hearsay: Experiences of a Biological Anthropologist, by Gabriel W. Lasker, review of, 55:585

Harappan culture, writing system of, 54:549

Harbison, Peter, review of book by, 47:107

Hardin, Kris L., book review by, 47:116

Harless, Susan E., review of book edited by, 55:488

Harmer, Tom, book review by, 55:587, 56:276, 564, 57:350
Harnada, Tomoko, review of book by, 48:271

Harrell, Stevan, book review by, 55:169

Harrington, John, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:175

Harris, Marvin, "What’s in a Name?  The Consequences of Violating Brazilian Emic Color-Race Categories in Estimates of Social Well-Being," 51:389

Harris, Philip Robert, review of book by, 50:87

Harrison, G. Ainsworth, review of book by, 501

Harrison, Peter D., book review by, 52:377

Harrison, Roland H., review of book by, 56:400

Harrold, Francis B.:  book review by, 50:213, 54:555; "The Chatelperronian in Historical Context," 56:59

Harrold, Howard L., review of book by, 57:350

Hart, E. Richard, book review by, 47:369

Hartse, Caroline M., "The Emotional Acculturation of Hutterite Defectors," 50:69

Hastori, Christine, review of book edited by, 47:113

Hastrup, Kirsten, review of book by, 55:482

Hatch, Elvin, "The Good Side of Relativism," 53:371

Hatcher, Evelyn Payne, review of book by, 56:390

Hawikku:  burials at, 52:126; mortuary patterns at, 51:125

Hawkes, Kristen, "Foraging Returns of !Kung Adults and Children: Why Didn’t !Kung Children Forage?," 50:217

Hayden, Brian, book review by, 55:309

Hayden, Robert M., book review by, 47:104

Hays, David G., review of book by, 55:596

Hays, Terence E., book review by, 49:286

Hays-Gilpin, Kelley:  book review by, 56:578; "The Flower World in Material Culture: An Iconographic Complex in the Southwest and Mesoamerica," 55:1

Headland, Thomas N.: review of book by, 55:314; review of book edited by, 49:172

Healing:  and the Native American Church among Navajo, 51:69; by Tuareg medicine women, 54:147

Health:  care in rural highland Peru, 49:263; in Caribbean, 54:236; cultural differences in, in Great Britain, 54:557; Navajo, research project on, 55:435

Healy, Paul F., "Intensive Agriculture, Social Status, and Maya Diet at Pactibun, Belize," 49:347

Hearts and souls and flowers as symbols in Uto-Aztecan spirituality, 48:130

Heath, Jeffrey, book review by, 53:461

Hebrew mythology, incest in, 52:229

Hecht, Tobias, review of book by, 55:592

Hefner, Robert W., book review by, 49:175

Hegmon, Michelle:  book review by, 49:165; "Corrugated Pottery, Technological Style, and Population Movement in the Mimbres Region of the American Southwest," 56:217

Heidke, James M., "Ceramic Manufacture, Productive Specialization, and the Early Classic Period in Arizona’s Tonto Basin," 54:497

Heizer, R.F., and California archaeology, 48:320

Helmig, Thomas, "The Concept of Kinship on Yap and the Discussion of the Concept of Kinship," 53:1

Hemenway Expedition to Southwest, 53:246

Hendrickson, Carol, review of book by, 53:106

Henry, Donald O., review of book by, 52:528

Hensler, Kathy Niles, "Social Boundaries Set in Clay: Trade Ware Patterning in the Tonto Basin of East-Central Arizona," 54:477

Herbal medicine among Tuareg, 54:147

Herders:  spread of, in Europe, 53:396. See also Horticultural and pastoral populations

Herdt, Gilbert, review of book by, 47:351

Heritage industry, critiques of, 49:406

Herle, Anita, review of book edited by, 56:279

Hermer, Carol, book review by, 56:274

Hernando de Soto Expedition, The: History, Historiography, and "Discovery" in the Southeast, edited by Patricia Galloway, review of, 55:472

Hersh, Reuben, book review by, 55:150

Hervik, Peter, review of book by, 56:395

Herzfeld, Michael, "Performing Comparisons: Ethnography, Globetrotting, and the Spaces of Social Knowledge," 57:259

Herzog, G., and North American Indian music, 48:25

Heterochrony in human evolution, 52:7

Hewett, Edgar L. : and archaeological field school of UNM in Chaco Canyon, 48:49, 50, 54; and James F. Zimmerman, 48:50; and Museum of New Mexico, 48:50; and professionalism in archaeological fieldwork, 48:61; and School of American Research, 48:50, 51; and student research projects at UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:54; and women as students at UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:56

Hewlett, Barry S., "Demography and Childcare in Preindustrial Societies," 47: 1

Heyes, Cecilia M., review of book edited by, 54:97

Heyman, Josiah McC., review of book by, 56:264

Hiat, Sara, "Infant Death in Northeast Brazil," 49:73

Hibben, Frank, 48:52

Hickerson, Nancy P.: "How Cabeza de Vaca Lived With, Worked Among, and Finally Left the Indians of Texas," 54:199; review of book by, 51:279

Hickox, Elizabeth and Louise, basketry of, 56:247

Hicks, Frederic:  book review by, 52:254; "The Middle Class in Ancient Central Mexico," 55:409

Hierarchy:  on Ambae, 49:217; of labor in Nepal, 51:236; on Nukulaelae Atoll, 49:185; social, and low-caste women's work in Nepal, 51:219, 230, 237; on Sapwuahfik Atoll, 49:111

High Art Down Home: An Economic Ethnography of a Local Art Market, by Stuart Plattner, review of, 54:109

High school reunions, 55:494, 496

Highwater, Jamake, review of book by, 54:427

Hilgeman, Sherri L., review of book by, 57:243

Hill, Jane H.:  book review by, 52:504; "The Flower World in Material Culture: An Iconographic Complex in the Southwest and Mesoamerica," 55:1; "The Flower World of Old Uto-Aztecan," 48:117

Hill, Kim, book review by, 55:314, 490, 57:219

Hillier, Sheila, review of book edited by, 54:557

Hilton, Charles E., book review by, 55:145

Himalayas:  status of women in, 47:331, 343.  See also Sadhins

Hinsley, Curtis M.:  book review by, 57:107; review of book edited by, 53:246

Hirth, Kenneth G., book review by, 53:255

Hispaniola, Spanish settlement of, 52:135

Historic Zuni Architecture and Society: An Archaeological Application of Space Syntax, by T.J. Ferguson, review of, 54:128

Historical archaeology:  53:486, 56:261, 404; of Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, 52:398; of Spanish Caribbean colonies, 52:135

Historical Archaeology: Back from the Edge, edited by Pedro Paulo A. Funari, Martin Hall, and Siân Jones, review of, 56:404

Historical Archaeology of Buenos Aires, The: A City at the End of the World, by Daniel Schavelzon, review of, 57:232
Historical Archaeologies of Capitalism, edited by Mark P. Leone and Parker B. Potter, Jr., review of, 56:263

Historical Dictionary of Indian Food, A, by K.T. Achaya, review of, 56:565

Historical particularism, influence of, on archaeology in American Southwest, 56:289

History:  of Africa, 54:281; of American archaeology, 55:599; of archaeology, 56:581; economic, of Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, 52:385; of nationalism in Guatemala, 54:326; of New Mexico, 52:161, 514; of Tarahumara, 53:476; of the Southeast, 55:472; of Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:199; of Zuni, 51:127

History, Power, Ideology: Central Issues in Marxism and Anthropology, by Donald L. Donham, review of, 48:278

History of the Timucua Indians and Missions, A, by John H. Hann, review of, 53:249

Hockings, Paul, review of book by, 56:277

Hodder, Ian, review of book by, 55:598

Hoffman, Susanna, review of book edited by, 56:568

Hofling, Charles Andrew, review of book by, 54:574

Hohokam:  Flower World imagery in, 55:4; learning of pottery production among, 57:460; obsidian exchange among, 51:37

Hollan, Douglas, "Cross-Cultural Differences in the Self," 48:283

Holland, Dorothy, review of book edited by, 55:483

Hollywood, the Dream Factory: An Anthropologist Looks at the Movie-Makers, by Hortense Powdermaker, discussed, 47:429

Holocene in Australia and Papua New Guinea, 53:97

Holst-Warhaft, Gail, review of book by, 52:227

Home bases, hominid, 47:165

Hominids:  association of, with carnivores in European sites, 56:187; behaviors and Oldowan sites, 47:162, 168; in China, 52:536;  dietary strategies of, 56:497; and early archaeological occurrences, 47:140; evolution of, 52:1, 375, 53:91, 114, 251, 252, 55:145; evolution of, in the Levant, 56:241; and home bases, 47:165; human geographic perspectives on evolution of, 47:259; and hunting versus scavenging, 47:164; scavenging by, 56:187, 479; and technological planning, 48:190; tool behavior of, 47:143; transport of materials by, 47:163, 193.  See also Homo; Homo erectus; Human evolution; Paranthropus

"Homo: E Pluribus Unum," article by Lawrence Guy Straus, 55:185

Homo and Oldowan tools, 47:132.  See also Hominids

Homo erectus: dispersion routes to Europe and western Asia, 47:182; and emergence of more modern humans, 47:186; fossil remains in Africa, 47:178; fossil remains in Europe and western Asia, 47:183; fossil remains in Far East, 47:184

Homo habilis. See Hominids, Pleistocene

Homosexuality: Native American, 54:250; in the United States, 54:571

Honduras:  Copán, architecture at, 51:363; effect of markets on folk knowledge in, 54:219

Honko, Lauri, review of book edited by, 52:365

Hood, Jane C., book review by, 55:167

Hopewell, ritual in, 56:406

Hopi: architecture of, 55:609; ethnography of, 55:476

Hopi Dwellings: Architecture at Orayvi, by Catherine Cameron, review of, 55:609

Hopkins, Nicholas A., book review by, 54:574

Horticultural and pastoral populations: childcare studies, 47:2; child development studies, 47:2; demographic studies, 47:2; general demographic patterns, 47:6

Horticulturalists: in Madagascar, 55:71; patterns of fighting among, 55:563; in Papua New Guinea, 55:331, 361

Horticulture in Papua New Guinea, 49:237.  See also Agriculture

House, John H., book review by, 52:521

Household Ecology: Economic Change and Domestic Life among the Kekchi Maya of Belize, by Richard R. Wilk, review of, 48:269

"Household Labor and Child Care Needs among Philippine Highland Farmers," article by Jean Treloggen Peterson, 50:1
Households:  archaeology of, 56:261; archaeology of, in Bolivia, 52:115; of the Badaga, 56:277; effect of environmental degradation on, in northwestern Mexico, 57:111; among Navajo, 53:89; among Philippine peasant farmers, 50:1, 9; reproduction and illness in highland Peru, 49:255; in Southwest, 52:246; studies of, in anthropology, 50:6; at Zuni, 53:17

Houtsma, P., review of book by, 53:262

"How Cabeza de Vaca Lived With, Worked Among, and Finally Left the Indians of Texas," article by Nancy P. Hickerson, 54:199

How Chiefs Come to Power: The Political Economy in Prehistory, by Timothy Earle, review of, 54:550

Howell, F. Clark: "L.G. Freeman: An Appreciation," 56:7; "Paleo-Demes, Species Clades, and Extinctions in the Pleistocene Hominin Record," 55:191

Howell, F. Clark, and J. Desmond Clark, "Retrospective and Perspective"(conclusion to special issue on paleoanthropology), 47:279

Howell, Jayne:  book review by, 56:395; "Expanding Women’s Roles in Southern Mexico: Educated, Employed Oaxaqueñas," 55:99

Howell, Todd L.:  review of book edited by, 52:125; "Tracking Zuni Gender and Leadership Roles across the Contact Period," 51:125

Howes, David, book review by, 49:289

Hubbell, Linda J., "Values under Siege in Mexico: Strategies for Sheltering Traditional Values from Change," 49:1

Huckeberry, Gary, book review by, 52:120, 54:275, 56:251, 57:251

Huckell, Lisa W., book review by, 54:275

Hudson's Bay Company and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:168

Hughes, Richard E.:  book review by, 55:183; "California Archaeology and Linguistic Prehistory," 48:317

Huichol:  color and shamanic visions among, 57:305; ethnography of, 54:111; sacred colors among, 57:314

Human Adaptability: Past, Present, and Future, edited by S.J. Ulijaszek and R.A. Huss-Ashmore, review of, 55:284

Human adaptations: non-clinal, 55:246; at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition, 55:296; during Paleolithic and Mesolithic in Germany, 55:300; research on, 55:284

Human affairs, scientific knowledge of, and interpretive anthropology, 47:314

Human biology of English villagers, 52:501

Human Biology of the English Village, The, by G. Ainsworth Harrison, review of, 52:501

Human ecology, case studies of, 54:104

Human evolution:   53:91, 114, 251, 252, 57:367; in Africa, 52:517; in China, 52:536; and cultural behavior, 54:373; of mind, 53:100, 251; and Neandertals, 47:229; in the Pleistocene, 55:191; theories of, 57:1; tools, language, and cognition in, 52:539; study of, 54:555; women in, 54:144.  See also Hominids; Neandertals

Human Evolution in China: A Metric Description of the Fossils and a Review of the Sites, by Xinzhi Wu and Frank E. Poirier, review of, 52:536

Human Evolution, Language and Mind: A Psychological and Archaeological Inquiry, by W. Noble and I. Davidson, review of, 53:251

"Human Mortality in a Natural Disaster: The Willie Handcart Company," article by Donald K. Grayson, 52:185

Human paleoanthropology, bibliography of, 54:235

Human Paleoanthropology and Related Subjects: An International Bibliography, edited by Rose A. Tyson, review of, 54:235

Human Predators and Prey Mortality, edited by Mary C. Stiner, review of, 48:360

Human races and intelligence, 55:245

Human remains from Teotihuacan, 52:526

Human rights, universal, and cultural relativism, 53:269, 273, 293, 319, 349, 371

"Human Rights, Human Difference: Anthropology’s Contribution to an Emancipatory Cultural Politics," article by Terence Turner, 53:273

Humans, modern:  geography of, in Europe and the Mediterranean, 57:88; and Homo erectus, 47:186; origins of, 56:241; origins of, in southern Africa, 57:1

Humphrey, Caroline, review of book by, 54:428
Hungry Lightning: Notes of a Woman Anthropologist in Venezuela, by Pei-Lin Yu, review of, 54:570

Hunt, Robert C., "Reply to Price," 50:205

 Hunter, Jon, review of book edited by, 57:93

"Hunter-Gatherer Behavior in a Changing Late Glacial Landscape: Allerød Archaeology in the Central Rhineland, Germany," article by Michael Baales and Martin Street, 52:281

Hunter-Gatherer Landscape, A: Southwest Germany in the Late Paleolithic and Mesolithic, by Michael Jochim, review of, 55:300

Hunter-Gatherer Mortuary Practices during the Central Texas Archaic, by Leland C. Bement, review of, 52:373

"Hunter-Gatherer Social Costs and the Nonviability of Submarginal Environments," article by Carol A. Stein Mandryk, 49:39

Hunter-gatherers:  at Abric Romaní, Spain, 54:373; adaptation of, during Iberian Mesolithic, 56:25; adaptations of, to marginal environments, 49:39, 48, 55; "affluence" among, 56:301, 314; alliance systems of, 49:47; archaeological identification of, 50:141, 155; archaeology of, in Rhineland, 52:281; behavior of, in late glacial environment, 52:306; buffering mechanisms of, 49:52, 58; in central interior California, 54:49; child development studies of, 47:2; concept of work among, 56:312; culture building among, 56:313; demographic studies of, 47:2; demography of, 47:6, 49:43, 59; diet of, 56:309; exchange among, 49:55; food avoidances among, in Ituri Forest, 50:277; foraging patterns of !Kung San and Hadza, 50:217; group size of, 49:43; history of study of, 56:302; leisure time among, 56:305; in Madagascar, 56:163; mating networks of, 49:45; mobility of, 49:41, 53; model of behavior of, in marginal environments, 49:57; mortuary practices of, during Central Texas Archaic, 52:373; Paleo-Indian, in Patagonia, 53:219; Paleolithic and Mesolithic adaptations of, in Germany, 55:300; in Patagonia, 55:320; patterns of fighting among, 55:563; in Pleistocene, 53:100; population density of, 49:46; range size of, 49:42; scavenging by, 56:479; settlement systems of, 49:40, 59; sharing among, 56:315; social costs to, in marginal environments, 49:60; specialization among, 49:53; stereotypes about, 56:302; storage among, 49:54;  technology of, 52:241, 243; time allocation studies of, 56:305; use of tools by, compared to monkeys, 51:6; of Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:201.  See also Mesolithic; Paleolithic

Hunters between East and West: The Paleolithic of Moravia, by Jirí Svoboda, Vojen Lozek, and Emanuel Vlcek, review of, 53:494

Hunting:  at Abric Romaní, 54:373; in central interior California, 54:60; in prehistoric Southwest, 49:137; among Rará muri, 54:310; use of projectiles in, 54:294; versus scavenging among early hominids, 47:164; versus scavenging among primates, 56:479

Hupa Indians: music of, 48:42; and Yurok and Karok Indians, 48:26. See also Karok Indians; Yurok Indians

Hurtado, Magdalena, book review by, 51:187

Huss-Ashmore, R.A., review of book edited by, 55:284

Hutterites, religious change among, 50:69

Hydraulic:  density, levels of, 50:194; and hydroagricultural systems, distinction between, 50:189; theory, 50:198, 205

Hypermorphosis, 52:8 

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