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Iberia before the Iberians: The Stone Age Prehistory of Cantabrian Spain, by Lawrence Guy Straus, review of, 50:213

Iberian Peninsula:  archaeology of, 50:213, 54:283, 373, 56:1, 3, 7, 11, 17, 30, 39, 59; refugia during Paleolithic abandonment of northwestern Europe, 47:265; Solutrean sites on, 47:265. See also Chatelperronian; Solutrean

Ibibio: conflict resolution among, 53:423; elders council among, 53:427; oath taking among, 53:435; place of ancestors among, 53:425; social organization of, 53:424; status of women among, 53:428

Iceland: concept of independence in, 48:303; concepts of fishing in, 48:307; concepts of language in, 48:303; and differences in indigenous discourse, 48:301; ethnography of, 55:482; prestige discourses in, 48:311

"Icelandic Dialogues: Individual Differences in Indigenous Discourse," article by Gísli Pálsson and E. Paul Durrenberger, 48:301

"Identities: The Hidden Life of Class," article by Sherry B. Ortner, 54:1

Identity:  in Andalucia, 54:558; of Basques, 56:142; construction of, among Rarámuri, 54:299; formation of, among Western Shoshoni, 52:207; among Lakota, 54:566; multicultural, 56:266; and social class in United States, 54:1

Ideology: Indianist and mestizo, in Ecuador, 50:171; Navajo, codification of mutualism in, 57:28; of Philippines fishing, 52:443; in pre-Columbian civilizations, 49:412; of redemption in Peru, 49:393; of Western Shoshoni, 52:207

"Ideology and Identity: Western Shoshoni ‘Cannibal’ Myth as Ethnonational Narrative," article by Richard O. Clemmer, 52:207

Ideology and Pre-Columbian Civilization, edited by Arthur A. Demarest and Geoffrey W. Conrad, review of, 49:413

Ikeda, Keiko, review of book by, 55:494

Illness: anthropological views of, 51:70; causes of, among O’odham, 56:562; gastrointestinal, and scavenging among primates, 56:486;  and household reproduction in highland Peru, 49:255; relation of, to discord among Navajo, 51:69.  See also Disease

"Illness and Household Reproduction in a Highly Monetized Rural Economy:  A Case from the Southern Peruvian Highlands," article by J. Susan Luerssen, 49:255

Imagery:  of colors among Huichol, 57:305; of Flower World, 48:117, 55:1; of warfare in Southwestern rock art, 57:357

Images from the Underworld: Naj Tunich and the Tradition of Maya Cave Painting, by Andreas J. Stone, review of, 52:379

Imperialism: Aztec, 53:257; Egyptian, 53:491; in Oaxaca, 53:255

"In the Name of Culture: Cultural Relativism and the Abuse of the Individual," article by Elizabeth M. Zechenter, 53:319

In Place: Spatial and Social Order in a Faeroe Islands Community, by Dennis Gaffin, review of, 53:469

"In the Pursuit of Game: The Mousterian Cave Site of Gabasa 1 in the Spanish Pyrenees," article by M. Fernanda Blasco, 53:177

"In Search of Juan de Oñate: Confessions of a Cryptoessentialist," article by William A. Douglass, 56:137

In Search of the Neanderthals: Solving the Puzzle of Human Origins, by Christopher Stringer and Clive Gamble, review of, 51:283

Incest:  avoidance of, among Mountain Arapesh, 51:347; avoidance, Westermarck's theories of, 51:347, 52:368; depictions of, in folktales, 54:256; in Hebrew mythology, 52:229

Income:  inequality and land reform in Nadur Village, 48:90; mobility and land reform in Nadur Village, 48:105

Independence, concept of, in Iceland, 48:303

India:  asceticism and masculinity in, 47:340; ethnography of tribal peoples in, by Verrier Elwin, 56:392; historical dictionary of food of, 56:565; human rights in, 53:328; irrigation systems in, 55:324; Isampur Acheulian quarry in, 55:39; Nadar caste in, 54:115; oral traditions in, 53:104; status of women in, 47:331, 343. See also Badaga; Himalayas; Nadur Village, Kerala; S*dhins; Tamils

Indianist ideology in Ecuador, 50:171

Indianola, Mississippi: community described, 47:390; and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:389

Indians. See Native Americans

Indians and Anthropologists: Vine Deloria, Jr., and the Critique of Anthropology, edited by Thomas Biolsi and Larry Zimmerman, review of, 54:562

Indians and Indian Agents: The Origins of the Reservation System in California, 1849-52, by George Harwood Phillips, review of, 53:247

Indians into Mexicans: History and Identity in a Mexican Town, by David Frye, review of, 53:462

Indigenous people:  of Amazonia, 53:109; and archaeology, 52:119; and conservation, 55:317; contemporary, 55:319; and human rights, 53:349

Indigenous Peoples and the Future of Amazonia: An Ecological Anthropology of an Endangered World, edited by Leslie Sponsel, review of 53:109

Indigenous South Americans of the Past and Present: An Ecological Perspective, by David J. Wilson, review of, 57:97

Indigenous World 1997-98, The, by the International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs, review of, 55:317

Individualism: and collectivism in social psychology, 55:543; homogenization of, 55:551; meritocratic, in United Stares, 57:41

Indo-European languages:   history of, in Europe, 53:394; spread of, into Europe, 54:399, 417

Indonesia:  whaling in, 54:246.  See also Toraja (Indonesia)

Indus Age: The Writing System, by Gregory L. Possehl, review of, 54:549

Indus script, decipherment of, 54:549

Industrialization: anthropology of, 53:507; archaeology of, 53:486
Ineffability in philosophy and religion, 50:94

Ineffability: The Failure of Words in Philosophy and Religion, by Ben-Ami Scharfstein, review of, 50:94

Inequality:  economic, in colonial Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, 52:385; and land reform in Nadur Village, 48:83

Inevitable Domination by Man, The: An Evolutionary Detective Story, by Seymour W. Itzkoff, review of, 57:367

"Infant Death in Northeast Brazil," review article by Sara Hiat, 49:73

Infant mortality:   in Brazil, 49:73; at Chalcolithic Cyprus site, 48:159

Infanticide, female, and male-biased sex ratios, 47:23

Infectious diseases introduced into the Southwest, 52:161

Informal Politics: Street Vendors and the State in Mexico City, by John C. Cross, review of, 56:272

Ingold, Tim, review of book edited by, 52:539, 54:573

Inheritance:  in Korea, 51:329; among Tuareg, 54:160; of widows among Maragoli, 54:173

Inka:  astronomy of, 52:381; royal descent groups among, 57:175; structure of  ayllu among, 57:167

"Inka Conical Clan, The," article by David Jenkins, 57:167

Institutional survival of utopian communes, 56:425

Intelligence and human races, 55:245

"Intensive Agriculture, Social Status, and Maya Diet at Pactibun, Belize," article by Christine D. White, Paul F. Healy, and Henry P. Schwarcz, 49:437

Intergenerational conflict in Japan, 56:365

International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs, review of book by, 55:317, 319

Interpreting Southwestern Diversity: Underlying Principles and Overarching Patterns, edited by Paul R. Fish and J. Jefferson Reid, review of, 53:487

"Interpretive Anthropology, Metaphysics, and the Paranormal," article by James Lett, 47:305

Interviews and concepts of self, 48:287

Intimate Communications: Erotics and the Study of Culture, by Gilbert Herdt and Robert J. Stoner, review of, 47:351

"Intraregional Connections in the Development and Distribution of Salado Polychromes in Central Arizona,"article by Arleyn W. Simon, James H. Burton, and David R. Abbott, 54:519

Introduction to Library Research in Anthropology, 2nd ed., by John M. Weeks, review of, 54:425

"Introduction: Universal Human Rights versus Cultural Relativity," article by Carole Nagengast and Terence Turner, 53:269

Invented Indian, The: Cultural Fictions and Government Policies, ed. by James A. Clifton, review of, 47:366

Iran:  ethnohistory of Shahsevan, 54:565; seventeenth-century silk trade in, 57:101

Ireland, commercial fishing in, 52:85

Irish, Joel D., book review by, 52:501, 54:236, 55:284

Iron Age:  in Belgium, 56:598; of Iberia, 54:283; in Western Europe, 54:134

Iroquois, political history of, 55:474

Irrigation:  and state formation, 50:187, 205; systems in India, 55:324

Isaac, B.L.:  and authorship of Oldowan tools, 47:135; terminology for Oldowan tools, 47:158

Isampur Acheulian quarry: artifact assemblage at, 55:48; geology of, 55:43; location of, 55:40; settlement behaviors at, 55:60; stone tool manufacturing techniques at, 55:60

Isbell, William H., review of book by, 55:467

Islam among Tuareg, 54:147

Island Melanesians, The, by Matthew Spriggs, review of, 54:277

Islands, sociogeography of, in Mediterranean, 53:501

Islands in Time: Island Sociogeography and Mediterranean Prehistory, by Mark Patton, review of, 53:501
Isotopic analysis of human bone collagen, 49:352

Israel:  kibbutz women in, 52:364; politics of Palestinians in, 50:27; textile industry in, 57:225

Italy:  case study of Pleistocene hominid technological planning from, 48:194; refugia during Paleolithic abandonment of northwestern Europe, 47:265; Solutrean sites in, 47:265

"I, Too, Am America": Archaeological Studies of African American Life, edited by Theresa A. Singleton, review of, 56:574

It’s All Politics: South Alabama’s Seafood Industry, by E. Paul Durrenberger, review of, 49:401

"I Will Not Eat Stone": A Women’s History of Colonial Asante, by Jean Allman and Victoria Tashjian, review of, 57:345

Ituri forest, Africa:  archaeology of, 57:197; food avoidances in, 50:277

Itzaj Maya, 54:574

Itzaj Maya-Spanish-English Dictionary/Diccionario Maya Itzaj-Español-Inglés, by Charles Andrew Hofling, review of, 54:574

Itzkoff, Seymour W., review of book by, 57:367

Izagirre, Neskuts, "DNA Analysis and the Evolutionary History of the Basque Population: A Review," 57:325

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