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Jablonski, N., review of book edited by, 54:289

Jackson, M., ideas of, and interpretive anthropology, 47:312, 319

Jacobs, Melville, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:173

Jacobs, Sue Ellen, review of book edited by, 54:250

Jacobson, David, "Contexts and Cues in Cyberspace: The Pragmatics of Naming in Text-Based Virtual Realities," 52:461

Jamaica, historical archaeology of, 55:170

James-Duguid, Charlene, review of book by, 53:467

Jameson, John H, Jr., review of book edited by, 54:269
Jamieson, Ross W., review of book by, 57:100

Jana*ek, George R., review of book by, 53:476

Jangal, contemporary concept of, in Pakistan, 48:237. See also "Jungle"

Jangala, ancient concept of, on Indian subcontinent, 48:234. See also Jangal; "Jungle"

Janson, Charles, review of book edited by, 57:83

Japan:  case studies of migration in, 56:375, 378; demographic trends in, 56:369; family in, 56:367; orientation of self in, 53:405; preindustrial hydroagriculture in, 50:190; return migration and intergenerational conflict in, 56:365; ritual as political resistance in, 51:301; Shinto festival architecture in, 52:355; women from, in United States, 55:159

Japan's "International Youth": The Emergence of a New Class of Schoolchildren, by Roger Goodman, review of, 48:279

Java, feminist social methodology and rural women in, 50:92

Jenkins, David, "The Inka Conical Clan," 57:167

Jews:  middle class position of, in United States, 54:10; Polish, ethnography of, in Paris, 50:408

Jochim, Michael A.:  book review by, 53:262, 56:598; review of book by, 55:300

Johnson, Allen W., review of book by, 54:256

Johnson, Jay K., book review by, 54:267

Johnson, Lillian Rogers: biographical sketch, 47:394; and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:398

Johnson, Thomas M., review of book edited by, 53:121

Johnson, Troy, review of book edited by, 54:432

Joiner, Carol:   book review by, 54:425; "The Boys and Girls of Summer: The University of New Mexico Archaeological Field School in Chaco Canyon," 48:49

Joint Casas Grandes Expedition, 48:3, 7

Jones, George T., book review by, 47:354

Jones, Grant D., review of book by, 56:243

Jones, Siân:  review of book by, 54:271; review of book edited by, 56:404

Jordan, archaeology of, 52:528, 55:622

Jordan, David K., review of book edited by, 48:71

Journal of Caribbean Studies Special Issue:  Health and Disease in the Caribbean, vol. 12, no. 1, edited by R.A. Halberstein, review of, 54:236

Journey through the Ice Age, by Paul G. Bahn, review of, 55:302

Jubba Valley, Somalia, 51:197

Jumanos, ethnography of, 51:279

Jumanos, The: Hunters and Traders of the South Plains, by Nancy Parrott Hickerson, review of, 51:279

"Jungle," in Pakistan: data for study of, 48:232; etymology of, 48:231; field site for study of, 48:232; and Francis Zimmerman’s The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats, 48:232, 234, 240, 245; and political-economic dynamics, 48:242. See also Jangal; Jangala

Jungle and the Aroma of Meats, The, by Francis Zimmerman, and "jungle" in Pakistan, 48:232, 234, 240, 245

Justice, Noel D., review of book by, 52:244

Justice in postsocialist Europe, 55:326

Kalb, Jon, review of book by, 57:87

Kalinga, ceramic production among, 52:122

Kalinga Ethnoarchaeology: Expanding Archaeological Method and Theory, edited by William A. Longacre and James M. Skibo, review of 52:122

Kaminaljuyú:  analysis of tooth enamel from burial sample at, 56:538; intersite relationships of, 56:547; intrasite variability at, 56:545; relationship of, with Teotihuacán, 56:535; site description of, 56:536

Kamminga, Johan, review of book by, 56:407

Kamp, Kathryn A.: "Prehistoric Children Working and Playing: A Southwestern Case Study in Learning Ceramics," 57:427; "Towards an Archaeology of Architecture: Clues from a Modern Syrian Village," 49:293

Kangra society: role of s*dhins in, 47:332; status of unmarried women in, 47:342.  See also S*dhins

Kapferer, Bruce, review of book by, 54:252

Kaplan, David, "The Darker Side of the ‘Original Affluent Society’," 56:301

Karain Cave, Turkey: comparisons of assemblages at, with Western Asia and Europe, 51:296; Paleolithic assemblages at, 51:287

Karavanic, Ivor, "Upper Paleolithic Occupation Levels and Late-Occurring Neandertal at Vindija Cave (Croatia) in the Context of Central Europe and the Balkans," 51:9

Kardulias, P. Nick, review of book edited by, 55:468

Karok Indians: songs of animals and spirit persons, 48:41; and Yurok and Hupa Indians, 48:26. See also  Hupa Indians; Yurok Indians

Kaufman, Daniel, review of book by, 56:241

Kavanagh, William, review of book by, 52:129

Kearney, Michael, book review by, 49:177

Keeley, Lawrence, H., review of book by, 53:505

Keeling, Richard, "Music and Culture History among the Yurok and Neighboring Tribes of Northwestern California," 48:25

Kehoe, Alice B.:  review of book by, 55:599; review of book edited by, 56:581

Keim, Curtis, review of book edited by, 55:485

Kelleher, David, review of book edited by, 54:557

Kellett, John, review of book edited by, 48:275

Kelley, Klara Bonsack, review of book by, 52:512

Kelly, Robert L., "Mystification of the Mikea: Constructions of Foraging Identity in Southwest Madagascar," 56:163

Kenko, writings of, 53:416

Kennedy, John G., book review by, 53:476

Kent, Susan:  book review by, 51:403, 53:89, 56:261; review of book edited by, 48:255, 55:178

Kenya:   precolonial tribal subsistence and exchange in, 50:249.  See also Maragoli; Turkana

Kepecs, Susan, book review by, 56:245

Kerala Land Reforms Act Amendment of 1969, 48:81

Kerala State, India: 1969 land reform, 48:85; prereform land-tenure system, 48:84.  See also Nadur Village

Kersenboom, Saskia, review of book by, 53:104

Kerstan, Birgit, review of book by, 50:92

Keur, Dorothy, 48:60

"Key Informants in Cottonville: Revisiting Powdermaker’s Mississippi," article by Patricia Aylward Farr, 47:389

Khmer: genealogies among, 51:248; kinship of, 51:247, 251; kinship terminology of, 51:251; land tenure among, 51:254; marriage among, 51:252; matriliny/matriarchy among, 51:247; postmarital residence among, 51:253

"Khmer Kinship: The Matriliny/Matriarchy Myth," article by Judy L. Ledgerwood, 51:247

Kibbutz women, 52:364

Kilthi: Palaeolithic Settlement and Quaternary Landscapes in Northwest Greece, edited by Geoff Bailey, review of, 55:452

Kin group affiliation compared to garden productivity in Papua New Guinea, 49:245

Kin Kletso and UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:55, 63

Kin Nahasbas and UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:55

Kindreds of the Earth: Badaga Household Structure and Demography, by Paul Hockings, review of, 56:277

Kinship: alternate generation terminology in, 55:521; among ancient Maya, 52:523; concept of, 53:1; groups among Wola, 55:334; of Khmer, 51:247; reciprocity and exploitation in Korea, 56:349; system of Inka, 57:167; systems and gender relations in Asia, 55:164; terminology on Yap, 53:9; terminology at Zuni, 53:17; among Tuareg, 54:159

Kiowa, song of, 57:137

Kipp, Rita Smith, book review by, 53:98

Kirch, Patrick V.:  book review by, 54:277, 56:256; review of book by, 57:235

Kirker, Jennifer, "Too Many Maya, Too Few Buildings: Investigating Construction Potential at Copán, Honduras," 51:363

Kirkpatrick, John, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:170

Kissonerga-Mosphilia, Cyprus, Lemba Archaeological Project at, 48:145. See also Cyprus, Chalcolithic

Kivas, attributes and functions of, in Southwest, 49:319

Klein, Alan M. , review of book by, 47:362

Klein, Richard G.:  book review by, 55:612; Southern Africa and Modern Human Origins," 57:1

Kluckhohn, Clyde, 48:60

Knapp, A. Bernard, book review by, 56:420

Knaut, Andrew, review of book by, 52:514

Knecht, Heidi, review of book edited by, 54:294

Knowledge: anthropological study of, 54:254; folk, in Honduras, 54:219

Kohl, Philip L.:  book review by, 52:543; review of book edited by, 53:259

Konam-ri, Korea:  faunal analysis at, 56:330, 333; Neolithic and Bronze Age subsistence strategies at, 56:339; resource intensification and overexploitation at, 56:333; shift to rice agriculture at, 56:326; site description of, 56:329

Kongo, political structure of, 57:348

Kongo Political Culture: The Conceptual Challenge of the Particular, by Wyatt MacGaffey, review of, 57:348

Korea:  adoption in, 51:334; agrarian transformation in, 56:350; ancestor rites in, 51:335; archaeology of, 56:325; case studies of kinship paternalism in, 56:356, 357; family succession and inheritance in, 51:330; kinship and lineage in, 56:353; kinship reciprocity and exploitation in, 56:349, 354; migration for education in, 51:332.  See also Konam-ri

Korisettar, Ravi, review of book edited by, 55:614

Kowalewski, Stephen A., review of book edited by, 47:354

Kozak, David L., review of book by, 56:562

Koz*owski, Janusz K.: "The Anatolian Middle Paleolithic: New Research at Karain Cave," 51:287; "The Formation of the Aurignacian in Europe," 56:513; and S.K. Koz*owski, review of book by, 53:112

Kramer, E., review of book by, 53:262

Kramer, Karen L., "Women’s Labor, Fertility, and the Introduction of Modern Technology in a Rural Maya Village," 55:499

Krantz, Lasse, review of book by, 48:267

Kristiansen, Kristian, review of book by, 57:239

Kroeber, Alfred:  48:60; and California archaeology, 48:319, 321; and Yurok Indians, 48:26, 33

Kroeber, Theodora, and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:463, 471

Krohn-Hansen, Christian, "The Anthropology of Violent Interaction," 50:367

Kubo, land ownership and use among, 55:361

Kuhn, Steven L.: "On Planning and Curated Technologies in the Middle Paleolithic," 48:185; review of book by, 52:241

Kuklick, Henrika, review of book by, 48:358

!Kung Bushmen:  ethnography of, 57:105; foraging experiments among, 50:224; foraging patterns of, 50:217; processing mongongo nuts by, 50:230; time-allocation studies of, 56:301; work by children among, 50:222

!Kung San.  See !Kung Bushmen

Kunin, Seth Daniel, review of book by, 52:229

Kurkiala, Mikael, review of book by, 54:564

Kusserow, Adrie Suzanne, "Crossing the Great Divide: Anthropological Theories of the Western Self," 55:541

Kuznar, Lawrence A., "Ecological Mutualism in Navajo Corrals: Implications for Navajo Environmental Perceptions and Human/Plant Coevolution," 57:17

Kyle, Chris, "From Burros to Buses: Transport Efficiency and Economic Development in Guerrero, Mexico," 52:411

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