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L’Abri du Pape, Belgium, archaeology of, 56:598

L’Abri du Pape: Bivouacs, Burials and Retreats along the Upper Belgian Meuse, from the Mesolithic to the Low Roman Empire, edited by J-M. Leotard, L.G. Straus, and M. Otte, review of, 56:598

L’Algonguin au XVIIE siècle: Edition critique, analysée et commentée de la grammaire Algonguine du Père Louis Nicholas, by Diane Daviault, review of, 52:237

La Isabela, Dominican Republic, Spanish settlement of, 52:137

Labor:  agricultural, by women in Nigeria, 50:311; appropriation of, and monumental Mayan architecture, 51:363; by children among !Kung San and Hadza, 50:217; constraints of, in precolonial Kenya, 50:268; division of, in Somalia, 51:200; domestic, in Mexico, 49:8; gendered division of, in Nepal, 51:215, 221, 230; among peasant farmers in Philippines, 50:1; and pottery production, 51:176; women's, among Maya, 55:499

Laboring in the Fields of the Lord: Spanish Missions and Southeastern Indians, by Jerald T. Milanich, review of, 55:610

Lakota:  language of, 56:564; politics of identity among, 54:564; sweat lodge ritual among, 56:276

Lakota Ritual of the Sweat Lodge, The: History and Contemporary Practice, by Raymond A. Bucko, review of, 56:276

Lamanai, archaeology of, 49:347

Lamb, Sydney, review of book edited by, 50:403

Lamberg-Karlovsky, C.C., book review by, 57:101

Lamberg-Karlovsky, Martha, review of book edited by, 57:247

Lambert, Marjorie, 48:56, 60

Lanata, Jose Luis, book review by, 53:264

Lancy, David F., review of book by, 54:260

Land Filled with Flies: A Political Economy of the Kalahari, by Edwin N. Wilmsen, review of, 47:93

"Land is Thicker than Blood: Revisiting ‘Kinship Paternalism’ in a Peasant Village in South Korea," article by Soo Ho Choi, 56:349

Land of Prehistory, The: A Critical History of American Archaeology, by Alice Beck Kehoe, review of, 55:599

Land reform:  in Mexico, 54:77; in Nadur Village and caste inequality, 48:92; and class inequality, 48:97; data analysis in study of, 48:83; description of field research, 48:82; and income inequality, 48:90, 95, 101; and income mobility, 48:105; results of act of 1969 in Kerala, 48:86

"Land Reform versus Inequality in Nadur Village, Kerala," article by Richard W. Franke, 48:81

Land tenure: among Khmer, 51:254; in Korea, 51:329; in Nepal, 51:225, 228; in Papua New Guinea, 55:331, 361; system in prereform Kerala State, India, 48:84; women's strategies of, in Somalia, 51:193

Land use :  in Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:39; practices in Madagascar, 55:71

Landscape, study of, 53, 510, 56:410

Landscapes of Settlement: Prehistory to the Present, by Brian K. Roberts, review of, 53:510

Lang, Joseph, "What’s in a Name?  The Consequences of Violating Brazilian Emic Color-Race Categories in Estimates of Social Well-Being," 51:389

Lang, Sabine, review of book edited by, 54:250

Lange, Charles H., review of book by, 53:110

Language:  in Africa, 54:281; among bonobos, 55:448; concepts of, in Iceland, 48:303; and culture in California anthropology, 48:318; and European genetic patterns, 53:394; evolution of, 52:539, 55:254; genetic classification of, 50:403; histories of, in Europe 394; and human behavior, 52:367; of Indus script, 54:549; Itzaj Maya, 54:574; of Lakota, 56:564; Maya, dictionary of, 55:447; Mobilian pidgin, 54:576; Nahuatl, 53:461; native North American, 55:311; Quechua, 53:244

"Language and Cultural Affiliation of Natives Residing near the Mouth of the Coquille River before 1851," article by Roberta L. Hall, 48:165

Language and Human Behavior, by Derek Bickerton, review of, 52:367

LaPorta, Philip, "The First Acheulian Quarry in India: Stone Tool Manufacture, Biface Morphology, and Behaviors," 55:39

Lapps. See Saami

Largo-Gallina phase in New Mexico, archaeology of, 49:83

Lasker, Gabriel W., review of book by, 55:585

Lassiter, Luke Eric, "From ‘Reading over the Shoulders of Natives’ to ‘Reading alongside Natives,’ Literally: Toward A Collaborative and Reciprocal Ethnography," 57:127

Late Paleolithic Habitation of Haule V, The: From Excavation Report to the Reconstruction of Federmesser Settlement Patterns and Land-Use, by P. Houtsma, E. Kramer, R.R. Newell, and J.L. Smit, review of, 53:262

Late Stone Age: of Congo Basin, 57:197; of Congo Basin, lithic technology of, 57:204; of southern Africa, artifacts and behavior in, 57:6; of southern Africa, ecology and subsistence in, 57:10

Latin America:  biodiversity conservation and indigenous people in, 55:317.   See also Caribbean; Central America; Maya; Mexico; South America

Latium. See Italy

Laughlin, Charles D., "Fuzziness and Phenomenology in Ethnological Research: Insights from Fuzzy Set Theory," 49:17

Launay, Robert, book review by, 57:345, 346

Law:  anthropology of, 56:284; and Native Americans in Washington Territory, 55:590; in Swaziland, 50:406

Law, Kimberley R., "Testing the Nature of Teotihuacán Imperialism at Kaminaljuyú Using Phosphate Oxygen-Isotope Ratios," 56:535

Lawless, Robert, book review by, 48:276

Layton, Richard, review of book edited by, 52:117, 541

Leadership: on Ambae, 49:217; among Ashaninka in Peru, 49:393; changes in, at Zuni, 51:143; charismatic, in utopian communes, 56:427; female roles of, at Zuni, 51:141; male roles of, at Zuni, 51:135; on Nukulaelae Atoll, 49:185; Palestinian styles of, in Israel, 50:30; in prehistoric Southwest, 51:103, 125, 128; on Sapwuahfik Atoll, 49:111

Leadership Strategies, Economic Activity, and Interregional Interaction: Social Complexity in Northeast China, by Gideon Shelach, review of, 57:226

Leaf, Murray J., review of book by, 55:324

Leakey, L.S.B., and authorship of Oldowan tools, 47:132, 136

Leakey, M.D., terminology for Oldowan tools, 47:158

Learning:  by children in Liberia, 54:260; and craft production, 57:369, 381, 407, 427, 456, 471; developmental stages in, 57:371; neurophysiological aspects of, 57:373, 393, 456, 471; social, in animals, 54:97; social context of, 57:372, 407, 456, 471; theoretical perspectives on, 57:371, 381, 407, 427

"Learning and Craft Production: An Introduction," article by C. Jill Minar and Patricia L. Crown, 57:369

"Learning How to Make the Right Pots: Apprenticeship Strategies and Material Culture, a Case Study in Handmade Pottery from Cameroon," article by Hélène Wallaert-Pêtre, 57:471

"Learning to Make Pottery in the Prehispanic American Southwest," article by Patricia L. Crown, 57:451

LeBlanc, Steven, review of book by, 56:411

Ledgerwood, Judy L., "Khmer Kinship: The Matriliny/Matriarchy Myth," 51:247

Lee, Gaylen D., review of book by, 55:307

Lee, Yun Kuen, book review by, 57:226

Lees, Susan H., review of book edited by, 54:106

Leesch, Denise, review of book by, 56:129

Legal anthropology, 52:131

Legal Anthropology, by Norbert Rouland, review of, 52:131

Legoupil, Dominique, review of book by, 55:320

Lekson, Stephen H., review of book by, 56:588

Lemba Archaeological Project, at Kissonerga-Mosphilia, Cyprus, 48:145

Lenoir, Michel, review of book edited by, 52:533

León-Portilla, Miguel, review of book by, 48:70

Leone, Mark P.:  book review by, 56:404; review of book edited by, 56:261

Leong, Sow-theng, review of book by, 55:169

Leotard, J-M., review of book edited by, 56:598

Lesbian families in United States, 54:571

Lesbian Family Relationships in American Society: The Making of an Ethnographic Film, by Maureen A. Asten, review of, 54:571

Lesu, New Ireland, and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:377

Lett, James, "Interpretive Anthropology, Metaphysics, and the Paranormal," 47:305

Levant:  archaeology of, 56:241; Aurignacian in, 56:523

Levi, Jerome M., "The Bow and the Blanket: Religion, Identity, and Resistance in Rarámuri Material Culture," 54:299

Lévi-Strauss, Claude, review of book by, 53:514

Levirate: practice of, among Maragoli, 54:173; studies of, 54:174

Lewis, Herbert S., book review by, 57:229

Liberation Theology in Brazil, 51:270

Liberia, children's learning in, 54:260

Library research in anthropology, guide to, 54:423

Lien, Marianne Elisabeth, review of book by, 54:567

Life among the Yanomami: The Story of Change among the Xilixana on the Mucajai River in Brazil, by John F. Peters, review of, 57:219

Life histories, use of, in anthropology, 55:153

Life in Lesu: The Study of a Melanesian Society, by Hortense Powdermaker, discussed, 47:377

Lifestyle: cultural constructions of, 52:336; study of, in Brazil, 52:331

Liffman, Paul, book review by, 54:111

Lightfoot, Ricky R.: review of book by, 52:246; review of book edited by, 52:246

Like People You See in a Dream: First Contact in Six Papuan Societies, by Edward L. Schieffelin and Robert Crittenden, review of, 49:289

Lillios, Katina, book review by, 57:239

"Liminal Family, The: Return Migration and Intergenerational Conflict in Japan," article by John W. Traphagan, 56:365

Limited activity sites in northeastern Arizona, 50:143, 155, 159, 165

"Limits of Reflexivity, The: Politics in Anthropology’s Post-Writing Culture Era," review article by Arturo Escobar, 49:377

Limits of Settlement Growth, The: A Theoretical Outline, by Roland Fletcher, review of, 53:102

Limón, José E., review of book by, 57:352

Lindholm, Charles, "Does the Sociocentric Self Exist?  Reflections on Markus and Kitayama’s ‘Culture of the Self’," 53:405

Lindstrom, Lamon, book review by, 55:594

Lineages in Korea, 56:353

Linguistics:  in Africa, 54:281; of Algonquin, 52:237; and aphasia, 47:286, 290; archaeological, and Wintun invasion in California, 48:322; critique of, by S.A. Tyler, 47:292; of Indus script, 54:549; of Itzaj Maya, 54:574; of Lakota, 56:564; of Mobilian pidgin, 54:576; of Numa, 52:519; in prehistory and archaeology, in California, 48:317 prehistory of Europe, 53:394; stratification and alternate generation terminology, 55:530.  See also Language

Linke, Uli, review of book by, 56:387

Lipe, William D., review of book edited by, 50:397

Lister, Florence C.:  description of UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:52; review of book by, 54:554

Lister, Robert, 48:52, 63

Literacy in Polynesia, 52:504

Literacy, Emotion, and Authority: Reading and Writing on a Polynesian Atoll, by Niko Besnier, review of, 52:504

Literary studies: comparison of, with anthropology, 50:346; history of, 50:351

Literature:  folk, 54:256; Greek, women's laments in, 52:227

"Lithic Reduction and Hominid Behavior in the Middle Paleolithic of the Rhineland," article by Nicholas J. Conard and Daniel S. Adler, 53:147

Lithics:  analysis, 53:147, 497, 55:288; analysis of, in carnivore sites in Europe, 56:187, 194; artifacts and technological planning, 48:187; assemblages, analysis of, 50:141, 155, 159, 165; assemblages, typology of, 50:395; of Mousterian, 56:131; projectile points, 54:294; raw material, circulation of, in European Paleolithic, 54:286; raw material, selection of, in Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Spain, 55:385; raw material, use of, at Abric Romaní, 54:388; of southwestern European Middle Pleistocene, new research trends in, 47:209; spatial variation in, of southwestern European Middle Pleistocene, 47:208; technology of Aurignacian in France, 57:253; technology of eastern and midwestern United States, 52:244; technology of Federmessergruppen, 52:290; technology of Folsom, 57:251; technology at Karain Cave, Turkey, 51:287; technology of Later Stone Age in Congo Basin, 57:204; technology of Mousterian, 52:241; technology of Patagonia, 53:223; technology and subsistence, 52:243; technology at Vindija Cave, Croatia, 51:9; temporal variation in, in southwestern European Middle Pleistocene, 47:207; tools at Isampur Acheulian quarry, India, 55:39.  See also Oldowan tools

"Lithics and Adaptive Diversity: An Examination of Limited-Activity Sites in Northeast Arizona," article by Lisa C. Young, 50:141

Lithics: Macroscopic Approaches to Analysis, by William Andrefsky, Jr., review of, 55:288

Livestock production in Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:52.  See also Farming

Living with the Ancestors: Kinship and Kingship in Ancient Maya Society, by Patricia McAnany, review of, 52:523

Living in the Children of God, by David E. Van Zandt, review of, 49:175

Living Witchcraft: A Contemporary American Coven, by Allen Scarboro, Nancy Campbell, and Shirley Stave, review of, 52:225

Living and Working in Space: Human Behavior, Culture and Organization, by Philip Robert Harris, review of, 50:87

Localizing Strategies: Regional Traditions of Ethnographic Writing, edited by Richard Farndon, review of, 47:101

"Local-Level Responses to Environmental Degradation in Northwestern Mexico," article by María L. Cruz-Torres, 57:111

Loggers' attitudes toward science in Pacific Northwest, 53:450

Logging:  aesthetics of, 53:467; ethnography of, 53:467

Logic of Incest, The: A Structuralist Analysis of Hebrew Mythology, by Seth Daniel Kunin, review of, 52:227

"Logistic Mobility and Expedient Technology: A Response to Sullivan," article by Lisa C. Young, 50:165

Lomnitz-Adler, Claudio, book review by, 48:70

Longacre, William A.: "Exploring Prehistoric Social and Political Organization in the American Southwest," 56:287; review of book by, 52:122

Long-distance exchange, and Paquimé, 48:4

Longstaffe, Fred J., "Testing the Nature of Teotihuacán Imperialism at Kaminaljuyú Using Phosphate Oxygen-Isotope Ratios," 56:535

Look, Listen, Read, by Claude Lévi-Strauss, review of, 53:514

Lopez, David I., review of book by, 56:562

Lourandos, Harry, review of book by, 54:279

Lower Coquille language and culture:  48:165; and Alexander McLeod, 48:168; and George Gibbs, 48:171; and Homer Barnett, 48:175; and Hudson's Bay Company, 48:168; and Jedediah Smith, 48:169; and Joel Berreman, 48:174; and Joel Palmer, 48:171; and Joe Pierce, 48:178; and John Harrington, 48:175; and John Kirkpatrick, 48:170; and Josiah Parrish, 48:169; and Leo Frachtenberg, 48:173; and Lorin Williams, 48:169; and Melville Jacobs, 48:173; methods and materials used in study of, 48:167; in nineteenth century, 48:165; and Philip Drucker, 48:173; and Roberta Hall, 48:179
Lower Palaeolithic of the Maghreb: Excavations and Analyses at Ain Hanech, Algeria, by Mohamed Sahnouni, review of, 55:174

Lozada, Eriberto P., Jr., book review by, 56:389

Lozek, Vojen, review of book by, 53:494

Luerssen, J. Susan, "Illness and Household Reproduction in a Highly Monetized Rural Economy:  A Case from the Southern Peruvian Highlands," 49:255

Luhrmann, T.M., ideas of, and interpretive anthropology, 47:313, 319

Luhrmann, Tanya, book review by, 52:225

Luhrs, Dorothy, 48:55

Lukurmata: Household Archeology in Prehispanic Bolivia, by Marc Bermann, review of, 52:115

Luo, subsistence and exchange patterns of, 50:249, 262

Lye, Susanne, "Of Trade and Cognition: Markets and the Loss of Folk Knowledge among the Tawahka Indians of the Honduran Rain Forest," 54:219

Lyman, R. Lee, review of book by, 54:265, 55:603, 57:241

Lynch, Thomas F., book review by, 55:320

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