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Maastricht-Bélvèdere, Netherlands, archaeology of, 56:195

Macaw production at Paquimé, 48:4, 6

MacConnack, Carol, book review by, 48:265

MacGaffey, Wyatt, review of book by, 57:348

MacLean, Hope, "Sacred Colors and Shamanic Vision among the Huichol Indians of Mexico," 57:305

Madagascar: conflict resolution in, 55:78; farming and herding in, 55:75; history and social organization of, 55:73; hunter-gatherers in, 56:163; political frameworks in, 55:77; political processes in, 55:71.  See also Mikea

Madsen, David B., review of book edited by, 519
Magdalenian: in Belgium, 55:298; in Spain, 55:454, 56:95; in Switzerland, 56:129

Maghreb, Lower Paleolithic archaeology of, 55:174

Mainfort, Robert C., Jr., review of book edited by, 56:258

Making Doctors: An Institutional Apprenticeship, by Simon Sinclair, review of, 55:281

Making Gender: The Politics and Erotics of Culture, by Sherry B. Ortner, review of, 53:242

Making It Their Own: Severn Ojibwe Communicative Practices, by Lisa Philips Valentine, review of, 52:510

Makuna, ethnography of, 55:490

Makuna: Portrait of an Amazonian People, by Kaj Arhem, review of, 55:490

Malabar, Kerala State, India, prereform land-tenure system, 48:85

Malaysia, ethnography of Bidayuh women in, 57:151

Mali, art and performance in, 52:231

Malinowski, Bronislaw, and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:377

Mallol, Carolina, "The Selection of Lithic Raw Materials in the Lower and Middle Pleistocene Levels TD6 and TD10A of Gran Dolina (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain)," 55:385

Malmström, Vincent H., review of book by, 54:125

Managed Mosaic, The: Ancient Maya Agriculture and Resource Use, edited by Scott L. Fedick, review of, 54:123

Manchester, Keith, review of book by, 52:370

Man Corn: Cannibalism and Violence in the Prehistoric Southwest, by Christy G. Turner and Jacqueline A. Turner, review of, 55:607

Manifesting Power: Gender and the Interpretation of Power in Archaeology, edited by Tracy L. Sweely, review of, 56:578

Many Hands of My Relations, The: French and Indians on the Lower Missouri, by Tanis C. Thorne, review of, 54:114

Maragoli, widow inheritance among, 54:173, 180
Marana community, Arizona, obsidian exchange and redistribution patterns at, 51:37, 42

Marchak, M. Patricia, book review by, 48:271

Marcus, Joyce:  book review by, 55:304; review of book by, 53:255

Margolin, David R., book review by, 52:510, 53:469

Market economy: of Chiapas, Mexico, 52:385; of Guerrero, Mexico, 52:411

Marketing and modernity in Norway, 54:567

Marketing and Modernity, by Marianne Elisabeth Lien, review of, 54:567

Markets and loss of folk knowledge in Honduras, 54:219

Marks, Anthony E., book review by, 52:531, 55:622

Markus and Kitayama, studies of self by, 53:405

Marriage: benefits and costs of, among Turkana, 54:40; among Bidayuh of Malaysia, 57:151; child, in Taiwan, 52:368; interethnic, in Spanish Caribbean colonies, 52:151; among Khmer, 51:252; among Maragoli, 54:173; middle-class, in Mexico, 49:1; among Mountain Arapesh, 51:348, 353; in Oaxaca, 55:118; patterns in precolonial Kenya, 50:258; practices in Spain, 54:558; among Pueblo Indians, 51:105; rituals of, among Tuareg, 57:277; in Somalia, 51:198; statistical analysis of, among Turkana, 54:28; among Turkana, 54:19, 23

Marrinan, Rochelle A.:  book review by, 53:249, 55:610; review of book edited by, 56:402

Marshack, Alexander, book review by, 52:539, 55:302

Maschner, Herbert D.G.:  review of book by, 56:254; review of book edited by, 54:136

Mascia-Lees, Fran, book review by, 54:258

Masculinity and asceticism in India, 47:340

Maskarinec, Gregory G., book review by, 55:483

Matachines dance in the Southwest, 53:474

Matachines Dance, The: Ritual Symbolism and Interethnic Relations in the Upper Rio Grande Valley, by Sylvia Rodriguez, review of 53:474

Material culture: 55:181; Flower World imagery in, 55:1; of Rarámuri, 54:299
Material Cultures: Why Some Things Matter, edited by Daniel Miller, review of, 55:181

Material Life of Human Beings, The: Artifacts, Behavior, and Communication, by Michael Brian Schiffer, review of, 56:422

Materials, transport of, by early hominids, 47:163

Mathematics of Quechua, 55:150

Mathien, Joan, 48:58

Mating and Marriage, edited by Vernon Reynolds and John Kellett, review of, 48:275

Mating networks of hunter-gatherers, 49:45

Matrilineality, claims for, among Khmer, 51:248

"Matters of Taste: Food, Eating, and Reflections on ‘The Body Politic’ in Tuareg Society," article by Susan J. Rasmussen, 52:385

Matthee, Rudolph P., review of book by, 57:101

Matthews, Christopher, book review by, 54:269

Maya:  ancient, influence of Teotihuacán on, 56:547; archaeology of, 52:317, 56:535; cave paintings of, 52:379; conquest of, 56:243; dictionary of, 54:574, 55:447; ethnohistory of, 56:243, 245; kinship and kingship among, 52:523; Movement in Guatemala, 54:336; nationalism among, in Guatemala, 54:325; prehistoric, agriculture and resource use by, 49:347, 54:123; prehistoric, bibliography of, 54:423; prehistoric, diet of, 49:352, 56:397; public architecture of, and labor appropriation, 51:363; social categories and identity of, in Yucatán, 56:395; social status among, 49:362; technological change among, 55:502; timing of female reproductive events among, 55:505; Tzotzil, Flower World of, 48:134; use of caves by, 55:133; use of crystals in religion of, 55:129; women's labor among, and technological change, 55:499. See also Ch'orti's

Maya Civilization, 1990-1995: A Research Guide, vol. 2, edited by John M. Weeks, review of, 54:423

Maya Conquistador, by Matthew Restall, review of, 56:245

Mayan People within and beyond Boundaries: Social Categories and Lived Identity in Yucatán, by Peter Hervik, review of, 56:395

Mazz, J.M.L., review of book edited by, 53:264

McAnany, Patricia A.:  book review by, 52:252, 54:123; review of book by, 52:523
McCay, Bill, review article on book by, 48:261

McGilvray, Dennis B., review of book by, 55:323

McGreevy, Susan Brown, "John Adair, 1913-1997: Work across the Anthropological Spectrum," 55:429

McGrew, W.C., book review by, 54:97

McGuire, Randall H.:   book review by, 49:167, 56:261; and Paquimé, 48:5

McIntosh, Susan Keech, review of book edited by, 56:592

McIntyre, Allan J., review of book by, 54:132

McKenna, Thomas M., book review by, 49:399

McLeod, Alexander, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:168

McMillan, Garnett P., "Women’s Labor, Fertility, and the Introduction of Modern Technology in a Rural Maya Village," 55:499

Mead, Margaret:  Hortense Powdermaker's opinions of, 47:463; studies by, of Mountain Arapesh, 51:347

Measurement of Cultural Evolution in the Non-Literate World, The: Homage to Raoul Naroll, edited by David G. Hays, review of, 55:596

Medical:  anthropology, 53:121; education, 55:281

Medical Anthropology: Contemporary Theory and Method, edited by Carolyn F. Sargent and Thomas M. Johnson, review of, 53:121

Medicine, herbal, among Tuareg, 54:147

Medicine women among Tuareg: gender cosmology of, 54:147; qualifications and professional practice of, 54:152; relationship to Islam, 54:150; ritual uses of substances and spaces by, 54:162; and social reproduction, 54:155

Mediterranean:  comparative sociology of, 57:259; geography of Neandertals and modern humans in, 57:88; island archaeology of, 53:501

Meekers, Dominique, "Children of the Dancing Ground, Children of the House: Costs and Benefits of Marriage Rules (South Turkana, Kenya)," 54:19

Melanesia:  archaeology of, 54:277; land tenure in, 55:331; land use-rights in, 55:361.   See also Ambae; New Guinea; Papua New Guinea; Vanuatu

Mellars, Paul:  review of book by, 52:531; review of book edited by, 53:252

Meltzoff, Sarah Keene, book review by, 49:401

Memorials of Benavides: cultural-historical context of, 50:53; institutional context of, 50:59; missionary rhetoric and literary models of, 50:56

Memory and fieldnotes and change in long-term fieldwork, 48:340

Men: migration of, in Gurupá, Brazil, 51:272; migration of, in Nepal, 51:226; position of, in central interior California, 54:59; roles of, in prehistoric Southwest, 51:91, 103, 125, 173

Mendoza, Zoila S., review of book by, 57:221

Mercader, Julio, "Across Forests and Savannas: Later Stone Age Assemblages from Ituri and Semliki, Democratic Republic of Congo," 57:197

Mesa Verde, Colorado, archaeology of, 57:244

Mesoamerica:  archaeology of, 52:252; calendar in, 54:125; Flower World imagery in, 55:1; and Paquimé, 48:5.  See also Maya; Mexico

Mesoamerican Elites: An Archaeological Assessment, edited by Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase, review of, 52:252

Mesolithic: of Belgium, 56:598; in Europe, 54:402, 412; in Germany, 55:300; history of research on, in coastal Iberia, 56:18; lithic technology of, 52:243; of Scandinavia, 53:499; in Spain, 55:620

Mesopotamia, archaeology of, 56:594

Messer, Ellen, "Pluralist Approaches to Human Rights," 53:293

Mestizo ideology in Ecuador, 50:172

Methodology of anthropology, 55:479, 598

Metz, Brent, "Without Nation, Without Community: The Growth of Maya Nationalism among Ch’orti’s of Eastern Guatemala," 54:325

Mexico: archaeology of, 52:252, 317, 377, 526, 53:255, 257, 56:400, 535; changing values in, 49:1; ejido privatization in, 54:73; environmental degradation in, 57:111; ethnic identity in, 53:462; festival in, 54:243; northwestern, ethnohistory of, 54:248; street vendors in, 56:272; transport efficiency and economic development in, 52:411; women's roles in, 55:99. See also Aztecs; Chiapas; Guerrero; Huichol; Maya; Mesoamerica; Oaxaca; Rarámuri; Soconusco; Tarahumara; Teotihuacán

Mexico’s Sierra Tarahumara: A Photohistory of the People of the Edge, by W. Dirk Raat and George R. Jana*ek, review of, 53:476

Microenvironments of Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:42

"Microfaunal Research Design in the Cantabrian Spanish Paleolithic," article by James T. Pokines, 56:95

Micronesia. See Sapwuahfik Atoll; Yap

Midant-Reynes, Béatrix, review of book by, 56:409

Middle class: in prehistoric central Mexico, 55:409; changing values of, in Mexico, 49:1

"Middle Class in Ancient Central Mexico, The," article by Frederic Hicks, 55:409

Middle East:  migration of farmers from, to Europe, 53:386.  See also Hebrew mythology; Israel, Near East, Syria, Turkey

Middle Ground, The: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, by Richard White, review of, 49:283

Middle Paleolithic: in Belgium, 53:95; in Germany, 53:147; in Spain, 53:177

Middle Paleolithic and Middle Stone Age Settlement Systems, edited by N.J. Conard and F. Wendorf, review of, 56:131

Middle Paleolithic Site of Combe-Capelle Bas (France), The, edited by Harold Dibble and Michel Lenoir, review of, 52:533

"Middle Pleistocene Prehistory in Southwestern Europe: The State of Our Knowledge and Ignorance," article by Paola Villa, 47:193

Middle Stone Age of southern Africa:  artifacts and behavior in, 57:6; ecology and subsistence in, 57:10

Migration: in Chinese history, 55:169; in Europe, 53:386, 54:399, 401, 407, 412, 417; in Japan, 56:365; among Mimbres, 56:217; into Patagonia, 53:223; in prehistoric Southwest, 55:463; rural-urban, of Bidayuh women in Malaysia, 57:155

Migration and Ethnicity in Chinese History: Hakkas, Pengmin, and Their Neighbors, by Sow-theng Leong (edited by Tim Wright), review of, 55:169

Migration and Reorganization: The Pueblo IV Period in the American Southwest, edited by Katherine A. Spielmann, review of, 55:463

Mikea:  forest residence of, 56:166; group identity of, 56:163; history of, 56:170; mystical characteristics of, 56:174; as refugees, 56:177; and tourism, 56:179

Mikulak, Marcia, book review by, 55:592

Milanich, Jerald T.: book review by, 55:472; review of book by, 55:610

Miles, William F.S., review of book by, 55:594

Mill Iron Site, The, edited by George C. Frison, review of, 53:478

Millennial ideologies in Peru, 49:393

Miller, Daniel: review of book by, 55:157; review of book edited by, 53:260, 55:181

Miller, Jay, book review by, 54:250, 55:160

Mills, Barbara J., "Gender and the Reorganization of Historic Zuni Craft Production: Implications for Archaeological Interpretation," 51:149

Mills, Mary Beth, book review by, 55:164

Milne, Laurie, book review by, 53:481

Miluk. See Lower Coquille language and culture

Mimbres:  adaptations of, 56:252; archaeology, 54:132; corrugated pottery of, 56:217; Flower World imagery in, 55:5; learning of pottery production among, 57:461; population movement among, 56:217

Mimbres during the Twelfth Century: Abandonment, Continuity, and Reorganization, by Margaret C. Nelson, review of, 56:252

Mimbres Mogollon Archaeology: Charles C. Di Peso’s Excavations at Wind Mountain, by Anne I. Woosley and Allan J. McIntyre, review of, 54:132

Minar, C. Jill: "Learning and Craft Production: An Introduction," 57:369; "Motor Skills and the Learning Process: The Conservation of Cordage Final Twist Direction in Communities of Practice," 57:381

Mind, evolution of, 52:537, 539; 53:100, 251

Minh-ha, Trinh T., review of book by, 54:241

Minnegal, Monica, "The Transformation of Use-Rights: A Comparison of Two Papua New Guinean Societies," 55:361

Minnis, P. E. , and Paquimé, 48:6, 7

Minorities in Israel, 50:27

Miocene, hominoid evolution in, 55:145

Missionaries: among the Bororo, 54:430; and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:384; among Rarámuri, 54:303; Spanish, in Southeast, 55:610

Missionary texts, contextualization of, in Southwest, 50:51

Mississippi.  See Indianola, Mississippi

Mississippian period, archaeology of, at Angel site, 57:243

Missouri, archaeology of, 52:521

Missouri River area, ethnohistory of, 54:114

Mitchell, E. Douglas, review of book edited by, 50:403

Mitchell, Timothy, book review by, 54:245, 57:352

Mithen, Steven:  book review by, 53:100, 251; review of book by, 52:537

Miwok: gender and authority among, 54:49; hunting among, 54:60; men's specializations among, 54:59; residence patterns among, 54:52; sociopolitical structure of, 54:50; warfare among, 54:61; women's specializations among, 54:55

Mixtec codices, 52:377

Mobile Farmers: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach to Settlement Organization among the Rarámuri of Northwestern Mexico, by Martha Graham, review of, 52:128

Mobilian Jargon: Linguistic and Sociohistorical Aspects of a Native American Pidgin, by Emanuel J. Drechsel, review of, 54:576

Mobilian pidgin, 54:576
Mobility:  of hunter-gatherers, 49:41, 53; patterns at Mesa Verde, Colorado, 57:244; reconstruction of, in southeastern Arizona, 54:275; residential, among Mimbres, 56:221; residential, in prehistoric Southwest as reflected by ceramics, 54:448, 465; strategies, archaeological identification of, in prehistoric Southwest, 50:141, 155, 159, 165

Moche, archaeology of, 55:185

Moche, The, by Garth Bawden, review of, 55:185

Model of hunter-gatherer behavior in marginal environments, 49:57

Modelling the Early Human Mind, edited by Paul Mellars and Kathleen Gibson, review of, 53:252

Modelo de analisis de la autoria en el arte figurativo del Paleolitic, by J.M. Appellaniz, review article on, 48:255

Models for the Millennium: Great Basin Anthropology Today, edited by Charlotte Beck, review of, 56:416

Models and Mirrors:  Towards an Anthropology of Public Events, by Don Handelman, review of, 47:121

Modernity: and marketing in Norway, 54:567; versus tradition in Kenya, 54:178; transition to, in Spanish village, 54:558

Mogollon, Flower World imagery in, 55:4

Moisture islands in desert Southwest, 49:135

Mombasa Swahili, cultural processes and social relations among, 49:182

Mongols, shamanism among, 54:428

Mongongo nuts, foraging and processing of, by !Kung San, 50:230

Monkeys, use of digging tools by, 51:1

Mono: ethnohistory of, 55:309; gender and authority among, 54:49; hunting among, 54:60; men's specializations among, 54:59; residence patterns among, 54:52; sociopolitical structure of, 54:50; warfare among, 54:61; women's specializations among, 54:55

Monster Mix-Up, by Bill McCay, review article on, 48:261

"Monstrous Adventure, A," review article by Philip K. Bock, 48:261
Montana, archaeology of, 53:478

Montet-White, Anta, book review by, 53:93, 55:298

Montgomery, Barbara K., "The Brown and the Gray: Pots and Population Movement in East-Central Arizona," 54:447

Moore, David Chioni, "Anthropology Is Dead, Long Live Anthro(a)pology: Poststructuralism, Literary Studies, and Anthropology’s ‘Nervous Present’," 50:345

Moore, Henrietta L, review of book edited by, 57:229

Moore, Jim, book review by, 55:279

Moore, Sally Falk, book review by, 47:101

Moran, Mary H., book review by, 53:242

Moravia, Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:494

Morbeck, Mary Ellen, book review by, 54:144

Morbidity, effect of food avoidances on, in Ituri Forest, 50:293

Morduch, Jonathan, "Technological Adoption in Rural Cochabamba, Bolivia," 54:351

Morel, Philippe, review of book by, 56:129

Mormon Church. See Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Morris, C. Patrick, issue dedicated to, 53:267

Morrison, Kathy, book review by, 54:549

Morse, Birgit Faber, review of book by, 56:418

Morse, Michael A., "Seeking an Ethical Balance in Archaeological Practice in Ecuador," 50:169

Mortality: in historic Southwest, 52:161; of hunter-gatherers, 47:6; infant and juvenile, 47:3; in Willie Handcart Company, 52:188, 191, 193

Mortuary:  analysis of ancient Maya, 56:535; offerings in prehistoric Southwest, 51:103, 125, 130; offerings, regional approaches to study of, 51:399; practices in Andes, 55:467; practices, archaeology of, 57:85; practices of Central Texas Archaic, 52:373; practices in prehistoric Mesoamerica, 52:252; practices in prehistoric Southwest, 52:126; practices at Teotihuacan, 52:526

Mortuary Practices and Skeletal Remains at Teotihuacan, vol. 3, by Martha L. Sempowski and Michael W. Spence, review of, 52:526

Moses, Yolanda T., "Race, Higher Education, and American Society," 55:265

Mosquera, Marina, "The First Human Settlement of Europe," 52:107

Mother-son partnership in Somalia, 51:205

"Motor Skills and the Learning Process: The Conservation of Cordage Final Twist Direction in Communities of Practice," article by C. Jill Minar, 57:381

Mountain Arapesh: child marriage among, 51:348; incest avoidance among, 51:347

Mousterian:  55:219; debate on interregional variability of, 47:239; of France, 52:531, 533; in Germany, 53:147; implications of blank type in, 47:251; lithic technology of, 52:241; and Neandertals, 47:222, 230; reduction processes in, 56:131; in Spain, 53:177; variability in, in Europe, 54:377.  See also Charentian industries; Ferrassie Mousterian assemblages; Quina Mousterian assemblages; Yabrudian Mousterian assemblages; Zagros Mousterian assemblages

"Mousterian Assemblage Variability on an Interregional Scale," article by Harold Dibble, 47:239

Mousterian Lithic Technology: An Ecological Perspective, by Steven L. Kuhn, review of, 52:241

Movement of population: into Europe, 54:399, 401, 405, 407, 412, 417; interregional, in prehistoric Southwest, 54:448; intraregional, in prehistoric Southwest, 54:452

Moviemaking: history of, 47:434; and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:429; and women, 47:436

Mtendere.  See Zambia

Muir, Richard, review of book by, 56:420

Muller, Werner:  ethnography of Yap by, 53:8; review of book by, 56:129

Mullins, Paul R.:  book review by, 55:470, 56:574; review of book by, 56:576

Multicultural Riddle, The: Rethinking National, Ethnic, and Religious Identities, by Gerd Baumann, review of, 56:266

Multiculturalism, 56:266

"Multivariate Pattern Searches, the Logic of Inference, and European Prehistory:  A Comment on Cavalli Sforza," article by G.A. Clark, 54:406

Mulvaney, John, review of book by, 56:407

Mummies and Mortuary Monuments: A Postprocessual Prehistory of Central Andean Social Organization, by William H. Isbell, review of, 55:467

Murowchick, Robert E., review of book edited by, 51:408

Museums:  Colonial Williamsburg, 54:273; critiques of, 49:406; Ethnological Museum Berlin, 57:223; Museum of New Mexico and Edgar L. Hewett, 48:50

Music:  of Hupa Indians, 48:42; of Karok Indians, songs of animals and spirit-persons in, 48:41; of North American Indians, problems in characterizing, 48:25; of northern Ewe, 53:119; of Yurok Indians, 48:25

"Music and Culture History among the Yurok and Neighboring Tribes of Northwestern California," article by Richard Keeling, 48:25

Mutualism, plant/human/animal: evolutionary models of, 57:19; in Navajo corrals, 57:17, 28

Myers, L. Daniel, review of book edited by, 56:585

"Mystification of the Mikea: Constructions of Foraging Identity in Southwest Madagascar," article by Lin Poyer and Robert L. Kelly, 56:163

Myths: anthropological conceptualizations of, 52:208; Ashaninka, 49:393; cannibal, among Western Shoshoni, 52:207; Hebrew, of incest, 52:229

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