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Nabokov, Peter, book review by, 54:241

Nachman, Steven R., book review by, 47:359, 53:116, 54:262

Nader, Laura, review of book edited by, 54:254

Nadur Village, Kerala State (India), land reform: and caste inequality, 48:92; data analysis in study of, 48:83; described, 48:83; description of field research, 48:82; and income inequality, 48:90, 95, 101; and income mobility, 48:105; and 1969 land reform, 48:86

Nagata, S., book review by, 55:476

Nagel, Joane, review of book edited by, 54:432

Nagengast, Carole: "Introduction: Universal Human Rights versus Cultural Relativity," 53:269; "Women, Minorities, and Indigenous Peoples: Universalism and Cultural Relativity," 53:349

Nahuatl, 53:461

Náhuatl de Tehuacán-Zongolica, El, by Andrés Hasler Hangert, review of, 53:461

Nájera-Ramírez, Olga, review of book by, 54:243

Naked Science: Anthropological Inquiry into Boundaries, Power, and Knowledge, edited by Laura Nader, review of, 54, 254

Naming practices in computer-mediated communication, 52:468

Napier, J.R., and hand morphology and criteria for precision grasping, 47:133

Narrative and conflict, 54:99

"Narratives of History," review article by Richard Reed, 49:393

Nason, Marilee Schmit, book review by, 53:106

Nation-states:  formation of, and ritual, 56:467; in Latin America, 48:273

Nation States and Indians in Latin America, edited by Greg Urban and Joel Sherzer, review of, 48:273

Nationalism:  and archaeology, 53:259; among Maya in Guatemala, 54:325; studies of, in anthropology, 50:27

Nationalism, Politics, and the Practice of Archaeology, edited by Philip L. Kohl and Clare Fawcette, review of, 53:259

Native American Art: The Collections of the Ethnological Museum Berlin, by Peter Bolz and Hans-Ulrich Sanner, review of, 57:223

Native American Church among Navajo, 51:69, 78

Native Americans: activism among, 54:432; collections of the Ethnological Museum Berlin, 57:223; demography of, 52:161; gender diversity among, 55:160; imposition of U.S. law on, in Washington Territory, 55:590; relations with nature of, 57:350; relationship of anthropology to, 54:562; sacred ecology of, 57:350; of Spanish Caribbean, 52:135.  See also individual tribal names

Native Arts of the Columbia Plateau: The Doris Swayze Bounds Collection, edited by Susan E. Harless, review of, 55:488

Native Traditions in the Postconquest World, edited by Elizabeth Hill Boone and Tom Cummins, review of, 55:492

Nature:  and culture and "jungle" in Pakistan, 48:240; Native American relations with, 57:350

Natzeret Illit, Israel, elections in, 50:27

Nauru, Tuvaluan workers on, 49:185

Navajo:  ecology of corrals of, 57:17; filmmaking among, 55:437; gender in cosmology of, 51:75; health project among, 55:435; multi-household social units of, 53:89; Native American Church among, 51:69, 78; pastoral ethnobotany of, 57:23; photography of, 53:466; sacred places of, 52:512;  silversmiths, 55:432

Navajo and Photography, The: A Critical History of the Representation of an American People, by James C. Faris, review of, 53:466

Navajo Multi-Household Social Units: Archaeology on Black Mesa, Arizona, by Thomas R. Rocek, review of, 53:89

Navajo reservation: environment of land-use study area, 47:40; land use in Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:39; microenvironmental comparisons of Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:42.  See also Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto

Navajo Sacred Places, by Klara Bonsack Kelley and Harris Francis, review of, 52:512

Neanderthal Legacy, The: An Archeological Perspective from Western Europe, by Paul Mellars, review of, 52:531

Neandertals: 55:218; at Abric Romaní, 54:383; adaptation of, 47:227; archaeology of, in France, 52:531, 533; and the Chatelperronian, 56:67; discoveries and dating of, 47:221; in Europe, 54:374, 408; geography of, in Europe and the Mediterranean, 57:88; in human evolution, 47:219, 229; functional approach to morphology of, 47:224; in the Levant, 56:241; lithic technology of, in Germany, 53:147; and Mousterian assemblages, 47:222, 230; in the Near East, 55:289; paleoanthropology of, 51:283; relation of, to modern humans in Europe, 53:390; scavenging by, 56:187; subsistence of, in Spain, 53:177; technology of, 52:241; and Upper Paleolithic at Vindija Cave, Croatia, 51:30.  See also Mousterian

"Neandertals, The: Evolutionary Dead Ends or Ancestors of Modern People?," article by Fred H. Smith, 47:219

Neandertals and Modern Humans in Western Asia, edited by Takeru Akazawa, Kenichi Aoki, and Ofer Bar-Yosef, review of, 55:289

Near East:  Charentian industries in, 47:24; geography of Neandertals and modern humans in, 57:88; paleoanthropology of, 55:289; spread of farming from, to Europe, 54:399, 402, 407, 412; tribal ethnohistory of Shahsevan in, 54:565; women's groups in, 55:155.   See also Aurignacian; Crusaders; Egypt; Iran; Israel; Jordan; Kibbutz women; Levant; Mesopotamia; Turkey; Yemen

Neeley, Michael P., book review by, 52:528

"Negro," and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:405

Neitzel, Jill E., book review by, 52:249

Nelson, Ben A., book review by, 50:397

Nelson, Margaret C.: "Corrugated Pottery, Technological Style, and Population Movement in the Mimbres Region of the American Southwest," 56:217; review of book by, 56:252

Nelson, Nancy, L., book review by, 56:272

Nelson, Sarah M.: book review by, 57:95; review of book by, 54:142

Neogene, climatic change during, and evolution, 52:3, 7

Neolithic:  in Belgium, 56:598; in British Isles, 56:583; in Europe, 53:386; of Iberia, 54:283; in Korea, 56:325; in Scandinavia, 53:499; spread of, into Europe, 54:399, 402, 407, 412

Nepal: caste and division of labor in, 51:215; ethnography of, 55:483; land tenure in, 51:225, 228

Netherlands:  archaeology of, 56:195; Upper Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:262

Nett, Hector, book review by, 47:98

Neurophysiological aspects of learning, 57:373, 393, 456, 471

Never Again the Burning Times: Paganism Revisited, by Loretta Orion, review of, 52:225

"New Amazons in Amazon Town, The: A Case Study of Women’s Public Roles in Gurupá, Pará, Brazil," article by Richard Pace, 51:263

New Guinea: breeding systems of domestic pigs in, 52:489; incest avoidance in, 51:347; reproductive status of domestic pigs in, 52:484

New Hebrides. See Ambae

New History in the Old Museum, The: Creating the Past at Colonial Williamsburg, by Richard Handler and Eric Gable, review of, 54:273

New Household Economics, 50:8

New Ireland.  See Lesu

New Mexico:  archaeology of, 49:83, 135, 319, 57:451; history of, 52:514; introduced infectious diseases in, 52:161

Newberry Crater, Oregon, archaeology of, 56:249

Newberry Crater: A Ten-Thousand-Year Record of Human Occupation and Environmental Change in the Basin-Plateau Borderlands, by Thomas J. Connolly, review of, 56:249

Newell, R.R., review of book by, 53:262

Newman, Jalles L., review of book by, 52:517

Newsom, Lee A., review of book edited by, 54:118

Nichols, Deborah L., book review by, 54:121

Nielsen, Axel, review of book edited by, 53:87

Nigeria:  conflict resolution among Ibibio, 53:423; women farmers in, 50:311

Nightway, The: A History and a History of Documentation of a Navajo Ceremonial, by James C. Faris, review of, 47:109

Nihlen, Ann Sigrid, book review by, 54:571, 55:496

Niven, William, biography of, 56:400

Noble, W,. review of book by, 53:251

Noiret, Pierre, "The Anatolian Middle Paleolithic: New Research at Karain Cave," 51:287

Nonlocal goods and long-distance interaction in North American Southwest, 48:2

North America: native gender diversity in, 55:160.  See also individual tribal names; African Americans; Alabama; Arizona; British Columbia; California; Caribbean; Chesapeake Bay; Child rearing; Clovis; Colorado; Colorado Plateau; Eastern Shore; Eastern Woodlands; Florida; Folsom; Great Basin; Great Lakes; Hutterites; Ideology; Language; Missouri; Montana; New Mexico; Northwest Coast; Ohio River Valley; Oklahoma; Oregon; Pacific Northwest; Paleopathology; Plains; Plateau; Pueblo Indians; Southeast; Southwest; St. Louis; Texas; Two-Spirits; United States; Utah; Washington Territory; Woodlands; Yukon Territory

Northern hunters, religious complex of, and music of Yurok Indians, 48:36

Northern Nadars of Tamil Nadu, The: An Indian Caste in the Process of Change, by Dennis Templeman, review of, 54:115

Northwest Coast:  archaeology of, 56:254; patterns of fighting in, 55:567

Norton, Christopher J., "Subsistence Change at Konam-ri: Implications for the Advent of Rice Agriculture in Korea," 56:325

Norway, marketing and modernity in, 54:567

Nubia, archaeology of, 53:491

Nuckolls, Janis B., review of book by, 53:244

Nukulaelae Atoll: council of elders on, 49:196; egalitarianism and leadership on, 49:185; sorcery on, 49:190

Numa, origins and spread of, 52:519

Nutritional burden of food avoidances in Ituri Forest, 50:283

Nyerges, A. Endre, book review by, 50:406

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