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Oakdale, Suzanne, book review by, 54:570

Oaths, taking of, among Ibibio, 53:435

Oaxaca:  archaeology of, 53:255; ethnography of, 55:478; women's roles in, 55:99, 104

O'Barr, William M., review of book by, 47:104

Oberling, Pierre, book review by, 54:565

Objectivity and subjectivity, in participant observation, 47:71

O'Briant, Kevin, book review by, 54:235

O'Brien, Michael J., review of book by, 52:521, 54:265, 55:603, 57:241

Observation of participation and participant observation, 47:78

Obsidian:  redistribution of, at Marana community, Arizona, 51:37; study of, in archaeology, 55:183

Oceania, archaeology of, 57:235

O’Connell, James:  book review by, 48:360, 56:407; review of book edited by, 53:97

Oedipality, 54:256

Oedipus Ubiquitous: The Family Complex in World Folk Literature, by Allen W. Johnson and Douglas Price-Williams, review of, 54:256

Offerings, and figurines, use of, in procreative ritual in Chalcolithic Cyprus, 48:152, 159

Offiong, Daniel A., "Conflict Resolution among the Ibibio of Nigeria," 53:423

Ohio River Valley, archaeology of, 56:259

Ojibwe, communicative practices among, 52:510

O'Kelly, Michael J., review of book by, 47:107

Okely, Judith, review of book by, 54:258

Oklahoma, archaeology of, 53:480

Oldowan industry and sites:  as accidental associations, 47:167; and Australopithecus, 47:131; behavioral implications of, 47:168; and behaviors, 47:162; described, 47:158; earliest archaeological evidence of, 47:129; as hominid home bases, 47:165; and hominid hunting versus scavenging, 47:164; as hominid stone caches, 47:166; and Homo, 47:132; G.L. Isaac and authorship of, 47:135; G.L. Isaac's terminology for, 47:158; and landscapes and paleoecology, 47:165; L.S.B. Leakey and authorship of, 47:132, 136; M.D. Leakey's terminology for, 47:158;  meaning of term, 47:153; and Paranthropus, 47:131; as result of hominid routed foraging, 47:167; sites, 47:156; and temporally associated hominids, 47:140; and transport of materials, 47:163

Oliver-Smith, Anthony, review of book edited by, 56:568

Oñate, Juan de, multiple identities of, 56:137

O'Nell, Theresa D., book review by, 54:564

Ongee, multiple childcare practices among, 47:13
"Only Women Know Trees: Medicine Women and the Role of Herbal Healing in Tuareg Culture," article by Susan J. Rasmussen, 54:147

Onon, Urgunge, review of book by, 54:428

"On Planning and Curated Technologies in the Middle Paleolithic," article by Steven L. Kuhn, 48:185

On the Road of the Winds: An Archaeological History of the Pacific Islands before European Contact , by Patrick Vinton Kirch, review of, 57:235

O’odham:  causes of illness among, 56:563; poetics of, 56:563

Opportunity House: Ethnographic Stories of Mental Retardation, by Michael A. Angrosino, review of, 55:153

Oral:  poetry in Finno-Ugrian languages, 52:365; traditions of Tamil, 53:104

Oratory among Western Shoshoni, 52:212

Oregon:  archaeology of, 56:249. See also Lower Coquille language and culture

Organic artifacts of Upper Paleolithic in Spain: 56:113, 115; elaboration of, 56:118; morphology of, 56:117

Organizing Women: Formal and Informal Women’s Groups in the Middle East, edited by Dawn Chatty and Annika Rabo, 55:155

"Origins of Southwestern Ceramic Containers, The: Women’s Time Allocation and Economic Intensification," article by Patricia L. Crown and W.H. Wills, 51:173

Orion, Loretta, review of book by, 52:225

Ortner, Sherry B.: "Identities: The Hidden Life of Class," 54:1; review of book by, 53:242

Osborn, Alan J., "Snowblind in the Desert Southwest: Moisture Islands, Ungulate Ecology, and Alternative Prehistoric Overwintering Strategies," 49:135

"Other Knowledge and Other Ways of Knowing," article by Fredrik Barth, 51:65

Ottawa (Odawa), revitalization among, 55:305

Otte, Marcel: "The Anatolian Middle Paleolithic: New Research at Karain Cave," 51:287; book review by, 54:554; "The Formation of the Aurignacian in Europe," 56:513; "Prehistory of the Europeans: A Comment on Cavalli Sforza," 54:401; review of book by, 53:95; review of book edited by, 55:298, 56:598

Ottenberg, Simon, book review by, 54:260

Oudshoorn, Nelly, review of book by, 51:189

Outer space, role of social sciences in, 50:87

Overwintering, prehistoric strategies of, in Southwest, 49:146

Owen, Linda R., review of book by, 53:514

Own or Other Culture, by Judith Okely, review of, 54:258

Oxygen-isotope analysis:  analytical procedures for, 56:543; and population relationships, 56:535; theoretical background of, 56:541

Pace, Richard, "New Amazons in Amazon Town, The: A Case Study of Women’s Public Roles in Gurupá, Pará, Brazil," 51:263

Pach, Alfred III, review of book edited by, 55:483

Pacific Islands:  archaeology of, 57:235.  See also Ambae; Nukulaelae Atoll; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Sapwuahfik Atoll

Pacific Northwest, conflict over oldgrowth forests in, 53:443

Pactibun, archaeology of, 49:347

Paddayya, K., "The First Acheulian Quarry in India: Stone Tool Manufacture, Biface Morphology, and Behaviors," 55:39

Painting:  Mayan cave, 52:379; Paleolithic cave, 55:457, 57:364; of parfleches, 52:233; Pueblo Indian, 55:465

Pakistan:  ethnography of, 55:166. See also Jangal; Jangala; "Jungle"

Paleoanthropology:  52:375, 53:91, 114, 54:555; bibliography of, 54:235; case studies in, 54:104; described, 47:125; of Ethiopia, 57:87; of Europe, 54:373, 402; of Maya, 56:397, 535; of Neandertals, 51:283; of Pleistocene, 55:191; of Near East, 55:289; research in, 47:279; of southern Africa, 57:1; and women, 54:144

Paleobotany of Allerød Interstadial in Rhineland, 52:283
Paleoclimate and Evolution with Emphasis on Human Origins, edited by E.S. Vrba, G.H. Denton, T.C. Partridge, and L.H. Burckle, review of, 53:115

Paleo-demes: in Africa, 55:204; in continental eastern Asia, 55:209; in Southeast Asia, 55:212; in western Eurasia, 55:214

"Paleo-Demes, Species Clades, and Extinctions in the Pleistocene Hominin Record," article by F. Clark Howell, 55:191

Paleoecology and landscapes at Oldowan sites, 47:165

Paleoecology of Lower Magdalenian Cantabrian Spain, The, by James T. Pokines, review of, 55:454

Paleoenvironments: in Australia and Papua New Guinea, 53:97; in Patagonia, 53:219; reconstruction of, 53:97, 114

Paleo-Indians:  assemblage at the Clovis site, 56:251; in Montana, 53:478; in Patagonia, 53:219

Paleolithic: abandonment of northwestern Europe in, 47:260; and Abbe Henri Breuil, 51:405; at Abric Romaní, 54:373; archaeology of, 55:614; art of, 55:302, 457, 54:289, 56:77; in Belgium, 53:95, 55:298, 57:360; of China, 52:536; continuity of settlement in southwestern France during, 47:262, 56:131, 513; of Egypt, 57:255; in Europe, 50:395, 54:399, 401; in France, 52:531, 533, 53:93, 55:457, 616, 57:253; in Germany, 53:147, 55:300, 56:197; in Greece, 55:452; human diversity in, 55:204; human geographic perspectives on, 47:259; in Iberia, 54:283 , 56:59; Iberian Peninsula refugia during, 47:265; in India, 55:39; Italian refugia during, 47:265; of Jordan, 52:528; after Last Glacial Maximum, 47:271; Lower and Middle, at Karain Cave, Turkey, 51:287; of the Maghreb, 55:174; in Moravia, 53:494; and Neandertals, 51:283; in Netherlands, 53:262, 56:195; in Poland, 53:112; in Portugal, 56:17; raw material circulation during, in Europe, 54:286; of Rhineland, 52:281; in Spain, 50:213, 53:177, 497, 55:176, 385, 454, 457, 56:3, 7, 11, 17, 39, 59, 95, 113; in Switzerland, 56:129; transition from Middle to Upper, in Europe, 54:373, 408; Upper, at Vindija Cave, Croatia, 51:9  See also Aurignacian, Chatelperronian, Hominids; Magdalenian; Neandertals; Pleistocene

Paleolithic Living Sites in Upper and Middle Egypt, edited by Pierre M. Vermeersch, review of, 57:255

Paléolithique inférieur et moyen en Espagne, Le, by Joaquín González Echegaray and Leslie G. Freeman, review of, 55:176

Paléolithique en Pologne, Le, by J.K. Koz*owski and S.K. Koz*owski, review of, 53:112

Paleontology:  human, developments in, 54:374; of primates, 55:145

Paleopathology:  52:370; in the Americas, 49:169; of Australian Aborigines, 52:237; in the Southwest, 49:83

Paleopathology of Aboriginal Australians: Health and Disease across a Hunter-Gatherer Continent, by Stephen Webb, review of 52:237

Paleozoology of Allerød Interstadial in Rhineland, 52:283

Palermo, Adam, "Of Trade and Cognition: Markets and the Loss of Folk Knowledge among the Tawahka Indians of the Honduran Rain Forest," 54:219

Palestinians, political mobilization of, in Israel, 50:27

Palkovich, Ann M., book review by, 52:370

Palmer, Joel, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:171

Pálsson, Gísli, "Icelandic Dialogues: Individual Differences in Indigenous Discourse," 48:301

Papiha, Surinder S., review of book edited by, 56:560

Papua New Guinea:  archaeology of, 53:97; first contact in, 49:286; land tenure in, 55:331, 361; patterns of fighting in, 55:571;  social status and garden productivity in, 49:237.  See also Bedamuni; Kubo; Wola

Paquimé (Casas Grandes),Chihuahua: and A.H. Blackiston, 48:5; and burials, 48:11; and ceramic production, 48:7; and Charles DiPeso, 48:3, 8, 18; and Chihuahuan polychrome and nonlocal ceramics, 48:10; and copper bell production, 48:4, 6; description of excavation, 48:3; description of site, 48:2; developmental sequence, 48:4; and exotic goods, 48:19; Gila polychrome ceramics, 48:7; identification of nonlocal ceramics, 48:7; intrasite spatial patterns, 48:11; limitations on study of ceramic exchange, 48:17; and long-distance exchange, 48:4; and macaw production, 48:4, 6; and marine shell, 48:4, 6; and Mesoamerica, 48:5; nonlocal ceramics, 48:2; nonlocal ceramics defined, 48:8; and North American Southwest, 48:5; and P.E. Minnis, 48:6, 7; and peer-polity model 48:6, 7; results of study of nonlocal ceramics, 48:18; and R.H. McGuire, 48:5; room analysis of nonlocal-ceramic intrasite spatial patterns, 48:12; Salado polychrome ceramics at, 48:7; study of, 48:6; temporal trends in nonlocal ceramics, 48:8; Tonto polychrome ceramics, 48:7; and turquoise, 48:4. See also Southwest

Paradigms of the Past: The Story of Missouri Archaeology, by Michael J. O’Brien, review of, 52:521

Paranormal belief: and interpretive anthropology, 47:309; nature of, 47:305

Paranthropus: fossil evidence of tool behavior by, 47:135; and Oldowan tools, 47:131.  See also Hominids

Paredes, J. Anthony, book review by, 55:305

Parfleches of American Indians, 52:233

Parker, Richard G., review of book by, 49:289

Parker Pearson, Mike, review of book by, 57:85

Parkin, David, review of book edited by, 49:404

Parrish, Josiah, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:169

Participant observation: and "going native," 47:70; objectivity and subjectivity in, 47:71; and observation of participation, 47:78; and professional ethnography, 47:69

Partridge, T.C., review of book edited by, 53:114

"Past and Future of Anthropology, The," article by Paula Rubel and Abraham Rosman, 50:335

Pastoralism: in Iran, 54:565; in Madagascar, 55:71; in Mexico, 54:73; in Spain, 52:129; spread of, in Europe, 53:396; among Turkana, 54:21.  See also Horticultural and pastoral populations

Pasztory, Esther, review of book by, 55:304

Patagonia:  archaeology of, 55:320; human remains from, 53:222; lithic technology of, 53:223; Paleo-Indian archaeology of, 53:219; Pleistocene fauna of, 53:230; radiocarbon chronology of, 53:222

Pathans, ethnography of, 55:166

Pathans of the Latter Day, by James W. Spain, review of, 55:166

Pathology of Australian Aborigines, 52:237

Paths of Fire: An Anthropologist’s Inquiry into Western Technology, by Robert McC. Adams, review of, 53:507

"Pattern of Fighting in Simple, Small-Scale, Prestate Societies, The," article by Azar Gat, 55:563

Patton, Mark, review of book by, 53:501

Pauketat, Timothy R., book review by, 56:406

Paul, Robert A., book review by, 47:351

Peace, Adrian, "When the Salmon Comes: The Politics of Summer Fishing in an Irish Community," 52:85

Pearson, Osbjorn, book review by, 57:87

Peasant Differentiation and Development: The Case of a Mexican Ejido, by Lasse Krantz, review of, 48:267

Peasants:  agrarian transformation among, in Korea, 56:350; economic stratification of, in Mexico, 52:385; kinship reciprocity among, in Korea, 56:349;  in Philippines, 50:9, 52:433; and transportation in Mexico, 52:411

Peer-polity model: described, 48:7; and Paquimé, 48:6, 7

People of the Peyote: Huichol Indian History, Religion, and Survival, edited by Stacy B. Schaefer and Peter T. Furst, review of, 54:111

Peoples of the Northwest Coast: Their Archaeology and Prehistory, by Kenneth M. Ames and Herbert D.G. Maschner, review of, 56:254

Peopling of Africa, The: A Geographic Interpretation, by James L. Newman, review of, 52:517

"Peoplings of Europe, The: A J.A.R. Debate," article by Lawrence Guy Straus, 54:399

Performance and art in Mali, 52:231

"Performing Comparisons: Ethnography, Globetrotting, and the Spaces of Social Knowledge," article by Michael Herzfeld, 57:259

Person, Western concepts of, 48:284. See also Self

Personality and the Cultural Construction of Society: Papers in Honor of Melford E. Spiro, edited by David K. Jordan and Marc J. Swartz, review of, 48:74

Personhood:  concepts of, in Wales, 57:61, 66; among Tuareg, 52:385

Peru: archaeology of, 53:65, 72, 55:185; female shamanism in, 56:270; household reproduction and illness in, 49:255; indigenous resistance to the nation-state in, 49:393; product exchange in, 53:66; ritual dance associations in, 57:221. See also Inka

Peters, John F., review of book by, 57:219

Peterson, Jean Treloggen, "Household Labor and Child Care Needs among Philippine Highland Farmers," 50:1

Petraglia, Michael D.: "The First Acheulian Quarry in India: Stone Tool Manufacture, Biface Morphology, and Behaviors," 55:39; review of book edited by, 55:614

Petrographic analysis of Mimbres corrugated ceramics, 56:230

Peyote religion. See Native American Church

Pflüg, Melissa A., review of book by, 55:305

Philippines:  agriculture and household form in, 50:1; ethnography of, 55:314; fishing in, 52:437; Kalinga ethnoarchaeology in, 52:122; Tasaday controversy in, 49:172

Phillimore, Peter, "Unmarried Women of the Dhaula Dhar: Celibacy and Social Control in Northwest India," 47:331

Phillips, George Harwood, review of book by, 53:247

Photography:  by John Adair, 55:440; of Navajo, 53:466; of Tarahumara, 53:476

Physical anthropology:  of Anasazi 49:83; of prehistoric Maya, 49:347, 56:535. See also Demography; Diseases; Evolution; Gut morphology; Hominidae; Human biology; Neandertals; Paleoanthropology; Paleopathology; Primates

Physicians and speech as history, 47:287

Phytogeography of symbiotic plants, 57:22

Picha, Paul R., "Evolution and Culture Turf Wars: History, Mind, and/or Ecology?," 50:327

Pickering, Robert, book review by, 55:148

Pidgin, Mobilian, 54:576

Pierce, Joe, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:178

Pigs, domestic, breeding systems of, in New Guinea, 52:481

Pilbeam, David, review of book edited by, 57:88

Pimans.  See O’odham

Pink, Sarah, review of book by, 54:560

Pinson, Ariane, book review by, 56:249, 585

Pithouses, attributes and functions of, in the Southwest, 49:319

Place Apart, A: An Anthropological Study of the Icelandic World, by Kirsten Hastrup, review of, 55:482

Plains: archaeology of, 53:481; ethnohistory of, 53:481; Jumano Indians' occupation of, 51:279

Plains Indians: archaeology of, 53:481; parfleches of, 52:233; patterns of fighting among, 55:570

Plains Indians, A.D. 500-1500: The Archaeological Past of Historic Groups, edited by Karl H. Schlesier, review of, 53:481

Planning, technological: case study of, and Pleistocene hominids in Italy, 48:194; and Pleistocene hominids, 48:190; and raw material transport among Pleistocene hominids, 48:193; variation in, 48:187

Plants, detoxification of, for human consumption, 56:483.  See also Ethnobotany; Paleobotany

Plassard, J., review of book by, 55:457

Plateau: ethnography of, 55:309; native arts of, 55:488

Plattner, Stuart, review of book by, 54:109

Play groups, children's, and demography, 47:18

Play of Mirrors, The: The Representation of Self Mirrored in the Other, by Sylvia Caiuby Novaes, review of, 54:429

Playing on the Mother-Ground: Cultural Routines for Children’s Development, by David F. Lancy, review of, 54:260

Playing with Time: Art and Performance in Central Mali, by Mary Jo Arnoldi, review of, 52:231

Pleistocene: adaptation of human mind to, 53:100; archaeology of, in Europe, 53:93, 95, 112, 147, 177, 262, 494, 497; archaeology of, in Patagonia, 53:219; art of, 54:289; in Australia and Papua New Guinea, 53:97; paleoanthropology of, 55:191; settlement of Europe during, 52:108

Pleistocene-Holocene transition, archaeology of, 55:296 .

Pleistocene, Middle, of southwestern Europe: behavioral reconstructions, 47:201; bone tools, 47:199; chronology , 47:196; new trends in lithics research, 47:209; scavenging in, 47:206; site data base, 47:193; spatial variation in lithic industries 47:208; temporal variation in lithic industries, 47:207

Pluralist approaches to human rights, 53:293

"Pluralist Approaches to Human Rights," article by Ellen Messer, 53:293

Po'ot Yah, Eleuterio, review of book by, 55:447

Poetics of O’odham, 56:562

Poetry, oral, in Finno-Ugrian languages, 52:365

Pohl, John M., review of book by, 52:377

Poirier, Frank E., review of book by, 52:536

Pokines, James T.:  book review by, 55:300; "Microfaunal Research Design in the Cantabrian Spanish Paleolithic," 56:95; review of book by, 55:454

Poland, Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:112

Polish Jews in Paris: The Ethnography of Memory, by Jonathan Boyarin, review of, 50:408

Political:  economy of prestate societies, 51:56; history of the Iroquois, 55:474; history of Maya in Guatemala, 54:326; power relations as embodied in food, eating, and the body among Tuareg, 52:61; processes in Madagascar, 55:71; resistance and ritual in Japan, 51:301, 313

"Political Decentralization in the Puuc Region, Yucatán, Mexico," article by Kelli Carmean and Jeremy A. Sabloff, 52:135

Political organization: of Aztecs, 55:413; in Botswana, 53:129; of Celts, 54:134; at Chaco Canyon, 56:588; development of, 54:550; among Ibibio, 53:423; identification of, in archaeology, 52:249; of Kongo, 57:348; in precolonial Kenya, 50:256; prehistoric, in American Southwest, 56:287; of Maya, 52:317, 523; of Mixtec, 52:377; of Wola, 55:350; at Zuni, 53:23

Politics: and economics and "jungle" in Pakistan, 48:242; of fishing in Ireland, 52:85; among Ibibio, 53:423; of Palestinians in Israel, 50:27; of silk trade in seventeenth-century Iran, 57:101; in southern Africa, 53:123

Politics of Harmony: Land Dispute Strategies in Swaziland, by Laurel L. Rose, review of, 50:406

Politics of Trade in Safavid Iran, The: Silk for Silver, 1600-1730, by Rudolph P. Matthee, review of, 57:101

Pollock, Donald, book review by, 48:273

"Polygyny, Women’s Land Tenure, and the ‘Mother-Son Partnership’ in Southern Somalia," article by Catherine Besteman, 41:193

Polynesia:  archaeology of, 56:256; literacy in, on Tuvalu, 52:504.  See also Nukulaelae Atoll

Population:  density of hunter-gatherers, 49:46; density in precolonial Kenya, 50:252; dynamics of the Agta, 55:314; effects of sedentism on, 56:332; estimates of, at Copan, 51:367; genetics, applications of, 56:560; history of Europe, 54:399, 401; movement among Mimbres, 56:217; networks in North American Southwest, 48:1; potential architectural output of, at Copan, 51:374; reorganization in North American Southwest, 48:1; study of, with oxygen isotopic analysis, 56:535; and subsistence intensification, overexploitation, and diversification, 56:332; trends of, in Japan, 56:369

Population Dynamics of a Philippine Rain Forest People: The San Ildefonso Agta, by John D. Early and Thomas N. Headland, review of, 55:314

Portugal, archaeology of, 56:17

Posiciones teóricas en la arqueología de Guatemala, by Edgar Gutiérrez Mendoza, review of, 54:422

Possehl, Gregory L., review of book by, 54:549

Possession and Law in Ewe Voodoo, by Judy Rosenthal, review of, 55:322

"Postcolonial Politics and Discourses of Democracy in Southern Africa: An Anthropological Refection on African Political Modernities," article by John L Comaroff and Jean Comaroff, 53:123

"Post-Fieldwork Fieldwork," article by Anthony P. Cohen, 48:339
Postmarital residence among Khmer, 51:253

Postmodernism:  in anthropology, 49:377, 50:336, 348: and ideas of J. Derrida, 47:295, 301

Pot Luck: Adventures in Archaeology, by Florence C. Lister, review of, 54:554

Potter, Jack M., review of book by, 49:177

Potter, Parker B., Jr.:  book review by, 53:486; review of book edited by, 56:261

Potter, Sulamith Heins, review of book by, 49:177

Pottery.  See Ceramics

Pottery and Chronology at Angel, by Sherri L. Hilgeman, review of, 57:243

Pottier, John, review of book by, 56:389

Potts, Richard, "Why the Oldowan? Plio-Pleistocene Toolmaking and the Transport of Resources," 47:153

Powdermaker, Hortense: After Freedom: A Cultural Study in the Deep South, discussed, 47:389, 403; and A.R. Radcliffe-Brown, 47:377;  attitudes toward motherhood, 47:463; in Berkeley, 47:457; and Berkeley "youth culture," 47: 458; and Bronislaw Malinowski, 47:377; and colonialism, 47:382; and concept of "society," 379; Copper Town: Changing Africa, the Human Condition on the Rhodesian Copperbelt, discussed, 47:441; courses taught, 47:419; Ernestine Friedl's reminiscences of, 47:473; and feminism, 47:476; fieldwork by, 47:377, 389, 441, 476; and functionalism, 47:377, 382; Gerald Berreman's reminiscences of, 47:470; Hollywood, the Dream Factory: An Anthropologist Looks at the Movie-Makers, discussed, 47:429; and informants in Mississippi, 47:392; and Kuot-speakers, 47:381; last public lecture by, 47:465; and Lillian Rogers Johnson, 47:398; and missionaries, 47:384; moods of, 47:477; passion for clothes of, 47:459; and Queens College, 47:417, 473; romantic liaisons of, 47:461; Stranger and Friend: The Way of an Anthropologist, discussed, 47:383, 385, 417; as teacher, 47:417, 475; and Theodora Kroeber, 47:463, 471; view of anthropology of, 47:475; and women's activities in Lesu, 47:386; writing practices of, 47:474

"Powdermaker, Hortense, the Berkeley Years (1967-1970)," article by Nancy Scheper-Hughes, 47:457

"Powdermaker, Hortense, the Teacher," article by Erika Bourguignon, 47:417

"Powdermaker’s Lesu," article by Abraham Rosman and Paula G. Rubel, 47:377

Powell, Joseph F., book review by, 52:373

Powell, Shirley, book review by, 53:487

Power: global, and fishing in Ireland, 52:98; relations of, as embodied in food among Tuareg, 52:61; study of, 53:260; study of, in archaeology, 56:578

Power and Difference: Gender in Island Southeast Asia, edited by Jane Monnig Atkinson and Shelly Errington, review of, 48:67

Powers, Willow Roberts, "John Adair, 1913-1997: Work across the Anthropological Spectrum," 55:429

Poyer, Lin: "Egalitarianism in the Face of Hierarchy," 49:111; "Mystification of the Mikea: Constructions of Foraging Identity in Southwest Madagascar," 56:163

Pragmatism and Development: The Prospect for Pluralist Transformation in the Third World, by Murray J. Leaf, review of, 55:324
Pre-Christian Ireland: From the First Settlers to the Early Celts, by Peter Harbison, review of, 47:107

Predation, agents of, at Gabasa 1, Spain, 53:183

"Prehistoric Children Working and Playing: A Southwestern Case Study in Learning Ceramics," article by Kathryn A. Kamp, 57:427

Prehistoric Cultural Ecology and Evolution: Insights from Southern Jordan, by Donald O. Henry, review of, 52:528

Prehistoric Warfare in the American Southwest, by Steven A. LeBlanc, review of, 56:411

Prehistory,  linguistic: and archaeology in California, 48:317; of Europe, 53:394

Prehistory of Australia, by John Mulvaney and Johan Kamminga, review of, 56:407

Prehistory of Colorado and Adjacent Areas, by Tammy Stone, review of, 56:413

Prehistory of Egypt, The: From the First Egyptians to the First Pharaohs, by Beatrix Midant-Reynes, review of, 56:409

"Prehistory of the Europeans: A Comment on Cavalli-Sforza," article by Marcel Otte, 54:401

"Prehistory of the Europeans: Response to Otte’s Comments," article by L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, article by, 54:405

Prehistory of Food, The: Appetites for Change, edited by Chris Gosden and Jon Hunter, 57:93

Prehistory of the Mind, The: The Cognitive Origins of Art, Religion, and Science, by Steven Mithen, review of, 52:537

Presente, pasado y futuros de las chinampas, coordinated by Teresa Rojas Rabiela, review of, 52:254

Presenting Archaeology to the Public: Digging for Truths, edited by John H. Jameson, review of, 54:269

Preservation of archaeological sites, 53:52

Preucel, Robert W.: book review by, 49:406; review of book edited by, 49:165

Price, Barbara J., book review by, 53:257

Price, David A., "Wittfogel’s Neglected Hydraulic/Hydroagricultural Distinction," 50:187
Price-Williams, Douglas, review of book by, 54:256

Primate Communities, edited by John G. Fleagle, Charles Janson, and Kaye E. Reed, review of, 57:83

Primates: communities of, 57:83; evolution of, 55:145; evolution of social behavior among, 55:279; language among, 55:448; nonhuman, and tool behavior in earliest hominids, 47:143; tool use by, 51:1, 52:539

Privatization of ejidos in Mexico, 54:73

"Problem of Introduced Infectious Diseases in New Mexico, The: A.D. 1540-1680," article by Ann F. Ramenofsky, 52:161

Processual and Postprocessual Archaeologies: Multiple Ways of Knowing, edited by Robert W. Preucel, review of, 49:165

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Puuc region, Yucatán, archaeology of, 52:317

Pygmy foragers, food avoidances among, 50:280

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