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"Quarter-Century of Research on the Solutrean of Vasco-Cantabria, Iberia and Beyond, A," article by Lawrence G. Straus, 56:39

Quechua:  mathematical concepts of, 55:150; study of, 53:244

Queens College and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:417, 473
Quilter, Jeffrey, book review by, 55:185

Quina Mousterian assemblages, and Ferrassie, Yabrudian, and Zagros, 47:250.  See also Mousterian assemblages

Quinlan, Robert, "Evolution and Culture Turf Wars: History, Mind, and/or Ecology?," 50:327

Quinn, Jon, and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:463, 471

Quinn, Naomi, review of book by, 55:152

Quinn, Theodora Kroeber: and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:471; tribute to Hortense Powdermaker by, back cover of vol. 47, no.4

Quintero, Gilbert A., "Gender Discord and Illness: Navajo Philosophy and Healing in the Native American Church," 51:69

Raat, W. Dirk, review of book by, 53:476

Rabinowitz, Dan, "The Common Memory of Loss: Political Mobilization among Palestinian Citizens in Israel," 50:27

Rabo, Annika, review of book edited by, 55:155

Race and Affluence: An Archaeology of African America and Consumer Culture, by Paul R. Mullins, review of, 56:576

Race and class among African-Americans in work of Hortense Powdermaker, 47:411

"Race, Class, and Difference in Hortense Powdermaker’s After Freedom: A Cultural Study in the Deep South," article by Gertrude Fraser, 47:403

"Race, Higher Education, and American Society," article by Yolanda T. Moses, 55:265

Races:  categories of, in Brazil, 51:389; categories of, in United States, 54:4; in Europe, 53:391, 54:399; and higher education in United states, 55:273; human, 55:191, 245, 254; representations of, in Germany, 56:387

Racism in United States, 55:273

Radar, ground-penetrating, use of, in archaeology, 54:421

Radcliffe-Brown, A.R., and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:477
Radding, Cynthia, review of book by, 54:248

Radiocarbon chronology of Patagonia, 53:222

Rafferty, Janet, book review by, 57:241

Ragir, Sonia, "Gut Morphology and the Avoidance of Carrion among Chimpanzees, Baboons, and Early Hominids," 56:477

Rainforests, African, Later Stone Age sites in, 57:198

Rakita, Gordon F.M., review of book by, 56:406

Ramenofsky, Ann F.:  book review by, 55:603; "The Problem of Introduced Infectious Diseases in New Mexico: A.D. 1540-1680," 52:161

Range size of hunter-gatherers, 49:42

Ranking: on Ambae, 49:217; archaeology of, 52:249, 252; among Inka descent groups, 57:167; on Nukulaelae Atoll, 49:185; in Papua New Guinea, 49:237; on Sapwuahfik Atoll, 49:111

Rapoport, Amos, book review by, 49:409

Rappaport, Roy A., review of book by, 55:588

Rarámuri: bow and arrow making by, 54:310; construction of identity among, 54:299; settlement patterns among, 52:126; textiles of, 54:304; variation among, 54:301.  See also Tarahumara

Rasmussen, Susan J.: "Matters of Taste: Food, Eating, and Reflections on ‘The Body Politic’ in Tuareg Society," 52:61; "Only Women Know Trees: Medicine Women and the Role of Herbal Healing in Tuareg Culture," 54:147; review of book by, 52:385; "Wedding of Calm and Wedding of Noise: Aging Performed and Aging Misquoted in Tuareg Rites of Passage," 57:277

Rautman, Alison, review of book edited by, 56:579

Ravesloot, John C., "Salado Ceramic Burial Offerings: A Consideration of Gender and Social Organization," 51:103

Raw material: circulation of, in European Paleolithic, 54:286; sources of, for ceramics in prehistoric Southwest, 54:501, 524; use of, at Abric Romaní, 54:388

Reading the Body: Representations and Remains in the Archaeological Record, edited by Alison Rautman, review of, 56:579

Reading and Writing the Lakota Language: Lakota Iyapi Un Wowapi Nahan Yawapi, by Albert White Hat, Sr., review of, 56:564

Reality: construction of, by Dene Tha, 48:217; self-validation of, by Dene Tha, 48:221

Realm of 8 Deer, In the: The Archaeology of the Mixtec Codices, by Bruce E. Byland and John M. Pohl, review of 52:377

"Recent Studies in Paleoanthropology," discussed, 47:125, 279

Reciprocal ethnography, 57:127

Reciprocity:  in ceramic exchange in prehistoric Southwest, 54:461; and kin exploitation in Korea, 56:354

Reconstructing Ancient Maya Diet, edited by Christine D. White, review of, 56:397

Rediscovering Darwin: Evolutionary Theory and Archeological Explanation, edited by C. Michael Barton and Geoffrey A. Clark, review of, 55:286

Redistribution: archaeological models of, 51:38; of obsidian, at Marana community, Arizona, 51:42

Redmond, Elsa M., review of book edited by, 56:590

Reduction Processes ("Chaines Opératoires") for the European Mousterian, edited by A. Bietti and S. Grimaldi, review of, 56:131

Reed, Kaye E., review of book edited by, 57:83

Reed, Richard:  book review by, 53:109; "Narratives of History," 49:393

Reff, Daniel T., "Contextualizing Missionary Discourse: The Benavides Memorials of 1630 and 1634," 50:51

Refitting of German Middle Paleolithic stone tools, 53:152

Reflexivity in anthropology, 49:377, 57:259

Reform of land in Mexico, 54:77

Refugees in America in the 1990s: A Reference Handbook, edited by David W. Haines, review of, 54:262

Refugees in United States, 54:262

Refugium phenomenon and the Solutrean, 56:46

Regional Approaches to Mortuary Analysis, edited by Lane Anderson Beck, review of, 51:399

Reid, J. Jefferson: "The Brown and the Gray: Pots and Population Movement in East-Central Arizona," 54:447; review of book by, 56:415; review of book edited by, 53:487

Reincarnation, Dene Tha beliefs in, 50:129

Reiter, Paul, 48:55

Reiter, Winifred Stamm, 48:55, 60

Reitz, Elizabeth J.:  review of book by, 55:612; review of book edited by, 54:118

Rekem: A Federmesser Camp on the Meuse River Bank, by Marc Die Bie and Jean-Paul Caspar, review of, 57:360

Relativism, cultural and ethical, 53:47, 58, 241, 269, 273, 293, 319, 349, 371

Religion: ancestor rites in Korea, 51:330; changing concepts of, among Hutterites, 50:69; cognitive origins of, 52:537; contemporary cults, 49:175; of Dene Tha, 50:99, 113; development of, 55:588; of Ewe, 55:322; extremist, and human rights, 53:327; of Huichol, 54:111; among Ibibio, 53:423; Liberation Theology in Brazil, 51:270; of Maya, 52:379, 55:129; of Mongols, 54:428; Native American Church among Navajo, 51:69; of Navajo, 52:512, 57:28; of Rarámuri, 54:199; ritual as political resistance in Japan, 51:301; Shinto shrine festivals in Japan, 51:302; in Sri Lanka, 54:252; of Tuareg, 54:147; at Zuni, 53:23. See also Myths; Ritual; Shamanism; Taboos; Witchcraft

Renfrew, Colin: "Comments on Cavalli-Sforza and Otte," 54:417; peer-polity model of, 48:7

"Reply to David Francis, A," article by Graham Watson and Jean-Guy A. Goulet, 50:109

"Reply to Price," article by Robert C. Hunt, 50:205

Representation, politics of, in ethnography, 57:127

Representation of the Past, The: Museums and Heritage in the Post-Modern World, by Kevin Walsh, review of, 49:406

Reproduction: of households and illness in highland Peru, 49:255; among Philippine peasant farmers, 50:9; of pigs in New Guinea, 52:484; of women in Ituri Forest, 50:289

Reproductive events, women's, effect of technology on, 55:505

Researching Cultural Differences in Health, edited by David Kelleher and Sheila Hillier, review of, 54:557

Reservation system in California, 53:247

Residence patterns:  in central interior California, 54:52; postmarital, among Khmer, 51:253; postmarital, as revealed by pottery production in prehistoric Southeast, 57:416

Resistance: among Maya in Guatemala, 54:325; political, and ritual in Japan, 51:301; among Rarámuri, 54:199

Resource use: at Abric Romaní, 54:388; in European Paleolithic, 54:286; by prehistoric Maya, 54:123; in prehistoric Southwest, 54:130

"Response to Watson and Goulet’s ‘A Reply to David Francis,’"  article by David Francis, 50:111

Restall, Matthew, review of book by, 56:245

Retardation, ethnographic stories of, 55:153

"Rethinking Historical Change in Sri Lankan Ritual: Deities, Demons, Sorcery and the Ritualization of Resistance in the Sinhala Traditions of Suniyam," article by Seth L. Fleisher, 52:29

Rethinking Hopi Ethnography, by Peter M. Whiteley, review of, 55:476

"Rethinking ‘Redistribution’ in the Archaeological Record: Obsidian Exchange at the Marana Platform Mound," article by James M. Bayman, 51:37

Rethinking World-Systems: Diasporas, Colonies, and Interaction in Uruk Mesopotamia, by Gil J. Stein, review of, 56:594

"Retrospective and Perspective" (conclusion to special issue on paleoanthropology), article by J. Clark and F. Clark Howell, 47:279

Return to Nisa, by Marjorie Shostak, review of, 57:105

Revitalization among Ottawa (Odawa), 55:305

Reycraft, Richard, book review by, 55:605, 56:568

Reynolds, Vernon, review of book edited by, 48:275

Rhine, Stanley, review of book by, 55:148

Rhineland, Paleolithic archaeology of, 52:281

Rhode, David, review of book edited by, 52:519

Ricardian trade model, 54:210

Rice, Patricia C., book review by, 57:249

Rightmire, G. Philip:  book review by, 52: 536; "The Dispersal of Homo erectus from Africa and the Emergence of More Modern Humans," 47:177

Rights: individual, 53:58; universal human, 53:269, 273, 293, 319, 349, 371

Rigsby, Bruce, book review by, 55:162

Riley, Carroll L.:  book review by, 52:128; review of book by, 53:110

Ripoll Perelló, Eduardo, review of book by, 51:405

Rise and Fall of Culture History, The, by R. Lee Lyman, Michael J. O’Brien, and Robert C. Dunnell, review of, 54:265

Risk among hunter-gatherers, 49:52, 58

Rites of passage among Tuareg, 57:277

Ritual:  and dance, 54:427; dance associations in Peru, 57:221; of fertility and birthing, and votive objects, 48:153; and formation of nation-states, 56:467; in Hopewell society, 56:406; objects, desecration and burial of, in Chalcolithic Cyprus, 48:160; as political resistance in Japan, 51:301, 313; procreative, and use of figurines and offerings in Chalcolithic Cyprus, 48:152; among Rarámuri, 54:313; role of food in, among Tuareg, 52:69; roles of elders among Tuareg, 57:277; and sport in Yemen, 56:453; in Sri Lanka, 52:29, 54:252; structures in Southwest, 49:319; use of, as resistance, 52:45; in Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:209.  See also Cyprus; Chalcolithic; Spirituality; Uto-Aztecan

"Ritual as an Instrument of Political Resistance in Japan," article by Scott Schnell, 51:301

Ritual and Myth in Odawa Revitalization: Reclaiming a Sovereign Place, by Melissa A. Pflüg, review of, 55:305

Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity, by Roy A, Rappaport, review of, 55:588

Rivers of Change: Essays on Early Agriculture in Eastern North America, by Bruce D. Smith, review of, 49:397

Roberts, Brian K., review of book by, 53:510

Roberts, Charlotte, review of book by, 52:370
Robertson, A.F., book review by, 48:275

Rocek, Thomas R.:  book review by, 57:244; review of book by, 53:89

Rock art, Southwestern, warfare imagery in, 57:357

Rodee, Marian, book review by, 53:466, 55:488

Rodenbury, Janet, book review by, 50:92

Rodman, William, "Sorcery and the Silencing of Chiefs: ‘Words on the Wind’ in Postindependence Ambae," 49:217

Rodriguez, Sylvia:  book review by, 54:243; review of book by, 53:474

Rodríguez, Xosé Pedro, "The First Human Settlement of Europe," 52:107

Rog, Debra J., review of book edited by, 55:167

Rogers, J. Daniel, book review by, 53:480

Rojas Rabiela, Teresa, review of book coordinated by, 52:254

Roles: public, of women in Gurupá, Brazil, 51:263; gender and leadership, at Zuni, 51:125; structure of, at Zuni, 53:22

Rolett, Barry Vladimir, review of book by, 56:256

Romney-Weller-Batchelder cultural consensus model, 52:331

Room analysis of nonlocal-ceramic intrasite spatial patterns at Paquimé, 48:12

Room Full of Mirrors, A: High School Reunions in Middle America, by Keiko Ikeda, review of, 55:494

Roosevelt, A.C., book review by, 57:97

Roosevelt Platform Mound study, 51:108

Roscoe, Paul B., "Familiar Partners-  The Mountain Arapesh and the Westermarck Effect," 51:347

Roscoe, Will, review of book by, 55:160

Rose, Laurel L., review of book by, 50:406

Rose, Michael D., review of book edited by, 55:145

Roseberry, William, book review by, 48:278

Rosenberg, Martin, "Gut Morphology and the Avoidance of Carrion among Chimpanzees, Baboons, and Early Hominids," 56:477

Rosenthal, Judy , review of book by, 55:322

Rosman, Abraham, "The Past and the Future of Anthropology," 50:335

Rosman, Abraham, and Paula G. Rubel, Powdermaker's Lesu, 47:377

Rothko, Mark, art of, 55:128

Rothko, Mark, by Jeffrey Weiss, review of, 55:328

Rothschild, Nan A., book review by, 57:232

Rouffignac: Le sanctuaire des mammouths, by J. Plassard, review of, 55:457

Rouland, Norbert, review of book by, 52:131

Rountree, Helen C., review of book by, 55:172

Rouse, Irving, review of book by, 56:418

Rouse, Sandra, review of book edited by, 56:279

Rousing drum ritual in Japan, 51:301

Routledge, Bruce, book review by, 57:355

Routman, Alison E., book review by, 54:142, 56:415

Rowlands, Michael:  review of book by, 57:239; review of book edited by, 53:260

Rubel, Paula G, "The Past and the Future of Anthropology," 50:335

Rubel, Paula G., and Abraham Rosman, "Powdermaker's Lesu," 47:377

Rudden, Mary Elizabeth, review of book edited by, 56:585

Rudolphi, Wictoria, "Communities of Practice in the Early Pottery Traditions of the American Southeast," 57:407

Rules versus Relationships: The Ethnography of Legal Discourse, by John M. Conley and William M. O'Barr , review of, 47:104

Runciman, W.G., review of book edited by, 55:279

Russell, Susan D.:  book review by, 54:246; "The Skipper Effect Debate: Views from a Philippine Fishery," 53:433

Rwanda, genocide in, 57:102

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