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Saami, genetic, cultural, and linguistic place of, in Europe, 53:384, 398

Sabloff, Jeremy A., "Political Decentralization in the Puuc Region, Yucatán, Mexico," 52:317

Sabloff, Paula L.W., review of book by, 55:293

Sackett, James, review of book by, 55:616

"Sacred Colors and Shamanic Vision among the Huichol Indians of Mexico," article by Hope MacLean, 57:305

Sacred places of Navajo, 52:512

Sacrifice as Terror: The Rwandan Genocide of 1994, by Christopher C. Taylor, review of, 57:102

S*dhins: and asceticism, 47:338; career of, 47:334; described, 47:332; history of, 47:342; and male sex-role characteristics, 47:336; and role of women in Kangra, 47:342; and status of women in Himalayas, 47:343

Sahlins, Marshall, review of book by, 57:228

Sahnouni, Mohamed, review of book by, 55:174

Sala, Robert, "The First Human Settlement of Europe," 52:107

Salado:  archaeology of, 51:103; polychrome ceramics at Paquimé, 48:7; polychromes, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of, 54:520; phenomenon in Southwest, 54:435, 447, 461, 477, 497, 519

"Salado Ceramic Burial Offerings: A Consideration of Gender and Social Organization," article by Arleyn W. Simon and John C. Ravesloot, 51:103

Salish, Coast, ethnography of, 55:587
Salmon, commercial fishing for, in Ireland, 52:85

Salmon, Merrilee H.:  book review by, 53:512; "Ethical Considerations in Anthropology and Archaeology, or Relativism and Justice for All," 53:47

Sanchez, Joseph P., book review by, 51:279

Sanday, Peggy Reeves, review of book edited by, 48:265

Sand Canyon Archaeological Project, 50:397

Sand Canyon Archaeological Project, The: A Progress Report, by William D. Lipe, review of, 50:397

Sanderson, Stephen K.:  review of book by, 48:276; review of book edited by, 52:543

Sanner, Hans-Ulrich, review of book by, 57:223

Santley, Robert, book review by, 56:570

Sapwuahfik Atoll: egalitarianism and hierarchy on, 49:111; feasts on, 49:120

Sarawak, Malaysia, ethnography of women in, 57:151

Sargent, Carolyn F., review of book edited by, 53:121

Sassaman, Kenneth E.:  "Communities of Practice in the Early Pottery Traditions of the American Southeast," 57:407; review of book edited by, 54:267

Sati, Indian, and human rights, 53:328

Satterfield, Theresa A.:  book review by, 54:254, 53:467; "‘Voodoo Science’ and Common Sense: Ways of Knowing Old-Growth Forests," 53:443

Saura, P., review of book by, 55:457

Savage-Rumbaugh, Sue, review of book by, 55:448

Savage Within, The: The Social History of British Anthropology, 1885-1945, by Henrika Kuklick, review of, 48:358

Savaging the Civilized: Verrier Elwin, His Tribals, and India, by Ramachandra Guha, review of, 56:392

Savanna-woodland, African, Later Stone Age sites in, 57:202

Savannah River pottery:  communities of practice among, 57:416; surface decoration and technology of, 57:409

Sayil, archaeology of, 52:317

Scandinavia, archaeology of, 53:499

Scarboro, Allen, review of book by, 52:225

Scarry, C. Margaret, book review by, 49:397

Scavenging:  and gastrointestinal illness among primates, 56:486; versus hunting among early hominids, 47:164; in Middle Pleistocene southwestern Europe, 47:206; by Neandertals and earlier hominids, 56:187, 477; by nonhuman primates and hunter-gatherers, 56:479

Schaafsma, Polly, review of book by, 57:359

Schaefer, Stacy B., review of book edited by, 54:111

Schafft, Gretchen, book review by, 56:387

Scharfstein, Ben-Ami, review of book by, 50:94

Schavelzon, Daniel, review of book by, 57:232

Scheper-Hughes, Nancy: "Hortense Powdermaker, the Berkeley Years (1967-1970): A Personal Reflection," 47:457; review article of book by, 49:73

Schieffelin, Edward L., review of book by, 49:286

Schiffer, Michael Brian, review of book by, 56:422

Schildkrout, Enid, review of book edited by, 55:485

Schlesier, Karl H., review of book edited by, 53:481

Schneider, David, kinship studies by, on Yap, 53:1

Schnell, Scott, "Ritual as an Instrument of Political Resistance in Japan," 51:301

School of American Research: and Edgar L. Hewett, 48:50, 51; relationship with University of New Mexico, 48:61

Schott, Michael J., book review by, 55:288

Schrire, Carmel:  book review by, 57:105; review of book by, 52:256
Schuldenrein, Joseph, book review by, 54:118

Schwarcz, Henry P., "Intensive Agriculture, Social Status, and Maya Diet at Pactibun, Belize," 49:347

Schwerin, Karl H., book review by, 54:104

Science:  alternative meanings of, to environmentalists and loggers in Pacific Northwest, 53:443; anthropological study of, 54:254; cognitive origins of, 52:537; J. Derrida's ideas of, 47:294

Scott, Colin, book review by, 56:279

Scramble for Art in Central Mexico, The, edited by Enid Schildkrout and Curtis Keim, review of, 55:485

Scudder, Sylvia J., review of book edited by, 54:118

Seafood industry in Alabama, 49:401

Sea Hunters of Indonesia: Fishers and Weavers of Lamalera, by R.H. Barnes, review of, 54:246

Seam Line, The: Arab Workers and Jewish Managers in the Israeli Textile Industry, by Israel Drori, review of, 57:225

Search trees, uses of, to model kinship systems, 57:172

Sedentism:  effect of, on population growth, 56:332; effects of, on pottery production, 51:175; at Mesa Verde, Colorado, 57:244; relation of, to storage, 56:331

Sedentism and Mobility in a Social Landscape: Mesa Verde and Beyond, by Mark D. Varien, review of, 57:244

Sedimentology of Franchthi Cave, Greece, 57:91

"Seeking an Ethical Balance in Archaeological Practice in Ecuador," article by Michael A. Morse, 50:169

Sei Shonagon, writings of, 53:416

"Selection of Lithic Raw Materials in the Lower and Middle Pleistocene Levels TD6 and TD10A of Gran Dolina (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain), The," article by Carolina Mallol, 55:385

Self:  anthropology of, 49:180; autonomous aspects of, among Toraja, 48:291; concepts of, and death, in the United States, 48:289; concepts of, and interviews, 48:287; concepts of, among Toraja, 48:287; concepts of, in United States, 48:287; construction of, among Hutterites, 50:69; cross-cultural study of, 48:283, 53:405; and culture, 48:284, 294; individuated vs. relational, 48:288; perceptions of, in Japan and the West, 53:405; relational, in United States, 48:289; study of, in anthropology, 54:258; and subjective experience, 48:284, 286; Western, anthropological theories of, 55:541; Western, philosophical tradition of, 55:549

Selves in Time and Place: Identities, Experiences, and History in Nepal, edited by Debra Skinner, Alfred Pach III, and Dorothy Holland, review of, 55:483

Semantics of architecture, 52:355

Sempowski, Martha L., review of book by, 52:526

Settlement density and multiple childcare, 47:15

Settlement Pattern Studies in the Americas: Fifty Years since Viru, edited by Brian R. Billman and Gary M. Feinman, review of, 56:570

Settlement patterns: at Abric Romaní, 54:384; in Canyons de Chelly and del Muerto, 47:47; of Federmessergruppen, 52:296, 300; of hunter-gatherers, 49:40; at Mesa Verde, Colorado, 57:244; of Middle Paleolithic, 56:131; in Papua New Guinea, 55:331, 361; in precolonial Kenya, 50:252; in prehistoric Southwest, 50:141, 155, 159, 165, 55:463; of Rarámuri, 52:126; reconstruction of, in southeastern Arizona, 54:275; study of, in American Southwest, 56:292; study of, in archaeology, 56:570; in Tonto Basin, Arizona, 54:435, 447, 461, 477, 497, 519

Settlements: of Federmesser culture, 53:262; limits to growth of, 53:102; rural, study of, 53:510

Settling Accounts: Violence, Justice, and Accountability in Postsocialist Europe, by John Borneman, review of, 55:326

Sex:  attraction and childhood association, 52:368; and the biological origin of death, 54:433; hormones, archaeology of, 51:189; and isotopic composition of prehistoric Mayan human remains, 49:359; among Mountain Arapesh, 51:353;

Sex and the Origins of Death, by William R. Clark, review of, 54:432

Sex ratios: and dependent/independent population, 47:10; and differential investment in male and female children, 47:23; and female infanticide, 47:23; and male contribution to diet, 47:24; and subsistence tasks, 47:27; and warfare, 47:26

Sexual Attraction and Childhood Association: A Chinese Brief for Edward Westermarck, by Arthur P. Wolf, review of, 52:368

Sexual culture of Brazil, 49:289

Shackel, Paul A., review of book by, 53:486

Shackley, M. Steven, review of book edited by, 55:183
Shahsevan, political and social history of, 54:565

Shamanism: female, in Peru, 56:270; among Huichol, 57:305; among Mongols, 54:428

Shamans and Elders: Experience, Knowledge, and Power among the Daur Mongols, by Caroline Humphrey with Urgunge Onon, review of, 54:427

Shanker, Stuart G., review of book by, 55:448

Shanks, Michael, review of book by, 49:167

Shaping Society through Dance: Mestizo Ritual Performance in the Peruvian Andes, by Zoila S. Mendoza, review of, 57:221

Sharing, study of, in culture, 52:333

Shelach, Gideon, review of book by, 57:226

Shell, marine, at Paquimé, 48:4, 6

Shelton, Wilma Loy, 48:53

Shepard, Anna, 48:60; student project at UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:54

Sherzer, Joel, review of book edited by, 48:273

Shethar, Alissa, book review by, 56:284

Shetland and long-term fieldwork, 48:339

Shinto shrine festivals in Japan, 51:302

Shipman, Pat, review of book by, 52:375

Ships, archaeology of, 57:233

Shore, Bradd, book review by, 55:152

Shoshoni, Western: cannibal myths among, 52:207; contexts of myth telling among, 52:211; ethnic identity formation among, 52:208; festivals and fandangos among, 52:211; oratory among, 52:212

Shostak, Marjorie, review of book by, 57:105

Shott, Michael J., "An Exegesis of the Curation Concept," 52:259
Shutes, Mark T., review of book edited by, 55:46,8

Sibeth, Achim, review of book by, 53:98

Siegel, Peter E., book review by, 56:418

Silk, trade of, in seventeenth-century Iran, 57:100

Sillitoe, Paul:  "Beating the Boundaries: Land Tenure and Identity in the Papua New Guinea Highlands," 55:331; "Social Status and Potential Garden Site Productivity among Subsistence Cultivators in the New Guinea Highlands: The Absence of Correlations," 49:237

Silversmiths:  Navajo and Pueblo, 55:432; at Zuni, 51:152

Sim, Hew Cheng, "Bidayuh Housewives in a Changing World: Sarawak, Malaysia," 57:151

Simon, Arleyn W.: "Anthropological Interpretations from Archaeological Ceramic Studies: An Introduction," 54:435; book review by, 55:463;  "Intraregional Connections in the Development and Distribution of Salado Polychromes in Central Arizona," 54:519; "Salado Ceramic Burial Offerings: A Consideration of Gender and Social Organization," 51:103

Simons, Ronald C., review of book by, 53:464

Simpua marriage in Taiwan, 52:368

Sinagua:  burial ceramics of, 57:444; learning of pottery production among, 57:427

Sinclair, Simon, review of book by, 55:281

Singleton, Theresa A., review of book edited by, 56:574

Siren Feasts: A History of Food and Gastronomy in Greece, by Andrew Dalby, review of, 53:472

Sissa, Giulia, review of book by, 57:237

Sites, archaeological, preservation of, 53:52

Skeletal remains, human: from Mayan sites, 49:350; from Southwestern sites, 49:85

Skibo, James M.:  book review by, 55:181; review of book by, 52:122; review of book edited by, 53:87

Skinner, Debra, review of book edited by, 55:483

Skipper effect: debate over, 52:434; and fishing strategy, 52:450; in Philippines, 52:439

"Skipper Effect Debate, The: Views from a Philippine Fishery," article by Susan D. Russell and Rani T. Alexander, 52:433

Smardz, Karolyn, review of book edited by, 57:249

Smit, J.L., review of book by, 53:262

Smith, Andrea L.: book review by, 50:408; "Colonialism and the Poisoning of Europe: Towards an Anthropology of Colonists," 50:383

Smith, Bruce D, review of book by, 49:397

Smith, Fred H., "The Neandertals: Evolutionary Dead Ends or Ancestors of Modern People?," 47:219

Smith, J. Maynard, review of book edited by, 55:279

Smith, Jedediah, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:169

Smith, Michael E., review of book by, 54:121

Smith, Shelley J., review of book edited by, 57:249

Smith, Stuart T., review of book by, 53:491

Smith, Warren S., book review by, 52:227, 53:472

Snead, James E., book review by, 54:265

Snow, Dean, book review by, 52:383

"Snowblind in the Desert Southwest: Moisture Islands, Ungulate Ecology, and Alternative Prehistoric Overwintering Strategies," article by Alan J. Osborn, 49:135

Soccer.  See Football

Social: behavior, evolution of, 55:279; construction of the past, 55:470; constructionist analysis, critique of, 50:97; context of learning, 57:372, 407, 456, 471; costs to hunter-gatherers in marginal environments, 49:60; determinants of alternate generation terminology, 55:526; divisions in an Irish fishing village, 52:86; divisions among Tuareg, 52:61, 69; identities in Oaxaca, 55:478; identity and crafts, 55:461; interaction, organization of, in cyberspace, 461; interaction in theoretical models of North American Southwest, 48:2; research methods, 55:167; stratification among Aztecs, 409

"Social Boundaries Set in Clay: Trade Ware Patterning in the Tonto Basin of East-Central Arizona," article by Kathy Niles Hensler, 54:477
Social Construction of the Past: Representation as Power, edited by George C. Bond and Angela Gilliam, review of, 55:470

Social Evolutionism: A Critical History, by Stephen K. Sanderson, review of, 48:276

Social Learning in Animals: The Roots of Culture, edited by Cecilia M. Heyes and Bennett G. Galef, Jr., review of, 54:97

Social Life of Numbers, The: A Quechua Ontology of Numbers and Philosophy of Arithmetic, by Gary Urton, review of, 55:150

Social Life of Stories, The: Narrative and Knowledge in the Yukon Territory, by Julie Cruikshank, review of, 56:268

Social organization: construction and reflection of, by food and the body among Tuareg, 52:61; of Ibibio, 53:424; identification of, in archaeology, 52:249, 252; in India, 54:115; of Maragoli, 54:173; of Mixtec, 52:377; in precolonial Kenya, 50:256; prehistoric, of Andes, 55:467; of prehistoric Maya, 52:523; of prehistoric Southwest, 54:447, 461, 477, 497, 519, 56:287, 57:416; of Turkana, 54:19; in Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:206; of Zuni 52:125, 53:17

Social relations among Mombasa Swahili, 49:182

Social reproduction among Tuareg, 54:155

Social status: and garden productivity in New Guinea, 49:237; among prehistoric Maya, 49:362

"Social Status and Potential Garden Site Productivity among Subsistence Cultivators in the New Guinea Highlands: The Absence of Correlations," article by Paul Sillitoe, 49:237

Social Transformations in Archaeology: Global and Local Perspectives, by Kristian Kristiansen and Michael Rowlands, review of, 57:239

Sociocentric versus egocentric selves, 55:541

Sociopolitical organization: in central interior California, 54:50; change in, in Japan, 51:309; of Classic Maya, 51:363, 383; in prehistoric Southwest, 51:92, 103, 325

Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico: cacao in, 52:390; colonial administration of, 52:389; colonial economy of, 52:385; description of, 52:389; evidence for inequality in, 52:391

Solutrean:  in Iberian Peninsula and Italy, 47:265; lithic industries of, 56:42; as a refugium phenomenon, 56:46; subsistence strategies and information systems of, 47:269; technological characteristics of, 47:268

Solvieux, archaeology of, 55:616

Somalia: division of labor in, 51:200; land tenure in, 51:197; marriage patterns in, 51:198

Song:  among Kiowa, 57:137; Uto-Aztecan, 48:119

Sorcery: accusations of, on Ambae, 49:217; accusations of, on Nukulaelae Atoll, 49:190; African models of, 49:228; in Sri Lanka, 52:29, 54:252

"Sorcery and the Silencing of Chiefs: ‘Words on the Wind’ in Postindependence Ambae," article by William Rodman, 49:217

Sorenson, Marie Louise Stig, review of book by, 57:95

Soressi, Marie, "Stone Tools in Carnivore Sites: The Case of Bois Roche," 56:187

Souls and hearts and flowers as symbols in Uto-Aztecan spirituality, 48:130

Sound symbolism, 53:244

Sounds Like Life: Sound-Symbolic Grammar, Performance, and Cognition in Pastaza Quechua, by Janis B. Nuckolls, review of, 53:244

South, Stanley, book review by, 55:460

South Africa, archaeology of, 52:256

South America:  archaeology and ethnography of, 57:97.  See also Agta; Amazonia; Andean art; Andes; Bolivia; Bororo; Buenos Aires; Brazil; Ecuador; Ideology; Inka; Paleopathology; Patagonia; Peru; Quechua; Uruguay; Venezuela; Yanomami

South Carolina, archaeology of, 57:409

Southeast:  archaeology of, 54:267, 56:402, 415, 57:381, 407; community composition and continuity in, 57:416; cordage production in, 57:381; de Soto expedition in, 55:472; learning of pottery production in, 57:407

"Southern Africa and Modern Human Origins," article by Richard G. Klein, 57:1

Southwest:  aboriginal hunting in, 49:137; archaeology of, 49:83, 135, 319, 50:141, 155, 159, 165, 397, 51:37, 91, 103, 125, 173, 52:125, 246, 53:89, 110, 487, 489, 54:128, 130, 132, 275, 435, 447, 461, 477, 497, 519, 554, 55:463, 56:217, 252, 413, 415, 588, 57:244, 427, 451 ; colonial missionary texts about, 50:51; ethnohistory of, 51:125, 279; ethnology of, 51:69, 149; Flower World imagery in, 55:1; Hemenway Expedition to, 53:246; history of archaeological study of, 56:287; introduced infectious diseases in, 52:161; nonlocal goods and long-distance interaction in, 48:2; parfleches in, 52:235; and Paquimé, 48:5; population networks in, 48:1; and population reorganization, 48:1; prehistoric cannibalism in, 55:607; prehistoric overwintering strategies in, 49:146; prehistoric warfare in, 56:411; Pueblo Revolt in, 52:514; reconstruction of prehistoric social and political organization in, 56:287, 588; and social interaction in theoretical models, 48:2. See also Anasazi; Chihuahua; Hohokam; Hopi; Matachines dance; Mimbres; Navajo; Paquimé (Casas Grandes); Pueblo Indians; Sinagua; Zuni

Southwest in the American Imagination, The: The Writings of Sylvester Baxter, 1881-1889, edited by Curtis M. Hinsley and David R. Wilcox, review of, 53:246

Spain, James W., review of book by, 55:166

Spain: archaeology of, 50:213, 54:382, 55:385, 56:3, 7, 11, 17, 39, 59, 77, 95, 113; bullfighting in, 54:245, 560; carnival in, 56:282; colonies of, in Caribbean, 52:135; ethnography of, 52:129; Lower and Middle Paleolithic in, 55:176; Mesolithic in, 55:620; Paleolithic in, 53:177, 497, 54:373, 55:454; Paleolithic cave art of, 55:457; village life in, 54:558.  See also Gran Dolina

Spanish:  missions in Southeast, 55:610; settlement in Caribbean, 52:135

"Spanish Resistance, A:  Social Archaeology and the Study of Paleolithic Art in Spain," article by Margaret W. Conkey, 56:77

Spatial analysis: in anthropology, 54:136; of Zuni Pueblo, 54:128

Specialization:  among Aztecs, 55:414; of ceramic production in prehistoric Southwest, 54:497; and healing, among Tuareg, 54:147; among hunter-gatherers, 49:53; of men's roles in central interior California, 54:59; in Nepal, 51:235; of precolonial tribal economies in Kenya, 50:249;  in Southwest, 51:94; of women's roles in central interior California, 54:55; at Zuni, 51:149

Speciation, causes of, 52:4

Speech: J. Derrida's ideas of, 47:295; representing, in aphasia sufferers, 47:297; D. Tedlock's ideas of, 47:296; S.A. Tyler's ideas of, 47:296

Spence, Michael W.:  review of book by, 52:526; "Testing the Nature of Teotihuacán Imperialism at Kaminaljuyú Using Phosphate Oxygen-Isotope Ratios," 56:535

Spielmann, Katherine A.: "Glimpses of Gender in the Prehistoric Southwest," 51:91; review of book edited by, 55:463

Spier, Leslie, 48:52

Spinners, modern, determination of twist direction among, 57:386

Spirit Land and Flower World in Uto-Aztecan spirituality, 48:127

Spirit Possession and Personhood among the Kel Ewey Tuareg, by Susan J. Rasmussen, review of, 52:363

Spirit possession among Tuareg, 52:385

Spiritualism, ethnography of, 54:239

Spirituality, Uto-Aztecan:  48:117; chromatic symbolism in, 48:117; and Flower World, 48:122; and Flower World as Spirit Land, 48:127; and flowers as symbols and fire, 48:131; and flowers as symbols and souls and hearts, 48:131; historical problem of flowers as symbols in, 48:136; and song, 48:119

Spiro Ceremonial Center, The: The Archaeology of an Arkansas Valley Caddoan Culture in Eastern Oklahoma, vols. 1 and 2, by James A. Brown, review of, 53:480

Spiro, Melford E., review of book by, 52:364, 53:241

Spiro Mounds, archaeology of, 53:480

Sponsel, Leslie, review of book edited by, 53:109

Sport in Yemen:  history of, 56:460; as ritual event, 56:457; symbolic role of, 56:461; unifying role of, 56:462

Spriggs, Matthew, review of book by, 54:277

Sprung from Some Common Source: Investigations into the Prehistory of Languages, edited by Sydney M. Lamb and E. Douglas Mitchell, review of 50:403

Sri Lanka: rituals in, 52:29; sorcery practices in, 54:252. See also Suniyam

St. Louis, art market in, 54:109

Staging Ritual: Hopewell Ceremonialism at the Mound House Site, Greene County, Illinois, by Jane E. Buikstra, Douglas K. Charles, and Gordon F.M. Rakita, review of, 56:406

Stark, Miriam T.:   book review by, 52:117; "Ceramic Manufacture, Productive Specialization, and the Early Classic Period in Arizona’s Tonto Basin," 54:497

Starr, June, book review by, 52:131

Startle reflex, study of, 53:464

State:  among Aztecs, 53:257; in Egypt, 53:491; and ethnic groups, 49:399; formation of, and irrigation, 50:187; illegal practices of, 56:264; indigenous resistance to, in Peru, 49:393; in Oaxaca, 53:255; role of ritual in formation of, 56:467

States and Illegal Practices, edited by Josiah McC. Heyman, review of, 56:264

Status, social: in Papua New Guinea compared to garden productivity, 49:237; among prehistoric Maya, 49:362

Stave, Shirley, review of book by, 52:225

Stearman, Allyn MacLean, book review by, 54:430

Steedly, Mary Margaret, book review by, 48:67

Steel Butterflies: Japanese Women and the American Experience, by Nancy Brown Diggs, review of, 55:159

Stein, Gil J., review of book by, 56:594

Stein, Howard F., review of book edited by, 52:507

Stein Mandryk, Carol A., "Hunter Gatherer Social Costs and the Nonviability of Submarginal Environments," 49:39

Stepparenting: and childcare, 47:19; and demography, 47:20

Stettler, Heather, "Upper Paleolithic Transitions: Evidence from Organic Artifacts of Cantabrian Spain," 56:113

Stevenson, Thomas B., "Football in Newly United Yemen: Rituals of Equity, Identity, and State Formation," 56:453

Steward, Julian, work of, in Great Basin, 56:585

Steward, Julian, and the Great Basin: The Making of an Anthropologist, edited by Richard O. Clemmer, L. Daniel Myers, and Mary Elizabeth Rudden, review of, 56:585

Stewart, John, book review by, 56:567

Stiner, Mary C., review of book edited by, 48:360

Stoller, Marianne L., book review by, 52:514

Stoller, P., ideas of, and interpretive anthropology, 47:318

Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Midcontinental and Eastern United States: A Modern Survey and Reference, by Noel E. Justice, review of, 52:244

Stone, Andrea J., review of book by, 52:379

Stone, Tammy:  review of book by, 56:413; review of book edited by, 52:125
Stone caches, Oldowan sites as, 47:166

Stoner, Robert J., review of book by, 47:351

Stone tools: analysis of, 55:288; manufacturing techniques of, at Isampur Acheulian quarry, 55:60.  See also Lithics

"Stone Tools in Carnivore Sites: The Case of Bois Roche," article by Paola Villa and Marie Soressi, 56:187

Storage:  among hunter-gatherers, 49:54; relation of, to sedentism, 56:331

Story, Sydney, book review by, 56:270

Storytelling in Yukon Territory, 56:268

Storytracking in Aboriginal Australia, 55:162

Storytracking: Texts, Stories, and Histories in Central Australia, by Sam D. Gill, review of, 55:162

Stothert, Karen E., book review by, 55:467

Stranger and Friend: The Way of an Anthropologist, by Hortense Powdermaker, discussed, 47:383, 385, 417

Stratification:  development of, 54:550; economic, in colonial Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, 52:385

Stratified exchange in prehistoric Southwest, 54:461

Stratmann, D., review of book edited by, 54:289

Straus, Lawrence Guy:  book note by, 53:514; book review by, 50:395, 51:285, 405, 52:129, 256, 375, 533, 537, 53:91, 112, 114, 252, 497, 505, 507, 54:283, 286, 289, 294, 55:174, 176, 289, 293, 452, 454, 457, 614, 616, 620, 56:129, 131, 409, 57:88, 91, 253, 255, 360, 364; editorial by, 52:i 57:494; "Human Geography of the Late Upper Paleolithic in Western Europe: Present State of the Question," 47:259; "Leslie Gordon Freeman:  An American in Spanish Prehistory," 56:3; opening remarks by, 51:i; "The Peoplings of Europe: A J.A.R. Debate," 54:399; "Preface: Homo: E Pluribus Unum," 55:185; "A Quarter-Century of Research on the Solutrean of Vasco-Cantabria, Iberia and Beyond," 56:39; review article by, 48:255; review of book by, 50:213, 53:93, 95, 56:598; review of book edited by, 55:296, 298; "Whence and Whither Paleoanthropology: By Way of Introduction," 47:125

Strauss, Claudia, review of book by, 55:152

Street, Martin, "Hunter-Gatherer Behavior in a Changing Late Glacial Landscape: Allerød Archaeology in the Central Rhineland, Germany," 52:281

Street vendors in Mexico City, 56:272

Stress, economic, in prehistoric Southwest, 54:130

Stringer, Christopher, review of book by, 51:283

Stromberg, Peter, book review by, 51:281, 53:241

Strouthes, Daniel, book review by, 55:474

"Struggle for Family Succession and Inheritance in a Rural Korean Village, The," article by Soo Ho Choi, 51:329

Stuart, David E., book review by, 56:413

"Studying Diversity and Sharing in Culture: An Example of Lifestyle in Brazil," article by William W. Dressler, José Ernesto Dos Santos, and Mauro Campos Balieiro, 52:331

Stull, Donald D., book review by, 47:366

Style, technological, of Mimbres corrugated ceramics, 56:227

Subjectivity and objectivity in participant observation, 47:71

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