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Taboos:  food, in Ituri Forest, 50:277; incest, 51:347, 52:368

Taçon, Paul S., review of book edited by, 55:450

Tainter, Bonnie Bagley, review of book edited by, 54:130

Tainter, Joseph A., review of book edited by, 54:130

Taiwan, child marriage in, 52:368

Tamils: heat symbolism among, 55:323; oral traditions of, 53:104

Tankersley, Kenneth B., book review by, 52:244, 53:478, 56:259

"Taphonomic Analysis of Anasazi Skeletal Remains from Largo-Gallina Sites in Northwestern New Mexico," article by Christy G. Turner II, Jacqueline A. Turner, and Roger C. Green, 49:83

Taphonomic study of faunal assemblage at Gabasa 1, Spain, 53:183

Tapper, Richard, review of book by, 54:565

Tarahumara:  photohistory of, 53:476. See also Rarámuri

Tasaday, controversy about, 49:172

Tasaday Controversy, The: Assessing the Evidence, edited by Thomas N. Headland, review of, 49:172

Tashjian, Victoria, review of book by, 57:345

Taskiran, Harun, "The Anatolian Middle Paleolithic: New Research at Karain Cave," 51:287

Tattersall, I., review of book by, 53:91

Tawahka, folk knowledge among, 54:219

Taylor, Christopher C., review of book by, 57:102

Taylor, Lucien, review of book by, 56:274

Taylor, R.E., review of book edited by, 54:552

 Taylor, Talbot J, review of book by, 55:448

"Technological Adoption in Rural Cochabamba, Bolivia," article by Ricardo Godoy, Jonathan Morduch, and David Bravo, 54:351

Technological change: effect of, on timing of female reproductive events, 55:505; effect of, on women's fertility, 55:515; among Maya, 55:502

Technology: at Abric Romaní, 54:387; adoption of, in Bolivia, 54:351; anthropology of, 53:507; of Iberian Mesolithic, 56:26;  implications of, in prehistoric Southwest, 51:97; learning of, 57:369, 381, 407, 427, 451, 471; lithic, in Acheulian of India, 55:39; lithic, of Aurignacian in France, 57:253; lithic, of eastern and midwestern United States 52:244; lithic, of Federmessergruppen, 52:290; lithic, of Folsom, 57:251; lithic, at Karain Cave, Turkey, 51:287; lithic, of Later Stone Age in Congo Basin, 57:204; lithic, in Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Spain, 55:385; lithic, of Mesolithic, 52:243; lithic, of Mousterian, 52:241; lithic, at Vindija Cave, Croatia, 51:9; of Middle Paleolithic in Germany, 53:147; of Middle and Upper Paleolithic in Europe, variability in, 54:377; of Mousterian, 56:131; of Paleo-Indians in Patagonia, 53:223; of projectiles, 54:294; of Rarámuri, 54:299; of Upper Paleolithic in Spain, 53:497.  See also Ceramics; Lithics

Tedeschi, David, "Evolution and Culture Turf Wars: History, Mind, and/or Ecology?," 50:327

Tedlock, Barbara, "From Participant Observation to the Observation of Participation: The Emergence of Narrative Ethnography," 47:69

Tedlock, D. , ideas of speech, 47:296

Tello, Julio, 48:52

Temper, sourcing of, in prehistoric Southwest, 54:501

Templeman, Dennis, review of book by, 54:115

Tengan, Alexis B., review of book edited by, 57:346

Ten Years After: Adaptive Diversity and Southwestern Archaeology, by Steadman Upham, 50:155

Teotihuacán:  archaeology of, 52:526; influence of, on Kaminaljuyú, 56:547

Terrell, John Edward, book review by, 54:550, 57:235

"Testing the Nature of Teotihuacán Imperialism at Kaminaljuyú Using Phosphate Oxygen-Isotope Ratios," article by Christine D. White, Michael W. Spence, Fred J. Longstaffe, and Kimberley Law, 56:535

Tesucun, Felix Fernando, review of book by, 574

Texas:  Central, mortuary practices during Archaic in, 52:373; ethnohistory of, 54:199
Textiles:  industry of, in Israel, 57:225; among Rarámuri, 54:304.  See also Cordage

Texts:  colonial missionary, in Southwest, 50:51; presentation methods of, 53:104

Theory:  in anthropology, 57:229; in archaeology, 57:239

"Thirty Years of Mesolithic Research in Atlantic Coastal Iberia (1970-2000)," article by G.A. Clark, 56:17

Thomas, Julian, review of book by, 56:583

Thomas, Wesley, review of book edited by, 54:250

Thompson, J. Eric, 48:52

Thompson, Stephen I., book review by, 47:362

Thorne, Tanis C., review of book by, 54:114

Tierno, Philip, "Gut Morphology and the Avoidance of Carrion among Chimpanzees, Baboons, and Early Hominids," 56:477

Tikal, Guatemala, labor costs of architecture at, 51:372

Tilley, Christopher: review of book by, 53:499; review of book edited by, 53:260

Time:  allocation studies of hunter-gatherers, 56:305; management in Trinidad, 56:567

Time, Culture and Identity: An Interpretive Archaeology, by Julian Thomas, review of, 56:583

Timonen, Senni, review of book edited by, 52:365

Timucua Indians, ethnohistory of, 53:249

Tlingit Indians, ethnography of, 50:400

Tlingit Indians, The, by George Thornton Emmons, review of, 50:400

Tolland, Judith D., review of book edited by, 49:399

Tomasson, Richard F., book review by, 55:482

Tomczak, Paula, book review by, 54:235

Tonto Basin, Arizona, archaeology of, 54:435, 447, 461, 477, 497, 519

Tonto polychrome ceramics at Paquimé, 48:7

"Too Many Maya, Too Few Buildings: Investigating Construction Potential at Copán, Honduras," article by David Webster and Jennifer Kirker, 51:363

Tooby, John, review of book edited by, 53:100

Tool behavior: by earliest hominids and nonhuman primates, 47: 143; by Paranthropus, 47: 135.  See also Oldowan tools

Tools: comparison of use of, by monkeys and hunter-gatherers, 51:6; curation of, 52:259; of Federmessergruppen, 52:290; use of, by primates, 52:539; used for digging by monkeys, 51:1

Tools, Language, and Cognition in Human Evolution, edited by Kathleen R. Gibson and Tim Ingold, review of, 52:539

Toraja (Indonesia): and autonomous aspects of the self, 48:291; and concepts of self, 48:287

Torrence, Gaylord, review of book by, 52:233

Torres Strait, Cambridge expedition to, 56:279

"Towards an Archaeology of Architecture: Clues from a Modern Syrian Village," article by Kathryn A. Kamp, 49:293

"Tracking Zuni Gender and Leadership Roles across the Contact Period," article by Todd L. Howell, 51:125

Trade: of corrugated ceramics among Mimbres, 56:218; among hunter-gatherers, 49:55; and markets in Honduras, 54:219; in Papua New Guinea, 49:237; of silk in Iran, 57:10;1 in Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:203, 208. See also Exchange

"Trade and Cognition, Of: Markets and the Loss of Folk Knowledge among the Tawahka Indians of the Honduran Rain Forest," article by Ricardo Godoy, Nicholas Brokaw, David Wilkie, Daniel Colón, Adam Palermo, Susanne Lye, and Stanley Wei, 54:219

Tradition: versus modernity in Kenya, 54:178; in Spanish village, 54:558

Trans-Caucasus, Aurignacian in, 56:525

"Transformation of Use-Rights, The: A Comparison of Two Papua New Guinean Societies," article by Peter D. Dwyer and Monica Minnegal, 55:361

"Transformations of Gender and Caste Divisions of Labor in Rural Nepal:  Land, Hierarchy, and the Case of Untouchable Women," article by Mary M. Cameron, 51:215

Transitions: Pleistocene to Holocene in Australia and Papua New Guinea edited by Jim Allen and James F. O’Connell, review of, 53:97

Transpersonal experiences and fuzzy set theory, 49:25

Transportation in Guerrero, Mexico: 52:411; measuring costs of, 52:417; patterns of, and divergent development, 52:425; study of, in rural communities, 52:411

Traphagan, John W., "The Liminal Family: Return Migration and Intergenerational Conflict in Japan," 56:365

Travancore, Kerala State, India, prereform land-tenure system, 48:84

Triangulation, use of, in Welsh personhood study, 57:61

"Triangulation and Confirmation in the Study of Welsh Concepts of Personhood," article by Carol Trosset and Douglas Caulkins, 57:61

Tribes:  economy of, in precolonial Kenya, 50:249; ethnohistory of, in Near East, 54:565

Trinidad, time management in, 56:567

Trosset, Carol:  book review by, 49:180; "Triangulation and Confirmation in the Study of Welsh Concepts of Personhood," 57:61

Trou Magrite Fouilles, 1991-1992, Le: Résurrection d’un site classique en Wallonie, edited by Marcel Otte and Lawrence G. Straus, review of 53:95

Truth-claims, Dene Tha, and firsthand experience, 48:224

Tuareg:  elders’ household roles among, 57:291; elders’ ritual roles among, 57:283; festivals among, 57:285; food, eating, and body adornment among, 52:61; healing systems among, 54:147; inheritance among, 54:160; kinship among, 54:159; rites of passage among, 57:277; social reproduction among, 54:155; spirit possession and personhood among, 52:363

Turan, Mete, "Anthropology and Architecture," 52:355

Turkana: benefits and costs of marriage practices among, 54:40; bridewealth among, 54:23; marriage practices of, 54:19; pastoralism among, 54:21; statistical analysis of marriage among, 54:28; status of children among, 54:26

Turkey:  archaeology of, 55:598; Aurignacian in, 56:524; Paleolithic in, 51:287.  See also Karain Cave

Turner, Christy G. II:  review of book by, 55:607; "Taphonomic Analysis of Anasazi Skeletal Remains from Largo-Gallina Sites in Northwestern New Mexico," 49:83
 Turner, Edith, book review by, 55:588

Turner, Jacqueline A.:  review of book by, 55:607; "Taphonomic Analysis of Anasazi Skeletal Remains from Largo-Gallina Sites in Northwestern New Mexico," 49:83

Turner, Mark, "Evolution and Culture Turf Wars: History, Mind, and/or Ecology?," 50:327

Turner, Terence: "Human Rights, Human Difference: Anthropology’s Contribution to an Emancipatory Cultural Politics," 53:273; "Introduction: Universal Human Rights versus Cultural Relativity," 53:269

Turnover pulses in speciation, 52:4

Turquoise at Paquimé, 48:4

Tuvalu:  literacy on, 52:504.  See also Nukulaelae Atoll

"Twenty-Seven: A Case Study in Ejido Privatization in Mexico," article by David Yetman and Alberto Búrquez, 54:73

Two-Spirits, Native American, 54:250

Two-Spirit People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality, edited by Sue-Ellen Jacobs, Wesley Thomas, and Sabine Lang, review of, 54:250

Tyler, Stephen A.:  book review by, 50:94, 53:104, 54:115, 55:323, 56:277; critique of linguistics by, 47:292; ideas of ethnography, 47:302; ideas of speech, 47:296; and interpretive anthropology, 47:310, 316

Typology, use of, in Paleolithic studies, 54:377

Tyson, Rose A., review of book edited by, 54:235

Ubelaker, Douglas H. , review of book edited by, 49:169

Ulijaszek, S.J., review of book edited by, 55:284

Ulin, Robert C., review of book by, 54:102

Underhill, Anne P., book review by, 51:408

Understanding Complexity in the Prehistoric Southwest, edited by George J. Gumerman and Murray Gell Mann, review of, 53:489

Underwater archaeology, 57:233

Ungulates, ecology of, in Southwest, 49:139

Unions, labor, in United States, 53:31

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 53:269, 277, 293, 320, 350

United States: child rearing in, 55:554; class and social identity in, 54:1; and concepts of self, 48:287; eastern and midwestern, projectile points of, 52:244;  existence of social classes in, 57:41; high school reunions in, 55:494, 496; irrigation systems in, 50:197, 207; Japanese women in, 55:159; law of, and Native Americans, 55:590; lesbian families in, 54:571; Mexican borderlands of, 57:352; race and education in, 55:254;  refugees in, 54:262; and relational self, 48:289; unions in, 53:31

Universal human rights and cultural relativism, 53:269, 273, 293, 319, 349, 371

University of Arizona field school at Grasshopper Pueblo, 56:415

University of New Mexico: history of archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:49; and School of American Research, 48:61

"Unmarried Women of the Dhaula Dhar: Celibacy and Social Control in Northwest India," article by Peter Phillimore, 47:331

Untouchable women in Nepal, 51:215

Upham, Steadman:  review of book by, 47:98 ; "Ten Years After: Adaptive Diversity and Southwestern Archaeology," 50:155

Upper Paleolithic: in Belgium, 53:95; in Croatia, 51:9; in France, 53:93; in Holland, 53:262, in Spain, 53:497, 56:113

"Upper Paleolithic Occupation Levels and Late-Occurring Neandertal at Vindija Cave (Croatia) in the Context of Central Europe and the Balkans," article by Ivor Karavanic, 51:9

"Upper Paleolithic Transitions: Evidence from Organic Artifacts of Cantabrian Spain," article by Heather Stettler, 56:113

Urban, Greg, review of book edited by, 48:273

Urban society, development of, in Oaxaca, 53:255

Urquijo, Jesús Emilio González, review of book by, 53:497

Urton, Gary, review of book by, 55:150
Uruguay, archaeology of, 53:264

Uruk period in Mesopotamia, 56:594

Urupan, Michoacan, changing values in, 49:1

Use-rights to land, transformations of, in Papua New Guinea, 55:361

Uses of Style in Archeology, The, edited by Margaret Conkey and Christine Hastori, review of, 47:113

Utah, emigration to, 52:185

Utility and the curation concept, 52:269

Uto-Aztecan:  languages, 48:118.  See also Spirituality, Uto-Aztecan

Utopian communes:  and branch structure, 56:434; and charismatic leadership, 56:427

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