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Valdes, Lidio M., "Ecology and Ceramic Production in an Andean Community: A Reconsideration of the Evidence," 53:65

Valentine, Lisa Philips, review of book by, 52:510

Values, change in, in Mexico, 49:1

"Values under Siege in Mexico: Strategies for Sheltering Traditional Values from Change," article by Linda J. Hubbell, 49:1

Vansina, Jan, review of book edited by, 54:104

Vanuatu:  colonialism in, 55:594.  See also Ambae

Van Zandt, David E., review of book by, 49:175

Vaquero, Manuel, "Behavioral Complexity and Biocultural Change in Europe around Forty Thousand Years Ago," 54:373

Varenne, Hervé, book review by, 55:494

Varien, Mark D., review of book by, 57:244

Venezuela, ethnography in, 54:570

Verano, John W., review of book edited by, 49:169

Vermeersch, Pierre M., review of book edited by, 57:255

Vierra, Bradley J., review of book by, 52:243

View from Madisonville, The: Protohistoric Western Fort Ancient Interaction Patterns, by Penelope Ballard Drooker, review of, 56:259

Villa, Paola: "Middle Pleistocene Prehistory in Southwestern Europe: The State of Our Knowledge and Ignorance," 47:193; "Stone Tools in Carnivore Sites: The Case of Bois Roche," 56:187

Villagers: English, human biology of, 52:501; Irish, fishing by, 52:85; of Sierra de Gredos, Spain, 52:129

Villagers of the Sierra de Gredos: Transhumant Cattle-raisers in Central Spain, by William Kavanagh, review of, 52:129

Villages in Spain, 54:558

Vincent, Joan, book review by, 47:357

Vindija Cave, Croatia: comparison of assemblages at, with Central European and Balkan sites, 51:26; history of excavations at, 51:11; hominid remains from, 51:30; raw materials used at, 51:14; stone and bone industry of, 51:14; stratigraphy and chronology of, 51:12; Upper Paleolithic at, 51:9, 23

Vinitzky Seroussi, Vered, review of book by, 55:496

Vintages and Traditions: An Ethnohistory of Southwest France Wine Cooperatives, by Robert C. Ulin, review of, 54:102

Violence:  among Anasazi, 49:83; anthropology of, 50:367; as action, 50:373; concept of, 50:367, 370; in prehistoric Southwest, 55:607.  See also Fighting; Warfare

Virtual reality, text-based, social cues used in, 52:461

Visions, and dreams among Dene Tha, 48:220

Vitelli, Karen D., review of book edited by, 53:512

Vlcek, Emanuel, review of book by, 53:494

Vogel, Joseph O., review of book edited by, 281

Voodoo among Ewe, 55:322

"‘Voodoo Science’ and Common Sense: Ways of Knowing Old-Growth Forests," article by Theresa A. Satterfield, 53:443

Votive objects and fertility and birthing ritual, 48:153, 155. See also Cyprus, Chalcolithic

Vrba, Elisabeth S.: "Climate, Heterochrony, and Human Evolution," 52:1; review of book edited by, 53:114

Wales, concepts of personhood in, 57:61

Walker, Alan, review of book by, 52:375

Walker, Deward, Jr., review of book edited by, 55:309

Walker, William H., review of book edited by, 53:87

Walking Where We Lived: Memories of a Mono Indian Family, by Gaylen D. Lee, review of, 55:307

Wallace, Edwin R. IV, book review by, 52:507

Wallaert-Pêtre, Hélène, "Learning How to Make the Right Pots: Apprenticeship Strategies and Material Culture, a Case Study in Handmade Pottery from Cameroon," 57:471

Wallertheim, Germany:  archaeology of, 56:197; Middle Paleolithic archaeology of, 53:148

Walling, Stanley, L., book review by, 52:523, 54:423

Walsh, Kevin, review of book by, 49:406

Wandering Peoples: Colonialism, Ethnic Spaces, and Ecological Frontiers in Northwestern Mexico, 1700-1850, by Cynthia Radding, review of, 54:248

Wandering Villagers: Pit Structures, Mobility and Agriculture in Southeastern Arizona, by Patricia A. Gilman, review of, 54:275

War before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage, by Lawrence H. Keeley, review of, 53:505

War of Shadows: The Struggle for Utopia in the Peruvian Amazon, by Michael F. Brown and Eduardo Fernández, review article of, 49:393

Ward, Carol V., review of book edited by, 55:145

Warfare:  among Anasazi, 49:83; archaeology of, 53:505; in central interior California, 54:61; imagery in Southwestern rock art, 57:359; and male-biased sex ratios, 47:26; prehistoric, in Southwest, 56:411; in Western Gulf area of Texas, 54:207.  See also Fighting; Violence

Warner, Mark S., book review by, 53:260

Warrior, Shield and Star: Imagery and Ideology in Pueblo Warfare, by Polly Schaafsma, review of, 57:359

Washington Territory, imposition of U.S. law on Native Americans in, 55:590

Wason, Paul K., review of book by, 52:249

Watson, Graham: "Gold In; Gold Out: The Objectification of Dene Tha Accounts of Dreams and Visions," 48:215; "A Reply to David Francis," 50:109

Watts, Linda K., "Zuni Family Ties and Household-Group Values: A Revisionist Cultural Model of Zuni Social Organization," 53:17

Way of the Pathans, The, by James W. Spain, review of, 55:166

Way the World Is, The: Cultural Processes and Social Relations among the Mombasa Swahili, by Marc J. Swartz, review of, 49:182

"Ways of Knowing: Towards a Narrative Ethnography of Experiences among the Dene Tha," article by Jean-Guy Goulet, 50:113

Weaving Identities: Construction of Dress and Self in a Highland Guatemala Town, by Carol Hendrickson, review of 53:106

Weaving in Guatemala, 53:106

Webb, Stephen, review of book by, 52:237

Webster, David, "Too Many Maya, Too Few Buildings: Investigating Construction Potential at Copán, Honduras," 51:363

"Wedding of Calm and Wedding of Noise: Aging Performed and Aging Misquoted in Tuareg Rites of Passage," article by Susan J. Rasmussen, 57:277

Weeks, John M.: review of book by, 54:425; review of book edited by, 54:423

Wegner, Josef W., book review by, 53:491

Wei, Stanley, "Of Trade and Cognition: Markets and the Loss of Folk Knowledge among the Tawahka Indians of the Honduran Rain Forest," 54:219

Weisfeld, Glenn, review of book by, 56:559

Weiss, Jeffrey, review of book by, 55:328

Weiss, Kenneth M., book review by, 49:169

Wendorf, F., review of book edited by, 56:131

Werner, Oswald, book review by, 55:479

West: orientation of self in, 53:405

West Indies:  archaeology of, 56:418.  See also Caribbean

Westergaard, Gregory Charles, "The Production and Use of Digging Tools by Monkeys: A Nonhuman Primate Model of a Hominid Subsistence Strategy," 51:1

Westermarck effect: 51:347, 52:368; and Mountain Arapesh, 51:348

Western civilization, social construction of, 52:516

Whalsay, Shetland, and long-term fieldwork, 48:339

"What’s in a Name?  The Consequences of Violating Brazilian Emic Color-Race Categories in Estimates of Social Well-Being," article by Bryan Byrne, Marvin Harris, Josildeth Gomes Consort, and Joseph Lang, 51:389

Whelan, Mary K., book review by, 54:136

"When the Salmon Comes: The Politics of Summer Fishing in an Irish Community," article by Adrian Peace, 52:85

"Whence and Whither Paleoanthropology: By Way of Introduction," article by Lawrence Guy Straus, 47:125

Whistler, Kenneth, and Wintun invasion in California, 48:322

White, Christine D.: "Intensive Agriculture, Social Status, and Maya Diet at Pactibun, Belize," 49:347;  review of book edited by, 56:397; "Testing the Nature of Teotihuacán Imperialism at Kaminaljuyú Using Phosphate Oxygen-Isotope Ratios," 56:535

White, Nancy Marie, review of book edited by, 56:402

White, Richard, review of book by, 49:283

White Hat, Albert, Sr., review of book by, 56:564

Whiteley, Peter M., review of book by, 55:476

Whites, Southern, and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:408

Whittlesey, Stephanie, review of book by, 56:415

"Who Made the Oldowan Tools?  Fossil Evidence for Tool Behavior in Plio-Pleistocene Hominids," article by Randall L. Susman, 47:129

Who Needs the Past?  Indigenous Values and Archaeology, edited by Richard Layton, review of 52:541

"Why Is a Kiva?  New Interpretations of Prehistoric Social Integrative Architecture in the Northern Rio Grande Region of New Mexico," article by Michael Adler, 49:319

"Why the Oldowan?  Plio-Pleistocene Toolmaking and the Transport of Resources," article by Richard Potts, 47:153

Wicks, Robert S., review of book by, 56:400

Widows among Maragoli: coping strategies of, 54:190; inheritance of, 54:173, 180, 181

"Widow Inheritance among the Maragoli of Western Kenya," article by Edwins Laban Moogi Gwako, 54:173

Wilcox, David R., review of book edited by, 53:246

Wilk, Richard R., review of book by, 48:269

Wilkie, David, "Of Trade and Cognition: Markets and the Loss of Folk Knowledge among the Tawahka Indians of the Honduran Rain Forest," 54:219

Willermet, C.M., review of book edited by, 555

Williams, Lorin, and Lower Coquille language and culture, 48:169

Williams, Mark, book review by, 53:102

Williamsburg, Colonial, critique of, 54:273

Willie Handcart Company, 52:185

Wills, W.H., "The Origins of Southwestern Ceramic Containers: Women’s Time Allocation and Economic Intensification," 51:173

Wilmsen, Edwin N., review of book by, 47:95

Wilson, David J., review of book by, 57:97

Wilson, Michael C., review of book edited by, 53:481

Wine cooperatives in France, 54:102

Wing, Elisabeth S., review of book by, 55:612

Wintun invasion in California: and archaeological linguistics, 48:322; and Kenneth Whistler, 48:322

Wisdom of the Bones, The: In Search of Human Origins, by Alan Walker and Pat Shipman, review of, 52:375

Witchcraft, modern, studies of, 52:225

"Without Nation, Without Community: The Growth of Maya Nationalism among Ch’orti’s of Eastern Guatemala," article by Brent Metz, 54:325

Wittfogel, Karl: critiques of, 50:192; theories of, 50:187

"Wittfogel’s Neglected Hydraulic/Hydroagricultural Distinction," article by David H. Price, 50:187

Wola: kinship groups among, 55:334; land and identity among, 55:348; land tenure among, 55:331, 336; politics among, 55:350; social status and garden productivity among, 49:237

Wolf, Arthur P., review of book by, 52:368

Wolpoff, Milford H., book review by, 57:367

Women:  archaeologists in the Southeast, 56:402; behavior norms of, in Nepal, 51:227; and bullfighting in Spain, 54:560; caste division of labor among, in Nepal, 51:215, 221, 230; changing roles of, in Oaxaca, 55:99, 117; and craft production at Zuni, 51:149; economic power of, in Nepal, 51:238; effect of environmental degradation on, in northwestern Mexico, 57:111; employment of, in Mexico, 49:1; ethnography of, in Sarawak, Malaysia, 57:151; farming by, in Ondo State, Nigeria, 50:311; foraging patterns of, among !Kung San and Hadza, 50:217; genital mutilation of, 53:55, 361; groups among, in Middle East, 55:155; and herbal healing among Tuareg, 54:147; and Hollywood movie-making business, 47:436; in human evolution, 54:144; and human rights, 53:328, 349; inheritance patterns of, in Korea, 51:330; Japanese, in United States, 55:159; in kibbutzim, 52:364; and kinship in Asia, 55:164; laments of, in Greek literature, 52:227; land tenure strategies of, in Somalia, 51:193, 202; marriage of, among Turkana, 54:19; and the Native American Church among Navajo, 51:69; nutritional burden of, and food avoidances in Ituri Forest, 50:286; position of, in central interior California, 54:49; public roles of, in Gurupá, Brazil, 51:263; power of, among Khmer, 51:255; research on, in archaeology, 54:136, 142; roles of, among Asante, 57:345;  roles of, in prehistoric Southwest, 51:91, 103, 125, 173; rural, in Java, 50:92; and s*dhins in Kangra, 47:342; in Spanish Caribbean colonies, 52:149; status of, in Himalayas, 47:331, 343; status of, among Ibibio, 53:428; status of, in India, 47:331; as students at UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:56; studies of, 53:242; time allocation of, and economic intensification in prehistoric Southwest, 51:173; widowhood of, among Maragoli, 54:173

Women and Bullfighting: Gender, Sex, and the Consumption of Tradition, by Sarah Pink, review of, 54:560

"Women Farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria," article by Ade Ademola, 50:311

Women and Kinship: Comparative Perspectives on Gender in South and South-East Asia, by Leela Dube, review of, 55:164

"Women, Minorities, and Indigenous Peoples: Universalism and Cultural Relativity," article by Carole Nagengast, 53:349

"Women’s Labor, Fertility, and the Introduction of Modern Technology in a Rural Maya Village," article by Karen L. Kramer and Garnett P. McMillan, 54:499

Woodlands, Eastern, archaeology of, 56:258, 406

Woosley, Anne I.:  book review by, 56:400; review of book by, 54:132

Work:  culture of, in the Israeli textile industry, 57:225; among hunter-gatherers, 56:305, 312.  See also Labor

Word, Sound, Image: The Life of the Tamil Text, by Saskia Kersenboom, review of, 53:105

Work as Art: Idaho Logging as an Aesthetic Moment, by Charlene James-Duguid, review of, 53:467

World systems:  and civilization, 52:543; model, archaeological applications of, 56:594

Wright, Rita P., review of book edited by, 54:136, 55:461

Wright, Tim, review of book edited by, 55:169

Writing:  of aphasia sufferers, 47:297; Indus script, 54:549

Wu, Xinzhi, review of book by, 52:536

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