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Xilixana Yanomami of the Amazon, The: Social Structure and Population Dynamics, by John D. Early and John F. Peters, review of, 57:219

Yabrudian Mousterian assemblages: 47:244; compared to Zagros, 47:247; and Zagros, Quina, and Ferrassie, 47:250.  See also Mousterian assemblages

Yakuts. See Yokoch

Yalcinkaya, Isin, "The Anatolian Middle Paleolithic: New Research at Karain Cave," 51:287

Yanomami:  ethnography of, 51:187, 57:219; patterns of fighting among, 55:571

Yanomamo, 4th ed., by Napoleon Chagnon, review of, 51:187

Yap Islands, kinship on, 53:1

Yemen:  sport as ritual event in, 56:457; symbolic role of sport in, 56:461; unification of, 56:454; unifying role of sport in, 56:462

Yetman, David, "Twenty-Seven: A Case Study in Ejido Privatization in Mexico," 54:73

Yokoch: gender and authority among, 54:49; hunting among, 54:60; men's specializations among, 54:59; residence patterns among, 54:52; sociopolitical structure of, 54:50; warfare among, 54:60; women's specializations among, 54:55

"Youth culture" in Berkeley and Hortense Powdermaker, 47:458

Young, Lisa C.:  book review by, 54:130; "Lithics and Adaptive Diversity: An Examination of Limited-Activity Sites in Northeastern Arizona," 50:141; "Logistic Mobility and Expedient Technology: A Response to Sullivan," 50:165

Yu, Pei-Lin, review of book by, 54:570

Yucatán, archaeology of, 52:317

Yukon Territory, storytelling in, 56:268

Yurok Indians:  historical interpretations of music of, 48:33; and A. L. Kroeber, 48:26, 33; modern ritual music and related monophonic styles, 48:39; musical styles, 48:27; music of, and Hupa and Karok Indians, 48:26; music of, and religious complex of northern hunters, 48:36; songs of animals and spirit-persons, 48:40. See also Hupa Indians; Karok Indians

Zagros Mountains:  Aurignacian in, 56:527; Mousterian in, 47:242

Zaire. See Ituri Forest

Zambia: Hortense Powdermaker's fieldwork in, 47:441; urban family life in, 47:442

Zapotec Civilization: How Urban Society Evolved in Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley, by Joyce Marcus and Kent V. Flannery, review of, 53:255

Zapotecs, archaeology of, 53:255

Zechenter, Elizabeth M., "In the Name of Culture: Cultural Relativism and the Abuse of the Individual," 53:319

Zedeño, María Neves, "Defining Material Correlates for Ceramic Circulation in the Prehistoric Puebloan Southwest," 54:461

Zegura, Stephen L., book review by, 56:560

Zéphir, Flore, review of book by, 53:116

Zhoukoudian, archaeology of, 52:536

Zimmerman, Francis, The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats, and "Jungle" in Pakistan, 48:232, 234, 240, 245

Zimmerman, James F. : and Edgar L. Hewett, 48:50; and UNM archaeological field school in Chaco Canyon, 48:62

Zimmerman, Larry , review of book edited by, 54:562

Zooarchaeology, 55:612

Zooarchaeology, by Elizabeth J. Reitz, and Elisabeth S. Wing, review of, 55:612

Zuni:  archaeology of, 52:125; architecture and society of, 54:128; ceremonial integration at, 53:23; craft production at, 51:149; culture change at, 53:25; gender and leadership roles at, during contact period, 51:125; history of, 51:127; political integration at, 53:23; role structure at, 53:22; social organization of, 53:17, 525

"Zuni Family Ties and Household-Group Values: A Revisionist Cultural Model of Zuni Social Organization," article by Linda K. Watts, 53:17

Zvelebil, Marek, "Genetic and Cultural Diversity of Europe: A Comment on Cavalli-Sforza," 54:411

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