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60-Year Publication Statistics

In 1975, Editor James Spuhler and Co-Editors Lewis Binford, Alfonso Ortiz, and Bernard Spolsky tabulated SWJA/JAR articles by anthropological fields and regions for the first 30 years of publication. As the Journal reaches its 60th Anniversary, we have done a similar tabulation. The analysis was done by Lisa Pacheco, the graduate student editorial assistant. As the following tables show, the Journal publishes in all fields but with ethnology and archeology always dominant, though fluctuating in their relative importance. Despite their minority position in the statistics, linguistic and physical anthropology articles continue to be important and the Journal remains committed to publishing in these fields. The Journal's tradition of U.S. Southwestern subjects continues to be strong, but there is again increasing authorship by non-U.S. scholars. What the tables do not show is that book reviews have become more numerous and articles have grown longer in recent years.

  Archeology Physical Anthropology Ethnology Linguistic Anthropology Total
1945-1954 59 14 175 38 286
1955-1964 45 7 213 29 294
1965-1974 15 4 176 15 210
1975-1984 39 17 179 26 261
1985-1994 55 1 133 18 207
1995-present 71 9 104 5 189
Total 284 52 980 131  


  SW Themes Authors w/non-U.S. addresses
1945-1954 41 47
1955-1964 18 66
1965-1974 13 19
1975-1984 18 58
1985-1994 31 38
1995-present 26 56


39.2 New World Ethnohistory (Summer 1983)
40.1 40th Anniversary Issue
41.2 Language and Poetics
42.3 Approaches to Culture & Society: Selected Articles 1945-85
43.4 Critiques and Responses
45.1 University of New Mexico Centennial 1889-1989
45.4 Navajo Ethnology (Guest Editor: Louise Lamphere)
47.2 A Quarter Century of Paleoanthropology: Views from the U.S.A. (Guest Editor: Lawrence Guy Straus)
47.4 The Legacy of Hortense Powdermaker (Guest Editor: Jill B.R. Cherneff)
51.2 The Archaeology of Gender in the American Southwest (Guest Editor: Katherine A. Spielmann)
53.3 Universal Human Rights Versus Cultural Relativity (Guest Editors: Terence Turner and Carole Nagengast)
54.4 Anthropological Interpretations from Archaeological Ceramic Studies in the U.S. Southwest
        (Guest Editors: Arleyn W. Simon and James H. Burton)
56.1 An American Stone Age Spain: Homenaje de sus Prof. L.G. Freeman
57.4 Learning and Craft Production (Guest Editors: C. Jill Milnar and Patricia Crown)


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