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Volume 71, No. 2

Coastal Resource Foraging, Life Satisfaction, and Well-Being in Southeastern Puerto Rico
Carlos G. García-Quijano, John J. Poggie, Ana Pichon, and Miguel H. Del Pozo

Chiefs, Moral Imperatives, and the Specter of Class in Fiji
Carmen M. White

The “Philistine Tomb” at Tel’Eton: Culture Contact, Colonialism, and Local Responses to the Iron Age Shephelah, Israel
Avraham Faust

Ancient Use of Coca Leaves in The Peruvian Central Highlands
Lidio M. Valdez, Juan Taboada, and J. Ernesto Valdez

Volume 71, No. 3

What Were Ancient Maya Landscapes Really Like?
Wendy Ashmore

New California Uto-Aztecan: Chronological and Cultural Coherence in the Evaluation of Evidence for Prehistoric Language Contact
Jane H. Hill

The Origins and Reinvention of Shamanic Retaliation in a Siberian City (Tuva Republic, Russia)
Konstantinos Zorbas

Indices of Household Maize Beer Production in the Andes: An Ethnoarchaeological Investigation
Bradley J. Parker and Wes McCool



Department of Anthropology