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Volume 70, No. 2

From Collective Villages to Private Ownership: Ujamaa, Tamaa, and the Postsocialist Transformation of Peri-Urban Dar es Salaam
Geoffrey Ross Owens

Where To and What For? Mobility Patterns and the Management of Lithic Resources by Gravettian Hunter-Gatherers in the Western Pyrenees
Alvaro Arrizabalaga, Aitor Calvo, Irantzu Elorrieta, Jesus Tapia, and Andoni Tarrino

Corruption among Indigenous Cultures: Understanding the Universalism-Particularism Puzzle
Bo Rothstein and Davide Torsello

The Veneration of Womb Tombs: Body-based Rituals and Politics at Mary’s Tomb and Maqam al-Hijja
Nurit Stadler and Nimrod Luz

Volume 70, No. 3

XXXVIII JAR Distinguished Lecture
A New Kind of Ancestor: New Light on the Origins of the Human Clade
C. Owen Lovejoy



Department of Anthropology