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Volume 70, No. 3

XXXVIII JAR Distinguished Lecture
Ardipithecus and Earliest Human Evolution in Light of 21st Century Developmental Biology
C. Owen Lovejoy

DIF’G’ONE and Semiotic Calquing: A Signography of the Linguistic Landscape of the Navajo Nation
Anthony K. Webster

Cultural Importance of Two Lifestyle Sub-Domains (Education & Professional Life and Intimate & Family Relationships) in Croatian Youth: Significance for Holistic Anthropological Research.
Lana Peternel, Ana Malnar, and Irena Martinović Klarić

Wartime Anthropology, Nationalism, and ‘Race’ in Margaret Mead’s And Keep Your Powder Dry
Anthony Q. Hazard

Volume 70, No. 4

Peripheral Elite as Imperial Collaborators
Craig Tyson

Reconceptualizing the Landscape: Changing Patterns of Land Use among a Coalescent Culture
Nathan Lawres



Department of Anthropology