Updated 03-Jun-2024 = Copyright (c) 2024 Corvairs of New Mexico ================================= NEWS ITEMS OF CORVAIR CLUB DOINGS ================================= =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CNM: JUN 19 WEDNESDAY : 7:00 PM Board Meeting -- ZOOM CAR COUNCIL: JUN 26 WEDNESDAY : 7:00 PM Meeting: Manzano Mesa Senior Center CNM: JUL 06 SATURDAY : 10:00 AM Meeting: Highland Senior Center CAR COUNCIL JUL 07 SUNDAY : x:xx AM NMCCC Collector Car Appreciation Day CNM: JUL 17 WEDNESDAY : 7:00 PM Board Meeting -- ZOOM CAR COUNCIL: JUL 24 WEDNESDAY : 7:00 PM Meeting: Manzano Mesa Senior Center CNM: AUG 03 SATURDAY : 10:00 AM Meeting: Highland Senior Center CAR COUNCIL: AUG 28 WEDNESDAY : 7:00 PM Meeting: Manzano Mesa Senior Center CNM: SEP 07 SATURDAY : 10:00 AM Meeting: Highland Senior Center CNM: xxx xx SATURDAY : 9:00 AM Old Route 66 Cleanup / ROOTS FARM CAFE after cleanup =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// NEW MEMBERS Welcome new member DAVID PIERRE who joined in June. Information on Corvairs owned not yet available. Welcome new members KAREN & MIKE PIPER who joined in June. Mike is the president of the PIKES PEAK club and owns three Corvairs. Welcome new members KATIE & CLIFTON TRUJILLO who joined in July. Clifton's Corvair is a 1960. Welcome new member IRV BROCK who joined in August. Irv's Corvair has a recently rebuilt 102-HP engine. Welcome new member TROY WARD who joined in July. Tony has a 1963 Spyder Coupe, with modifications. Welcome new member MICHAEL HUGHES who joined in July. Michael has a 1963 Aqua Azure Monza convertible. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SEPTEMBER 1st WEDNESDAY -- RAIL RUNNER EXCURSION == Round Trip on the Rail Runner between Santa Fe and Belen. == Several members attended and Vickie provided photos. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CNM EAST MOUNTAINS ECONORUN - SATURDAY JUNE 19th AT 10:00 AM We brought our rides to the Shell station and had a nice drive. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CNM APRIL MEETING - SATURDAY APRIL 3rd AT 10:00 AM The Saturday April 3rd meeting happened at 10:00 AM as scheduled. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CNM MEETING, DECEMBER 5th, CANCELLED Cancel General Meeting due to the CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 pandemic Cancel Christmas Party due to the CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 pandemic =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// BOARD MEETING, OCTOBER 21 A ZOOM meeting was scheduled but did not happen due to technical difficulties. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SMALL SHOW, TWO CORVAIRS, OCTOBER 17 Early coffee run 10/17 & Route 66 Coffee in Edgewood. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// OCTOBER 3rd MEETING AT THE SAWMILL MARKET AT 9:00 AM About 20 members met. Pleasant location. Food was good. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SEPTEMBER 5th MEETING AT MARIPOSA PARK, TAYLOR RANCH We met at 10:00 AM at Mariposa Basin Park, Taylor Ranch. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// AUGUST 1st MEETING AT MARIPOSA PARK, TAYLOR RANCH We met at 10:00 AM at Mariposa Basin Park, Taylor Ranch. We gained a new member, Gregory Nelson, who owns a 1964 Monza. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// JULY BOARD MEETING VIA ZOOM We met via ZOOM at 7:00 PM on Wednesday July 15th. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// JULY 4th MEETING AT MARIPOSA PARK, TAYLOR RANCH We met at 9:00 AM at Mariposa Basin Park - 14 people and 5 Corvairs. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// MEMORIAL DAY TILE CEREMONY FOR CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO The memorial tile honoring BILL REIDER and JOHN WIKER, and purchased by Corvairs of New Mexico members Pittman, Gold, Sutt, Huntoon, and Gongora has been installed at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial park, 1100 Louisisana SE. There was a brief unveiling ceremony at 0900 [9:00 AM] on Monday May 25, 2020, which is Memorial Day. There were no other ceremonies planned for Monday, so we were relatively alone. This was a real get-together, not a virtual one. There were breakfast burritos, donuts, coffee, and juice. We wore face masks, honored the six-foot social distancing rule, and there were six Corvairs. We started promptly at 9 AM. The program was: * Pledge of Allegiance * Remarks: Larry Blair * Psalm 91 "The Soldier's Psalm: Larry Blair * TAPS: Russ McDuffie * Unveiling of Commemorative Tile: Lee Reider and Anne Wiker * Breakfast Thanks to all who attended! =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SPEEDING DURING CORONAVIRUS SHUTDOWN My feeling that with fewer cars on the streets, driving had become even more dangerous during the pandemic appears to be vindicated: REFERENCE: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52753925 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// MUSEUM CAR SHOW From: Joyce Clements [ joyce @ nmcarcouncil.com ] Sent: Monday, May 11, 2020 5:45 PM In case you have not heard, the May 17 date for the Museum Car Show is cancelled by the City. It may happen in August -IF- we are allowed. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CNM and CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 This year's Tri-State is CANCELLED and rescheduled for next year. - David Allin =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ANNIVERSARY PARTY - 7 MARCH 2020 The regular meeting was held and we transitioned into the Anniversary Party. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SPECIAL NEWSLETTER "REMEMBERING BILL REIDER" Special edition of ENCHANTED CORVAIRS NEWSLETTER to remember Bill Reider. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CHRISTMAS PARTY 14-DEC-2019 Another very nice Christmas Lunch and party at Copper Canyon Cafe on Gibson SE. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ALBUQUERQUE INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA - SUNDAY 6-OCT-2019 At least two Corvairs showed up. Thanks, Larry Blair & Terry Price. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// STATE FAIR CAR SHOW - SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th Eight Corvairs showed up. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// JUNE 8 - CNM BREAKFAST The June Club Breakfast was at HELLO DELI. Incredible gathering of exotic cars. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// THE ALAMOSA TRI-STATE - MAY 17-18-19 The Alamosa Tri-State was another great one. Thanks to Ed Halpin for statistics. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ALBUQUERQUE MUSEUM CAR SHOW The Museum Car Show was another great one and Sara Gold attended. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// TUNA AT VICKIE & PAT HALL'S HOME - 20-APR-2019 A great TUNA with several members and several Corvairs - plus barbecue! =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// RESULTS OF SURVEYS The 2018 survey produced many responses. Some of the suggestions were acted on immediately. Maybe we will discuss others later. In 2008 a survey was conducted. There were so few responses that the results were never published. Go to "CNM History" and click on "RESULTS OF SURVEYS" for reports. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// OUR 45th ANNIVERSARY PARTY - 16 MARCH 2019 - COPPER CANYON CAFE =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - John Wiker =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// EMAIL FROM PHIL FINCH - RICHARD FINCH'S CORVAIRS =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// THE IKE MEISSNER AWARD FOR 2019 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// NEWS ON THE 2019 TRI-STATE - ALAMOSA, COLORADO =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// BREAKFAST AT MONROE'S =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// NEW MEETING PLACE, DATE, TIME At our January meeting we decided to change our meeting times and location. * Regular meetings: Highland Senior Center on First Saturdays at 10:00 AM. * Board meetings: Highland Senior Center on Third Wednesdays at 5:00 PM. Highland Senior Center is located at 131 Monroe NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CNM CONSTITUTION A question has come up about amendments to our Constitution. For reference, a history of our two Constitutions, compiled from published newsletters, has been appended to the text of the CNM Constitution on this web page. We approved our first formal Constitution in 1976 when the club was two years old. We drafted and approved a new one in 2004 when the club was 30 years old. If you have not read the 2004 Constitution lately, you might do so and see how we thought the club should operate at that time. =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SPECIAL ELECTION OF OFFICERS, 5 DECEMBER 2018 We elected: PRESIDENT: Dave Allin VICE-PRESIDENT: David Huntoon CO-SECRETARIES: Kay Sutt & Linda Soukup TREASURER: Steve Gongora We amended the Constitution to change dates and times of meetings: "Section IV. Meetings: was amended to read: 1. CNM Membership meetings will be held once each calendar month at a date, time and location approved by a majority of the membership. 2. CNM BoD meetings will be held at a date, time and location approved by a majority vote of the BoD. We discussed a survey to be sent to the membership (and recently inactive former members) soon to determine current preferences of the members. Information on the meeting held on November 25th is available here:
  • Reorganization Meeting Notes =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// TRAUMA IN OUR CORVAIR FAMILY - JIM & HEULA PITTMAN The "Reorganization Meeting" was held at the Pittman residence Sunday NOV 25. Twenty people attended: ALLIN, Dave BERBIG, Tony BLAIR, Larry EDESKUTY, Fred GONGORA, Rita & Steve HALL, Vickie & Pat HUNTOON, Dave LUBERT, Lube PITTMAN, Heula & Jim PRICE, Terry ROGERS, LeRoy SOUKUP, Linda STICKLER, Brenda SUTT, Kay & Tarmo TRUJILLO, Ray WIKER, John We discussed several ideas for how the club should continue into the future. We discussed officers and several suggestions were made for a slate of nominees. We will elect officers at the Wednesday December 5th regular meeting. The club will proceed from there. Changes will be discussed and implemented. See notes from the meeting here:
  • Reorganization Meeting Notes =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// BINGO / AUCTION / POTLUCK === 9 NOV 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CELEBRATION OF LIFE - RUTH BOYDSTON - November 1st, 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ROAD RALLY / ECONOMY RUN IN EAST MOUNTAINS - SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// NEW MEETING PLACE - GALLES CHEVROLET - WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 3rd =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// THE STATE FAIR CAR SHOW == SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ACTION RESULTS - JOHN WIKER - 09-AUG-2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CAR COUNCIL PICNIC - LOCATION: CORONADO CAMPING AREA - 12-AUG-2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST MEETING - MONROE'S RESTAURANT - SATURDAY, JULY 14th =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// TRI-STATE = CRESTED BUTTE = COLORADO === 8-10 JUNE 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST === 14 APRIL 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// OLD ROUTE 66 CLEANUP === SATURDAY 07 APR 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// OUR 44th ANNIVERSARY DINNER === 10 MARCH 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SURVEY OF EMAIL AND NEWSLETTER PRINTING =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST WITH VMCCA MOTOR CAR CLUB === 13 JANUARY 2018 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CHRISTMAS PARTY === 9 DECEMBER 2017 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ECONO-RUN, EAST MOUNTAINS === 14 OCTOBER 2017 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// STATE FAIR CAR SHOW === 17 SEPTEMBER 2017 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// NMCCC ALL CLUBS PICNIC - OAK FLATS PICNIC AREA === 13 AUGUST 2017 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CARAVAN TO OLDE TYME ICE CREAM SHOP === 5 AUGUST 2017 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ALBUQUERQUE MUSEUM / CAR COUNCIL CAR SHOW =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST AT MONROE'S ON OSUNA === 15 APRIL 2017 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// OUR 43rd ANNIVERSARY LUNCH === 11 MARCH 2017 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB LUNCH AT "RIBS" IN CEDAR CREST === 15 OCTOBER 2016 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// SANTA FE CONCORSO === 24 SEPTEMBER 2016 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// THE STATE FAIR CAR SHOW FOR 2016 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CAR COUNCIL PICNIC === 14 AUGUST 2016 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CNM BREAKFAST AT CENTRAL GRILL, 2056 CENTRAL SW === 9 JULY 2016 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// FOURTH OF JULY IN SANTA FE 2016 - STEVE AND RITA GONGORA =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// OUR 42nd ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION == 12-MAR-2016 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// GARAGE TOUR TO UNSER MUSEUM == 6-FEB-2016 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CHRISTMAS PARTY == 5-DEC-2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// BINGO / AUCTION / POTLUCK == 7-NOV-2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST AT THE NEW YORKEN == 24-OCT-2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// 20TH ANNIVERSARY STATE FAIR CAR SHOW == 2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CAR COUNCIL PICNIC == 9-AUG-2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ALBUQUERQUE MUSEUM CAR SHOW == 2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// TOUR TO GRANTS, NEW MEXICO == 25-APR-2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// FIRST TRASH PICKUP OF 2015 ON OUR MILE OF OLD ROUTE 66 == 11-APR-2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// NEW MEMBERS CAROL & LARRY HAYNES =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// WENDY WALKER'S CELEBRATION OF LIFE - FEBRUARY 2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST - DOUGH-RE-MI BAKERY - EDGEWOOD, NM - JANUARY 2015 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// 2014 CHRISTMAS PARTY AT HIGHLAND =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// DINNER WITH MARY LOU & MARK MARTINEK - OCTOBER 2014 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// JULY CLUB BREAKFAST - JIMMY'S CAFE - JULY 19, 2014 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST - CEDAR CREST - GREEN SIDE CAFE - JUNE 14, 2014 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST IN SANTA FE, SATURDAY, 12 APRIL 2014 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ANNIVERSARY PARTY 2014 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// WENDELL WALKER 95th BIRTHDAY PARTY FEBRUARY 9, 2014 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST AT HENRIETTA'S IN LOS LUNAS - JANUARY 2014 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// 2013 CHRISTMAS PARTY AT ROPER'S RESTAURANT =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST AT PLACITAS CAFE - OCTOBER 26, 2013 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// VISITORS IN SEPTEMBER 2013 - KAREN & CLAYBORNE SOUZA =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// CLUB BREAKFAST AT THE "T.A. TRUCK STOP" ON MENAUL, JULY 20, 2013 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// MARY LOU & MARK MARTINEK VISIT, APRIL 10, 2013 =*=*/===/*=*/***=/*=/**/*=*/***//===/**=*//=*/*/*==//==/*/=**=/**/=*=*/===// ************************ ************************ OBITUARIES: ROBERT GARRECHT JULIA VERTREES SYLVAN ZUERCHER WALTER HUNTOON HECTOR GONGORA GAYLE FINCH CHARLES VERTREES RUTH GOODMAN KONSTANTIN SUTT JOEL NASH ROSSIE MORRIS ROGER PAPE MIKE STICKLER OLLIE SCHEFLOW MARYALICE SCHEFLOW CARL B. JOHNSON HURLEY WILVERT RICHARD FINCH JOAN WILSHIRE JOHN WIKER BILL REIDER DENNIS PLEAU DAVID NEALE BILL DARCY VICKIE HALL JERRY GOFFE ************************ ************************ ROBERT GARRECHT Robert E. Garrecht, Jr., 57, passed away suddenly Wednesday, September 29, 2010. He was born August 9, 1953 in Waco, TX. Rob lived in New York until the age of 10, he then moved to Albuquerque with his family. His love of race cars and racing kept him busy in his free time. He also rebuilt and has shown classic cars. Rob and the love of his life Wibke Eifert Roybal were married May 14, 1988. He is survived by his wife, Wibke; parents, Bob and Pat Garrecht; brother, Gregory, Beate and grandchildren; as well as many cousins, aunts and uncles. As a youngster, he was in Boy Scouts, t-ball, ice hockey, tennis, and golf. He attended UNM before enlisting in the USAF for a short time. He returned to UNM with a major in computer science, engineering and photography. He then became manager in the family business (BGSI) until the present. He and Wibke loved to travel with much time spent in Maui and whale watching. Cremation has taken place. A memorial service was held Friday, October 15, 2010, 11:00 AM, at French - University Chapel. ************************ ************************ JULIA VERTREES Julia R. Vertrees: March 11, 1929 - October 17, 2010. "Julie"- a loving wife and mother, quietly strong and unflappable, clever and quick to laugh, a woman of deep faith... our Rock... to whom we are forever thankful. We celebrate her life. Some say she was originally from Brooklyn, New York yet, having arrived mysteriously in New Mexico in the late 40's, a Roswell connection has been confirmed. Settling in Albuquerque she shaped the lives of those around her. An extraordinary woman in an "ordinary" life, she met a good looking guy while hiking in the Sandias, married him, raised a family, taught first aide, led Girl Scouts (selling tons of cookies), cross-country skied, and traveled the world with "Bud". With kids grown and a return to college behind her she became a "late in life" accountant, yet she always knew the true value of love and family and how to touch lives. She will be dearly missed by the love of her life, best friend, and beloved husband of 61 years, Charles E. "Bud" Vertrees. And by the "Thundering Herd" whose diapers she changed and noses she wiped, Julia E., Charles W., Patricia, Joseph, and Sylvia, along with their four spouses, Greg, Jan, Janet, and Jim... grandchildren Jennifer, Janice, Brian, Christina, Joey, and Sarah and six great-grandchildren. She was lovingly greeted, just across the river, by Gilbert and David (keep them in line mom). Though apart for now, we know we will all be together again in the sweet by and by. Until we meet again... Godspeed. A Memorial Service was held Thursday, October 21, 2010, 3:00 p.m., at Christ United Methodist Church, 6200 Gibson Blvd. SE. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations to the Christ United Methodist Church Missions Fund, 6200 Gibson Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108, 505-255-1669. ************************ ************************ SYLVAN ZUERCHER Sylvan Zuercher died on Wednesday evening, November 24, 2010 at the VistaCare Hospice in Albuquerque. Sylvan had fought a long battle with congestive heart failure and was disabled by arthritis for many years. He was 86. Opal wants to have a wake sometime after the first of the year. She will let all of us know the time and place. Sylvan joined CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO in 1974. He served three terms as president in 1975-1978 as well as two terms as Secretary, 1979-1980. For years he folded, stamped and mailed the ENCHANTED CORVAIRS newsletter. He contributed many tech tips and general interest articles to the newsletter. He devoted countless hours to identifying Corvair part numbers and always was "The Man to See" about any Corvair carburetor maintenance and repair questions. The fine people recruited by Sylvan to join our club are beyond enumeration. Sylvan was the primary founder and driving force behind the club's prestigious IKE MEISSNER service award. He received that award himself from the club in 1991 and received the FRANCIS BOYDSTON AWARD in 2000. We will miss his faithful attendance at our meetings and his support of all things Corvair and of Corvair people. In Sylvan's words in recognizing another member who died, "Blessed are we of the Corvair hobby who were privileged to know you and to fellowship with you." FROM THE ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL OBITUARIES, 27 NOVEMBER 2010 ZUERCHER - Sylvan Zuercher, 86, passed away on November 24, 2010. Sylvan is survived by his wife of 64 years, Opal Zuercher; and his six children, Barbara Zuercher, (Woodinville, WA), Ron Zuercher, (Albuquerque, NM), Karl Zuercher, (Santa Fe, NM), Philip Zuercher, (Elizabethtown, KY), Mary Zuercher, (Albuquerque, NM), Greta Zuercher, (Beaverton, OR); seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. Sylvan was born in Berne, Indiana, on November 16, 1924 to Swiss immigrant parents, Christian and Ida Zurcher. He moved with his family to Albuquerque in 1962. He was an auto mechanic with a passion for Corvairs and was a member of the Corvairs of NM club for many years. A Memorial Service will be held at a later date. Donations in Sylvan's honor can be made to Vista Care Hospice or a charity of your choice. Those who wish to send condolences may do so at www.danielsfuneral.com. Sylvan's care has been entrusted to: Daniels Family Funeral Services 7601 Wyoming Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 (505) 821-0010 http://obits.abqjournal.com/obits/search ************************ ************************ WALTER HUNTOON Huntoon, Walter 88, died Monday, December 20, 2010. He was born in Elgin, Illinois on March 3, 1922, an only child to Walter (Sr.) and Emily Huntoon and was a life-long Elgin resident. Soon after graduating from Elgin High School in 1940, he worked four years at the Elgin National Watch Co. where he met his future wife, Doris Maynard of Hampshire, IL. They were married June 8, 1944, and had three children: David, Carol and Gary (Wanda). He later worked for Ludwig Dairy and retired after thirty-eight years with the company. Walter was an avid reader and history buff, especially enjoying topics about WWII and trains, planes, and cars of his era. He was a really good guy, decent, honest, easy to get along with and a caring, wonderful father who will be dearly missed by his family. Walter is survived by his three children and a granddaughter, Kristin. He was preceded in death by his parents and Doris, his wife of 59 years. A memorial is planned for a future date in March, 2011, at the Laird Funeral Home. To leave an online condolence visit http://www.lairdfamilyfuneralservices.com Published in Courier News on December 22, 2010 http://legacy.suburbanchicagonews.com/obituaries/stng-couriernews/obituary.aspx? n=walter-huntoon&pid=147345974 ************************ ************************ HECTOR GONGORA Hector Gongora, a long time friend of Corvairs of New Mexico, died February 15. A Rosary was recited for Hector on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at French-Wyoming Chapel. A Memorial Mass was celebrated Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. at Risen Savior Catholic Community, 7701 Wyoming Blvd, NE. Hector will be greatly missed by the CNM community and we all send our condolences to Steve and Rita Gongora for their loss. -- Robert L. Gold, CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO Members of CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO remember Hector as the always-friendly, always-cheerful father of long-time member Steve Gongora. He was often at HOUSE OF COVERS when we'd drop by for a bit of club business, or to see about getting some upholstery work done on one of our favorite cars, and he was always at our Christmas lunches and our Anniversary parties. Many of us will remember that Hector, for several years, arranged for the club to have outstanding luncheon parties at the Officers' Club at Kirtland AFB, even getting the necessary permission for us to enter the base in 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks when the base was on high alert. Only the oldest of our members are likely to remember what a key role Hector played in the early years of the club, supporting it by providing a meeting place. Many of us remember his enthusiasm for Corvairs and the fine craftsmanship we could count on when we needed convertible tops installed or when we wanted the best upholstery work done for our favorite cars. Thanks to Hector, Steve and Rita for keeping HOUSE OF COVERS going all these years. - Jim click for larger image ************************ ************************ GAYLE E. FINCH Gayle E. Finch, 70, passed away Wednesday, March 9, 2011, in Las Cruces. She was born Saturday, July 27, 1940, in Tacoma, Washington. Gayle was a registered nurse for the county of Santa Barbara, California. She liked to write novels and enjoyed decorating the house. She is survived by her husband, Richard F. Finch, of the family home; one son and three daughters. Funeral services will be 1 p.m. Saturday, March 12, 2011, at Cuba Avenue Church of Christ in Alamogordo with Al Maxey officiating. Interment will be at 1 p.m. Monday, March 14, 2011, at Citizens Cemetery in Clarendon, Texas. The Finch family has entrusted their loved one to the care of Alamogordo Funeral Home to direct the funeral services. Should friends desire, contributions may be made to the Cuba Avenue Church of Christ food pantry. To sign the online register book, please visit www.alamogordofuneralhome.org. Published in Alamogordo Daily News from March 11 to April 11, 2011 click for larger image ************************ ************************ CHUCK VERTREES VERTREES - CHARLES EDWARD 1926-2011 A resident of Albuquerque, died Wednesday, November 23, 2011. He is survived by his five children, Julia, Chuck, Patty, Joe, and Sylvia; their four spouses, Greg, Jan, Janet, and Jim; six grandchildren, Jennifer, Janice, Brian, Christina, Joe, and Sarah; their partners, Johnny, Jenny, and Jeff; along with six great-grandchildren. Julie, the love of his life, left us for heaven a year ago last October but these two were married for 61 wonderful years. Brother Don, son-in-law Gilbert and grandson David also went ahead of papa to prepare the way. We miss them all... but know they are well. The year is 1944. A bright young man barely out of high school, and with only a little college, tries to enlist in the armed forces to fight the Nazis... but he is as blind as a bat without his glasses ... so he gets a job with Chrysler Corporation building "special" equipment for some place in Tennessee called Oak Ridge. Humm, maybe that helps explain some of the things we know about him (but no, he didn't glow in the dark). Charles (Chuck) Vertrees was born in Bokoshe, Oklahoma but grew up in Detroit, Michigan during the 1930's. The older of two boys, there was always food on the table as his father, Charles X., managed a grocery store (where he learned even in the depression people wouldn't buy "sad" looking produce). After the war the family moved to the Southwest where he enrolled at the University of New Mexico; so began one of the longest Pharmaceutical careers in the state's history. Upon graduation he worked retail in Roswell, Carlsbad, and finally Albuquerque "pushing pills" at Super Drug, Central Drug, and then the Gulf Mart department store where he often worked 60 to 80 hours a week to support his family. An economic down turn in the 70's closed Gulf Mart and he landed at the University of New Mexico Hospital Pharmacy (a great move ... by the way) where he worked until retirement ... and well beyond. A fixture at the hospital, he was the oldest practicing licensed pharmacist in the state of New Mexico and was still working part-time at UNMH until his passing. His greatest occupation however was as husband and father. As a student at UNM he joined a hiking club and on a trail in the Sandia Mountains met a beautiful young woman named Julia who had forgotten her gloves. A suggestion: He could wear his right glove and she the left ... and then they could hold hands ... success. Graduation brought a wedding, then a home, and one, two, three, four ... and then five children. A wonderful singer with a strong tenor voice he not only sang in his church choir but, beginning in the 1950's, also sang Lead with a SPEBSQSA Barbershop chorus and several quartets. We are sure he is already working on a new quartet. A prodigious reader with eclectic interests, he was a storehouse of information (and would have been a wonderful contestant on Jeopardy). The owner of several Chevy Corvairs, he was the secretary of the Albuquerque collectors' chapter of CORSA. Chuck was a gregarious character and everyone who knew him can recall the twinkle in his eye when he was telling a story ... or a joke. His was a long and full life, but what we will remember most is the size of his heart. The kindness, generosity, and love he shared with all who knew him defines the legacy he leaves. A Memorial Service will be held Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 3:00 p.m., at Christ United Methodist Church, 6200 Gibson Blvd. SE. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations to the Christ United Methodist Church Missions Fund. Please visit our online guest book for Charles at: www.RememberTheirStory.com FRENCH 1111 University Blvd NE 505-843-6333 PUBLISHED ON: TUE NOVEMBER 29, 2011 ************************ ************************ RUTH GOODMAN - ROCKY MOUNTAIN CORSA, DENVER Goodman, Ruth, passed away on December 15, 2011 at Porter Hospice. Ruth was born in June 13, 1935 in Indiana and has lived in Denver since 1953. She drove Corvairs for many years and was active in the Corvair clubs. She also enjoyed crochet and other crafts. She is survived by her husband, Steve. A memorial service will be planned after the holidays. In lieu of flowers, send donations to CAT CARE SOCIETY, 5787 W. 6th Ave., Lakewood, CO, 80214. Published in Denver Post on December 18, 2011 ************************ ************************ KONSTANTIN SUTT Tarmo called to tell us that his father, KONSTANTIN SUTT, passed away at about midnight last night, 27 September 2012. Mr Sutt had a long and active life and only recently had to slow down. He was 92 years old and survived World War II and the occupation of his country, Estonia. Having met his future wife in a displaced persons camp, he and his wife were able to come to America to build a new life. He was able to stay in his home until the end, being cared for by hospice caregivers and by Kay and Tarmo. There will be a service - a wake? Plans are not yet complete, but Kay & Tarmo will let us know. Tarmo and Kay have been active CNM members since the very early days of the club and have both contributed immeasurably to our Corvair family. Although most of us did not know, Tarmo's father supported and contributed greatly to Tarmo's efforts in the Corvair hobby. We can only express our deepest sympathy to them for the loss of a father. ************************ ************************ JOEL NASH NASH, JOEL DAVID, MD - passed away unexpectedly on October 10, 2012 at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was born on August 8, 1939 in Rochester, Minnesota. His parents were Leo A. Nash, MD, and Helen Marie Arnquist Nash. He grew up in Fargo, North Dakota and St. Paul, Minnesota. Joel attended the St. Paul Academy, Harvard College (at age 16), and the University of Minnesota where he received BA, BS, and MD degrees. He interned at the University of New Mexico Medical School. He served two years in the U.S. Army at McAfee Army Hospital on White Sands Missile Range as a General Medical Officer and as Chief of Professional Services. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal. Following active duty, Joel returned to the University of Minnesota for dermatology training and served in the SS01 U.S. Army Reserve Hospital. On completion of his education, he returned to Albuquerque and joined the Lovelace Clinic Staff, retiring in 2001 after 31 years. He had also been on the clinical faculty of the UNM Dermatology Department since its founding in 1973 and retained a keen interest in education. He is survived by his wife, Lori Nash; and two daughters, Leslie Nash Kilstofte (Mark Kilstofte) of Greenville, South Carolina, and Andrea Nash (Michelle King) of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is also survived by three sisters, Jill Nash of Buffalo, New York, Sally Nash Meyfarth (Philip Meyfarth) of Macedonia, Ohio, and Wendy Nash Keller of Albuquerque, New Mexico; as well as nephew Ethan Mitchell of New York City, New York, nephew Michael Keller of Albuquerque, New Mexico; and niece Abby Keller, also of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Joel was beloved by his patients, family and friends. His contribution to the practice of dermatology was immeasurable; his love of cars, especially Corvairs, was a lifelong passion; his black "This is Not an Abandoned Car" GMC was known throughout the region; and his knowledge and ability to have an in-depth dialogue on almost every subject simply amazed everyone he met. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Joel's name may be made to the UNM Department of Dermatology, Attn: Dr. Steve Padilla, 1021 Medical Arts Ave., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-5231 or to the charity of your choice. ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL - PUBLISHED ON: SAT OCTOBER 20, 2012 click for larger image On October 27th we received a card from Lori Nash: 10-25-2012 Dear Corvair club members, Thank you for your card. We have so much to deal with and Joel's passing was such a shock! Please tell the club members that we will be selling the car storage lot, and members who have cars there will need to remove them. My accountant said to tell you it must be done by the end of this year - by Dec. 31, 2012. We have the key & my daughter will help to let people in as needed. We also found no rental checks in Joel's post office box. If you owe us rent, take care of this PLEASE. We need all the help you can give us - Joel's family! Lori & family 505-884-5064 - 7508 Dellwood Rd NE * Thanks for all the great years Joel had with * everyone. He will be missed by many people. ************************ ************************ ROSSIE MORRIS Steve reminds us that Rossie was a great engine rebuilder and supporter of the restoration of classic cars in Albuquerque. MORRIS, ROSSIE LEON SR. went to be with the Lord on January 8, 2014. At age 75, Rossie lived a full life as a brother to Sam, husband to Margaret (Peggy), father of Rossie Jr, Suzie, and Lisa, a Papa to Jennifer, Jessie, Molly, Ben, Jake, and Evan. Rossie also left behind Sharon, Mike, Roxann, and Eric. Rossie was the proud owner of Sundance Automotive where he enjoyed a large extended family. He made his mark in the antique automobile race "The Great Race" and had a passion for circle track racing. He was an active member of Tin Lizzies and lovingly restored Model T Fords. Rossie will live in the memory of many people with his kind deeds. The family would like to invite you to join them in sharing fond memories of his life on Tuesday February 11 at 2 PM. Please bring your hot rods and favorite toys with stories and memories to share outside at Bel-Air Miramontes Park, the corner of Phoenix and Morningside Dr. N.E. ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, PUBLISHED ON: MONDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2014 ************************ ************************ ROGER PAPE Roger Pape joined CNM in December 2002 and for years drove up from Bosque Farms to attend meetings and club activities. Recently he brought his beautiful green 1971 Corvette to a club breakfast for all to see. We will miss him. "Roger C Pape, age 71, a resident of Bosque Farms, went to be with his Lord on April 22, 2014 after bravely fighting cancer over the past few months. With his keen sense of humor and uplifting spirit, people who met him loved spending time with him. He enjoyed spending time with his friends and family; he was a proud father and especially proud grandfather. He was blessed to have the company of many dear friends while he fought, he and the family will be forever grateful to the many who came by to visit him or send him get well wishes. His close friend and ex wife Lori Cordova came by everyday to bring him a treat and to help. Roger lived his faith in Jesus Christ and worshipped at Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque. Roger was born near Doniphan, Nebraska and grew up on a farm nearby. After college he worked at the Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant, taught accounting at a business school and at night he had a successful dance band. He was the leader of the band, putting it together and arranging locations to play. The band grew into a popular country western band named Pure Intensity, who played all around Nebraska and beyond. He moved away from Nebraska to continue work as a safety engineer, but decided to move to New Mexico to be closer to his children. In New Mexico, he worked for S.E.D. and Quest Diagnostics for over ten years. He was a Cornhusker at heart and proudly wore red during football games. He was a car enthusiast; he loved cars, especially 1971 Corvettes and Corvairs. Although he didn't get to drive his Corvair as he was restoring it, driving his Corvette always made him happy. He enjoyed racing stockcars with his son, working night after night to get it ready and scraping mud and pitting for him. He is survived by son, Jay, and wife, Katheryn of Bosque Farms, his daughter, Dana Pellegrino and fiance Jesse DouBrava of Silver City, NM, five grandchildren - Danielle, Anthony and Faith Pellegrino, Emily and Jacob Pape, one sister, Joyce Rasmussen, of Grand Island, Nebraska, and three nieces, one nephew, and five great nieces. A memorial service will be held at the Peralta Memorial United Methodist Church at 25 Wesley, Peralta, NM at 1 PM on Friday April 25, 2014. http://obits.abqjournal.com/obits/search?query=pape ************************ ************************ MIKE STICKLER STICKLER, MICHAEL A. - passed away 10/4/2014. He was born in ABQ in 1947, one of seven children. He is survived by his mother Marilyn; his wife Brenda; their sons Kyle and Andrew; daughter Suzanne; and grandchildren Tristan and Maddie. Mike was preceded in death by his father Paul. Mike worked at ATL and recently retired as an inspector for the City of ABQ. He served honorably in the US Navy. Mike loved restoring classic cars and was an active member of Corvairs of NM for 30 years. Mike's life will be celebrated on Oct. 10, 2014 at 6:30 PM at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. His friends and family will remember his infectious humor, love of nature and his strong faith in God. This message is from Brenda: We are celebrating Mike's life, this Friday, October 10th, at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church at 6:30 PM. Mike went peacefully and is finally cancer free. If some members want to park their Corvairs prominently at the front door of the church for this celebration, they should arrive between 6:00 and 6:10, before members of the church take that slot. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church is just South and East of San Mateo and Montgomery. The address is 5301 Ponderosa Ave NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110, telephone 881-9626. Love to each of you - Brenda Mike joined CNM in July 1976. Mike was an active member of CNM, serving two terms as president and served as New Mexico Car Council representative. Mike provided transportation for other members to meeting and to club events. Mike took over the Corvair parts business when Francis Boydston retired from that role in the club. He was the author of many newsletter articles over the years and restored and drove several Corvairs. Mike fought cancer for nearly ten years. He went into the hospital for pain management on September 22nd, contracted pneumonia and was in ICU from September 25th until October 3rd. Mike Stickler was a key member of CNM. He greatly enriched our club and his many friends will miss him. ************************ ************************ OLLIE SCHEFLOW The world has lost a gentleman. Oliver W. Scheflow passed away at age 90 on August 21, 2016 at his home in Corrales, New Mexico. Born and raised in Elgin, Illinois, the only son of Oscar and Clara is survived by his wife of 65 years Mary Alice and daughters Lynn, Elizabeth (Tibi), Alice Kenny, as well as his son-in-law Jim and Ollie's grandsons Corrigan and Atticus. Ollie will be remembered for his many and varied contributions as an Eagle Scout, father, neighbor and mechanical engineer, yet much like the unassuming grace that he often displayed, his life story can be understood by the words curiosity, courtesy and courage. Knighted the "rocket scientist" when enshrined in the Elgin High School hall of fame, the 1948 Purdue University graduate started the first half of his career by contributing to our nation's race to space while working for aerospace suppliers, such as Sun Strand and Lear Siegler, when living in Illinois and Michigan. Along the way he produced countless patents, one of which was a hydraulic valve in the shock absorber that was part of the first unmanned spaceship landing on the moon. He and his family then lived in Avon Lake, Ohio during the second half of his career, which was when he contributed inventions to the meat cutting industry while serving as director of engineering for Bettcher Industries, from which he retired in 1991. In retirement, Ollie and Mary Alice have enjoyed traveling in the U.S. and abroad. Ollie was also active with the Corvair Club of New Mexico, where he selflessly led many teams that "kept it clean" on Albuquerque's old Route 66. Ollie's family asks, in lieu of flowers, for friends and loved ones to kindly make donations to Habitat for Humanity (121 Habitat St., Americus, GA 31709-3498) or St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (501 St Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105). IN MEMORIAM OLLIE SCHEFLOW Oliver Scheflow died on Sunday, August 21, 2016. Along with family and friends, several members of CNM attended a memorial service for Oliver Scheflow at Rio Rancho Presbyterian Church, 1004 24th Street, Rio Rancho on Wednesday, August 24th. Several Corvairs parked together at the church. Ollie would have been pleased to see them. President Ray Trujillo gave an eloquent summary of Ollie's twenty-four years with CNM. Ollie was 90 years old in April. He joined CNM in May 1992. He was a faithful member, attending meeting and activities. Twenty years ago, in August 1996, Ollie set up our club's public service of cleaning trash from a mile of Old Route 66 east of the city. Since then we have cleaned three or four times per year with many members participating. For most of those years Ollie did the work of organizing, coordinating with the Department of Transportation and bringing safety vests, tools, plastic bags and water. Ollie Scheflow received the club's Ike Meissner Award in 2001. Although in failing health, Ollie, Mary Alice and their daughter Tibi attended our 2015 Christmas dinner party. Your newsletter editor appreciated the articles Ollie submitted on his impressions of the 2003 Tri-State to Raton, the 2005 club excursion to El Morro and the tour to see Earthship Homes while attending our 2009 Tri-State in Taos. The club was blessed to have Ollie as a member and we will miss his quiet presence, energy and competent authority. ************************ ************************ MARYALICE SCHEFLOW If you listen, there are a few less stories being told. MaryAlice Scheflow, age 86, possibly the first true social medium, passed away on Feb. 7, 2017 with her daughters Lynn, Tibi and Alice Kenny at her bedside. MaryAlice loved talking, celebrating & when needed, sympathizing with anyone who was sharing their tale. Her fascination in the experiences of others most likely started shortly after her birth in Rockford, Illinois to Leroy and Alice Foss, and where she created many tales with her older brother Addison. Her family summered at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where her relationship started with Oliver, her husband for 65 years who passed away in August. They raised a family in Michigan and Ohio, as Ollie was a mechanical engineer contributing to our nation's "race to space." Regardless of their residency, MaryAlice was always active in both charitable causes and bridge groups. This remained true when they retired in 1991 to New Mexico where she enjoyed being known as "MaryAlice from Corrales." Just as in their other locales, they developed a rich group of friends of all generations. Indeed, many peers of her daughters considered MaryAl to have played an integral role in their upbringings. In addition to the loss this vast group that now resides across our nation surely feels, the storyteller "who was otherwise known lovingly as Gran" will be missed by Corrigan & Atticus Kenny, her grandsons. Their father Jim began serving as a sounding board to MaryAlice when he was age 15; he soon became a character in many of the stories told at her kitchen table on Glenview Drive in Avon Lake, Ohio. The quiet from MaryAlice's absence won't last long when her family & friends celebrate her life through storytelling when gathering at Corrales' Village Pizza (4266 Corrales Rd.) this Sun., Feb. 12, 12-4 p.m. All are welcome. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to . Published in Albuquerque Journal from Feb. 11 to Feb. 12, 2017 ************************ ************************ CARL B. JOHNSON Geoff Johnson wrote: My father passed away this evening April 29, at age 81 of natural causes. Memorial services will be private. Please let the club know. Thank you - Geoff FOR NEW MEMBERS: Carl was a founder of CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO, and the first informal meeting of Albuquerque Corvair owners was at his house on Griegos NW on 17 March 1974. This is the meeting that led to a formal meeting in April at which Francis Boydston, Pete Colburn, Rick Grable, Dale Housley, Carl Johnson, Mark Morgan, Jim Pittman and Duncan Puett decided to start a Corvair Club. ************************ ************************ HURLEY WILVERT Hurley Wilvert died on Monday August 13th. Brenda's sister in Tijeras told us that there was a motorcycle accident a short distance from his home last week, and he was badly injured, taken to hospital, and died on Monday. Brenda requested that Corvair members be notified. A service was held at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 12121 North Highway 14, Cedar Crest on Saturday August 25, at 2:00 PM. ************************ ************************ RICHARD FINCH I received an email from Phil Finch: > From: Phil Finch [ finchbook @ gmail.com ] > Date: 2018=Aug=20 22:25:01 MDT > > Hello New Mexico Corvair Owners, > > Please pardon my delay to announce the news about Richard F. Finch. > I have been his responsible person for the past six years, or would > be this September. > > My eldest brother, Richard passed away this past Sunday morning. > He left this world peacefully. Even with his advanced Alzheimer's, > he enjoyed life, and always greeted people with a smile. > > Respectfully, > Phil Finch > > https://www.robertsonfuneral.com/obituaries/Richard-Finch-6/#!/Obituary > > Richard Floyd Finch, 83, of Portland, Oregon died Sunday, August 12, 2018 > in Portland, Oregon. > > Services will be 11:00 AM Saturday, August 18, 2018 in Robertson Funeral > Directors Saints' Roost Chapel in Clarendon, Texas with Don Stone officiating. > Burial will follow in Citizens Cemetery in Clarendon. As many of you will remember, Richard joined CNM in June 2000 when he and his wife Gayle moved to Tularosa, New Mexico. Richard was a Corvair owner since buying a new 1960 700 sedan. He was author of the book, HOW TO KEEP YOUR CORVAIR ALIVE, familiar to many CNM and CORSA members. Richard was a long-time CORSA member. Among his many accomplishments he built and raced go-karts, race cars and Yenko Stingers. He was a pilot and modified Corvair engines to use in home-built aircraft. In 1968 he did a successful "blueprinted" 140-HP engine conversion for my 1966 Corsa turbo coupe. Our members will remember Richard's visits to Albuquerque in his Ultra Van #443 and his visits to the EAA Fly-ins at Moriarty. Richard was an outstanding engineer and mechanic and I was privileged to assist in disassembling, "tweaking" and assembling a new Corvair 4-carb engine, a project that led directly to the writing of his book. I was further privileged to go with him to several races in New Mexico, Arizona and California in 1968 and 1969. Richard was truly one of a kind. ************************ ************************ JOAN WILSHIRE (ROCKY MOUNTAIN CORSA) For those of you who may not have heard, Joan Wilshire, a longtime member of the RMC, passed away over the weekend. Her daughter, Laura, asked me to pass on the funeral information to all three Clubs. The below info will also be published in the Daily Camera Boulder paper, on the Crist Mortuary website, and in the Reporter-Herald Loveland papers. My mother Joan L. Wilshire passed away on Saturday June 29, 2019 at home in Loveland surrounded by her children, Lance, Ryan, Andrea, and Laura Wilshire. It's hard to believe that our family joined RMC back in 1995 when my dad and I were restoring my '64 Spyder Convertible together. Lots of good times!! Take care, Laura Wilshire - Cell: 720.829.6626 ************************ ************************ JOHN WIKER Lt. Col. John Wiker died unexpectedly on June 14, 2019 at the age of 73 while hiking on vacation in Alaska. He was born November 23, 1945 to John and Dorothy (Koenig) Wiker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. On July 6, 1974 he married Anne Moll in Canton, Ohio. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 24 years. After retiring, John shared his enthusiasm-for the military with others by teaching JROTC for 17 years. He was passionate about golfing and travel. He was an active member of the Albuquerque Corvair Club, the Kiwanis and the Tijeras Arroyo Golf Association. John is survived by his wife Anne; his two daughters Katherine Swoverland (and husband Steven) and Jennifer Brown (and husband Wesley); five grandchildren: Louisa, Sophia, John, Florence and Maxwell; two sisters Janice Wiker and Judy Conlin (and husband Michael); one brother James Wiker (and wife Sumpit); as well as many nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Funeral services will be held on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at St. Joseph's on the Rio Grande Church. A rosary will be said at 8:15 AM follpwed by a mass and reception at 9:00 AM. In lieu of flowers, we request donations be offered to the Blue Star Mothers at www.bluestarmothers.org There will be a military funeral at the Santa Fe National Cemetery at 3:00 PM on Thursday June 27th. Russ McDuffie, a long-time CNM member, will play taps. To get to the National Cemetery from Albuquerque, go toward Santa Fe. Take the bypass highway NM 599 to go around the west side of the city. At the end of NM 599 where you'd normally turn left for Espanola, turn right to go into Santa Fe. You'll see the National Cemetery just ahead on your left. SERVICE FOR JOHN WIKER - JUN 27, 2019 The following members attended: Dave Allin == Tony Berbig == Anne Mae Gold == Art Gold == Robert Gold Steve Gongora == Pat & Vickie Hall == Dave Huntoon == Lube Lubert Terry Price == Linda Soukup == Brenda Stickler == Tarmo Sutt David Huntoon had been making repairs on John's Corvair at the time of John's accident and still had the car at his home. David detailed John's car very nicely and drove it to the church where the funeral was held this morning. It was parked in a spot right in front of the door and when the funeral was over and as people were leaving the family members flocked around the car. They were happy to have it there. Russ McDuffie was also in attendance and played Taps at the end of the mass. A number of those members attending also drove their Corvairs to the funeral. There were eight Corvair vehicles. They were: Late coupe owner Dave Allin Late convertible owner Robert & Anne Mae Gold Corvair van owner Steve Gongora Late coupe owner Pat & Vickie Hall Rampside owner Dave Langlois Late convertible owner Terry Price Late coupe owner Tarmo Sutt Late coupe John's yellow coupe was brought by David Huntoon Others arrived in Brand-X vehicles. - Linda Soukup JOHN WIKER DECEASED Col. John Wiker was injured in a fall while hiking a mountain trail in Alaska. He and his wife were on an Alaskan trip and this hike had several participants and wasn't considered dangerous. He tripped on some kind of a "tree root" that sent him tumbling down the side of a rocky hill. He was on life support and the actual date of his death was June 12. Their children came up to Alaska to help with all the details of getting his body released by the medical examiner then cremated before they come home to Albuquerque. Col. Wiker had been with the DNHS ROTC program from 1997-2012. He then went on to substitute at various schools. He came back to Del Norte to help with ROTC in the 2017-2018 school year. The memorial service will be June 27, 9:00 AM at the St Joseph's on the Rio Grande Catholic Church off Coors. JOHN WIKER INJURED Subject: John Wiker injured From: David and Jan Allin [ dnjallin @ comcast.net ] Date: 2019=Jun=10 07:51:50 MDT To: CNM Members I received this email from Anne Wiker. John was severely injured in a hiking accident. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. David and Jan this is Anne Wiker. John rolled down an mountain Wednesday while on an hiking excursion in Skagway AK and had to be med-evacced out. He is currently in the ICU at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. He has had two surgeries so far that have been very successful. He broke his neck, but miracle of miracles, his spinal chord was not severed. They were able to realign the neck bones and don't anticipate another neck surgery. He can move everything. The second surgery was to plate the broken ribs on the left side. He broke 2-9 on the front and 3 more on the back. This was also successful. They are working on getting him off the ventilator. He is breathing on his on but needs pressure from the ventilator to force the air out to his body. They're hoping to have him off by tomorrow. They did an EEG and now have him on anti-seizure medication that is working. They hope to be able the plate ribs sometime this week so the ribs don't damage his lungs. We're not even close to figuring out when he will be able to come home. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks. ************************ ************************ BILL REIDER William Adam "Bill" Reider, born in Oak Park, IL on October 17, 1928 to William F. Reider and Rose C. Wittry Reider, went to be with the Lord on January 25, 2020. He is survived by his wife, Helene Lepley Reider; daughters, Barbara J. Dye and Laurie Valdez; grandchildren, Michael A. Reider, Joseph A. Barbarone, Christopher P. Barbarone, James L. Reider, Daniel T. Reider, Jonathan W. Reider and Tiana R. Valdez; and great-grandchildren, Desiree G. Reider, Damian M. Reider, Iliana N. Reider, Katelynn M. Reider and Maya M. Barbarone. He was predeceased by his parents; and sons, Thomas W. Reider and Stephen C. Reider. Bill served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He spent 28 years in commercial photography in Chicago. He also spent 26 years in Boy Scouting, primarily in various leadership positions at the Pack, Troop or District level, and received the Silver Beaver Award from the Great Southwest Area Council in 1978. He relocated to Albuquerque in 1974, and began a new career under the name Cartune, Inc., initially as an auto parts business, and later as a maintenance and repair shop mainly specializing in Corvairs. He became a member of Corvairs of New Mexico in September of 1974, just six months after the club was founded, and was involved with CNM continuously thereafter. Bill was a member of Glory Christian Fellowship from its inception. Memorial Services will be held Friday, February 7, 2020, 10:00 a.m., at Glory Christian Fellowship, 2417 Wyoming Blvd. NE. Interment will follow at 3:00 p.m. at Santa Fe National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The Ranches, 6209 Hendrix Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 or to Glory Christian Fellowship, Kenyan Orphanages, 2417 Wyoming Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112. click for larger image ************************ ************************ DENNIS PLEAU Just received news that Dennis Pleau died unexpectedly on 28-29 November 2020. Survived by sons Michael and Steven. Dennis and Debbie joined CNM in October 1990 and left for Colorado Springs in the year 2000. Debbie died in 2007. Dennis ran Virtual Vairs from its beginning. This is from a Facebook group: Matt Campbell You know you're from Davis when... November 30 at 6:34 AM To This FB community group, it's with great sadness to inform you all that a value member of this group, Dennis Pleau, passed away unexpectedly Saturday night. To say the least, his siblings, sons and extended family are in deep shock of his sudden passing so soon after just losing their father/grandfather, Larry Pleau, last month. Who was also a great contributor to this group. Dennis was an integral part of this community with his many photography posts of the great variety of bird species we have in this area. He was an amazing photographer who shared consistently the beautiful birds From the causeway, bypasses and the places he loved to travel to on his day trips. He volunteered and contributed to many Interest groups in the area. He was very knowledgeable in the history of Davis, especially the 50's and 60'S with the neighborhood of Oeste Manor and the closeness of the Sunset Court families. Besides his passion for photography he was also very knowledgeable in genealogy and loved finding new and interesting facts about his family history. He, as well as his contributions are going to be immensely missed. Rest in Peace Dennis in His presence. Dennis Eugene Pleau April 09, 1955 - November 29, 2020 ************************ ************************ DAVID NEALE (ENGLAND) Lee Reider told us that David Neale passed on April 14th, his birthday. He was seventy on that date. Here's the last email message from David, January 13th: "A few months ago, I was diagnosed with a large tumour on my liver. I'm under- going chemotherapy, one specifically designed for this particular tumour, but one of the side effects is an appalling feeling of weariness. Sleep has no effect upon it. I cannot concentrate upon a book, and compiling an email is a very slow business. Members will understand why they may not get a response from me, or maybe a very late one at best." SERVICE FOR DAVID NEALE VIA INTERNET STREAMING - 12-MAY-2021 Lee Reider sent information about a service for our member in England, David Neale, who died on April 14th. The service was live-streamed on Wednesday, May 12th at 2:45 PM London time -- 7:45 AM Albuquerque time. Some of us watched. Meanwhile, David Huntoon found an on-line obit: https://www.gseller.co.uk/obituaries/david-neale/ ************************ ************************ BILL DARCY William "Bill" Darcy June 23, 1948 - June 2, 2021 William "Bill" Darcy, 72, of Rio Communities, New Mexico passed away on June 2, 2021 at his home. Bill is preceded in death by his mother, Catherine (O'Sullivan) Darcy; father, William C. Darcy, Jr; and his sister, Elaine Darcy. He is survived by his wife and forever love, Darlene Darcy; daughter, Colleen Darcy-Siddell and husband Jeff; grandchildren, Conner Siddell and Tiernan Phillips; and his brother, Edward Darcy. There are currently no services scheduled for Bill. Arrangements are being handled by the caring professionals at the Noblin Funeral Service Belen Chapel, 418 W. Reinken Ave., (505)864-4448, where an online guest register is available at www.noblin.com. To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of William "Bill" Darcy please visit our Tribute Store: https://www.noblin.com/obituary/WilliamBill-Darcy/sympathy Published in Legacy on Jun. 4, 2021. ************************ ************************ VICKIE ROSE HALL Vickie Rose Hall, age 75, a resident of Los Lunas since 1979, passed away on December 26, 2021. She was born in Galveston, Texas on March 17, 1946. She is survived by the love of her life, Pat Hall, son Timothy Farmer, daughter Monica Popp (Fiance Randy), granddaughters Stephanie and Jennifer Popp, grandson T.J. Farmer and great-grandson Tristen Farmer. She is also survived by three sisters, Debbie Holm (Cliff), Rebecca Sluss (Jimmy), Sharon Knee, and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents, John Farmer and Georgia Cozart and her precious niece, Jackie Holm. Vickie enjoyed crafts and working in her flower and rock gardens. She was an avid collector of music boxes, anything hummingbird related, but all things Dallas Cowboys were at the top of her list! She was an active member of the Corvairs of New Mexico since 2005 serving as chair of the Merchandise/Sunshine committee at the time of her death. She enjoyed the many friends she made there. Vickie left much of this obituary handwritten for the family to use. She said, "Please remember and celebrate Vickie's life in your own special way as no services are planned." Her wishes were to be cremated. Published by Albuquerque Journal on Jan. 2, 2022. ************************ ************************ JERRY GOFFE Jerry Goffe passed away September 4th, 2022 after a long illness. For many years Jerry was an active member of Corvairs of New Mexico. He joined in May 1977 and owned several Corvairs including a beautiful Loadside. Many of us remember the tours to Bosque del Apache that he organized for us and the birds we were able to see there. Jerry was a world-class photographer. His collection of Cushman scooters were a feature of several State Fairs. ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ =END=