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NOVEMBER 2021 / VOLUME 47 / NUMBER 11 / ISSUE # 554

First Place, Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, 2005 & 2012
Third Place, Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, 2010

EDITOR Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING Saturday, October 2nd at Highland Senior Center
 131 Monroe St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 Phone: (505) 767-5210

  President's Message ................................ David Huntoon
  Dues Due Dates .............................. Membership Committee
  October Regular Meeting ................................. Kay Sutt
  October Board Meeting ................................... Kay Sutt
  Albuquerque "Route 66" Tri-State ......................... Reports
  Birthdays & Anniversaries ................... Membership Committee
  Treasury Report .................................... Steve Gongora
  Calendar of Coming Events ..................... Board of Directors
  November Issues, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 Years Ago .. Club Historian

COVER: ......

 President          David Huntoon   505-281-9616         corvair66 @ aol.com
 Vice-President     Tarmo Sutt      505-690-2046             tarmo @ juno.com
 Secretary            Kay Sutt      505-471-1153             tarmo @ juno.com
 Treasurer          Steve Gongora   505-220-7401      stevegongora @ msn.com
 Membership         Linda Soukup    763-226-0707 feathersandfur.ls @ gmail.com
 Car Council         Tony Berbig    763-226-0707      studeboytony @ gmail.com
 Merchandise       Vickie Hall      505-865-5574  patandvickiehall @ q.com
 Sunshine           Heula Pittman   505-275-2195             heula @ q.com
 Newsletter           Jim Pittman   505-275-2195              jimp @ unm.edu
 Old Route 66       David Huntoon   505-281-9616         corvair66 @ aol.com
 Past President       Ray Trujillo  505-814-8373   rtrujilloabq505 @ gmail.com
 Past President       Pat Hall      505-620-5574  patandvickiehall @ q.com
 Past President      Dave Allin     505-410-9668          dnjallin @ gmail.com

MEETINGS:   First Saturday of each Month at 10:00 AM
        Highland Senior Center at 131 Monroe NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108
        ===== or other location as determined =====

INTERNET:      CORSA's home page  www.corvair.org/
               CNM's newsletters  www.unm.edu/~jimp/
 New Mexico Council of Car Clubs  www.nmcarcouncil.com/

SCHEDULE	CNM: 12 months = $25.00 or 26 months = $ 50.00
OF	      CORSA: 12 months = $45.00 or 26 months = $ 90.00
DUES	CNM & CORSA: 12 months = $70.00 or 26 months = $140.00


Irv Brock		 Corvairs: .... Has rebuilt 102-HP engine
Troy Ward		 Corvairs: 1963 Spyder Coupe
Mike R Hughes		 Corvairs: 1963 Monza Convertible
Sharon & William Heil	 Corvairs: 1965 Corsa coupe
Lili & Tim Shortle	 Corvairs: 1969 Monza
James Richardson	 Corvairs: 1963 Monza 900 convertible
Gregory Nelson	         Corvairs: 1964 Monza
Sui-Fong & David Neale	 Corvairs: 1965 Corsa coupe
Josie & Leroy Alderete	 Corvairs: 1965 Coupe
Lupe & Jim Arellanes	 Corvairs: 1964 Convertible
Diane & Tony Lawler	 Corvairs: 1964 Spyder, a 1967 Convt, a 1963 Rampside




DUE LAST MONTH ====================== INACTIVE DATE
2021.10         Debra & Jon Anderson   25-NOV-2021
2021.10       Kathy & Larry Blair      25-NOV-2021
2021.10     Anne & Geoffrey Johnson    25-NOV-2021
2021.10    William & Sharon Heil       25-NOV-2021
2021.10        Sylvia & Ray Trujillo   25-NOV-2021

DUE THIS MONTH ====================== INACTIVE DATE
2021.11        Linda & Dick Cochran    25-DEC-2021
2021.11       Tracey & John McMahan    25-DEC-2021

DUE NEXT MONTH ====================== INACTIVE DATE
2021.12               Leroy Alderete   25-JAN-2022
2021.12     Guadalupe & Jim Arellanes  25-JAN-2022
2021.12             Darlene Darcy      25-JAN-2022
2021.12        Jenny & Phil Finch      25-JAN-2022
2021.12        Vickie & Pat Hall       25-JAN-2022
2021.12               David Huntoon    25-JAN-2022
2021.12                 Lee Reider     25-JAN-2022
2021.12            Curtis L Shimp      25-JAN-2022

DUE JANUARY 2022 =================== INACTIVE DATE
2022.01        Rita & Steve Gongora    25-FEB-2022

INACTIVE ============================ INACTIVE DATE
2021.04               Lesha Kitts      25-MAY-2021

Send your Dues to:
	CNM Treasurer -- Steve Gongora
	8419 Palo Duro NE
	Albuquerque, NM 87111

Past due memberships become inactive after a one-month grace period.
The Club will mail in your National Dues if you send us the renewal
form from your Communique.

As of 27-Sep-2021 we have 46 active family memberships.



The meeting was called to order by President David Huntoon at 10:15 at the
Highland Senior Citizen Center at 131 Monroe St, NE. Sixteen members attended.

President's Report: David reiterated that CNM elections will be held at the
November meeting. He will be stepping down as President of CNM after the
upcoming election, and he asked members to consider taking the position. Dave is
willing to answer any questions about the responsibilities and the time
expenditures for the position.

Since Old Rt. 66 Cleanup Chair Greg Nelson was away, David announced for him
that the final highway cleanup for 2021 will be October 9 at 9 A.M. at the
regular location. Cleanup events will resume in the spring of 2022.

Vice President's Report: Tarmo reported that nominations for CNM officers for
the coming year are due to him by the November meeting. The nomination form,
which was published in the September newsletter can be mailed to Tarmo Sutt at
2504 Calle de Rincon Bonito, Santa Fe, NM 87505, they can be emailed to
tarmo@juno.com, or you can text them to him at 505-690-2046. Nominations for
officers will also be accepted from the floor during the November meeting.

Tarmo also requested that nominations for the Francis Boydston Award be
forwarded to him at the above location. Details and the nomination form were
published in the September newsletter. He, Jim Pittman and Heula Pittman will
then make the final decision of the Boydston Award recipient for 2021. The
Boydston Award will be presented at the CNM Holiday Party.

Secretary's Report: Kay Sutt reported she will step down as CNM secretary after
the upcoming election too, after three years. Please consider taking on this
small, but mandated job for CNM, and contact Kay for details.

Treasurer's Report: Steve Gongora reported the balance in the account is
$10,351.67, after all current expenses. Tri-State expenses will be coming in
during the next month, so the next Treasurer's report will reflect many of those

Steve presented to the club the eye-catching dash plaques he designed for the
Tri-State meet. They are great! Be sure to bring your Corvair to Tri-State and
see how great it will look on your dash!

Sunshine Committee Report: Vicki reported the registration bags for Tri-State
are essentially finished and ready to go. She did ask members to check the
dollar stores for the multi-serving packages of crackers/cheese, peanut
butter/crackers, etc. She intends to drop these small snack packets into the
registration bags. Terry has received the newly-published Albuquerque Visitor's
Books and coupon books from the Visit Albuquerque tourism department. He will
transfer those to Vicki for inclusion in the bags after the meeting. It was
decided that rather than put the dash plaques in the registration bags, as we
have done in the past, dash plaques will be put in the individual Tri-State
registration packets for those showing their Corvairs in the car show, to ensure
everyone displaying a car in the car show Saturday morning will have a plaque.
The remainder of the dash plaques will be available for those who want them at
the Tri-State registration desk.

Newsletter Editor: Jim Pittman informed President David the deadline for the
next newsletter is 9 P.M. on Friday, October 29.

Jim reported that costs to publish the newsletter are rising, and that printing
in color carries a prohibitive cost. Discussion of whether to continue mailing
the newsletters or making them available online only was broached, with several
people indicating they prefer the physical newsletter, and others pointing out
that the online version is in color and can be longer because of the limitations
imposed by mailing costs being based on weight of the document. A suggestion to
make the newsletter quarterly was brought up, but other members believe the
newsletter reinforces CNM club members' connections, as well as connections with
our sister CORSA clubs. No decisions were reached, and the topic remains open
for future discussions.

Old Route 66 Cleanup Report: Greg Nelson was not present, but President David
reported for him that the last highway cleanup for 2021 will be held Saturday,
October 9, at 9 AM at the regular location.

Because the Old and New Business sections of the meeting centered on the October
15 - 17 Tri-State Meet, the majority of the remaining meeting centered on that

Tri-State Update:

Lupe reports 90 people are currently registered, and 35-40 cars are expected,
including two Ultravans.

Larry Blair has coordinated for Dr. Harrison Schmitt to be the keynote speaker
for the banquet, and Dr. Schmitt's agent re-confirmed this last month. Dr.
Schmitt will present an approximately 30-minute discussion of his exciting life,
including his walk on the moon. Larry asked about an honorarium for Dr. Schmitt,
and he requested that the amount of $500 be donated in his name to ??? to be
provided by Terry. Larry Blair, Terry Price, David Huntoon and Tarmo/Kay Sutt
each donated $100 toward the honorarium (Jim and Steve, this is what I saw.
Please correct if not accurate).

Clarks Corvair Parts is donating 15 - 20 items for raffle prizes for Tri-State,
ranging from catalogs to Corvair maintenance parts to gift certificates. Clarks
has been in business for 48 years, and Cal and his crew are strong supporters of
Corvairs and all CORSA activities. We heartily thank Clarks Corvair Parts for
their generous contributions and urge our members to consider Clarks for your
Corvair needs.

Terry is attempting to re-negotiate with the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North
regarding the number of guaranteed rooms and dinners. This Tri-State Meet has
been postponed a year and a half due to Covid-19 concerns, and the original
contract was signed over a year prior to the pandemic. It was based on prior
Tri-States' attendance. We are hoping the Marriott hotel chain will recognize
this challenge and allow some leeway if we are unable to meet the contract
numbers of 40 hotel rooms for 2 nights and 125 people for the banquet. We await
a response from Marriott Hotels. (Again, if this is not appropriate, please feel
free to delete it.)

Visit Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Visitors and Convention Bureau will
provide two people onsite for the event. They will be available in the hotel
lobby/atrium for questions about Albuquerque and provide tourism information,
and they have been tagged to count cars show votes. Thank you, City of
Albuquerque, for your support of New Mexico/Albuquerque tourism, in particular
car events such as the Tri-State Meet!

Bob and Maggie Kitts have donated a total of nine (!) Danbury Mint car models as
prizes for the Tri-State Meet. None are Corvairs, but these beautiful and
detailed models will make a valuable contribution to any model car enthusiasts'
collection. Some of those cars will be available for Silent Auction and some as
raffle prizes.

Brenda Stickler and Terry researched the requirements for the Hospitality Suite
during the pandemic, and as a result of their study all foods will be
pre-packaged items, not home-made items as in the past. Brenda has asked people
to bring large bowls to serve these items. Soft drinks, water, and coffee/tea
will be available in the Hospitality Suite, located off the atrium/lobby of the
hotel. The coffee and hot water brewing equipment and many of the supplies are
being provided by Steve and Rita Gongora and Bob and Maggie Kitts. Thank you!

Tarmo and Lupe presented the finished Corvair quilt to the group. This year's
quilt, by Kay Sutt, features photos of Corvairs seen during past Tri-State meets
that have been digitally modified to a watercolor painting style and printed
onto fabric. The quilt will be available among the Silent Auction items.

CNM will provide some masks for those who forgot theirs and multiple hand
sanitizer stations for the event. Periodic sanitation of the hospitality tables
in the Hospitality Suite and the atrium/lobby will be attended by our club.

Announcements: Larry Blair detailed his and Kathy's recent 6,300-mile AMTRAK
tour of the US. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to ask them for more
details during Tri-State. It sounds like an awesome trip!

The General Meeting was adjourned at about 11:35 A.M., and a brief Tri-State
Committee meeting ensued.

BOARD MEETING, 10/20/2021

The October CNM Board Meeting was held October 20, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. via Zoom.
Present at the meeting were Vice-president Tarmo Sutt, Secretary Kay Sutt,
Tri-State Chair Terry Price, Route 66 Cleanup Chair Greg Nelson and Newsletter
Editor Jim Pittman.

The November General Meeting will be held in person, subject to any CDC and/or
NM State Covid guidelines in place at the time. It will be Saturday, November 6,
at 10:00 A.M., at the Highland Senior Center at 131 Monroe Street, NE,
Albuquerque. The annual Election of Officers will be held at that meeting.
Vice-President Tarmo will accept nominations for officers until the meeting, and
nominations from the floor will be accepted. The Francis Boydston award
nominations are due by the November General Meeting as well, and the award will
be presented at the Christmas Party, details of which will be coming soon.

The Old Route 66 Cleanup has gone dormant for the winter months. Clean-up days
will resume in the spring. Thanks, Greg Nelson, for chairing this committee so
cheerfully and reliably during 2021.

Newsletter Editor Jim Pittman set the October deadline for the newsletter on
Friday, October 29 at 9:00 PM. 

The remainder of the Board meeting concerned the just-completed Tri-State Meet:

First, Terry Price, Tri-State Chair, and the CNM Board wish to thank everyone
who contributed time, money, labor and materials to make the Albuquerque Route
66 Tri-State Meet of 2021 a success.  We also wish to thank the staff of the
Marriott for their cooperation, flexibility and hard work which made this event
possible and successful. Thanks to Dr. Schmitt for his "insider's view of his
moon landing" keynote speech.  All board members present report they have
received good reviews of the event and gracious thanks from the attendees they
talked to. Greg Nelson reports there are several favorable reports of the event
published on the webpage for the Corvair Center.

Terry reports not all the reconciled numbers for the Tri-State are available yet
from Steve Gongora and Lupe Arellanes. The generous donation by Jim Pittman to
'seed' the event and the Marriott's willingness to reduce the number of meals
and rooms CNM was obligated to pay for made the event essentially break even
financially. The board discussed preliminary numbers, but a more detailed
accounting of attendance at event and financial income/expenses will be
presented to the membership elsewhere, once they are finalized. A preliminary
count indicates 42 Corvairs and over 100 people attended the event. Planning and
logistics were especially difficult at this year's event, which has been in the
works for over two years, due to the uncertainties of the pandemic. However, the
generosity, tenacity and hard work of so many CNM'ers made it a memorable
Tri-State. The Board thanks all of you who gave your time, energy and money to
make the Route 66 Tri-State of 2021 a rousing success!  And thank you to
everyone who attended the meet.

Tarmo Sutt reports the www.tristatecorvairs.com website has been passed to Rocky
Mountain Corsa in Denver for their use for next year's tri-state meet to be held
in Grand Junction in May, 2022. Discussion with both the Rocky Mountain and
Pikes Peak clubs shows interest in keeping this website active year to year to
support future meets. Thanks to webmaster Tami Moore for her generosity in
allowing the website to pass into the entire Tri-State family.

Jim Pittman requests articles and photographs to enable him to put together a
special issue of the newsletter which will be emailed to all attendees of the
event. Terry indicates email addresses for all attendees who pre-registered are
available from registration documents. Kay will forward photos of the car show &
shine award winners and their awards. Jim requests meet statistics, but since
Lupe nor Steve were present at the meeting that information will need to be sent
to Jim as it becomes available. Jim set no hard deadline for the special
newsletter, rather it will be published as the information becomes available.

Greg Nelson has the remaining packaged food not consumed in the Hospitality
Room. The board agrees he will bring it to the next General Meeting, and it will
be donated to the Highland Senior Center.

The meeting was adjourned within the Zoom 40-minute limit.

Members are reminded you are welcome at all CNM Board meetings. Arrangements
will be made by the incoming Board for CNM how members can join those meetings.

FINAL THOUGHTS, 10/02/2021

As I complete my three years as Secretary of CNM I want to provide a few final
thoughts about CNM:

I have been a CNM member, along with my husband, Tarmo, for almost 45 years.
During that time we have participated in innumerable club events, but the last
three years' regular club service has given me new appreciation for this
remarkable group of people. I have met so many varied and interesting people
during that time, some now missing from our view and others still active. Many
of these people I consider to be among my oldest friends. No pun intended!

The dedication to community spirit these people represent remains a strong and
positive factor for CNM, Albuquerque and New Mexico. That spirit has become even
more pronounced during the difficult last two years when the pandemic and
social/political divisions have shed a cloud over all public events. Dedicated
CNM'ers have come out to club meetings in parks, back yards, and other safe
venues to support one another and share a sense of community which has been
unavailable to so many people. People have brainstormed, innovated, learned new
skills and gone out of their way to stay in touch and keep CNM moving forward,
especially those members who are most vulnerable among us. Members have stepped
up and taken responsibility for tasks which require dedication of time and
money, showing sensitivity and caring for other members and the Club. So many of
these good people have provided the stability and support any club needs,
especially in times when so many other clubs have seen splintering and
disintegration. In fact, CNM has GROWN during the pandemic, and club members
continue to support the Corvair hobby and bring others to the Club. I'm not
going to name names. You know who you are.

I urge those CNM'ers who have not been as active the last couple years to step
in and move CNM forward as we emerge from the pandemic. It is coming into a new
time, and you will be amply repaid for your investment by the friendship and
community support you will find alive and strong in CNM!

To CNM'ers, old and new, who have given so freely of your time and energy to
stay positive and supportive of the community and the Club, I say THANK YOU!


Gregory S. Nelson, Ph.D., DR-III
Senior Research Physicist
505-846-6055, DSN 246-6055


Robert Gold

	Hi CNM'ers. Some of you might remember that I used to serve in several
capacities for CNM. Lately, however, I haven't been around the club much, so it
was very interesting to see how the current edition of the Tri-State turned out.
All I can say is WOW! I don't want Terry Price and company to get a big head,
but this year's event was the best I've seen.

	Anne Mae and I were involved with the hospitality room as well as
entering a Loadside in the car show. The room was a feast for the eyes. David
Allin's model Corvair collection was amazing to behold. I wish I had the
dedication and skills to create such a wonderful lineup. The room was fully
stocked with free goodies and things to buy. On top of all that there was Kay
Sutt's art quilt that rivals what my true love, Anne Mae is able to produce. The
winner of that raffle will no doubt love it for years to come. What a great
impression all this made for our visitors from up north!

	The car show was a feast for the eyes. It was nice of Mother Nature to
give us perfect weather. The cars on display were a primer on the different
models of Corvairs. Anyone who wants to be part of our hobby would be well
served to copy what they saw in the Marriott Pyramid parking lot. Every person I
saw at the show had a big smile on their face. The most fun, was getting to say
Hi to all you CNM'ers that I haven't seen in a while, particularly David Allin
and Mark and Mary Lou Martinek who came a long way to attend our event. The bad
thing for me was that I wanted to take home every car I saw. Alas, Anne Mae said

	I wanted to see more of the Tri-State, but my current physical condition
prevented that. I want to thank all of you at Corvairs of New Mexico for a
spectacular event. You did the club and the hobby proud



TREASURY REPORT FOR 08-25-2021 to 10-xx-2021 ===============================================
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION                      BALANCE = $10,027.33
========== ==== ========== ============ ========================================== =========
2021.09.26 7483 +$   50.00 Deposit     Steve Goodman          TRI-STATE +$  50.00 $10,077.33
2021.09.26 7073 +$   90.00 Deposit     John & Kathy Green     TRI-STATE +$  90.00 $10,167.33
2021.09.26 1150 +$  155.00 Deposit     Mike,Karen,Kyle Piper  TRI-STATE +$ 155.00 $10,322.33
2021.09.27  133 +$   80.00 Deposit     Phil & Arie DeGroot    TRI-STATE +$  80.00 $10,402.33
2021.09.27 2410 -$  104.70 J.Pittman   Newsletter Printing OCT 2021     -$        $10,402.33
2021.09.27 2410 -$         J.Pittman   39 Newsletters - 14 pages        -$  72.84 $10,329.49
2021.09.27 2410 -$         J.Pittman   37 Stamps @ .70 each             -$  25.90 $10,303.59
2021.09.27 2410 -$         J.Pittman   37 Envelopes @ .161 each         -$   5.96 $10,297.63
2021.09.30  141 +$   40.00 Deposit     Sally Williams         TRI-STATE +$  40.00 $10,337.63
2021.09.30 1017 +$   80.00 Deposit     T.Berbig, L.Soukup     TRI-STATE +$  80.00 $10,417.63
2021.09.30 5614 +$   80.00 Deposit     Don & Kit Young        TRI-STATE +$  80.00 $10,497.63
2021.09.30 3301 +$  100.00 Deposit     Steve, Rita Gongora    TRI-STATE +$ 100.00 $10,597.63
2021.10.01 2411 -$  245.96 All Sports Trophies - Tri-State Plaques      -$ 245.96 $10,351.67
2021.10.08 2530 -$  500.00 Rio Rancho Astronomical Soc.   Schmitt Honor -$ 500.00 $ 9,851.67
2021.10.08 2531 -$  150.00 Dave Olwine - Tri-State - Refund Amount      -$ 150.00 $ 9,701.67
2021.10.08 2532 -$   90.00 John Drage  - Tri-State - Refund Amount      -$  90.00 $ 9,611.67
2021.10.08 2086 +$   80.00 Deposit     Jose Salazar           TRI-STATE +$  80.00 $ 9,691.67
2021.10.08 3264 +$   80.00 Deposit     Tosh & Annie Gregg     TRI-STATE +$  80.00 $ 9,771.67
2021.10.08 Cash +$  100.00 Deposit     Terry, Sarah Price Schmitt Honor +$ 100.00 $ 9,871.67
2021.10.08 6151 +$  100.00 Deposit     Jim, Heula Pittman Schmitt Honor +$ 100.00 $ 9,971.67
2021.10.08 5522 +$  100.00 Deposit     Larry, Kathy Blair Schmitt Honor +$ 100.00 $10,071.67
2021.10.08 7728 +$  100.00 Deposit     Tarmo, Kay Sutt    Schmitt Honor +$ 100.00 $10,171.67
2021.10.11 2533 -$  258.90 Narrowgate Security Agency 1/2 dwn TRI-STATE -$ 258.90 $ 9,912.77
2021.10.11 3306 +$   40.00 Deposit     for Michael Yang       TRI-STATE +$  40.00 $ 9,952.77
2021.10.11 4684 +$   80.00 Deposit     Carol Orona, Sophia    TRI-STATE +$  80.00 $10,032.77
2021.10.12 3987 +$   40.00 Deposit     Stephen Robbins        TRI-STATE +$  40.00 $10,072.77
2021.10.12 3307 +$   40.00 Deposit     for Francis Perotti    TRI-STATE +$  40.00 $10,112.77
2021.10.14 4232 +$  100.00 Deposit     David Huntoon      Schmitt Honor +$ 100.00 $10,212.77
2021.10.16 2534 -$ 6498.41 Marriot Hotel - Banquet & Audio Visual       -$6498.41 $ 3,714.36
2021.10.16 2535 -$  258.90 Narrowgate Security Agency - Balance         -$ 258.90 $ 3,455.46
2021.10.24 Cash     Amount    Total      Cash from Tri-State                               .
2021.10.24      +$  100.00 x      6 = $  600.00                                            .
2021.10.24      +$   50.00 x      6 = $  300.00                                            .
2021.10.24      +$   20.00 x     61 = $ 1220.00                                            .
2021.10.24      +$   10.00 x     15 = $  150.00                                            .
2021.10.24      +$    5.00 x     30 = $  150.00                                            .
2021.10.24      +$    1.00 x    106 = $  106.00                                            .
2021.10.24                     Total  $2,526.00                         +$2526.00 $ 5,981.46
2021.10.24 8001 +$   10.00 Deposit     Wiker - 50/50 Tickets            +$  10.00 $ 5,991.46
2021.10.24 8002 +$   10.00 Deposit     Wiker - Tickets                  +$  10.00 $ 6,001.46
2021.10.24 8004 +$   10.00 Deposit     Wiker - Calendars                +$  10.00 $ 6,011.46
2021.10.24 8006 +$   10.00 Deposit     Wiker - Calendars                +$  10.00 $ 6,021.46
2021.10.24 8005 +$   20.00 Deposit     Wiker - Calendars                +$  20.00 $ 6,041.46
2021.10.24 7975 +$   55.00 Deposit     Wiker - Registration & Coolers   +$  55.00 $ 6,096.46
2021.10.24 6152 +$   50.00 Deposit     Lloyd Piatt - Banquet & Shirt    +$  50.00 $ 6,146.46
2021.10.24 1106 +$   65.00 Deposit     Price - Silent Auction 57 Caddy  +$  65.00 $ 6,211.46
2021.10.24 1510 +$   81.00 Deposit     Kimberly - Silent Auction - Lamp +$  81.00 $ 6,292.46
2021.10.24 7730 +$  200.00 Deposit     Sutt - Silent Aucition - Lamp    +$ 200.00 $ 6,492.46
2021.10.24 7043 +$   25.00 Dues        J.Anderson     12 m CNM          +$  25.00 $ 6,517.46
========== ==== ========== =========== ========================================== ==========
2021.11.01 NOV NEWSLETTER  ============================================ BALANCE = $xx,xxx.xx
========== ==== ========== =========== ========================================== ==========

========== ==== ========== =========== ========================================== ==========
2021.04.30      +$1,031.47 Tri-State 2021 Fund Donation: Jim Pittman  +$ 1,031.47 $ 1,031.47
2021.10.01 2411 -$  245.96 All Sports Trophies - Tri-State Plaques    -$   245.96 $   785.51
2021.10.11 2533 -$  258.90 Narrowgate Security Agency 1/2 Down        -$   258.90 $   526.61
2021.10.16 2535 -$  258.90 Narrowgate Security Agency - Balance       -$   258.90 $   267.71
..............             Lupe & Jim Arrelanes - Shirts and Printing -$          $ ........

========== ==== ========== =========== ========================================== ==========


Happy November Birthday Wishes to:
	Janice Allin
	Darlene Darcy
	Anne Johnson
	Jim Pittman
	Mary Zelli
	Anne Wiker

Happy November Anniversary Wishes to:


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SUN 07 NOV  2:00 AM - Set your clocks BACK an hour due to Daylight Time.
           Neither the Legislature nor the Congress has been willing
         to stop the insanity of gaining or losing an hour twice
        each year with its resulting disruption of our sleep patterns.

SAT 06 NOV 10:00 AM Meeting: Highland Senior Center
>>>>>>>>> 131 Monroe St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 Phone: (505) 767-5210
>>>>>>>> Election of Officers at today's meeting.
>>>>>>> Bring your nominations for CNM officers to the meeting
>>>>>> Bring your nomination for the Boydston Award to the meeting
>>>>> Give them to Vice-President Tarmo Sutt by the start of today's meeting

WED 17 NOV  5:00 PM Board Meeting: >>>>>>>> TO BE DETERMINED

                    Location is the Military Vehicle Association's Collection

FRI 26 NOV  9:00 PM Deadline for items for the December 2020 newsletter


SAT 04 DEC 10:00 AM Meeting: Highland Senior Center
       131 Monroe St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 Phone: (505) 767-5210

WED 15 DEC  5:00 PM Board Meeting: >>>>>>>> TO BE DETERMINED

UNDETERMINED -- CNM Christmas Party featuring Francis Boydston Award

FRI 15 DEC  9:00 PM Deadline for items for the January 2022 newsletter



SAT 01 JAN 10:00 AM Meeting: Highland Senior Center
       131 Monroe St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 Phone: (505) 767-5210

WED 19 JAN  5:00 PM Board Meeting: >>>>>>>> TO BE DETERMINED

                    Location is the Military Vehicle Association's Collection

*** FRI 28 JAN  9:00 PM Deadline for items for the February 2022 newsletter
*** Note: may need to adjust these dates depending on the holiday schedule

SAT 05 FEB 10:00 AM Meeting: Highland Senior Center
       131 Monroe St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 Phone: (505) 767-5210
WED 16 FEB  5:00 PM Board Meeting: >>>>>>>> TO BE DETERMINED
                    Location is the Military Vehicle Association's Collection
*** FRI 25 FEB  9:00 PM Deadline for items for the February 2022 newsletter
See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
======================== http://www.nmcarcouncil.com/ ======================

SUGGESTION: A visit to the Telephone Museum on Fourth Street
SUGGESTION: A visit to the new WEATHER LAB at the Balloon Museum
SUGGESTION: A visit to the Soaring Museum in Moriarty
SUGGESTION: Activities with other clubs such as VMCCA.


Jim Pittman

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