Tri-State Special Report - Text Version 

Updated 21-May-2013 ==== Copyright (c) 2013 Corvairs of New Mexico    

   Red River Tri-State Special Edition - June 2011  


WE LEFT FOR RED RIVER on Thursday. The weather was good, traffic was not 
heavy and we did not stop until we got to the Rio Grande Gorge overlook 
near Taos. 

AFTER TURNING EAST from Questa we stopped near Chevron's big molybdenum 
mine. We easily found our Lifts West hotel. Steve and Rita also arrived 
early in their spectacular red-and-white Rampside. 

THE 2011 RED RIVER Tri-State was about to begin.


LIFTS WEST IS AN AWESOME BUILDING with a large central room and a glass 
elevator. We parked in the cool, dark basement. Mike and Ollie rested 
before starting to set up our registration table.

BRENDA, WHO HAD DONE so much work to organize this event, was able to relax 
for a few minutes.


SEVERAL VOLUNTEERS WORKED at registration. The group who happened to be on 
duty for this photo includes Ollie, Robert, Anne Mae, Javi, Sara and Jim. 

BELOW: JUST A FEW of the Corvairs out in the parking lot early Saturday 
morning. Thanks to the Sticklers for the use of their balcony! 

LEFT: AT AGE 92, Wendy may be the most experienced person present at the 
Tri-State, even though he was not able to bring his red 1964 Monza convertible 
with Fiero seats and Spyder dash. Here he adds to his extensive collection of 
Tri-State photos.


DURING REGISTRATION Jim collected the filled-out forms and entered the data in 
a spreadsheet so we'd have information on how many attended, how many from each 
club, how many banquet tickets had been sold, and so on. 

BRENDA AND HURLEY Wilvert did a tremendous amount of work preparing food for 
the hospitality room, and Wendy provided the fresh popcorn! 

RUTH GOODMAN has a coffee break in the small restaurant at the front door 
of Lifts West. 

HEULA PROVIDED the bulletin board and signs telling everyone which way to go 
for registration and hospitality snacks. 

STEVE GONGORA is always ready and eager to show off the latest in his collection 
of digital photos, and to share the stories that go with them.


BANQUET TABLES being made ready. 

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN a spare tire explode? This one exploded in the trunk, ruining 
the deck lid. Some of the guys bent it back, at least enough so the car could be 
driven home safely. The tire had been riding in the engine compartment of the 
turbo Corsa. A noise like a backfire caused Joan to stop and take a look at the 
engine, and she noticed the spare's tread was starting to separate. She moved 
the spare to the trunk thinking it would cool off. Hours later, there was a 
noise like a gunshot and a bent deck lid!


ALL 33 VEHICLES in our show, in order by car number. 


NOTE: THE NUMBER "9" was not assigned to a car in this show.


THERE WAS A Red River Classic Car Show going on and this show had a multitude 
of different cars. Very impressive! We saw a Rampside that was not in any of the 
Tri-State clubs. 

WE WERE PLEASED to see a beautiful Ultra Van lined up with all the Corvairs 
in our show. How many of the passers-by learned that Ultra Vans had Corvair 

LEFT: CHEVROLETS of various kinds and in different stages of modification 
populated the Classic Car Show, while lots of Corvairs lined up for our adjacent 
Tri-State show. We hope you got a look at the turbo engines in the Yoffee and 
Sutt Corvairs. Larry's has several added features for better running and 
cooling, while Tarmo's is a mint-condition rebuilt.

BELOW: LARRY BLAIR'S jewel of a dark green convertible with Spyder dash and 
gasoline heater is always a favorite at car shows. 


A NEW MASTER OF CEREMONIES was Russ McDuffie who did an excellent job. There 
seemed to be a lot of interest in the crossword puzzle which was custom-made 
for this event and featured at least one typographical error!

BELOW: KAY SUTT shows her custom-made purses. 

WAS IT THE "TIJUANA CLUB" or the "Tequila Club" that gained a new member this 
year? What happened to all those toy cars on the tables? Did anyone manage to 
get through the evening without winning at least one door prize? Does anyone 
need to look on the last page of this report to check their answers to the 


SCENES AT THE BANQUET. Ruth Boydston's quilt, won by Kay Sutt.

Russ McDuffie recognizes Paul Campbell, PPCC's newsletter editor.

The Olwines, father and daughter.

Larry Blair presents the BOYDSTON AWARD to Chuck Vertrees.

Mary Lou & Mark Martinek towed their early Monza convertible from Washington.

Steve tells about Rocky Mountain CORSA's plans.


STEVE GOODMAN TOLD US to look forward to next year's Tri-State in Gunnison, or 
was that Salida. Where ever we end up, I'm sure we will experience another great 

ON SUNDAY MORNING we took a quick look at NM 578 east of Red River. We hope 
some of the Corvairs discovered this great little sports car road. We continued 
to Eagle Nest and Angel Fire and stopped a few minutes at the Vietnam Veterans 
Memorial park.


 CNM   38 
 PPCC  20         Bonneville                       2 
 OTHER  8         CORSA OREGON                     2 
 NON    8         Ute Trails                       3 
 TOTAL 98 

 RMC         10 
 PPCC         9 
 CNM          8 
 NON          3 
 OREGON       1 
 Ute Trails   1 
TOTAL:       33 

 Colorado    20 
 New Mexico  10 
 Washington   1 
 Utah         1 
 Wyoming      1 

 1960  1 
 1961  2 
 1962  4 
 1963  4 
 1964  4 
 1965  8 
 1966  6 
 1967  2 
 1968  2 
 1969  0 

 Conv   13 
 Coupes 10 
 Sedans  4 
 Wagon   3 
 FC      2 
 Other   1 

Best Early:     1962 Monza Sedan       Paul & Pat Campbell PPCC 
Best Late:      1966 Corsa Conv turbo     Tarmo Sutt        CNM 
Best Custom:    1965 Corsa Coupe V-8      Garrie Fox  PPCC, RMC 
Best FC:        1962 Rampside             Steve Gongora     CNM 
Best of Show:   1966 Corsa Conv turbo     Tarmo Sutt        CNM 

Attendance Award: Corvairs of New Mexico 
 Hard Luck Award: Joan Wilshire - exploded tire
  Boydston Award: Chuck Vertrees of CNM 

Solution to the banquet crossword puzzle



=== =========== ========= ================ == ===== ============  ========================= =============== ===== ===== ==== == ================
 1  Steve       Gongora   Albuquerque      NM 87111 505-292-5570  steve @ Rita            CNM         1962 NM Rampside
 2  Robert      Gold      Albuquerque      NM 87110 505-268-6878  beisbol30 @       Anne Mae        CNM         1965 NM Corsa Conv
 3  Larry       Blair     Albuquerque      NM 87109 505-249-1035  blairylar @   Kathleen        CNM         1964 NM Monza Conv
 4  Tarmo       Sutt      Santa Fe         NM 87505 505-471-1153  tarmo @          Kay             CNM         1966 NM Corsa Conv turbo
 5  Russ        McDuffie  Albuquerque      NM 87109 505-400-5526 @        Nancy           CNM         1965 NM Corsa Conv
 6  Jim         Thompson  Albuquerque      NM 87114 505-898-6103  @                         Alice        non-affil      1963 NM Monza Conv
 7  John        Wiker     Albuquerque      NM 87120 505-239-3311  wikerj63 @                      CNM         1966 NM Corsa Coupe
 8  Pat         Hall      Los Lunas        NM 87031 505-620-5574  patandvickiehall @  Vickie          CNM         1961 NM Lakewood
10  William     Pearce    Austin           CO 81410 970-835-5260  eslide5 @         Trezina      non-affil      1961 CO Lakewood
11  Mike M.     Head      Delta            CO 81416 970-874-4594  mhead517 @        Marilyn         Ute Trails  1967 CO Coupe
12  Mary Lou    Martinek  Vancouver        WA 98664 360-809-8349  mjmartinek @     Mark      Corsa Oregon, CNM 1963 WA Monza Conv
13  Larry       Schubert  Sedalia          CO 80135 303-660-6037  skys @      Sheryl          RMC         1964 CO Coupe
14  Larry       Yoffee    Albuquerque      NM 87109 505-321-5909  corsa180 @                      CNM         1965 NM Corsa Coupe
15  Steve       Goodman   Denver           CO 80219 303-934-5027  rearengine.steve @ Ruth           PPCC    RMC 1968 CO Corsa Coupe
16  John        Dawson    Centennial       CO 80121 303-779-4356  john.dawson @ Marlene      RMC         1966 CO Coupe
17  Dave        Olwine    Fort Collins     CO 80525 970-225-6656  iggy @           Brenna          RMC         1963 CO Spyder Conv
18  Jean        Olwine    Grand Junction   CO 81501 970-243-6160  @                                         RMC         1964 CO Monza 4-door
19  Joan        Wilshire  Loveland         CO 80537 000-000-0000  @               Laura Wilshire,navigator  RMC    PPCC 1966 CO Corsa Conv turbo
20  John        Drage     Westminster      CO 80234 303-466-8755  jcdrage @                        RMC         1962 CO Conv
21  Kermit      Shields   Colorado Springs CO 80906 719-473-4091  kermitshld @ Maria Oldendorf      PPCC        1968 CO Conv
22  Dale        Nielsen   Littleton        CO 80123 303-933-8584  monza @                        RMC         1965 CO Coupe
23  Ed          Halpin    Castle Rock      CO 80109 303-619-0080  halpinem @    Cheryl          PPCC    RMC 1960 CO Monza Coupe
24  John K.     Koll      Colorado Springs CO 80920 719-593-1928  jkkoll @          Jeannie         PPCC        1965 CO Conv
25  Warren      Ehrmann   Colorado Springs CO 80919 719-598-7438  ehrmannw @                        PPCC        1964 CO 4-door
26  Paul        Campbell  Colorado Springs CO 80909 719-633-8708  pdtcamp @       Patricia        PPCC        1962 CO Sedan
27  John        Dinsdale  Aurora           CO 80011 303-341-2327  johndinsdale @    Debbie          RMC     CNM 1966 CO Monza sedan
28  William     Pohzer    Ranchos de Taos  NM 87557 575-770-6798  williampohzer @          non-affil      1967 NM Ultra Van
29  Garrie      Fox       Colorado Springs CO 80910 719-338-505   gfox80915 @     Patricia        PPCC    RMC 1965 CO Corsa Coupe V-8
30  John        Hesco     Greybull         WY 82426 307-765-2022  jhesco @      Marilyn         PPCC        1966 WY Monza Coupe
31  Christopher Klapp     Colorado Springs CO 80910 760-267-0624  skymangs @      Jennifer        PPCC        1965 CO Convert
32  Timothy     Shrtle    Durango          CO 81303 970-903-2127  shortle556 @ Lilian         RMC         1963 CO Rampside
33  Timothy     Shrtle    Durango          CO 81303 970-903-2127  shortle556 @ Lilian         RMC         1962 CO Monza Wagon
34  Bruce       Gwyther   Clinton          UT 84015 801-776-8353  vairman @    Tim Gwyther = brother  BONNEVILLE  1965 UT Corsa Conv
x   Jonni       Berkman   Brighton         CO 80602 303-659-4525  jonnian @                         RMC, Corsa West LA, Tucson
x   Ruth        Boydston  Albuquerque      NM 87109 505-821-1506  sg730 @       Sherry Gray     CNM
x   Richard     Finch     Tularosa         NM 88352 575-430-1258  finchbooks @ Guest:Jon Linke CNM
x   Alan        Gold      Albuquerque      NM 87110 000-000-0000  @                                         CNM
x   Tom         Grippen   Loveland         CO 80531 970-622-8833  tgrippen @                    RMC
x   Gordon      Johnson   Corrales         NM 87048 505-898-7688  gjohnson @        Barbara         CNM
x   Terry       Kalp      Valley Center    KS 67147 316-755-2458  @                                         MCCA, HACOA
x   John        Neal      Colorado Springs CO 80908 719-495-2802  @                         Phyllis         PPCC
x   Larry       Neal      Colorado Springs CO 80915 719-570-9694  lneal1671 @                non-affil
x   Lee         Olsen     Burdett          KS 67523 620-285-9134  obro1 @                       non-affil
x   Jim         Pittman   Albuquerque      NM 87112 505-275-2195  jimp @            Heula           CNM
x   Chuck       Riblett   Loveland         CO 80537 970-461-1328  chuckriblett @    Carolyn Taylor  RMC
x   LeRoy       Rogers    Albuquerque      NM 87111 505-294-0623  004873 @            Emma            CNM
x   Ollie       Scheflow  Corrales         NM 87048 505-897-2611  owsmas @                     CNM
x   Paul        Seyforth  Thornton         CO 80602 303-280-2025  psayforth @   Maxine          RMC
x   Michael     Stickler  Corrales         NM 87048 505-856-6993  sticorsa @    Brenda          CNM
x   Charles     Vertrees  Albuquerque      NM 87110 505-299-0744  vertrees @                       CNM
x   Wendy       Walker    Rio Rancho       NM 87124 505-892-8471  defarge505 @                    CNM
x   Hurley      Wilvert   Sandia Park      NM 87047 000-000-0000  hurbrenwil @      Brenda          CNM