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Mary Lou Martinek

What a great day to start off on a journey to one of my favorite states,
Colorado. Manitou Springs and Pikes Peak sure seemed to be the place to go. We
drove our 24-foot, Class C RV and used a tow-dolly to tow the '63 Monza
Convertible. The scenery in Northern N.M. was great, with green everywhere and
lovely different colored wild-flowers. The signs of Spring with new life of
foals and calves was great to see. I thought the color of red cattle in a field
of pink flowers was quite unique.

After we crossed into Colorado around Trinidad, the rains started and they
seemed to get worse the closer to Colorado Springs we got with a lightning show
which seemed to be right on the highway in the direction we were heading, I'm
glad Mark was driving at that time!

It was about 3:30 P.M. Thursday when we checked in at the Twin Peaks RV park
just a couple blocks from the Castaway Motel. By the time Mark unloaded the car
and set up the RV he was soaked to the skin. It slowed down to a drizzle by the
time we headed out for Debbie and Dennis Pleau's ranch for a barbecue on the
front porch. It sure was nice to see their lovely new home and see Jon and Deb
Anderson and girls again; seems like part of our Albuquerque Club has moved to
the Pikes Peak area?

One of the neat things about the Pleau's place besides lots of Corvairs around
are four goats, two of them just babies and very cute with lovely

Mark and I really didn't do much tourist things; it was nice just to relax, and
our campground was very pretty with lilacs and rocks and a stream with foot
bridges. I noticed a guest of the Motel next door try to catch a fish in the
fast moving water; he had what looked like a cane pole.

Directly behind us on the hill was a "Bed and Breakfast' and in the evening it
was lit with lots of white lights. We were told that it used to be the
Wrigley's (of chewing gum fame) Summer home.

I watched the antics of a couple of squirrels who were really having fun and
driving our dog, Bonita, crazy as she didn't know what they were, so decided
they needed to be barked at if I wouldn't let her run after them.

The Pizza in the Park on Friday was nice. The weather cooperated so it was
comfortable and a good time to visit with others from the different clubs.

Having the "Show and Shine" at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center was a
great idea. The visitors who came earlier in the morning not only saw an air
show of vintage aircraft fly over, but got to go right past our nice Corvairs
as well. Of course Mark D. and Tarmo S. got to have quite an audience as well
as advisors, as they repaired part of Tarmo's car right there on the sidewalk
and in the rain.

The barbecue on Saturday night was okay, but the room was much too crowded to
get up and do any visiting with others in the room. 

I enjoyed Sylvan Zuercher's interesting as well as humorous stories in
honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Tri-State this year. I was disappointed
that there were no Souvenir T-shirts for us to purchase this time, but luckily,
Mark had bought me a "Colorado" T-shirt earlier at the gift shop in the RV

We had an uneventful trip back Sunday. The Corvair was put on the tow dolly
facing the RV this time, with the speedometer disconnected. It tracked great.
Mark had "fun" when we hit New Mexico with the strong wind.

My only complaint was that I couldn't stay a day or two longer to do the
tourist things, but now we have a good excuse to come back! I hope we can go to
Grand Junction next May. For those who didn't get to go to the Tri-State this
time, give it a try next year; you'll be glad you did.

OH! Is there anyone out there who would like to help me get bugs off the loft,
rear view mirrors, windshield; in other words,the whole front of a very tall


Kay Sutt

This year's Tri-State Meet was a little different for the Sutts. First of all
we brought two students this year instead of just one. Second, Tarmo and the
girls left earlier because I had to work later Friday. I drove up with my boss,
who was on his way to Denver, and we arrived fairly late that night.

I was sorry to miss the pizza party. Several people told me the company was
great, even if the pizza wasn't. My boss enjoyed meeting some of the folks he's
heard so much about over the years.

Saturday morning was threatening, but Ruth and Rita decided to take the kids
horseback riding, so I had the task of getting two 18-year old girls out of bed
and ready to be seen in public in 30 minutes (at 9:00 A.M.!!!). A daunting
task, but they were up to it. They all had a great time and finished before the
rain. Only problem was the kids all wanted to go again Sunday morning.

It was a pleasure to see all our friends at the show and shine, and there were
a few new people this year to get to know too. It seems every year the cars are
a little better looking. I remember the first few Tri-States where most of us
looked like traveling gypsies in our old, rusty Corvairs.

But now many of those same cars are a real joy for Corvair owners and the
others who attend the show. (Actually, my favorite perspective is from the
balcony of the hotel where you can see all the friendly activity as the cars
are brought to that ultimate shine on Saturday morning.)

I especially enjoyed the antique and quilt shop spree Debbie Pleau arranged for
several of us. We had fun despite the downpour, and we now know just how many
middle aged women you can cram into a van (no wise cracks please). Ruth spent
the afternoon showing me hand quilting. (Now we'll see if it's true that
practice makes perfect. I've certainly defined the term "beginner" in my
attempts so far.)

The banquet was typical of Tri-State Meets. The food was adequate, the room was
crowded, and the feelings expressed were genuine. Steve and Ruth Goodman were
almost speechless winning the St. Francis of Corvair award, and it takes
something special to make either of them speechless. I'm sure Francis was
smiling that evening.

I rode back home on Sunday with Wendell. I learned about all the traveling he
and Ilva have done and his stories and good company made the miles fly by. We
had a six-car caravan coming home, which was great, but every stop (and with
six cars full of people there are lots of "pit stops") looked like a Chinese
fire drill, and it took some doing to get everyone back on the road.

Writing this short piece reminds me of Ilva's comments after the Lake City
meet. She said something to the effect: "I don't give a hoot about the cars,
and a lot of the places aren't so great, but the people are my reason to come
back every year."

Well, Ilva, this year you would have been pleased. The location was great, the
cars were better looking than ever, and the people were just as friendly and
even more interesting than in past years. This is truly an event that just gets
better every year.

Thanks to all of you who organized and attended who who made this Tri-State
meet a wonderful and worthwhile weekend.

Subject: Re: Tri-State Statistics
From: Steve Goodman (rearengine.steve@worldnet.att.net)
To: Jim Pittman CIRT (casa unm edu)

Some information on the Manitou Springs Tri-State Meet:

Clubs represented;

Rocky Mountain CORSA (Denver)            48 in attendance
Pikes Peak Corvair Club (C/Springs)      39 in attendance
Corvairs of New Mexico (Albuquerque)     27 in attendance
Bonneville Corvair Club (Salt Lake City)  2 in attendance
San Francisco Bay Area                    2 in attendance
Iowa Corvair Enthusiasts                  1 in attendance

There were two folks from West Virgina who belonged to no club.

States represented:

Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas, Iowa, California, West Virginia, Kansas.
(The folks from Kansas belong to CNM.)

Total number attending the banquet:

There were 123 adults and 4 under 12 at the restaurant. I didn't keep count of
those at the pizza party Friday evening but there were several other
youngsters, those of Jon/Debbie Anderson and Dennis/Debbie Pleau. The pizza
party consumed 29 14" pizzas.

I might also add that Sunday afternoon a weather front passed through the area
and the temperature in Denver went from 80 degrees at about 1500hrs to 30
degrees and SNOW at 1700hrs. About 3 inches of snow was on the ground by
2200hrs. There were several who got caught in the snow on their way home too,
those who live in Boulder and Ft. Collins.

Regards, Steve


From: Steve Goodman (rearengine.steve@worldnet.att.net)
To: casa unm edu

I would like to add a paragraph or two to your next newsletter if I may, it
goes something like this:

To all members of CNM: On behalf of Ruth and myself, I would like to say that
it is an honor to receive the St. Francis Boydston award this year. Francis was
a very good friend and of course Ruth Boydston still is. To be considered in
the group with Jim Pittman, Tarmo Sutt and Sylvan Zuecher is something that I
can't quite find words to describe.

The Boydston award means more than just the CORVAIR, it is the people that make
the CORVAIR what it is today. Francis always found time to help fellow CORVAIR
owners and that is what made him a virtual legend in the community. The two of
us are proud to be a part of that group and we hope to continue for many years.

To all of you we say "THANK YOU, see you all next year"
-- Steve and Ruth Goodman