Updated 17-Jun-2014 ==== Copyright (c) 2014 Corvairs of New Mexico  
Submitted by Mark Domzalski

There were six chapters represented at this year's Tri-State Event: Corvairs of
New Mexico, Pikes Peak Corvair Club, Rocky Mountain CORSA, Mid-America CORSA,
CORSA Oregon and Corvanatics.

It should be noted that CORSA's Western Director Dennis Pleau and CORSA's
Merchandising Chair Debbie Pleau were present, as well as many of our old
friends who always come to the Tri-States.

Attendance: Corvairs of New Mexico  41
            Pikes Peak Corvair Club 31
            Rocky Mountain CORSA    25

CNM won the traveling trophy for attendance and President Robert Gold has it in
his care. Let's see if we get to keep it for another year by having an extra
big CNM turnout at Cripple Creek, Colorado in 2004!

The longest distance driven award was given to John Hesco, who drove from
Greybill, Wyoming. He drove 795 miles in a 1962 Monza convertible.

The Best Late award went to Phil Nelson from Wichita, Kansas for "Fast Orange,"
a 1965 Corsa.

Best FC went to Walter Hundertmark from Manitou Springs.

Of course, Ben Benzel and his famous and highly original 1962 Monza received the
Best Early recognition.

Ted Jackson's red 1962 Monza Convertible was the show stopper with Best of Show.

Steve Goodman and Steve Gongora presented this year's Francis Boydston Award to
Bill Reider.

Next year the Pikes Peak club will host our Tri-State event at Cripple Creek,
Colorado. Let's all be there!