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Dennis Pleau
The DRIPLINE - Pikes Peak Corvair Club - June 2005

IF YOU MISSED this year's Tri-State, you missed a good one. Rocky Mountain CORSA
put on a good show. For starters, Ouray, situated at the end of a box canyon,
with Red Mountain pass to the south and the mountains on the east and west, it
has got to be one of the most scenic spots in the country. Secondly, the weather
cooperated and it was beautiful; and third we had a great bunch of Corvair

We drove over Friday morning with the Wiltrouts, they in their Corvairs and
Debbie and I in our Explorer. We made pretty good time with less than 3 hours to
Gunnison, where we had lunch. After lunch we went to Montrose where the cars got
washed since we had no idea what we would find in Ouray. There was some road
construction around Cimarron and the gravel road was pretty nasty to be driving
a Corvair with a nice paint job, but Michael's and Miles's cars survived.
Between Montrose and Ouray there was a stretch of road being repaved. I've never
in my life seen asphalt with so much oil in it. I could see the tracks where
Michael drove on the pavement. Fortunately, the oil didn't kick up and stick to
the cars.

We checked into the motel and registered for the convention and then talked with
friends for a while. For dinner, there were 15 of us that went to a restaurant
on the main street which was really good.

Saturday morning we got up early, well, early for us without kids or dogs to
wake us up. All the Corvairs paraded down the main street to the city park and
parked on the grass. If my count was correct there were 28 cars in the car
display. Results of the judging are on page 11 of this issue. As I said, the
weather was perfect, slightly cool in the park at 8:30 with a tee-shirt and
sandals and just starting to get to warm at 1:00 when the show broke up. I did
manage to get a slight sunburn but not much.

After the show Debbie and I drove up Red Mountain pass and then took a bunch of
pictures on the way back down, none of which did justice to the beauty all
around us.

The banquet was Saturday night with plenty of good food and lots of good
company. The downside was when the Traveling Attendance Trophy was presented to
Rocky Mountain CORSA. Now we have a big blank spot on the wall above the
computer where it hung for the past year. After we lost that trophy, I hoped to
win the SnapOn Tool Route 66 clock to take its place, but that went to Jim
Brossard from Washington.

CNM announced that next year's Tri-State will be in Montrose, since it was the
location of the first Tri-State in 1976; the second in 1986; and the 20th
anniversary in 1996; and now the 30th anniversary. It is tentatively scheduled
for the first week in June. PPCC needs a good turn out so we can get the trophy
back, the wall will look bare until then.

The DRIPLINE - Volume 29 Number 10 June 2005
Pikes Peak Corvair Club
by Dennis Pleau