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Subject: Tri-State Awards
From: Bill Reider ( breider @ gte.net )
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 11:53:46 -0600

Here is a list of the awards, etc.  I'll have the Registration forms at the
meeting for you. -- Bill

   Early Closed:        #09     1963 Monza Coupe        Jean Olwine     RMC
     Early Open:        #08     1963 Spyder Convt       David Olwine    RMC
    Late Closed:        #31     1966 Monza Coupe        Wayne Broadhead BCC
      Late Open:        #29     1965 Corsa Convt        Don Young       BCC 
Forward Control:        #03     1963 Rampside           Larry Hickerson CNM
   Best of Show:        #03     1963 Rampside           Larry Hickerson CNM
  Long Distance: Vee Stowell coming 761 miles in a 1963 Monza Convt.
Hard Luck Award: Ray Trujillo in his 1965 Corsa convertible.

Ray's engine quit near Durango and he had to replace his fuel pump. Fortunately
he happened to have a spare fuel pump with him and Dave was there to help. There
were no other significant problems reported from any of the participants.

However, on the return trip Robert Gold's 1966 Corsa suddenly lost its
speedometer - he thought the cable had broken. But upon investigation, Robert
found that the outer wheel bearing had overheated and got so hot that it melted
the the plastic hub insert that drives the speedometer cable! Luckily, the wheel
bearing did not fail. A new bearing (with plenty of grease) and a new hub cap
with plastic insert and the Corsa convertible is back in business.

The following is the number of people attending from each of the clubs.

        Bonneville Corvair Club         12
        RMC                             28
        Pikes Peak                      29
        CNM                             37
        Total                          106

Corvairs of New Mexico took home the traveling trophy for the largest
attendance, much to our surprise, because several members who usually attend
Tri-State events were unable to go this year. As always, it was a pleasure to
see so many really nice cars at the car show in downtown Montrose. We thank all
those who brought their Corvairs to this year's Tri-State and we hope to see
even more when the Pikes Peak club hosts next year's event in Monte Vista,


Mary Jo Jeans

Home for us is the very flat South Louisiana so our road trip from Albuquerque
to Montrose was full of elevated eye candy. Our first stop was charming Durango.
One night wasn't nearly long enough to get to know her. I've added Durango to my
short list of next vacation spots so I can do more than shop and eat next time
we meet.

The next day we stopped in Silverton to have some delicious chicken fried steak
and live piano music at the Bent Elbow for lunch. It was a good choice since it
was walking distance to the noisy little river out back by the train tracks.

What a thrill it was to have sweating palms on the mountain road as Dad
carefully negotiated each corner. Mom and Dad want us to experience
everything... so we got to skip the car show on Saturday morning (we've seen
them before) and go to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison for a walk along the
crystal clear river. Fly fishermen were sight fishing for trout without success
but watching was like looking at the nature channel on T.V. but better!

There was lots of socializing at the motel that filled up our down time between
sight seeing. The Tri State may be about cars and club events to most. To us it
was bonding with our family and getting to know their friends while we saw new
places. Thank you all for making us feel welcome.

On the way back we stopped near a summit, surrounded by mountain peaks. I walked
toward the trees growing up the mountainside and stood for several minutes
listening to the near silence. I wanted to photograph the scene into my memory
so as to keep it forever. Back in flat Louisiana I'll be able to have a little
bit of Colorado in my mind whenever I need it.

-- Mary Jo & Jordan Jeans (Belonging to Jim & Heula Pittman of CNM)