Updated 17-Jun-2014 ==== Copyright (c) 2014 Corvairs of New Mexico  

Jim Pittman / statistics by Steve Goodman  

Our 2007 Tri-State Meet in Monte Vista, Colorado was another success although
CNM was under-represented, and in fact overall attendance was down. Several of
us traveled in our Brand-X vehicles, leaving our Corvairs at home.

Friday found us arriving at the Movie Manor Best Western (two miles west of
town) and registering and walking around to look at all the Corvairs. In the
evening many of us went in town in search of congenial restaurants or other
places of interest.

Saturday morning found many owners up early to shine their Corvairs and parade
to the park for the show. Here's a list of the cars at the show, in the order
that they were lined up:

== ==== ============ ====== ============= ================ ==========
06 1968 Monza        coupe  red           Ruth Goodman     PPCC/RMC
22 1965 Corsa        coupe  white (V-8)   Garrie Fox       PPCC
19 1962 Monza        conv.  white         John Hesco       PPCC
12 1965 Monza        sedan  light blue    Ernie Pyle       RMC/PPCC
11 1965 Corsa        conv.  yellow        Ray Trujillo     CNM
17 1962 Monza        conv.  red           Jerry Gertison   RMC
13 1962 Monza        conv.  turquoise     John Drage       RMC
08 1963 Monza        conv.  purple        Bau Klomp        RMC
18 1962 Monza        conv.  red           Bud Duncan       RMC
21 1962 Monza        sedan  light green   Paul Campbell    PPCC
16 1962 Monza        coupe  beige         Ben Benzel       PPCC
09 1963 Monza Spyder conv.  red           Dave Olwine      RMC
10 1964 Monza        sedan  white         Jean Olwine      RMC
20 1968 Monza        conv.  yellow        Kermit Shields   joined PPCC
01 1968 500          coupe  bronze-red    Danny Mendoza    joined PPCC
07 1966 Corsa        coupe  extremely RED Larry Yoder      RMC
14 1964 Monza        conv.  maroon        John Koll        PPCC
15 1964 Monza        sedan  gold/brown    Warren Erhmann   PPCC
03 1964 Monza        coupe  light blue    Michael Wiltrout PPCC
04 1966 Corsa        coupe  yellow/black  Miles Wiltrout   PPCC
__ 1963 Monza        coupe  light blue    local owner      -
23 1966 Corsa        coupe  white         Steve Gongora    CNM
__ 1964 Monza Spyder conv.  maroon        local owner      -
02 1963 Greenbrier   F.C.   white/red     Dennis Pleau     PPCC/RMC
05 1965 Monza        conv.  red           Jon Anderson     PPCC
__ 1966 Corsa        conv.  blue          Tim Paulson      -
__ 1965 Monza        sedan  white         Mac McFadden, Alamosa
__ 1963 Monza        coupe  white         Dave Langlois, Albuquerque

Class winners were:
Early coupe # 16 1962 Monza       Ben Benzel     PPCC
Early open  # 09 1963 Spyder      Dave Olwine    RMC
Early sedan # 10 1964 Monza       Jean Olwine    RMC
Late coupe  # 01 1968 500         Danny Mendoza  joined PPCC
Late open   # 11 1965 Corsa       Ray Trujillo   CNM
Late sedan  # 12 1965 Monza       Ernie Pyle     RMC/PPCC
FC          # 02 1963 Greenbrier  Dennis Pleau   PPCC/RMC

Steve thought there'd be no need for a Hard Luck Award, but at the last minute
Dennis Pleau secured the award by having fuel pump failure in his Greenbrier.
Fortunately a spare was located (thanks, Jon) and Dennis installed it in record
time. The only other problem we know of was the cloud of smoke from Wendell
Walker's RX-7 that scared everyone in Antonito and led to the deployment of two
fire trucks. It apparently was just some spilled oil.

The long distance award went to John Hesco of the Pikes Peak club who drove to
Monte Vista from Greybull, Wyoming, 700 miles each way.

Year breakdown for the cars registered for the show:
  1962 = 7 vehicles
  1963 = 2 vehicles
  1964 = 4 vehicles
  1965 = 3 vehicles
  1966 = 4 vehicles
  1968 = 2 vehicles

We had 74 folks registered for the banquet and the Rocky Mountain club took back
the plaque for most members attending. Here are the numbers:
  RMC      = 29 = Attendance Award
  PPCC     = 24
  CNM      = 16
  Non-club =  5

After the car show many of us went into town to check out antique shops or drove
east through Alamosa to visit the Great Sand Dunes. We don't know if anyone
found the alligator farm. Some of us treated our sunburn, downloaded photos from
our cameras to our computers or wandered around to talk Corvair lore with our
friends. There was a lot of "How do you do that?" and "Why did you do that?" and
"That looks like a neat idea!" to be heard through the afternoon. At least one
local Corvair owner came by to get advice on fixing up her "new" car.

About 6:00 PM we all gathered at the restaurant. At the buffet we found the line
long and the food good. We had lots of door prizes. Laura Wilshire won the
afghan donated by Ruth Goodman. Debbie Pleau won the 50/50 prize of $108. LeRoy
won the diorama Corvair display. CNM presented the Saint Francis of Corvair
Award for 2007 to John Koll of the Pikes Peak Club. Ruth Boydston received the
Plaque with the names of all the recipients of the award from 1998 through 2007.

During the banquet there was an early summer thunderstorm with lots of rain and
some hail, and the restaurant staff were deployed to set pans under several
leaks! Hopefully no one was dripped on badly enough to call for another hard
luck award. Another point of interest at the banquet: the newsletter editors
were honored for their dedication to their craft. It was well acknowledged that
communications are a very important part of any organization.

Debbie & Dennis Pleau told us that they will soon be moving from Colorado to the
Sacramento area in California. While they will no doubt continue to be active in
CORSA and in local Corvair affairs in their new home, they will leave a big gap
in the ranks of the Colorado and New Mexico clubs.

Jim observed that once again Steve and Ruth Goodman did a terrific job of
organizing and running a relaxed and enjoyable gathering of Corvairs and Corvair
people. Steve said the facilities were good with excellent cooperation from the
town. Quite a few local people came to see the car show -- there were 127
ballots cast for People's Choice. Jim was amazed at the number and quality of
all the early model Corvairs from Colorado, many of them daily drivers. How many
of us "Brand-X" owners resolved to go back home and do the chores needed to make
our Corvairs look better and run better so we can drive them to the Tri-State
next year?

Laura Wilshire told us that next year the Tri-State Meet will be hosted by Rocky
Mountain CORSA of Denver in Pagosa Springs, Colorado in May. This is just up the
road from Chama so plan now to attend! Rocky Mountain has won the attendance
record far too many times and Pikes Peak will be especially keen to win it next

Again, a big thanks to Ruth & Steve Goodman for all their excellent efforts to
make this a great Tri-State! -- Jim