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Jim & Heula Pittman 

THU 20 MAY --- Leaving the 1965 Monza at home, we are on the road in our Brand-X
by 7 AM or so. Drive up North 14 via Madrid. Take the bypass loop to the west of
Santa Fe. Have a lot of traffic congestion and some road construction near

Somewhere south of Tres Piedras we have our first glimpses of Colorado snow-clad
mountains, not to mention the snowy mountains near Taos. We are amazed to see an
Air Force B-1 bomber swoop by us. It disappears at low altitude and high speed,
headed north paralleling the Rio Grande gorge. Well, it is perfect weather and a
perfect place to be flying in a high-performance airplane.

At Alamosa we decide to take a short cut on Colorado 17 near the Great Sand
Dunes National Monument instead of going around US 285 through Monte Vista and
Saguache. It turns out to be a straight, smooth road with little traffic. We
reach Salida at about 1 PM and head east on US 50. Beautiful road, river
alongside, railroad next to the river. We start seeing hundreds of gondola coal
cars parked on the railroad right-of-way. Can not figure that out. In storage?
Abandoned? Waiting to be joined up into the world's longest coal train? No
explanation was found.

Arrive Canon City, find Quality Inn, check in. In our room by 2:15 PM. Our first
sighting of a Corvair: nice early maroon coupe parks next to our car. The first
of many to come. Spend rest of day visiting with friends.

FRI 21 MAY --- Nice breakfast at the hotel. Talk to a few other early risers.
Here is Dave Olwine who had the nice red 1963 Spyder convertible at Monte Vista.
Yep, it's here again this year! Destined to win the early convertible category.

We think we'll drive around town a little, scout the locations of the car show
and our banquet, go see the Royal Gorge bridge. Wow, Canon City is bigger than
we thought! We think we find the highway leading to Royal Gorge, but it takes us
instead to the train station. Photos of old black locomotive and brightly
painted modern (well, maybe 1950s) passenger cars and diesel locomotive. Take
another street and come upon a huge cemetery, nice stone wall, nice trees,
beautifully maintained. Would like to wander through it reading the strange
names. No time for that today.

Back to the main street, then ten miles west on US 50, then turn south at the
signs. No problem finding Buckskin Joe's. Continue on curvy, hilly little road
through the woods to the Royal Gorge bridge site. A busy commercial enterprise!
We see a couple of parked Corvairs and a few fifties cars, probably part of the
large Canon City car show. We find a vantage point to see the bridge. It looks
like an expensive bridge that doesn't go anywhere. Later we learn it was built
in 1929. We don't find out why it was built.

Back at the hotel we find that many more Corvairs have arrived. Talk to our
friends at registration. Walk the parking lot taking photos of nice Corvairs.
The early model "trailer" was a big hit! We also get a thrill to see a beautiful
yellow 4.2 Jaguar XK-E. Drive east 100 yards to a steak house for dinner.

SAT 22 MAY --- All the car show folks prepare their cars for an 8:30 departure.
There are many cars in town for another car show so the streets are filled with
seldom-seen, bright shiny vehicles. Drive out to Florence and walk along the
street admiring the Corvairs. How could anyone pick a "best" from this group?
Take time off for lunch, then more walking, more photos. Drive around Florence a
bit. Here's a Colorado Corvair that didn't get into the car show. On the way
north toward US 50, see a field with a dozen llamas. They are out of place here
in this semi-desert, but somehow seem to fit in. Back to the hotel.

The wind is picking up. We get ready to go to dinner. The wind is worse, but we
get to Buckskin Joe's, no problem. We find what almost looks like a working old
west movie set -- all you'd need to do is take down the "touristy" signs, add
John Wayne and Slim Pickins, and you'd have most of what you'd need to shoot a
movie. Did I say shooting? The Buckskin Joe staff stage a couple of "ole west"
shootouts for our pleasure. We can easily see that 1880s gunfighters would have
a problem keeping their pants pressed and their boots polished. Not to mention
keeping those pesky bullet holes out of their vests. These gunfighters seem to
be mere boys -- then I think, a lot of the real 1880s cowboys were mere boys. In
1880 those shootin' irons on their hips would not have been cap guns! Maybe in
this harsh country, not many lived to die of old age.

Corvairs appear on Buckskin Joe's main street. Line up and park for photos. The
wind continues. Time for a few more photos and then it's time for dinner.

Everyone finds a seat somewhere and the dinner arrives. Steve Goodman is master
of ceremonies and tells us his interpretation of the history of Tri-State
events. He introduces the Saint Francis of Corvair Award and presents this
year's plaque to PPCC's Garrie Fox. Speech time. Heula announces next year's
Tri-State: to be sponsored by CNM in Red River, New Mexico. The crowd approves.
Well, we have been there twice before with great success.

Time for awards for the car show. (Details will become available in the DRIPLINE
and DENVAIR NEWS newsletters.) Fifty-fifty prize, door prizes, raffle for Ruth's
afghan. After the ceremonies, all thank the staff for their hard work and the
Corvair people start driving out.

SUN 23 MAY --- We pack everything and load up the car. Need to get an early
start for fear that the wind will pick up before we get home and we'll have to
drive in blowing dust. We go back for one more breakfast with early-rising
friends. Drive east on US 50 into the sunrise. How to go back? Should we take
the safe, dull and boring I-25 freeway, or go west through the mountains to
Questa? We turn off on US 160 to go to Fort Garland, but either the road signs
are bad or I miss them, so we end up back on I-25, heading south.

Okay, we could turn west on US 64 after Raton to get to Questa. We do. We find
there is a very VERY long straight stretch until we get to Cimmaron (we saw many
pronghorn along the way) then we find some very VERY curvy, hilly stretches on
the way to Eagle Nest, Angle Fire and Taos. Get gas in Taos, same place as last
year. By now we are really tired and just want to get on home.

Forget about the scenery, just drive! This time we don't stop to watch the rafts
on the Rio Grande. As we get closer to Espanola there's all that congestion and
road construction again, but this time it's Sunday traffic, crowded but not so
rushed. It seems ages and eons later (actually it is only about 2:15 PM) when we
roll up to our door.

We are tired but safely back home after attending another great Tri-State!

Here's our count of CNMers at the Tri-State:
 1. Ruth Boydston
 2. Rita Gongora
 3. Steve Gongora
 4. Pat Hall           (brought 1964 Spyder coupe)
 5. Vickie Hall
 6. Heula Pittman
 7. Jim Pittman
 8. Emma Rogers
 9. LeRoy Rogers
10. Bill Reider
11. Lee Reider
12. Ollie Scheflow
13. Wendell Walker    (brought 1964 Monza convertible)
14. Amanda: Ruth's granddaughter
15. Bernadette: Steve & Rita's daughter
16. Kim Patten: Former member
17. Sherry: Ruth's daughter

Here's a list of all who attended:

CLUB NAME                          HOW MANY
==== ============================= ========
CNM  Boydston, Ruth                1 plus 2 guests
PPCC Campbell, Paul                2
PPCC Darnell, Darren               1 plus 1 guest
RMC  Dinsdale, John                4
RMC  Drage, John                   1
PPCC Ehrman, Warren                1
PPCC Fox, Garrie                   2 (also RMC)
PPCC Frantz, Peter                 2 plus 2 guests
PPCC Gilbert, Bob                  2
CNM  Gongora, Steve & Rita         2 plus 1 guest
PPCC Goodman, Steve                2 (also RMC)
RMC  Grippen, Tom                  1
BCC  Gwyther, Bruce                2 Bonneville Corvair Club, Utah
CNM  Hall, Pat                     2
RMC  Halpin, Edward                3
PPCC Hesco, Marilyn & John         2 plus 2 guests (Graybull, Wyoming)
?    Jess, Robert                  2 Grand Junction
PPCC Koll, John                    2
?    Mahlum, Marshall              1
RMC  Miller, Marcus & Debbie       2 plus 2 Children
?    Mindenhall, Rich & wife       2 Grand Junction
PPCC Neal, John                    2
PPCC Neal, Larry                   1
RMC  Nelson, Earl                  2
RMC  Nielsen, Dale                 1
?    Norris, Dexter                2
?    Olsen, Lee                    1 Kansas
RMC  Olwine, Dave                  2 plus 1 Child
?    Pfeiffer, Roger V.            1 Inland Empire Corvair Club, California
?    Pierce, William               2
CNM  Pittman, James                2
CNM  Reider, Bill                  2
RMC  Riblett, Charles              2
CNM  Rogers, Leroy                 2
CNM  Scheflow, Oliver              1
RMC  Schubert, Scheryl             2
RMC  Seyforth, Paul                2
PPCC Shields, Kermit               2
RMC  Shortle, Timothy              2 plus 1 guest
BCC  Stowell, Charles              2 Bonneville Corvair Club, Utah
CNM  Walker, Wendell               1 plus 1 guest
PPCC Westerfield, Kelly            2
RMC  Williams, Jim                 1 plus 1 guest (Cheyenne, Wyoming)
PPCC Wilshire, Joan & Laura        2 (also RMC)
RMC  Yoder, Larry                  1
?    Zetterman, Bob                1

NONE Langlois, Dave & Mona         2 (from Albuquerque, not a club member)
NONE Staeben, William & Cheryl     2 (winners of Late Open class)


RMC  : TOTAL = 32 not counting children or guests (6 also PPCC)
PPCC : TOTAL = 25 not counting children or guests (6 also RMC)
CNM  : TOTAL = 13 not counting children or guests
BCC  : TOTAL =  4 not counting children or guests

OTHER: TOTAL = 16 not counting children or guests (another club, or no club)


RMC  Duncan, Bud & Linda           2 (Did Not Attend)
?    Mattics, Bill                 2 (Cancelled)
?    Strecker, Julie & Bernie      2 (Cancelled - Funeral)
CNM  Sutt, Tarmo & Kay & student   2 + 1 guest (Cancelled)

The DENVAIR NEWS (Rocky Mountain CORSA) and the DRIPLINE (Pikes Peak Corvair
Club) and ENCHANTED CORVAIRS (Corvairs of New mexico) newsletters for June
have reports on the Canon City Tri-State.


STATISTICS (gleaned from the DENVAIR NEWS and the Pikes Peak DRIPLINE):

============  ============   =========   ========  ========   ============
RMC               21            ?           32          5           37
PPCC              14            ?           25          5           30
CNM               10            2           13          4           17
Grand Junction     2            ?            4                       4
Bonneville         2            ?            4                       4
California         1            ?            1                       1
Kansas             1            ?            1                       1
Ute Trails         1            ?                                    -
Other              ?            ?           15                      15
============     ===          ===          ===        ===         ====
TOTALS            52           44           95         14          109

Best of Show  George & Carolyn Evans    (silver 1966 Corsa coupe V-8)
Early coupe                 Ed Halpin   (it's a red 1960) PPCC & RMC
Late coupe                Dale Nielsen   RMC
Early Sedan         Paul & Pat Campbell  PPCC
Late Sedan      John & Deborah Dinsdale  RMC & CNM
Early convert    Dave & Brenna Olwine   (that red 1963 Spyder) RMC
Late Convert              Bill Staeben   PPCC
1962 Rampside    Jerry & Betty Seale    (Eckert, Colorado)
Longest Drive   John & Marilyn Hesco     PPCC (Greybull, Wyoming)
Hard Luck                               (not awarded this year)

BOYDSTON AWARD:         Garrie Fox       Pikes Peak Corvair Club

ATTENDANCE AWARD: Rocky Mountain CORSA, Denver