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The Tri-State is history and all who attended said it was a good one.
This report focuses on statistics. Thanks to Ed Halpin for these numbers.


NAME                      CLUB                     AWARD
====                     =====                     =====
YODER, Larry & Lynn        RMC 1966 Corsa Turbo    Best in Show
BRITTAN, Michael           RMC 1964 Spyder Conv    Most Original Corvair
SHUBERT, Larry & Sheryl    RMC 1964 Monza Coupe    Best Early Coupe
OLWINE, Jean               RMC 1964 Monza Sedan    Best Early Sedan
OLWINE, Dave & Brenna      RMC 1963 Spyder Conv    Best Early Convertible
GRIPPEN, Tom               RMC 1966 Corsa Coupe    Best Late Coupe
DINSDALE, John             RMC 1966 Sedan          Best Late Sedan
SHORTLE, Tom               RMC 1964 Corvair 95     Best Forward Control
DINSDALE, John             RMC Brakes went out     Hard Luck Award

FELDSON, Nancy            PPCC 1966 Monza Coupe    Best Ladies Corvair
PEARCE, William & Trezina PPCC 1961 Lakewood       Best Wagon
DARNELL, Darren           PPCC 1966 Monza Conv     Best Late Convertible
PPCC CREW                 PPCC 1965-1968 Cutaway   Best Corvair Powered
ANDERSON, Jon             PPCC -                   Boydston Award

HEAD, Mike          UTE TRAILS 1967 Coupe          Peoples Choice
ALLISON, Scott           HACOA -                   Longest Drive 754 miles


 CNM =  9 = With Corvairs ------ Hall, McDuffie, Gongora, Shimp
          = Without Corvairs --- Sutt, Mullins, Emery, Rogers, Wilvert

PPCC = 20 = With Corvairs ------ Westerfeld, Amrine, Hesco, Glusick, Pearce,
          = Anderson, Fox, Halpin, Neal, Darnell, King, Feldman
          = Without Corvairs --- Campbell, Galvin, Halpin K, Karl, Koll, Neal L,
          = Gilbert, Russert

 RMC = 21 = With Corvairs ------ Schubert, Grippen, Steinborn, Gerteisen,
          = Schakel, Yoder, Riblett, Goodman, Seyforth, Duncan, Brittan,
          = Dinsdale, Neilsen, Olwine, Olwine J, Levin, Shortle
          = Without Corvairs --- Berkman, Drage, Wilshire, Wilshire J

All total there were 41 Corvairs in the car show and 111 people at the banquet.


[ thanks to Steve Goodman who once again helped me compile a list by club ]

CNM  ==========  9 families
Gongora          2 + 2 guests
Hall             2
Johnson,G        2
Johnson,S        1
McDuffie         4 + 2 guests
Mullins          2
Rogers           2
Shimp            1
Sutt             1
Wilvert          2
=============== ==
TOTAL           19 members + 4 guests

PPCC ========== 20 families
Amrine           1
Anderson         2
Campbell         2
Darnell          1
Feldman          1 + 1 guest
Fox              2
Galvin           2
Gilbert          1
Glusick          1
Halpin           2
Halpin,K         1
Hesco            2 + 2 guests
Karl             2
King             2
Koll             2
Neal             2
Neal,L           1
Pearce           2
Russert          2
Westerfeld       2
=============== ==
TOTAL           33 members + 3 guests

RMC =========== 21 families
Berkman          1
Brittan          2 + 2
Dinsdale         2
Drage            2
Duncan           2
Gerteisen        2
Goodman          1
Grippen          1
Levin            2
Neilsen          1
Olwine           3
Olwine,J         1
Riblett          2 + 1
Schakel          2
Schubert         2
Seyforth         1
Shortle          2
Steinborn        2
Wilshire         1
Wilshire,J       1
Yoder            2
=============== ==
TOTAL           35 members + 3 guests

Other clubs?

Allison, scott   1 (Kansas)
Kalp terry       1 (Kansas)
Madsen ned       2 (Kansas)
Olsen, lee       1 (Kansas)
=============== ==
TOTAL            5

GRAND TOTAL:    92 members + 10 guests

Please let me know of any errors so I can correct them -- Jim 

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Curt Shimp 

My 1966 Corsa Coupe and I made the drive (1,320 miles round trip) to Cripple
Creek. I had been looking forward to this event as I missed the past few and the
Corvair need a little exercise. I am glad I went as I enjoyed the cars, people
and the setting.

Cripple Creek is a small town, pop 1,200, which today is a casino town and our
hotel, the Double Eagle Hotel & Casino, was part of that venue. The rooms were
nice, the price good, and a free breakfast available. For me a big plus was
free, covered parking for hotel guests.

Friday night began with registration and Corvair people exploring the town for
the right restaurant for an evening of food and Corvair stories.

Saturday early was sunny but a bit cool, around freezing. Well, Cripple Creek is
at 9,500 feet. But most Corvair people were up early getting a good spot to park
their car, clean it for "Show 'N Shine", and then out came the folding chairs.
For Saturday morning the town restricted two blocks on both sides of the main
street for Corvair parking and Corvairs did take up most of this street parking.
If I remember there were over 40 Corvairs on display. By now it had warmed up
nicely and the People's Choice voting began in earnest. I believe of the twelve
categories for voting only one was not represented. The host club had an
interesting display that attracted a lot of attention not only from Corvair
owners but from passer bys. It was a late model couple cut roughly in half, long
ways, so that one could see all of the working components such as suspension,
power train, etc. You can see a photo of this display by going to the Pikes Peak
Corvair Club web site and clicking on the "past events" link.

By noon the voting was over as was our privileged parking. For the afternoon one
could explore the town, gamble, take the local steam train for a mountain tour,
or as most did drive the 6 miles to the neighboring, historic, mining town of

Saturday night was the awards banquet with over 100 attendees. There were 112
registered for the weekend. Scott Allison won the award for the longest Corvair
drive to Cripple Creek, some 1,500 plus miles round trip.

By Sunday morning all scheduled activities were finished and after another free
breakfast most headed home. My travels in the 1966 Coupe were uneventful except
for a hung float in the parking garage. A tap with a ball peen hammer quickly
fixed that problem. All in all a good time and the host club did well with
organizing and running the event, especially the Saturday night banquet.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Vickie Hall 

As everyone knows, a hard luck award is given every year to the member who had
problems with their Corvair on the way to the Tri-State. This story is about a
CNM member  ON HIS WAY HOME  from a Tri-State.

On Sunday morning after the Tri-State was all over and we were ready to head for
home, Pat and I tried to arrange a caravan. We were unsuccessful, so we left
Cripple Creek, Colorado by ourselves at around 9:00 AM. We didn't want to go
back the way we came through Colorado Springs, so we headed south to Canon City
then went on to Pueblo. The scenery was great all the way down that nice crooked

We stopped at the rest area just south of Pueblo for lunch. We got a call from
Russ McDuffie asking us where we were. He told us that he was south of Colorado
Springs. So we said that we would wait on him and then we could all caravan the
rest of the way together. After Russ showed up we started down the road again,
heading for New Mexico with thoughts of home on our minds.

Trouble came just about the time we got to Raton Pass. Russ pulled up next to us
and yelled, "My clutch cable broke" so we took the next exit and pulled into a
closed gas station. After jacking the car up, sure enough, the cable was broken.
Russ and Pat talked it over and decided it was not really a big deal because
Russ can drive the car without using the clutch. Ready for the road again, Russ
started his car and smoke immediately began to billow out of the engine
compartment. When we checked, it turned out that the smoke was coming from the
fan belt. The alternator had seized up right then and there. We pushed the car
across the road to a gas station to get fuel and to work on the problem.

So now the work begins. As most of you already know, you can't just buy an
alternator and put it on a Corvair in place of the old one. Russ went off to
look for a parts store while Pat removed the old alternator. The nose cones of
both alternators have to be taken off, then the old one installed on the new
alternator. Sounds easy enough, right? Of course there was more to it than that.
It was three hours before we were on the road again. Our next stop was in Las
Vegas, New Mexico for a nice relaxing late night meal. Then we continued and
made it home with no further incidents.

In bringing this story to a close, it is our belief, based on experience and on
seeing certain facts, that Russ McDuffie is the all time winner of the Hard Luck

Hope to see everyone next year at CNM's Tri-State in Chama, New Mexico.

By the way, you might want to seriously think about caravaning when you can.

Pat and Vickie Hall