The 2017 Tri-State -- Taos, New Mexico 

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  • ========================== CORSA CHAPTERS REPRESENTED ========================== CCC Cactus Corvair Club, Mesa, Arizona CNM Corvairs of New Mexico COCA Central Oklahoma Corvair Association Corsa West Los Angeles, California GCCG Green Country Corvair Group, Tulsa, Oklahoma MCCA Mid-Continent Corvair Association, Wichita, Kansas PPCC Pikes Peak Corvair Club, Colorado Springs RMC Rocky Mountain Corsa, Denver, Colorado Ute Trails Corvair Club ============================= ======================== ================== REGISTRATIONS BY PRIMARY CLUB NUMBER OF PEOPLE CLAIMED STATES REPRESENTED ============================= ======================== ================== Cactus Corvair Club 1 2 Arizona 1 Corvairs of New Mexico 22 43 California 1 Central Oklahoma Corvairs 3 6 Colorado 33 Corsa West 1 2 Kansas 4 Green Country Corvairs 4 9 New Mexico 22 Mid-Continent Corvairs 3 5 Oklahoma 6 Pikes Peak Corvair Club 11 23 Texas 1 Rocky Mountain CORSA 21 38 Washington 1 Ute Trails 1 2 Wyoming 1 Other Clubs 3 6 ============================================================================| NUMBER OF CARS IN THE CAR SHOW | ========== | ================= | =============== | ========= | =========== | BY YEAR | BY BODY TYPE | BY STATE | BY CLUB | BY MODEL | ========= | ================== | =============== | ========= | =========== | 1960 = 2 | Coupe = 26 | ARIZONA = 1 | CCC = 1 | Corsa 12 | 1961 = 3 | Convertible = 11 | COLORADO = 23 | CNM = 13 | Lakewood 2 | 1962 = 4 | Sedan = 6 | KANSAS = 4 | COCA = 3 | Monza 26 | 1963 = 3 | Station Wagon = 3 | NEW MEXICO = 13 | GCCG = 3 | Rampside 1 | 1964 = 4 | F.C. = 1 | OKLAHOMA = 5 | MCCA = 3 | Spyder 4 | 1965 = 16 | Ultra Van = 0 | TEXAS = 1 | PPCC = 6 | | 1966 = 8 | | WASHINGTON = 1 | RMC = 16 | | 1967 = 4 | | | Ute = 1 | | 1968 = 3 | | | None = 1 | | 1969 = 0 | | | | | ========== | ================= | =============== |========== | =========== | TOTAL = 47 | | | | | ========== | ================= | =============== |========== | =========== | =================== WINNERS OF CAR SHOW =================== EARLY OPEN ... Dave Olwine EARLY CLOSED ... Ed Halpin LATE OPEN ... Mike Piper LATE CLOSED ... Mike Head FORWARD CONTROL ... Steve Gongora STATION WAGON ... B. Williams BEST OF SHOW ... Richard Langlois, 1960 Corvair Ed Halpin presented the FRANCIS BOYDSTON AWARD to Ray Trujillo. HARD LUCK AWARD =============== John Green of RMC & PPCC had a filler neck hose failure. A repair was effected with the help of Ray Shick of PPCC. SPECIAL SPEAKER =============== Mr. Joe Casey, who was the Chevrolet manufacturing supervisor for the last of the 1969's that were produced, was the guest speaker. He gave an excellent presentation and took questions. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Casey for joining us. LIST OF ALL WHO REGISTERED ========================== CAR NAME NAME SPOUSE/OTHER CITY ST CLUB YEAR MILES MODEL BODY HP ==== ========== =========== =================================== ================ == ==== ==== ===== ======== ======= === 100 Colleen Law Richard Law Oklahoma City OK COCA 1961 587 Lakewood SW 80 101 David Castiaux Cheryl Cooper Oklahoma City OK COCA 1967 n/a Monza Coupe 110 102 Greg Renfro n/a Wichita KS MCCA 1965 549 Corsa Coupe 140 103 James Ergenbright Ann Midwest City OK COCA 1965 536 Corsa Coupe 110 104 John Green Kathy Castle Rock CO PPCC/RMC 1968 261 Monza Coupe 110 105 Richard Hawk Janice,Christine,Stephen Owasso OK Tulsa 1965 n/a Monza Coupe 140 106 John Wiker Anne Edgewood NM CNM 1966 n/a Monza Coupe 110 107 Ned Madsen Kathy Derby KS MCCA 1965 524 Monza Sp. Sedan 95 108 Mike Piper Karen,Emily Westminster CO RMC/PPCC 1965 306 Corsa Conv. 140 109 John Drage Sandra Loveland CO RMC 1962 389 Monza Conv. 102 110 Mark S Welte Darlene Derby KS MCCA 1965 536 Corsa Coupe 180 111 Tarmo Sutt Kay Santa Fe NM CNM 1965 70 Corsa Coupe 140 112 Kay Sutt Tarmo Santa Fe NM CNM 1966 70 Corsa Conv. 180 113 Ray Schick n/a Colorado Springs CO PPCC 1964 230 "700" 4 dr n/a 114 Betty West n/a Colorado Springs CO RMC/PPCC 1966 230 Monza Coupe 140 115 Robert Gold Anne Mae Albuquerque NM CNM 1965 140 Corsa Conv. 140 116 Larry Yoffee Elisa Albuquerque NM CNM 1965 140 Corsa Coupe 180 117 Allen Amrine n/a Colorado Springs CO PPCC/SCC 1961 235 Wagon "700" SW 102 118 Art Gold n/a Albuquerque NM CNM 1966 140 Monza Coupe 95 119 Kory Levin Gail Centennial CO RMC 1966 300 Monza Coupe 110 120 Ken Schifftner n/a Englewood CO RMC/PPCC 1964 300 Spyder Conv. 110 121 William Pearce Trezjna Eckert CO PPCC/UteTr 1961 400 Lakewood SW 102 122 Pat Hall Vickie Los Lunas NM CNM 1965 150 Corsa Coupe 140 123A Steve Goodman n/a Denver CO RMC/PPCC 1968 280 Monza Coupe 110 123B Mike Head Marilyn Delta CO Utetr 1967 320 Monza Coupe 110 124 Dave Olwine Brenna/Neyla Fort Collins CO RMC 1963 346 Spyder Conv. 150 125 Jean Olwine Jean Grand Junction CO RMC 1964 661 Mazda Sedan 110 126 Steve Gongora Rita,Emily,Victor,Steel,Gunner,Liz Albuquerque NM CNM 1962 130 Rampside FC 110 127 John Dinsdale Debbie Aurora CO RMC/CNM/PPCC 1966 328 Monza 4 dr 110 128 Paul Seyforth Maxine Thornton CO RMC 1966 n/a Corsa Coupe 140 129 Dave Wenzlick Cathy Gilbert AZ CCC 1965 n/a Monza 4 dr 140 130 Gary Baxter Mary Owasso OK GCCG 1965 694 Corsa Coupe 140 131 Tami Mohr n/a Oakley KS GCCG 1965 400 Monza Coupe 110 132 Dale Nielsen n/a Littleton CO RMC 1965 285 Monza Coupe 140 133 David Huntoon n/a Cedar Crest NM CNM 1963 123 Monza Conv. 102 134 Dusty Dodge n/a Evergreen CO RMC 1965 260 Monza Coupe 110 135 Randy Karl Sara Payton CO PPCC 1968 330 Monza Coupe 110 137 Ray Trujillo Julian Albuquerque NM CNM 1965 130 Corsa Conv. 140 138 Rick Beets Charlie Jessica Centennial CO RMC/PPCC 1963 150 Spyder Conv. 150 139 Timothy Shortle Lilian Durango CO RMC/CNM 1967 250 Monza Sp. Sedan 110 140 Ed Halpin Cheryl + 2 Castle Rock CO PPCC/CNM 1960 260 Monza Coupe 80 141 Richard Hull Donald,Troy Allyn WA none 1964 150 Spyder Conv. 150 142 Rob Brereton Tricia,Natalie Centennial CO RMC 1962 330 Monza Coupe 180 143 Sean Langlois Dylan,Covlos,Venessa Albuquerque NM CNM 1960 120 Monza Coupe 80 -0- Curt Shimp n/a Silver City NM CNM 1966 370 Monza Coupe 140 -0- Natalie Robinson Clair San Antonio NM CNM 1962 221 Monza Conv. 110 -0- Tony Lawler n/a Aurora CO RMC/PPCC 1967 232 Monza Coupe 140 -0- Leroy Rogers Emma Albuquerque NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Terry Price Sarah Albuquerque NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Hurley Wilvert Brenda Sandia Park NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Ken Sturm n/a Santa Fe NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Joan Wilshire n/a Loveland CO RMC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Laura Wilshire n/a Erie CO RMC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Chuck Riblett Carolyn Taylor Loveland CO RMC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Wayne Russert Bonni Castle Rock CO PPCC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Lube Lubert Bill Albuquerque NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- J C Salazar P Sierra Sulmar CA Corsa West none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Eric Schakel Linae Sadalia CO RMC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Bob Mooney Barbara Henryetta OK GCCG none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Bill Reider Lee Albuquerque NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Chris Kimberly n/a Castle Rock CO PPCC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- John Neal Larry Colorado Springs CO PPCC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Garrie Fox Patricia Colorado Springs CO PPCC/RMC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Howard Steward Tess Erie CO RMC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- John Hesco Marilyn,Heather,Makenzie Greybull WY PPCC none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Becky Mullins n/a Albuquerque NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Russ McDuffy Nancy Albuquerque NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Steve Schultheis n/a Albuquerque NM CNM none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Joe Casey Carmen Dallas TX none none n/a n/a n/a n/a -0- Julioe Primm n/a Denver CO none none n/a n/a n/a n/a ==== ========== =========== =================================== ================ == ==== ==== ===== ======== ======= === THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR IN CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO! ========================================== ========================================== ========================================== ========================================== ========================================== ========================================== ========================================== ========================================== ========================================== Newsletter articles leading up to the Taos Tri-State follow below: ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== Dates: JUNE 2 - 3 - 4 , 2017 Hosted by: CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO Host hotel: Kachina Lodge Location: 413 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM 87571 Reservations: 575-758-2275 or 1-800-522-4462 Room Rates: $99.95 / $89.95 per night Click here for all 2017 Taos Tri-State Information:
  • Corsa Turbo 180 USA --- Taos Tri-State
  • ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER MAY 2017 PREREGISTRATION AND HELP Terry Price It's only a little over five weeks until the Taos Tri-State will be underway. According to Cheryl Webster, at Kachina Lodge in Taos, 63 rooms have been reserved and additional reservations are coming in daily. That means, if you have not reserved a room for the event, you better get it done. According to our information, over 100 people have already committed to attending. We are having an issue with those that have reserved rooms, some have not preregistered on line to let us know what there menu selection is for the banquet. Selections are beef, chicken or Mexican cuisine, (vegetarian is available on special request). You must preregister at:, if you are going to attend the banquet. As you have heard, we are having a guest speaker, Joe Casey, who supervised the hand assembly of the final Corvairs manufactured in 1969. Preregistration is mandatory for the banquet. We do expect 130 to 150 people in attendance at the event. Another need for assistance at the Taos Tri State is help during the event. People are needed to help count ballets for the Show and Shine, help sell raffle tickets, help at the registration table and help with the hospitality room. Hurley and Brenda Wilvert are going to be heading up the refreshments for the hospitality room and need relief during the event. They are also asking for baked goods, bake goods only, such as cookies, cakes and muffins, no pies or any other kind of things. They will provide the rest of the items to be served. If you have any items to donate for door prizes or raffle items, we need those too. The Lodge is continuing to be supportive in many areas, such as music at the Show and Shine, a hospitality hour on Friday evening and a free shuttle to take us to various places in town. They have arranged with the mayor of Taos and the Police chief to parade us around town. We are working to arrange a photo of attendees at the Taos Pueblo on Sunday morning, the 4th of June. More on that to come. This is going to be a fantastic event you don't want to miss! You can reserve a room at the Kachina Lodge: 575-758-2275 or You can preregister for the banquet and order a shirt at If you have any other questions you can reach Terry Price at: 505-328-8827 or See you in Taos! -- Terry ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER APRIL 2017 The Rocky Mountain annual Corvair event of the year! Corvairs of New Mexico welcomes all of our regional and national extended Corvair family to the 33rd Tri-State Corvair Meet! Please pre-register at: Our host hotel in Taos, New Mexico is KACHINA LODGE 413 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM, 87571 Special room rate $89.99 + tax per night (includes full hot breakfast) To get this rate, you must let them know that you are with the "Corvair event." 575-758-2275 / 1-800-522-4462 SCHEDULED EVENTS: Guest reception on Friday, June 2, 2017 Police escort Corvair parade through town Show and Shine Car Show at Kachina Lodge Awards banquet at Kachina Lodge Bonfire get together evenings at Kachina Lodge Our awards banquet guest speaker is Mr. Joe Casey Willow Run Corvair plant supervisor for the final production of the hand assembled 1969's. BANQUET INFORMATION: $25.00 per person $12.50 for 12 years old and under Please use the contact form at to indicate who will be attending the awards banquet and their meal choice of: BEEF / CHICKEN / MEXICAN. Make one choice per person in the contact box. In addition, please indicate on the contact form if you are showing a Corvair including the year and model. Please indicate your hometown and club affiliation. Providing this information on-line will help us to plan and will serve as pre-registration. T-SHIRT INFORMATION: Please use the form at to order your T-shirt. Style: short sleeve or long sleeve men's or women's Color: Black / Navy Blue / White / Gray Sizes: S - M - L - XL - XX / XXX ( add $2.00 per shirt ) All shirts will be 100% cotton. Pricing: men's short sleeve $ 20.00 + tax women's short sleeve $ 21.00 + tax men's long sleeve $ 23.00 + tax women's long sleeve $ 24.00 + tax (add $2.00 per each for XX/XXX) You will receive an email that your order was received and your total Payment is due by cash or check when you pick up your order at registration. Deadline for ordering T-Shirts: May 1, 2017 ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER MARCH 2017 TAOS TOPICS #5 == Joe Casey To Speak At Tri-State Terry Price Who is Joe Casey, you ask? For the 1969 model year only 6,000 Corvairs were scheduled to be manufactured. The last few of these Corvairs were assembled by hand in the "Corvair Room" at the General Motors Willow Run Plant. Joe Casey was the supervisor of the room and will give an interesting talk at our awards banquet. You won't want to miss it! Another addition to the Tri-State Show and Shine will be Kevin Casaus of "Gay Rhythm Productions" providing music from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's during the show. He will also be announcing the winners of a number of raffles and prizes during the Show and Shine. We will be listening to Kevin's sound system during our banquet. The Points for the Attendance Award will be awarded as follows: * All who attend should fill out a registration form. * One point will be given to the member registering for the Taos Tri-State. * One point will be given to the registered spouse of the member. * One point will be given for each immediate family member registered. * One point will be given to any member registering his/her Corvair for the Show-and-Shine who for any reason does not attend the Banquet. * One point will be given to the spouse of a member registering his/her Corvair for the Show-and-Shine, if present, who for any reason does not attend the Banquet. * If the registrant is a member of more than one club, they can add the same number of points for that club as well. * All points will be recorded from the information you enter on your registration form when you check in with us in Taos. We want to count every person participating in the Tri-State and have a count of those present from every club as well as any not affiliated with any CORSA chapter. Finally, if anyone has anything to donate to the Tri-State for prizes, please let me know right away! Contact me at my email account. Remember to reserve your room at The Kachina Lodge in Taos by calling 505-522-4462 or 575-758-2275. Ask for Cheryl and don't forget to mention "Corvair Tri-State" for special room rates. Rooms are filling up fast, so don't delay! You also need to go to Larry Yoffee's web site: for T-shirt orders and meal selections. This must be done by May 1st. See you in Taos! -- Terry ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER MARCH 2017 TRI-STATE RAFFLE QUILT Kay Sutt The Tri-state rally in Taos is only three months away now, June 2-4. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing everyone from all the clubs at the Kachina Lodge. It is one of my favorite venues for the meet because that central 'plaza' with seating is a great place to meet and visit, and the circular interior driveway of the hotel provides a private 'mini' car-display' for all the Corvair folks at the meet. I was asked to make the raffle quilt this year. It will be a T-shirt quilt, 60" x 60" with flannel backing - the perfect thing to wrap up in for next year's cold January Super Bowl, when we hope our friends from the Rocky Mountain and Pikes Peak club can cheer on their local guys once more -- sorry, if you are a fan for another team. The top is pieced and it will be finished soon, well in advance of the meet. Thanks to everyone in the Club who so quickly and generously donated T-shirts for the project. That kind of cooperation is what makes Corvairs of New Mexico such a great club. The members of CNM are absolutely THE BEST! Thanks, all! -- Kay Sutt ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2017 TAOS TOPICS #4 Terry Price Taos will be a great place for those who enjoy art and museums. Taos was established as an art center in 1915 when six artists, (Bert Phillips, Ernest Blumenschein, Oscar Berninghars, Joseph Sharp, and Erving Course) formed the Taos Society of Artists. A few years later D.H. Lawrence and Mabel Dodge Luhan joined the group. Taos was becoming a credible art center known around the world, and continues to establish itself today. There are many museums and art galleries in Taos and a few will be mentioned here. The Millicent Rogers Museum is loaded with many unique collections. Navajo jewelry and textiles, Pueblo pottery, Hopi and Zuni kachina dolls, basketry, Maria Martinez family ceramics, weavings, ornamental tinwork, and photography and graphics. Another popular place is the Harwood Museum of Art, managed by the University of New Mexico. The Museum has more than 4,700 works of art and archives more than 17,000 photographs from the 19th century on. Another museum of interest is the Taos Art Museum located in the historic Fechin House. The mission of the museum is to "preserve, exhibit and promote an appreciation of the artistic, historical and cultural uniqueness of Taos and the Southwest by representing artists both past and present, and honoring their patrons." The museum features works by the Taos Society of Artists. Corvair visitors may wish to visit all or any one of many museums in Taos. The Taos Tri State is a little more than five months away and it is time for you to make plans to attend the event. It is important to email information concerning who will attend, what Corvair you will bring, what food you would like at the awards banquet and what size and kind of shirt you would like to order. Do this by accessing the web site: Not only will you be able to enter this information under the comment section but you will also be able to look at a number of videos about Taos and the surrounding area. Reservations should be made as soon as possible at the Kachina Lodge. Their phone numbers are: 800-522-4462 or 575-758-2257 and ask for Cheryl. If there are any other questions concerning the event you can direct them to me at: -- Terry ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2017 TAOS TOPICS #3 Terry Price Taos is a favorite travel destination in the state, and will be a fun place for the 2017 Tri-State. The Kachina Lodge is hosting a welcome hour Friday evening and a late evening bonfire is planned in the patio featuring Native American dancers. It will be a great time to share Corvair information and lots of Corvair lore. Saturday morning will be the parade through town and the show and shine. That afternoon there will be some free time to enjoy some places in the area. Two places that could be of interest are the Greater World Earthship Biostecture and the Rio Grande Gorge and Bridge. The Earthship Biostecture is a totally sustainable house made from recycled materials. It is built to generate its own electricity, collect its own water which can be recycled four times, grow its own food inside and out, cool itself and manage its own sewage. At the same time it is modern and comfortable. This is quite a site that is in harmony with the environment. The structure is on the other side of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. The bridge is a cantilever bridge that crosses the Rio Grande which runs 650 feet below. You may choose to stop on the west side of the bridge, and a turn around on the east. Of course, you can walk to the middle of the bridge and take a look over the edge, something I probably won't try. Jim added photos from a 2004 trip with Heula and her daughter Mary. For more info on the Tri-State, Taos and the surrounding area and register your name and meal selection for the banquet go to Make your room registration with the Kachina Lodge at 575-758-2275 or toll free at 800-522-4462. Mention Tri-State Corvair meet for the special rate which will include a hot breakfast in the restaurant. ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2016 TAOS TOPICS #2 Terry Price Plans for Taos Tri State 2017 are continuing to develop. Vickie Hall has been collecting items for the gift bags and they should be a nice surprise for everyone, with all the goodies in them. The registration forms are in the final stage and should be completed soon with T-shirt prices, banquet meal selections and costs. The forms will be included on Larry's web site for an "unofficial" pre-registration. (More on that in the next newsletter.) The Kachina Lodge has also been doing some upgrading. The parking lot has been resurfaced, which will provide us with more than 50 spaces for the Show and Shine. Curbs have been painted and other improvements to the grounds are underway. The restaurant was closed for a while, but during that time the kitchen has been modernized and a new chef has been hired. The restaurant is open for business and has a wide selection of entrees. The chef also can provide gluten-free and vegetarian dishes, and makes gelato. According to Cheryl Webster, Group Manager at the lodge, the food is excellent. Other services Cheryl could arrange for us are golfing, white water rafting, llama trekking, horseback riding, fly fishing, balloon rides (expensive), earthship tours, and museum and gallery tours. There is also a brew pub next door to the lodge with an outside seating area. Sounds like there is plenty to do, especially if you want to spend a few extra days there. While some rooms have already been reserved there is still space to make your reservations. Cheryl has set aside a number of rooms for six days at the same rate with breakfast included. Larry Yoffee has his information about Taos and the Tri-State on his web site at and you can also contact me, Terry Price, if you have any questions at: Possible T-shirt Design:
  • ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2016 TAOS TOPICS #1 Terry Price Taos Pueblo was built between 1000 and 1450 AD, long before the town of Taos was established. The pueblo is considered to be one of the oldest continuously established communities in the United States. There was no Albuquerque, Denver or Colorado Springs at that time. The Indians gathered over a period of time and built a series of homes that in some places are five stories tall. Today, around 1,900 people live near the area in more modern homes, but about 20 people still live in the pueblo year around. Taos Pueblo can be visited and there are tours available. The town of Taos developed next to the pueblo for protection and commerce. Eventually, after various revolts and upheavals, the town of Taos was officially established around 1800. One well known resident of Taos at that time was Kit Carson, who married and established his home in Taos in 1843. His house has become a museum and can be visited today. After the Mexican-American war in 1848, the New Mexico Territory was established, and Taos became the county seat for the New Mexico Territory in 1850. Boundaries were established for several states in the territory, and New Mexico became a State in 1912. In 1915, an art colony was formed in Taos by six artists: Bert Phillips, Ernest Blumenschein, Oscar Berninghaus, Joseph Sharp, E Erving Course and Hurbert Dunton. The society was disbanded in 1972, but by then Taos had been established as the significant art center it still is today. There are several art galleries in Taos, as a result of the art colony, which are popular places to visit today. More on these galleries in a future article. In 1934, Taos was incorporated, in 1956 Taos Ski Valley was started and in 1965 the Taos Rio Grande Gorge Bridge was completed. In the 1960s the town became a gathering place for hippies, "Easy Rider" was filmed there and Taos became the Hippie Capital of the United States. Larry Yoffee, of Corvairs of New Mexico, will be establishing a web site for the Taos Tri-State event. It will be available soon. Some have complained about not being able to register for the Tri-State at the Kachina Lodge but things have been corrected and you can register any time. Please try to register, for your room, before May 3, 2017. The phone numbers are: 575-758-2275 or 1-800-522-4462. -- Terry Price ================================== 33RD ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== NEWSLETTER JULY 2016 TAOS TOPICS #0 Terry Price After attending the Tri-State in Montrose, my excitement for the event was renewed and I picked up a number of ideas for CNM's 2017 event. I had a great time, was able to enjoy the fellowship with other Corvair enthusiasts, and unlike one past Tri-State I attended, I didn't get shot [smile] Our 2017 Tri-State will be in Taos, June 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Taos should be a wonderful place to hold our event. The weather should be great, warm in the daytime, (in the mid 70s), cool at night, (in the 50s - perfect for a bonfire), and lots of attention from the locals. That interest will be further aroused by our Taos Police-escorted parade through town, and the location for the Show and Shine on the main street in Taos. There are a number of places of interest in and around Taos, including Art Galleries, Rio Grande Gorge, Taos Pueblo, Greater Earthship Biotecture Structure, good restaurants and other attractions. All events will be held at the Kachina Lodge, our host hotel, which has demonstrated great interest in helping us have a successful event. The Tri-State has been included on their web site so people in Taos and all over the country will be informed of our event. They are hosting a "Welcome Hour" on Friday evening with snacks and drinks, partitioning off the entire front parking lot for our Show and Shine, and making the whole place available for us, including offering a hot breakfast each morning for all staying there. In addition, they are providing a free shuttle to any place within 3 miles of the lodge. They have provided two stalls to wash our cars, so no excuses for anything but the best for the car show. Saturday evening we will have our Awards Banquet in their large dining room. The swimming pool and patio have been renovated, the pool is the largest in Taos. It would be a great place for the whole family including children and grandchildren, so work to get your whole family there. They have even extended their special rates for us to 3 days before the event and 3 days after! Don't forget the excellent fishing in the area and the historic area all around Taos. Here is the info for the location: Kachina Lodge, 413 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM 87571. Phone numbers are: 575-758-2275 or Toll Free 1-800-522-4462. Room Rates are $99.95 and $89.95 per night. There are a limited number of rooms reserved. You can make your reservation today. Don't forget to mention you are with the "Corvair 2017 Tri-State" for the special rates. VOLUNTEERS: Larry Yoffee: T-shirts John Wiker: Registration Pat Hall: Car Show More volunteers will be needed! ========================================== ========================================== ==========================================