The 2019 Tri-State -- Alamosa, Colorado 

  • Updated 24-May-2019 = Copyright (c) 2019 Corvairs of New Mexico ================================== 35TH ANNUAL TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET ================================== Dates: MAY 17, 18, 19, 2019 Hosted by: PIKES PEAK CORVAIR CLUB Host hotel: Best Western in Alamosa Location: Alamosa, Colorado ============================================================================== BELOW ARE SOME STATISTICS RELEVANT TO THE WEEKEND EVENT IN ALAMOSA = ED HALPIN ============================================================================== EVENT ATTENDANCE / CLUB PARTICIPATION Individuals attended this event: 99. The Clubs represented were: Pikes Peak Corvair Club Corvairs of New Mexico Rocky Mountain CORSA Corvair Club Green Country Corvair Group (Tulsa) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CAR SHOW ATTENDANCE Registered for the Show and Shine event: 40 Corvairs NUMBER OF CARS IN THE CAR SHOW BY YEAR 1960 1 1961 2 1962 2 1963 4 1964 9 1965 9 1966 6 1967 3 1968 2 1969 2 BY BODY TYPE Early Open 8 Early Closed 7 Late Open 4 Late Closed 17 Forward Control 1 Wagon 2 Specialty 1 ---------------------------------------------------------- BANQUET ATTENDANCE AND AWARDS PRESENTED Ninety-nine individuals were projected to attend the banquet. Two individuals were unable to make the dinner, but their meals were sold to two same day registrants, so the numbers evened out. Awards Presented Earlier in the day on the field at the Show & Shine: Push Rod Drop Competition - Champion - Mike Halpin (PPCC) Fan Belt Toss Competition - 2nd Place - "The Twins" (Erica and Jamie Anderson) Fan Belt Toss Competition - 1nd Place "Straight Off The Couch" (Kyle Piper, Colton Hanratty) Alamosa County Sheriff's Awards: "Corvair Most Likely to be Stopped by Law Enforcement for Material Defect" - Lube Lubert in his '63 4 Door Sedan "Sheriff's Choice" - Phil Degroot in his '62 4 Door Sedan Show & Shine Awards Presented at the Banquet: Best Early Open Chris Kimberly (PPCC) '64 Baby Blue Monza Convertible Best Early Closed Phil DeGroot (PPCC) '62 Gold Monza 4 Door Sedan Best Late Open Mike Piper (PPCC) '65 Red CORSA Convertible Best Late Closed Jim Williams (RMC) '65 Dark Red CORSA Coupe Best Wagon William Pearce (PPCC) '61 Seafoam Green Lakewood Wagon Best Forward Control Michael Timmons (PPCC) '61 Patina White Corvair 95 Panel Van Best Specialty Pikes Peak Corvair Club '66 Blue Cutaway Car "SeeMore" Best in Show Jim Williams (RMC) '65 Dark Red CORSA Coupe People's Choice Kathy Green '61 Green Lakewood Wagon Other Awards Presented at the Banquet: Long Distance Award - Curtis Shimp out of Silver City, NM racked up 436 miles in his journey to the Tri-State this year. Hard Luck Award - Michael Timmons in in '61 Corvair 95 Panel Van for excessive overheating and electrical issues which were overcome along the journey to Alamosa PPCC Tech Team Shirt Awards: Chris Kimberly, Rick Beet, and Ken Schifftner PPCC Tech Team Hat Awards: Randy Karl, David Feasel, Ed Halpin RMC President's Achievement Award - John Dinsdale received an achievement award from the RMC for his 25+ years of service as their Treasurer Awards Not Presented: Attendance Award (retired from this and future Tri-States by the Club Presidents) Boydston Award (retired from this and future Tri-States by the Club Presidents) --------------------------------------------------- T-SHIRT SALES A total of 68 event t-shirts were sold, and the addition of a pink shirt for the ladies was well received. 23 - Lady's Pink V-Neck t-shirts sold 45 - Men's Black Crew Neck t-shirts sold ---------------------------------------------------