The 2021 Tri-State -- Albuquerque, New Mexico 

  • Updated 30-Nov-2021 = Copyright (c) 2021 Corvairs of New Mexico * The Official CORVAIRS TRI-STATE Web Site ====================================================== 36TH TRI-STATE CORVAIR MEET -- ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO ====================================================== Dates: OCTOBER 15-16-17, 2021 Hosted by: CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO Host hotel: Marriott Pyramid North Location: 5151 San Francisco Rd NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 Phone (505) 821-3333 ======================================================================== ======================================================================== Approximately 117 people registered but many did not show up. Approximately 46 Corvairs were registered. Some did not show up. Car show awards: Early Open Christine Kimberly PPCC 1964 Monza Convertible Baby Blue Early Closed Phil Degroot PPCC 1962 Sedan Gold Late Open Don Young Bonneville 1965 Corsa Convertible Turbo Black Late Closed Tony Berbig CNM 1967 Yenko Tribute Clover Red FC Diane Tweedy-Lawler RMC 1963 Rampside Turquoise/White SW William Pearce RMC 1962 Station Wagon Green BEST OF SHOW Don Young Bonneville 1965 Corsa Convertible Turbo Black Here's the PDF report on the Albuquerque "ROUTE 66" Tri-State -- 5.1 MB
  • ======================================================================== ======================================================================== <><> From the September 2021 newsletter: <><> <><> ROUTE 66 TRI-STATE - SEPTEMBER UPDATE <><> TERRY PRICE Wow! Things are really coming together for the Albuquerque Route 66 Tri-State and we are just waiting for all you Corvair enthusiasts to register for the event. We already have about 70 people registered and coming to the banquet to hear Harrison "Jack" Schmitt speak, to show your cars off and to do a lot of talking with other Corvair friends. We have early and late model convertibles, coupes, 2 door and 4 door sedans, forward controls, Greenbriers and Ultravans. I have seen several Corvairs that are in the process of getting finishing touches applied for the event. The banquet is getting in shape. The room will be set up and tables ready to go for a delicious dinner. We have some beautiful baskets, some for door prizes and others for silent auction. We have a beautiful Corvair quilt that is in the finishing stages. If you like Corvairs, you should really enjoy this Tri-State. The staff at the Marriott Pyramid are looking forward to serving us and have been working with us to make this event successful. Our "Hospitality/Registration Room" is located in the former Gift shop on the main floor and is just a few feet from the Atrium room, where we can sit, eat snacks and talk in comfort. We will have security to watch the cars at night so they will be safe. We really have tried to take care of everything to make this Tri-State successful. Lupe Arellanes has done a great job with the on-line registration and things are going very smoothly for everyone when they come to check in at the hotel. It is our plan to have a registration bag and envelope that will have the Corvair window card for the car show, the banquet ticket and food selection, a raffle ticket for a door prize and any other important information. It will also include some information about the order of events and info about Albuquerque restaurants etc. There are areas in which we still need to get some help. Things like manning the Hospitality/Registration room and helping to check people in at the banquet. If you are planning on attending the Albuquerque Route 66 Tri-State, please register on-line as soon as possible. We would like everyone to be registered by October 1, at the latest. The web site is very user friendly. The address is: After you register, you can reserve a room with the hotel on the same site. You can also call in your room reservation at 505-821-3333. You must mention the "Corvair Tri-State" to get the special rate of $109.00. <><> From the August 2021 newsletter: <><> <><> ROUTE 66 TRI-STATE - AUGUST UPDATE <><> TERRY PRICE Hope to see you all at the Route 66 Tri-State on October 15-17 this year. Activities are abundant and the banquet looks to be shaping up. Not only do we have a good place for the Corvair show and competition, but we also are located just a block from the HELLO DELI parking lot. Many people, with very nice cars including some exotics, meet there every Saturday morning. There are also a number of restaurants in the same area. A dinner at EL PINTO RESTAURANT, a popular southwest cuisine eatery in Albuquerque, is planned on Thursday evening for those who want to get an early start. Astronaut HARRISON SCHMITT, the last man to walk on the moon, should be a very interesting speaker at the banquet. Food should be excellent at the banquet, prepared by the fine Marriott chefs. The awards for the Corvair competition, designed by Kay Sutt, will have to be fantastic. The event already has 50 registered attendees and 22 cars entered. A silent auction is also planned and there are a number of very nice items available, and don't forget about the quilt, made by Kay Sutt, always a beautiful creation. Snacks will be available in the hospitality suite and a raffle is in the works. Concerning arrangements for the event with the Marriott Pyramid North, things are working out. That is a bit surprising considering I will now be working with the sixth representative of the Marriott to make sure everything is set up for us. We are having a bit of a problem concerning our hospitality room. Originally, the room was to be located on the first floor next to the parking lot. Presently, it has been moved to the 9th floor, the Presidential Suite. I am working to get that moved back to the first floor. Steve Gongora and I are working on dash plaques and will be placing an order in the near future. Thanks Steve for the work you have done. Rita is working on the silent auction. I am hoping to get some help after the August meeting from the Tri-State committee. We are planning on going to Steve and Rita's home for a meeting and maybe working on the silent auction items. If you are planning on attending the ROUTE 66 TRI-STATE please register on line as soon as possible. The web site is very user friendly. The address is: After you register, you can then reserve a room with the hotel on the same site. You can also call in your room reservation at 505-821-3333. You must mention the "CORVAIR TRI-STATE" to get the special $109.00 rate. <><> From the July 2021 newsletter: <><> <><> ROUTE 66 TRI-STATE - JULY UPDATE <><> TERRY PRICE The Route 66 Tri-State is well on the way to success. We already have 36 registrations and 16 cars entered in the car show. There are a few people that don't want their cars entered in the competition but we would still like you to show them in the show. We really want to show as many Corvairs as we can. At the last meeting sign-up sheets were passed around for volunteers to help in the hospitality room and in registration. We will need more volunteers to properly staff those areas. We will also need some help before the banquet to put things on the tables like programs and centerpieces and collect meal tickets and vote counters to tabulate votes from the car show. Pat Hall will need help at staging cars. There will be more things coming up that will require helpers. Rita will need help assembling baskets for the silent auction. I know this sounds like we need a lot of help and we do, but it will not require a lot of anyone's time and should not be too demanding. So, we will pass around clip boards with sign-up sheets again. David and I met with the local sales representative at the Marriott and went over the contract and general expectations for the event to make sure we are on the same page. Marriott is working with us in all the areas that were originally discussed and seem to be anxious to have us. We are still in the process of putting together the sound system for the banquet. It looks like there is great interest in the event, plenty of support from club members, a very attractive web site and all at a reasonable price. Thanks for all the support! CORRECTION - Mark Martinek pointed out that the telephone number for the Marriott Pyramid in the advertisement and on the post card is incorrect! The correct number is (505) 821-3333. Apologies for the typo. <><> From the May 2021 newsletter: <><> <><> APRIL REPORT - ALBUQUERQUE "ROUTE 66" TRI-STATE <><> TERRY PRICE Astronaut Harrison Jack Schmitt has accepted our invitation to speak to us at the banquet at our Route 66 Tri-State event this October 16th. Thanks, so much, to Larry Blair for setting this up for us. I believe the talk will be very interesting. It is not every day we get to hear a talk from someone who has actually walked on the moon. Arranging a speaker for the banquet is only one of the jobs we need to complete for the Tri-State. One of our biggest tasks at hand has been to develop the registration process that is easy to use, efficient, and problem free. Much work is taking place to complete the registration form so that it can be used on our Route 66 Tri-State web site. It looks like we are going to have two registration forms, both available on the web site. One form could be printed out from the web site and mailed in with a check and the other form would be filled out on the computer and emailed from the web site, the check would be mailed in separately. It will be the registrant's option as to which method would be used. It would be an advantage for the club to email the registration in because it will enable us to process a number of activities: car show registration, dining and banquet reservations, T-shirts and so on. Hopefully, at the next meeting on May 1, we can start filling in positions for the Tri-State, like vote counters, ticket takers, hospitality workers, registration workers, snacks for the hospitality room and others. I will try to have a list of areas that members can serve at the May meeting. <><> From the April 2021 newsletter: <><> <><> MARCH REPORT - ALBUQUERQUE "ROUTE 66" TRI-STATE <><> TERRY PRICE Plans are well underway for the upcoming Route 66 Tri-State which is to take place this coming October 15 - 17. Dave Allin and committee had done such an excellent job at setting up the event for 2020 that it is my intention to keep as many plans the same that have already been established. Rita Gongora is setting up reservations for us at El Pinto's Restaurant for those coming in early on Thursday. This will be a BYO dinner and we will be ordering from the normal menu. Thank you Rita for setting that up for us. Rita also has plans to assemble center pieces for the dinner tables, at the banquet, which will be auctioned off in the silent auction. Yes, we have plans for a silent auction and that will require some donated items from the membership. The last Tri-State we held had a number of Corvair specialty parts, like special valve covers, oil pans, and oil filters. Some people donated jewelry, large photos, tools and etc. We will also have a beautiful "Corvair Quilt." Kay Sutt will make another beautiful quilt for us and it will be up for auction. Start looking around for things that you could donate for the silent auction. You can bring those items to the meeting and give them to Terry Price. Friday is registration day and we will need people to help register the participants. Lupe Arellanes has designed a registration form which we hope to send out on the internet. It is planned to be able to fill it out and send it in on the internet but we are still working on that. If things work as planned we will be able to generate the registration forms, dinner orders and car show cards from the info on the internet. Of course payment will need to be by check or cash ahead of time and our treasurer, Steve Gongora, will accept payment. Another event that Dave Allin is working on is the "Balloon Ride" which would be held on Saturday morning. Dave is in Oklahoma but still has connections in Albuquerque. The event is planned Saturday morning and would be at a parking lot just a few blocks from the Marriott. Of course we will have the show-and-shine and a people's choice car show on Saturday, which will start late morning and go into early afternoon. After the car show there will be a caravan to Tinker Town in Tijeras Canyon, led by Rita Gongora. We will need volunteers to count votes for the car show. Larry Blair has volunteered to supervise the car wash for those who want to clean their car before the show. Thanks Larry. The banquet will be Saturday evening and we will have a guest speaker. The plan is to have Harrison Schmitt speak but that has not been confirmed at this time. Also the Marriott has not opened their banquet facilities yet, due to Covid restrictions, so we do not know what the menu will be at this time. Information has already been sent in by both David Huntoon and by me to the "CORSA Communique" but it was not printed in the periodical for March. I contacted the editor and he told me we did not send it in soon enough but that it would be included in the April issue. It should be included for the next three issues. We will also be sending in a display advertisement which will be about a quarter page. Post cards will go out to a number of clubs across the U.S. So, as you can see, a lot has been done, but there is a lot more to go. We will need people to take tickets at the banquet, people for the hospitality suite, people to help during the car show, and I expect other things which I have not mentioned in this article. It is still about 7 months before the event and we are still dealing with the Pandemic, so some things cannot be solidified at this time, but we will continue to put things together for a great "Route 66 Tri-State" event! ======================================================================== ======================================================================== <><> THE BOYDSTON AWARD At the CNM 46th Anniversary Party the question was asked: Will there be a Boydston Award at the Albuquerque Tri-State? If so, who will be elegible for nomination, members of all three clubs, or CNM only? After discussion CNM members present voted: 1. The Boydston Award would not be presented at the 2020 Tri-State. 2. The Boydston Award would be CNM-only and moved to the club's Christmas party. Nothing was said that would prevent CNM, PPCC or RMC from including a Boydston Award in a future Tri-State, as decided by the club sponsoring that Tri-State. ======================================================================== ======================================================================== <><> From the February 2020 newsletter: <><> <><> TRI-STATE TASKS <><> DAVE ALLIN Making the upcoming Tri-State event a success is a major goal of the club, and it depends on everyone helping out. Last year people volunteered for various tasks, but you may have forgotten what you volunteered for, or things may have changed. Here's a list of activities and events and who we think is going to help. If you see your name and can no longer help with that, let someone in the committee know. Likewise, if you can help out for something that you aren't currently down for, speak up. Prior to the event: Lupe Arellanes has developed a logo, a T-shirt design, and the registration form. She has created an email address for more information. I have placed ads in the Corsa Communique and in Hemmings Motor News. As the registration forms come in, Lupe will use them to create name tags and car show window signs. The checks will come to me. Lupe and I will develop a database to keep track of the registrations so we can notify the hotel of the banquet numbers. We will be creating gift baskets and banquet center-pieces. Rita is in charge of the baskets, with help from Lesha. We need someone to volunteer to make the centerpieces. Vickie and Heula have been working for months preparing registration bags. The bags have been purchased and many items have been hand made and/or purchased for these bags. A few more items are needed. Please contact Vickie for a list. We will be filling the bags prior to the distribution time on Thursday. Thursday, May 14 We will set up a table in the lobby for early arrivals to check in and get additional information. We will need a couple people to set up the table and man it from perhaps noon until 6:00 pm. We will have a meet and greet at the El Pinto restaurant for dinner that evening. We will need someone to coordinate with the restaurant and perhaps lead a convoy over to it. Friday, May 15 We have a suite on the first floor, not far from the hotel registration desk, where we will set up our registration and reception area. This will also be the location for our raffle prize display. We will have snacks and soft drinks. It will be open from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. We will need people prior to 3:00 to set things up and arrange the raffle prizes, and bring in the snacks and drinks. Once the room is open, we will need people to take registration, hand out gift bags, sell raffle tickets, and answer questions. Currently I have the following people down for the hospitality room: Anne Wiker, Brenda Stickler, Linda Soukup, Rita Gongora, Lesha Kitts, Curtis Shimp, and myself. This will be a very busy room, so if you can help out, please let us know. Saturday, May 16 The hospitality room will open at 7:00 am. and remain open until noon. We will need people to do the same tasks as on Friday. Let us know if you can do either or both days. I will coordinate the balloon rides and produce walking maps. We may need someone to guide people to the location. The Car Show will run from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. People should have their window signs and ballots in their registration bags. The hotel will block off part of the parking lot for our show. I currently have Tony and Linda down as arranging the cars. We need someone to set up and run games, if we plan to have any. We will also need someone to hand out minor prizes, both for the games and for drawings. I have Linda and Lesha down, but I'm sure we will need others. Bob Kitts has volunteered to take photos. Anne Wiker volunteered to count the ballots. We will also need someone to pick the raffle winners and log them for the presentation later. We will need people to clean up after the show. Bob Kitts has volunteered to take photos. At 1:00 Rita will lead a tour to Tinkertown and Sandia Crest. We will provide brochures and maps for other ABQ attractions such as the Tram, various museums, and Old Town. If there is sufficient interest, we made add a second tour to one of those locations. We will not have access to the banquet room until 5:00 pm., so we will need several people to go in and set things up quickly. The hotel is providing the A/V equipment and someone to set it up. They will also need to seat the guests as they arrive. I believe Larry Blair will be coordinating with Harrison Schmitt and escorting him to the banquet room. Schmitt will give his presentation at 6:00, and dinner will be served at the tables after he is done. Mark Domzalski has volunteered to be our MC. After dinner he will present the car show awards and the raffle winners. We will need someone to help hand out the awards and prizes. Sunday, May 17 We are inviting our guests to view or even participate in the Museum Car Show at the Albuquerque Museum. Is there someone who would like to help people find the show, and perhaps even lead a group over to participate? At the February 1 club meeting, or by email to me, let us know if you are not available for any task we have you down for, or add your name to help out in one of the areas. We need all the help we can get, and "Many hands make light work." Thank you. <><> From the August 2019 newsletter: <><> <><> TRI-STATE TASKS <><> DAVE ALLIN The 2020 Tri-State meet in Albuquerque date has been finalized for May 15-17, 2020 to coincide with the Albuquerque Museum Car Show on Sunday the 18th. The contract for the hotel and the banquet have been signed. The Marriott Pyramid just off I-25 at the north end of Albuquerque will be the location. Dave Allin gave a quick run-down of the hotel facilities for attendees. There will be a suite near the lobby for registration, hospitality and silent auction items; the hotel will allow us to bring in our own food/drinks. We have guaranteed 40 rooms with the hotel at a cost of ~$112 per night, including taxes. The hotel will honor that price for two days before and two days after the meet for those who wish to spend some more time exploring Albuquerque and the surrounding area. The banquet facilities are available to us, including a stage and microphone/podium; audio/visual equipment will cost $400, or we can provide our own. Several options are available regarding the meal, but best estimate is the cost will be around $40 per person. Therefore, the cost to attendees will be virtually the same as the Alamosa meet, costs will just be distributed a bit differently between lodging and banquet. The hotel will rope off a section of their large parking lot for our car display, and they have a large area in the rear we can use to wash cars for the show; the club will have to provide hoses and buckets. There are restaurant facilities on-site as well as several other restaurants nearby. The hotel offers some on-site security, and they will contact APD to ask for additional drive-by surveillance for the event; the hotel can assist the club book additional security from their provider at a cost of $25 per hour. Dave Allin has scoped out two potential vacant lot sites nearby for tethered balloon rides if people wish to participate. That event will have to be early, usually around 7 to 9 A.M. to take advantage of the cooler air. Although there is no charge for the rides, the balloonists do ask for donations (generally around $10 p/p) to cover the cost of propane for the balloon's burners. One of the sites is very close to the Hello Deli restaurant where there is a Cars and Coffee event every Saturday morning, so attendees can drop in to watch the impromptu show early Saturday morning of the meet. People who have attended this event recently indicate it is a great show of local cars, both collectors and exotics, and it generally runs from about 7 to 9 A.M. Of course, the Museum Car Show will be the Sunday following the meet near Old Town; there are typically over 400 cars at this show including collector, exotic and custom-built cars from all eras. It was suggested we make a special attempt to contact the Arizona Corvair club, since this will be the closest the meet has been for them to drive for many years. A "Casual Thursday" dinner at El Pinto Restaurant was suggested as a way for early arrivals to meet and catch up on events since the very successful Alamosa meet. Suggestions for a nationally-known speaker were discussed/reported earlier. Larry Blair also suggested Albuquerque/NM have a strong connection with America's space program, and there is a possibility of tapping several astronauts who might be willing to speak and answer questions. The committees are getting into action, and anyone who wishes to participate in the planning and operation of the Albuquerque 2020 Tri-State meet should contact Dave Allin, who has agreed to chair the event. Terry Price urged CNM members to consider staying at the hotel the two nights of the rally in order to take full advantage of the events and fun planned for the meet. ======================================================================== ======================================================================== <><> Subject: Tristate decisions <><> From: Linda Soukup <><> Date: 2019=Jun=27 17:19:06 MDT The Tristate committee had its meeting last Sunday [June 23rd 2019] and the following decisions were made: Marriott Pyramid will be the host hotel, location for car show and the location of the banquet. Terry and Dave will secure a contract with the hotel soon. Rita Gongora is making the gift baskets and has asked that members try to find suppliers of gift items to offset the cost to the club. She is the contact regarding gift baskets. Vickie Hall is the person to contact regarding the registration bags. She is lining all of that up. Tarmo and Kay will be handling the registration process. Dave Allin is the chair person of the Tristate committee. Thanks Linda ======================================================================== ======================================================================== <><> From the June 1st 2019 general meeting minutes: There were discussions regarding the 2020 Tri-state meet. In an effort to enforce the cohesion of the club, and to encourage unity in the planning of the Tri-State meet, Co-secretary Linda passed a sign-up sheet to become a member of the Tri-State meet committee. This list has been e-mailed to those members who volunteered. In an effort to maintain complete communication and cohesion on plans, those who are committee members should email updates and plans to the group as necessary. At the meeting Terry Price updated the group regarding his efforts to secure the Marriott Pyramid. He had negotiated the price to $99 per night and indicated the management was very flexible to work with the club. Dave Allin explained his efforts to try to secure the Balloon Fiesta Park for the car show. We will publish more information as it becomes available. ======================================================================== ======================================================================== <><> <><> ======================================================================== STATISTICS (SHOULD BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY AFTER THE EVENT) ======================================================================== EVENT ATTENDANCE / CLUB PARTICIPATION Individuals attended this event: xxx. The Clubs represented were: Corvairs of New Mexico Pikes Peak Corvair Club Rocky Mountain CORSA Corvair Club xxxx xxxx xxxx =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CAR SHOW ATTENDANCE Registered for the Show and Shine event: xx Corvairs NUMBER OF CARS IN THE CAR SHOW BY YEAR 1960 x 1961 x 1962 x 1963 x 1964 x 1965 x 1966 x 1967 x 1968 x 1969 x BY BODY TYPE Early Open xx Early Closed xx Late Open xx Late Closed xx Forward Control xx Wagon xx Specialty xx =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BANQUET ATTENDANCE AND AWARDS PRESENTED Show & Shine Awards Presented at the Banquet: Best Early Open x Best Early Closed x Best Late Open x Best Late Closed x Best Wagon x Best Forward Control x Best Specialty x Best in Show x People's Choice x Other Awards Presented at the Banquet: Long Distance Award - x Hard Luck Award - x =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= T-SHIRT SALES A total of xx event T-shirts were sold. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=