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   JANUARY 2015 / VOLUME 41 / NUMBER 1 / ISSUE #472  

Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, First Place, 2005
Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, Third Place, 2010
Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, First Place, 2012

EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING:	Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

 Why Are These People Laughing? .............. Low Gas Prices!
 Dues Due ............................... Membership Committee
 Mechanically Un-inclined ....................... Ray Trujillo
 December Meeting Minutes ........................ Jim Pittman
 December Board Meeting Cancelled .................. The Board
 Frayed Clutch Cable Tech Talk ................... Larry Blair
 Birthdays & Anniversaries ................ Sunshine Committee
 Christmas Party at Highland ...................... John Wiker
 Treasury Report ................................. Robert Gold
 Declining Membership ............................ Jim Pittman
 Get it Out of my Kitchen! ...................... Corvanantics
 Calendar of Coming Events ................ Board of Directors
 January Issue, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ... Club Historian
 Page of Photos Emailed to Participants During 2004 ... Editor
 Roster of Club Members ..................... 28 December 2014

COVER:	 An Ultra Van and two great Rampsides at Sonic in 2005
 	 Brenda, Ray and Heula at CNM's 2014 Christmas Party

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On 25-DEC-2014 we had  39  active family memberships.


EXPIRED ============================ INACTIVE DATE
2014.05   Marilyn & Richard Foster     25-JUN-2014
2014.05               Chloe Mullins    25-JUN-2014
2014.06      Melba & Tommie Anderson   25-JUL-2014
2014.06     Susanne & Larry Hickerson  25-JUL-2014
2014.08        Nancy & Russ McDuffie   25-SEP-2014
2014.09   Kathryn & Douglas Gadomski   25-OCT-2014
2014.09             Brian E Rowe       25-OCT-2014
2014.11      Matt & Heather Choiniere  25-DEC-2014
2014.11     Cheryl & Edward Halpin     25-DEC-2014
2014.11     Brenda & Hurley Wilvert    25-DEC-2014

DUE LAST MONTH ===================== INACTIVE DATE
2014.12               David Huntoon    25-JAN-2015
2014.12    Barbara & Gordon Johnson    25-JAN-2015
2014.12        Kelli & Mark Morgan     25-JAN-2015
2014.12               Larry Yoffee     25-JAN-2015

DUE THIS MONTH ===================== INACTIVE DATE
2015.01   Darlene & William Darcy      25-Feb-2015
2015.01       Sarah & Terry Price      25-Feb-2015

DUE NEXT MONTH ===================== INACTIVE DATE
2015.02               Frank Stadler    25-Mar-2105

DUE MARCH 2015 ===================== INACTIVE DATE
2015.03                Carl Johnson    25-APR-2015
2015.03        Emma & LeRoy Rogers     25-APR-2015

Send your Dues to:
CNM Treasurer
c/o Robert Gold
1301 Valencia NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Past due memberships become inactive after a one-month grace period.
The Club will mail in your National Dues if you send us the renewal
form from your Communique.


Why is this woman laughing?

NEWS ITEM: Fuel Prices plummet to an Average Cost per Gallon of $2.25 in
December 2014.

In a file photo housewife Rayette Lee Brown of Fort Worth is laughing during a
fillup in Dallas on Wednesday, December 24, 2014. Brown said that her Hummunger
H5 V-12, the largest non-commercial private vehicle in Texas, had been in
storage for nine years but she decided to start it up this morning. Brown says
unexpected low gas prices will allow her to start driving it again. "I feel a
lot safer driving my Hummunger instead of my little old pickup, and I just found
out my favorite gas station has unleaded priced at $1.88 right now and it's
going down more! Thank God for low gas prices! My husband just made a deal for a
loaded 2013 Ford F-150 pickup for him to to run around in. He says it's made out
of good old solid American steel, not that sissy aluminum the new Fords are made
out of. We're just so glad we can finally drive the cars we want to again!" (ABC
Photo/Barbara McWalters)

Why is this man laughing?

NEWS ITEM: Exxon Mobil reported a better-than-expected 3 percent increase in
third quarter profit.

In a file photo Exxon Mobil Corp. Chairman and CEO Billy Lee Raymond laughs with
the audience during a news conference in Dallas, Wednesday, December 24, 2014.
Exxon Mobil Corporation, the largest publicly traded oil company in the world,
on Thursday, October 23, 2014, said that third quarter profit surged despite
lower crude prices. "We may have had slow growth for the last nine years,"
chortled Raymond, "but we have no worries for the future. Our industry is
healthy and ready to contribute to the economic recovery of our great country!
Just check out the sales figures at Ford, Chevy and Dodge dealerships during the
last few weeks. Customers can't wait to get their hands on big American pickups
and SUVs again and they are buying as many as the companies can make. These
customers will be buying our gasoline for years to come. Say goodbye to those
little Priuses and Hondas." (NBC Photo/Bryan McWilliams)


Mechanically Un-inclined
Ray Trujillo

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. As for CNM, we completed our 2014
calendar of events with a very nice Christmas party of our own. As you know,
this year we held our party at the Highland Senior Center and decided to make it
a potluck affair. CNM provided the hams and Sylvia and I were entrusted with the
duty of preparing the hams while the membership brought all the accompanying
side dishes. Wow, what a feast we had!

In hindsight, I guess the club could've gotten away with just one ham because we
had enough ham to send everyone home with leftovers for dinner. Oh well, I
figure it's always better to have too much than not enough. On the day of the
party I had delivered the hams in a big roaster and the heavenly aroma of honey
glaze with pineapple and cherries filled my Brand X vehicle. I know the aroma
lingered for a few days after our party because the neighborhood dogs held a
sniffing and circling convention centered around my parked car in our driveway,
but it only ended in total frustration for my canine friends.

In addition to all the superb food and drinks, the Sunshine Committee headed by
Heula Pittman did their usual awesome job, complete with decorations, great
prizes and gifts for everyone in attendance. On the three prizes won, Pat Hall
and Art Gold each received a one-year CNM club membership and Elizabeth
Domzalski won a nice $25 cash prize, donated by the Sunshine Committee. Our
members also did a great job of donating the needed items requested by the
Albuquerque Rescue Mission and The Storehouse. Thank you to all who brought
donations, and special appreciation goes out to Dave Huntoon and Vickie Hall for
transporting these items to our selected charities.

During our celebration I presented some appreciation certificates to five of our
very worthy members for their long-time services to the club. The first two
members honored were Emma Rogers and Lee Reider for their ten years (2004-2014)
of graciously organizing the Christmas donations to various needy organizations.
The next honoree was Heula Pittman for her twelve years (2003-2015) of dedicated
service as the Sunshine Committee Chairwoman. Heula, what a great job you have
done! Last but not least, Steve and Rita Gongora were also honored for their
many years of hosting our annual Auction & Bingo fundraiser evenings. I couldn't
find the year Steve and Rita started doing these fun evenings -- at least as
long ago as 1994 -- but they surely are to be commended for their contributions.
As you well know, without members like these our club would not flourish, so
thank them when you see them. As we got toward the end of our celebration Jim
Pittman recited a smartly worded poem about Santa's visit and it was very well
received. I also had written a Corvair version of the Twelve Days of Christmas
and I asked Brenda Stickler to help me lead in the singing of the song. If my
singing was the only lump of coal you received this Christmas then please accept
my apology. Brenda did her best to keep me in tune but that was pretty much an
impossible task. I think we had a fun time anyway, so thanks for helping me,

Okay, let's move on to the start of a new year. CNM has planned some really
great activities beginning with a club breakfast at Dan and Lisa Thompson's
Dough-Re-Mi Bake Shop in Edgewood. The date is January 10, 2015 at 10 A.M. At
the last meeting Dan & Lisa gave us a mouthwatering description of the pastries
they create, so many of us are looking forward to this. They are located 1.6
miles north of Old Route 66 at 150 State Highway 344. Some of our members
expressed an interest in a caravan out to Edgewood so if you would like to do
this we plan on meeting at 9:30 A.M. at the Smith's parking lot located at
Central & Tramway.

Our next event will be on February 7, 2015. Robert Gold has set up a garage tour
at the Old Car Garage located at 3232 Girard NE. The tour will start at 11 A.M.
and afterwards we are planning to go to lunch at a local restaurant. In March,
we will hold our Anniversary Dinner and at our last meeting I asked for a
volunteer to set up the dinner. I'm happy to report that not only one volunteer
but two members have stepped up. Both Bill Reider and John Wiker will be looking
into two separate options for the club. Thank you to both Bill and John for
helping with this event. We'll keep you all posted with all the details as the
date gets closer. Also, don't forget that the Ike Meissner Award is presented at
the anniversary dinner. For those of you who are new to the club, this honor is
basically awarded to a member who has been very active and has contributed to
the overall well being of the club over the last year. We select the winner by
using a point system developed by John Wiker and we also take into account any
nominations we get from members. So if you have someone in mind who fits this
description please nominate them. I'll have nomination forms at the next couple
of membership meetings.

Well I guess that's enough said for now, so I'll see you at the next club


Meeting Minutes December 3rd, 2014
Jim Pittman

A rainy night (*) but eighteen people showed up, some with Corvairs.

President Ray called us to order and reported on the Christmas party. He
circulated sign-up lists: who planned to attend, what potluck items were needed
and planned. Bring your donations of new or used but usable clothing,
non-perishable food, household or personal items, or cash. Items will be
transported to the Albuquerque Rescue Mission and to The Storehouse by Vickie
and David. Ray asked for ideas for speakers or topics to be scheduled for
discussion at meetings.

Vice-President Tarmo reported no snow in Santa Fe tonight, but said the traffic
on I-25 gets crazier every month. Typically, cars with cell phones and cruise
control set at 80 are camped out in the fast lane, the usual slow cars camp in
the right lane, and on both sides there are some trying to pass everything in
sight. Anyway, for club members he reported a text message from Steve to the
effect that there is a new Gongora grandson named Gunnar born to Emily on Monday
night. Seven lbs eight oz and everyone involved is doing great but Steve was
visiting and was not able to make the meeting.

Secretary Anne Mae was not present as her back pain kept her from work (most
unusual for her) but she hopes to be better soon.

Treasurer Robert reported $5,054.33 in the checking account. He apologized for
the article in the newsletter claiming that the Potluck/Auction was the club's
biggest money-maker, since actually the Tri-State held that distinction.

Membership chair Larry was not present and we had no news of new or prospective

Editor Jim said the newsletter deadline was Friday December 26th, so as soon as
your Christmas Celebrations are done, send in your articles please!

Sunshine Chair Heula announced that she is resigning her position with the
Sunshine Committee. The group was formed in January 2003 and over the years the
committee has organized events, sent out birthday cards and sympathy cards and
coordinated club activities. Plans for the Christmas party include gifts for all
present and prizes for members present.

Merchandise Chair Vickie said she had sold two cookbooks so had $10 for the
treasury. She has a few $2 patches available.

Upcoming Events

On Saturday January 10 we will have a club breakfast at Dough-Re-Mi in Edgewood
at 10:00 AM. All who wish to caravan will meet at the Smith's parking lot at
Central & Tramway and leave no later than 9:30 AM to drive east on Old Route 66
to Edgewood where we'll turn left (north) and proceed a mile and a half and turn
right into the shopping center at Highway 344 and Dinkle Road. Lisa & Dan
Thompson told us about their bake shop and described some of their baked goods.
Who knows, this may become the CNM Breakfast Venue from now on! Just in case the
weather does not cooperate we will postpone a week to January 17th.

In February we hope to have a garage tour to Old Car Garage and Robert hopes
they will be able to show their new and very impressive cleaning technique.

In March we will have our CNM 41st Anniversary Celebration which will include
the Meissner Award. Planning is underway, stay tuned. So far, we have no
chairperson for this event.

In April the first Saturday, April 4th, Lube will be expecting a good turnout
for the first Old Route 66 cleanup of the year.

In April we hope to organize a driving tour to Grants and maybe a visit to the
Mining Museum.

In April some of us may take our Corvairs in for an oil change, lube job and
general inspection at the Old Car Garage Annual Spring Thaw on April 18th.

In May we may organize a spring tune-up, we will all attend the May 17th Museum
Car Show and we will all be driving to Durango, Colorado for the May 29-30-31
Tri-State. Sponsor is Rocky Mountain CORSA.

In July the Classic Car Appreciation Day will happen and it seems to be getting
bigger and better every year. Stay tuned.

Do we want to have a TUNA to address specific maintenance issues? Let Pat know
your suggestions so we can bring our Corvairs to Los Lunas for lessons in
keeping those Corvairs tuned up and healthy. Pat prefers that he be given these
ideas in writing.

Previous Events

The Potluck/Auction/Bingo was a great evening for club members, thank you Rita &
Steve for your hospitality, thank you John Wiker for running the Bingo games,
and thank the many who brought great food. We discussed the need for a better
way to do the silent auction to avoid such things as the last-minute squabble
between two individuals over who won the bid for a classic license plate. Maybe
we all believed the rules were understood and all who were bidding would just

Several nice 2015 calendars were brought in for anyone to take home. Lube
reported that his brother learned of a break-in at the Wheels Museum in which
the collection of model trains was stolen. Wiker reported that the historic
Harvey House in Los Lunas, home to a marvelous model railroad collection, was
going to have to move it out. Maybe anyone who wants to visit this site should
do so soon.

Our 50/50 drawing was won by Wiker who took home $6 and the treasury received
$10 so congratulations, John!

After we adjourned Larry Blair made another of his short but informative tech
talks. He showed a damaged clutch cable and described the difficult and
intricate process of changing it out for a new one. Not easy or quick! His
opinion is, the clutch cables available these days are not of good quality. Not
only had his cable frayed badly (thus making that characteristic scraping sound
just before it breaks) but the swivel pin was unduly worn. If your cable breaks
you are either stuck or you'll have to practice the art of clutchless driving --
not impossible but not easy in traffic! Hurley pointed out that if you have to
replace your clutch cable, you should plan to replace or at least inspect the
parking brake cable as well. Larry also mentioned the transverse leaf spring on
1964 Corvairs and said he had found broken bolts holding the outboard ends of
the spring. His opinion was that the bolts recommended for this job are actually
of a higher grade than required and were brittle and tended to crack. When the
bolts break the spring pops down on the road and the car is immobilized, not
just crippled! Thanks to Larry for this interesting tech talk.

* The rain was my fault, or, since we are in a drought, I will take credit for
it! The 1990 Civic wanted to go to the meeting but it was covered with dust from
the last couple of weeks of windy weather. I rinsed off all the dust and
squeegeed all the glass squeaky clean. No sooner had I finished when the drops
started falling! Well, we needed the rain. -- Jim

NOTE: Board meeting Cancelled This Month.

Four Special CNM'ers have January Birthdays:
* Javier Gold
* Steve Gongora
* Carolyn Palmer
* LeRoy Rogers
One Special Couple has a December Anniversary:
* Vickie & Pat Hall


TREASURY REPORT ************* 11-21-2014 to 12-25-2014 ************* ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $5,054.33
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2014.12.08 2185 -$  166.12 J.Pittman   DEC 2014 Newsletter_Printing   -$   27.07
2014.12.08                 J.Pittman   Newsletter Postage, 3 months   -$  139.05
2014.12.15      +$  190.00 Deposit     Merchandise                     $   10.00
2014.12.15                 Deposit     50/50 Raffle                    $   10.00
2014.12.15                 Dues        D.Palmer       12 m CNM & CORSA $   70.00
2014.12.15                 Dues        T.Sutt         12 m CNM         $   25.00
2014.12.15                 Dues        Alan Gold      12 m CNM         $   25.00
2014.12.15                 Dues        S.Johnson      26 m CNM         $   50.00
2014.12.17 2183 -$   45.00 CORSA Dues  D.Palmer       12 m CORSA      -$   45.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2014.11.19 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $5,033.21


Christmas Party at Highland Senior Center
John Wiker

Boy, can Ray Trujillo put on a party!

Even those who showed up early found Ray and Sylvia already at Highland Senior
Center where they had everything organized and set up, awaiting the great dishes
brought by several of our members. The food prepared by all was outstanding!

The program moved along smartly with give-a-ways from the Sunshine committee and
the club treasury. There were two one-year membership certificates presented.
Pat Hall won one by drawing the winning fabric fortune cookie, an original and
novel design by Kay Sutt. Art Gold won the second by drawing the winning raffle

Ray presented certificates of appreciation to Lee Reider and Emma Rogers for
organizing our Christmas Charities for many years, and to Heula Pittman for
being Sunshine Committee Chairwoman for some twelve years. He also recognized
Rita & Steve Gongora for once again hosting the annual Auction/Bingo/Potluck
party at House of Covers in November.

Ray wrote a cute and quite appropriate song for us to sing -- a customized
version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Jim Pittman wrapped up the event with a
spin-off of Santa's visit that he adapted from the Iowa Corvair Association
newsletter but it originally was from the December 1977 Communique.

Bags of clothes and dry goods were collected for The Storehouse and the
Albuquerque Rescue Mission. These items will be delivered in the name of the
club by Vickie Hall and David Huntoon. There was plenty of good food and plenty
of Christmas joy.

The only "downer" of the whole day was in the number of attendees. Only
twenty-five of our members showed up at the Highland Center. Those who did not
attend, really missed a great time. Once again, our thanks to Ray and Sylvia
Trujillo for organizing and setting everything up and thanks to all those great
cooks out there who prepared our great meal. This potluck really came off well!!
Thanks to Vickie Hall for forwarding this cartoon!


*  M E M B E R  *  I N F O R M A T I O N   ***   W H O  *  H A S  *  W H A T  *
Robert Gold 505-268-6878 has a 1962 Greenbrier that NEEDS A NEW HOME. Seating
 for 9. Beautiful van gray with white stripe, gray interior.  Both interior and
  exterior in great shape.  Powerglide with 110 HP engine. It runs great. If you
   want to provide the new home, you'll find it is well under Hagerty quote.
Brenda Stickler 505-856-6993 has Corvairs to move.
 One is a white Corvair V-8 (not running).
Pat Hall 505-620-5574 in Los Lunas, NM has Corvairs in need of repair.
 Lots of parts for most Corvairs.


Declining Membership
Jim Pittman

Check out these two graphs. They show the membership count every December in
CORSA and in CNM from 1974 to the present. What do the two curves tell us about
the future of our local and our national Corvair organizations?

Over the years both we and CORSA have discussed how to increase (or at least
retain) our membership, and there have been many suggestions for ways to attract
new members and retain old members. Apparently these ideas have been less than
successful. Or, maybe that's just the way the world of car clubs goes.

When our club started, benefits to membership were seen as having a social group
of like-minded individuals who would attend meetings and organize and
participate in Corvair activities, having a group of friends with knowledge of
Corvair maintenance who could help work on our cars, having the privilege of
voting in club elections or running for office, and having a newsletter arrive
in your mailbox every month.

Why would anyone pay dues when they can get the newsletter for free on the
internet, when they don't want to run for an office, when they can get all the
technical advice for Corvair work on the internet, when they can go to car shows
for free, and when they are no longer interested in the mystique of driving an
old car like a Corvair?

Think about it -- what benefit do you get from CNM and from CORSA? What keeps
you paying your dues and coming to meetings and participating in events? What
can you do to help keep the club healthy into the future?


|      January 2015      |    February 2015       |      March 2015        |
|  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa  | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   |
|               1  2  3  |  1  2  3  4  5  6  7   |  1  2  3  4  5  6  7   |
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                    at Wyoming & Carmel, north of Wyoming & Paseo del Norte NE.
          After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.

Sat 10 Jan 10:000 AM Club breakfast at DOUGH-RE-MI BAKE SHOP in Edgewood.
Meet at 9:30 AM at SMITH's parking lot at Tramway & Central, caravan to
Edgewood. 150 State Hwy 344, Suite J, Edgewood, NM 87015 -- Phone: 505-286-9119
(In case Tijeras Canyon is closed for weather, change to January 17)

Sat 10 Jan  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or

Sat 17 Jan - Martin Luther King Parade - Albuquerque - 10:00 am - Come early to
             be assigned a place and a passenger - John Doran

Wed 21 Jan  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Fri 23 Jan  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for February 2015 newsletter


Sat  7 Feb 11:00 AM Garage Tour to OLD CAR GARAGE -- club lunch afterwards.

Fri  6 Feb - Supernationals - EXPO at the Fairgrounds, Albuquerque
Sat  8 Feb - Supernationals - Contact: Reggie

Sat 14 Feb  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or

Wed 18 Feb  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Fri 20 Feb  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for February 2015 newsletter


xxx xx Mar xx:xx PM  CNM Anniversary Dinner --- to be announced

xxx xx Apr xx:xx AM  Driving Tour to Grants, NM --- to be announced

xxx xx Apr xx:xx AM  Old Route 66 cleanup --- to be announced

Sat 18 Apr ........ Annual Spring Thaw WORLDWIDE AUTOMOTIVE
		    3232 Girard NE, Albuquerque - 881-2722

Get your collector car tuned up, make a donation to Cuidando los Ninos.
Sun 17 May - Albuquerque Museum/NMCCC Annual Car Show - Albuquerque Museum,
             2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque -

<<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>>
May 29-30-31 - 2015 Tri-State -- Durango, Colorado
<<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>> <<<=>>>

See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities:
======================== ======================


Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 1 Issue 388

On the cover we see a frozen beaver dam and pond in Alaska, sometime in 1967,
with Jim's 1966 turbo Corsa. In December our bank balance was $3,158 said
Wendell. The board approved offering the Newsletter CD for $10 by mail order. We
discussed TUNAs and what they should be designed to accomplish: teaching members
how to maintain their Corvair. Wendell proudly posed for pictures with his new
black Honda S-2000 race car. Mike Stickler reported his new garage was nearly
done. Sherry Gray forwarded a photo of her mother Ruth Boydston with beautiful
red roses, courtesy of Joel Nash, for her birthday. Dennis Pleau told us via the
DRIPLINE newsletter about his new business in Woodland, California where he and
the boys moved from Colorado Springs. From the same newsletter we had an article
by new PPCC president Steve Goodman on what they hoped to accomplish during the
coming year. Closer to home, CNMers and Corvairs congregated at Milly's for

Possibly the first time most of us heard about zinc dithiophosphate or ZDDP as
an oil additive was in an article by Bob Dunahugh from the Iowa Corvair
Association newsletter. Bottom line: older "flat tappet" engines may be damaged
by the use of new oil! Really? Finally, we could order 2008 Corvair Calendars,
we could nominate people for the Meissner Award, and we had a complete member
list with 45 family memberships in-state and nine out totaling 54.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 1 Issue 304

On the cover a late coupe and an early coupe attended the Christmas dinner at
KAFB. Steve Gongora announced that our CORSA-sponsored web site was up. A new
member was John Wiker. Wendell reported $5,710 in the bank. We had new license
plates and new business cards. The Board announced a calendar of activities for
the new year. President Hurley thanked all who made possible another great
Christmas party at the KAFB Officers' Club. Billiken told us that if you have a
modern high-tech car, to go up to the crest in the snowy winter you still need a
set of low-tech tire chains. Robert told us about Car Council efforts to join in
the upcoming 75th anniversary of Old Route 66. Anne Mae told us that the CNM
Ladies group planned to meet in January. Debbie wrote a thank-you note
expressing gratitude for all the great memories the Pleaus would be taking with
them to their new home in Colorado. Jim provided a short history of our Meissner
and Boydston awards. Bill contributed a complete price guide to Corvairs, from
1960 to 1969 and from Grade 1 to Grade 6 for all models. The top prices shown
were $13,000 for a 1966 Corsa convertible, a 1968 Monza convertible or a 1969
Monza convertible. Yes, they beat out the $12,500 1962-1964 Spyder convertibles.
Finally, our traditional member list showed 25 members from Albuquerque, 15 from
elsewhere in New Mexico, and 13 from out-of-state. Phone numbers were included
but this year no e-mail addresses.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 1 Issue 220

The cover listed Ten Commandments for the Car Collector. President Del ran the
meeting. New members were Mark Domzalski and Greg Corazzi. Treasurer Will Davis
reported that we had $1175 in the bank. LeRoy turned over a $50 check from the
Car Council for our work at the swap meet. We planned a trip to the Bosque del
Apache wildlife refuge, a garage tour and the Tri-State in Pagosa Springs.
Finally, we had a talk by Stanley Degree about the history of the Pikes Peak
Race and the Unsers family.

Our Christmas party was excellent. Steve Gongora won the Ike Meissner Award. At
the party there was entertainment by a well-known and much-appreciated quartet.

Debbie Pleau reported on serious planning by committee members for the 1996
CORSA Convention. Tech tips included how to paint a carburetor (talcum powder)
and how to install top shroud and carbs not once but twice (forgotten fan belt)
and how to nearly cut your finger off when rotating tires (Honda disc brake
caliper). A list of members wrapped up the issue.

1987 Vol 13  Nr 1 Issue 136

Our cover was another "Corvairs will take over the World" map. We had $921 in
the bank. Clayborne described our Christmas dinner as a quiet success. Journal
columnist Jim Arnholz was to speak but tall chair backs got in the way. We
invited him to come back later. He did come back, but with the name Jim Belshaw.
LeRoy was setting up a March auction and we had sixty-two names on our member
list. Jim complained about vibrations in his 1966 Corsa clutch. A newspaper
article noted that the book Unsafe At Any Speed was 20 years old. "Our society
knows a good deal more about building safer machines than it does about getting
people to behave safely in an almost infinite variety of driving situations,"
Nader wrote. "And whether motorists are momentarily careless or intoxicated or
are driving normally when they are struck by another vehicle is entirely
irrelevant to the responsibility of the automobile makers to build safer cars."

1980 Vol 6 Nr 1 Issue 52

On the cover, a Corvair 95 van. A slide show featured CNM events and the CORSA
national convention. Our December dinner at Bella Vista in Cedar Crest was a
great success. An article by Ike Meissner claimed "highest mileage" for his
one-owner 1961 Greenbrier. Ike said he had done some 260,000 in this vehicle and
he told how he managed to rack up so many miles in only nineteen years: he used
to think nothing of driving 80 miles to a movie or restaurant, and he drove 102
miles each way to work for a year. Lifetime gas mileage for this Greenbrier was
18.6 MPG and on a trip it would easily get 22 MPG. Ike said he planned to
completely restore it one of these days. Unfortunately, by the time the article
was published Ike had been in an automobile accident and we had lost a unique
CNM member, Corvair mechanic and friend.

Tech tip from Francis: how to keep those pesky squirrels out of your engine
compartment. George Morin provided a list of Corvair parts and where to get


A few of the photos sent by email after CNM events during 2014.



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