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   FEBRUARY 2015 / VOLUME 41 / NUMBER 2 / ISSUE #473  

Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, First Place, 2005
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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING:	Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

 Dues Due ............................... Membership Committee
 Mechanically Un-inclined ....................... Ray Trujillo
 January Meeting Minutes ....................... Anne Mae Gold
 January Board Meeting ......................... Anne Mae Gold
 A Caravan to the Edge (Edgewood) ................ Robert Gold
 Breakfast in Edgweood ............................ John Wiker
 Birthdays & Anniversaries ................ Sunshine Committee
 Who has What ............................. Board of Directors
 Whack the Fuel Pump (1960 MG-A) ................. Jim Pittman
 1965 110-HP Engine with PG and Air ... VEGAS VAIRS - Bob Helt
 Treasury Report ................................. Robert Gold
 Durango Tri-State Update ............... Rocky Mountain CORSA
 Calendar of Coming Events ................ Board of Directors
 February Issue, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago .. Club Historian
 Nomination Form for the MEISSNER AWARD ..... Awards Committee
COVER: Corvairs and Corvair Owners at the Dough-Re-Mi Bake Shop

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2015.01   Darlene & William Darcy      25-Feb-2015
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2015.02               Frank Stadler    25-Mar-2105

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2015.03                Carl Johnson    25-APR-2015
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2015.04               Larry Blair      25-APR-2015
2015.04                John Dinsdale   25-APR-2015

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Past due memberships become inactive after a one-month grace period.
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form from your Communique.

On 25-JAN-2015 we had  38  active family memberships.


Mechanically Un-inclined
Ray Trujillo

Hello everyone!

The 2015 activities schedule began terrifically with a club breakfast out in
Edgewood on January 10th. For us city folk, we had a nice size caravan led by
Jim Pittman through the Old Route 66 highway. I normally drive my Corvair to CNM
club breakfasts but this time I didn't. As I drove my water pumper vehicle into
the Smith's parking lot I saw quite a few Corvairs with their proud owners
gathered and waiting for more club members to arrive. As I drove slowly by our
Corvair crowd not a single member recognized me. What a strange feeling it was
not to be recognized. At that moment I knew I should have driven my Corvair. As
I got out of my car and headed toward our gathering, some of our club members
asked me, "Where's your Corvair?" I really didn't have a good answer for them as
my Corvair is in pretty good running condition and so I took a little bit of
teasing about not driving my Corvair. There were a few other members who didn't
drive their Corvairs either so three of us went together in just one modern day
chariot and joined the Corvair parade. I won't mention the other non-Corvair
drivers so as to protect them from public ridicule and shame. Now as we three
Corvairless brothers proceeded along Old Route 66 and enjoyed each other's
company I saw a sign that read "Musical Road Ahead." Now I hadn't heard the news
about the road so I didn't have a clue what the sign meant. Then a few seconds
later I began to hear what I thought was a muffled horn blowing out a familiar
patriotic tune. At first I thought it was a low-rider trying to pass our classy
Corvair cavalcade. Say that fast three times. I even turned my head around to
see who was trying to pass us but I saw no one. I was somewhat confused, which
seems to happen more often these days, but then I realized that the music sign I
just read seconds earlier was what we were hearing. It was really incredible,
kind of like the first time I heard the audio on my first walkman headset.
According to National Geographic there are only six singing roads throughout the
world and we're lucky enough to have one in New Mexico. As my boys would say
"How cool is that." You know, the older I get the more rare it seems to come
across amazing experiences like this so I was completely thrilled even before I
had a single bite of any delicious pastry that waited for me at the Dough-Re-Mi
Bake Shop.

The morning only got better as we arrived at the bake shop in Edgewood. Some of
you might know that I have a sweet tooth so I was really looking forward to
trying the fresh baked goodies. Well let me tell you, we were not disappointed.
There were so many mouthwatering treats to choose from that I had to first
decide between two different type cinnamon rolls, both were screaming my name.
What a sweet dilemma. So to start with, I decided on having a huge sticky pecan
crusted sweet roll that was truly delectable. I only ate half of this gooey
delight (no really) because I wanted to try a little bit of the other pastries
they had prepared. Well I also had a few bites of a yummy bear claw and a few
bites of an absolutely scrumptious apple dumpling specialty. I also bought some
other sweets to take home for later, needless to say they were all delicious. I
also heard that their quiche and shepherd's pie were fantastic and even though I
didn't get to try them I'm sure they were quite tasty also. Now if you didn't go
to this breakfast, you owe it to yourself to make it out to the Dough-Re-Mi Bake
Shop. Thanks to new members Dan & Lisa Thompson for inviting us out to their
wonderful establishment. I'm sure many of us will return on our own. I know I

Okay let's move on to our upcoming activities. On February 7th, we originally
had planned on a garage tour to the Old Car Garage but our club has been invited
to attend a Life Celebration on the same day for our long-time member Wendell
Walker. Since Wendy's celebration is also scheduled for February 7th, the board
felt it would be better to reschedule the garage tour. So we'll attend Wendy's
celebration at 1:00pm at J&R Vintage Auto Museum located at 3650 Highway 528 in
Rio Rancho. In the meantime, we'll plan on going to the garage tour at a later
date and we'll probably go to lunch at Rudy's BBQ afterwards. Hopefully this
change doesn't affect anyone's schedule too drastically because it's only right
to properly honor such a great CNM member as Wendy.

For our March schedule, we will not be able to hold our monthly membership
meeting on March 4th due to the North Domingo Baca Center being closed for
cleaning. We're trying to see if they will allow us to instead meet the
following Wednesday, March 11th. Anyway, we'll keep you posted on any news we
get. Also, at the next meeting we will hold a membership vote as to where you'd
like to have the club's anniversary dinner. So please come to the meeting so you
can vote. Please bring any nominations you might have for the Ike Meissner
Award. For April, we begin with an Old Route 66 cleanup on the 11th at 8:30am.
Then on April 25 we will have a driving tour to Grants with a morning start time
to still be determined. Lastly, if you have any tech talk topics or
presentations you'd like to make then just let me know so I can put it on the
meeting agenda.

Well I guess that's enough said for now, so I'll see you at the next club
meeting and remember if you want to be recognized, "Drive your Corvair!"

-- Ray Trujillo


Meeting Minutes -- 07-Jan-2015
Anne Mae Gold

General Membership Meeting: Call to order at 7:02 pm

Approval of Minutes: approved. Bill Reider brought up the fact that the club
made the most money at the National Convention when it was held in Albuquerque.


President: Ray mentioned our upcoming event: January 10 @ 10 A.M. club breakfast
at Dough-Re-Mi in Edgewood at 150 State Highway 344. For those interested, a
caravan to Edgewood will meet at the Smith's on Central and Tramway. The caravan
will depart at 9:30 A.M. All is contingent on the weather. Dan will provide free
coffee to those that show up. Ike Meissner Award nomination forms are available
tonight. Wiker's computer crashed. He has a hard copy of the points that he's
kept, but the information on the computer was lost.

Vice-President: Tarmo was not present.

Secretary: Anne Mae had no report.

Treasurer: Total $5,013.21. Robert sent in the State non-profit form. The form
is now on-line, to pay the $10.00 registration fee and 36 cent handling fee, he
charged it on his personal credit card and does not need to be reimbursed.

Membership: Larry found a potential new member from Carson, NM which is in the
Taos area. He has two 1965 Corvairs and some Corvair powered airplanes. Larry
has asked him to write some articles for the newsletter if he joins the club.
His name is Vern Lehman. Larry has sent him a membership form, a copy of CORSA
Communique and some additional club information.

Editor: Friday, January 23 is the deadline for the Newsletter. We discussed the
current low gas prices. Jim used the same illustrations found in this month's
newsletter nine years ago, but then they had an opposite meaning. Jim published
graphs of the CORSA and CNM membership numbers. It looks like a bell curve.
Turns out that CORSA's membership graph looks much like ours. A trend? What's
next? Jim said CNM and probably CORSA has always counted family memberships
rather than individual memberships.

Merchandise: Vickie has no money to turn in. She has changed the price of some
of the patches.

Sunshine: Heula has resigned as the Sunshine Committee chairperson. If anyone is
interested in heading it, Ray has the Sunshine Committee "purse" with everything
you need, please talk to him. At this point we are seeking four people that
could do the birthday cards on a rotating schedule. That way no one is
overwhelmed with the job.

Upcoming Events:

FEBRUARY 7th @ 11 A.M. -- a garage tour at the Old Car Garage, 3232 Girard NE.
After the tour everyone can caravan on over to Rudy's for lunch. Robert will
verify that everything is set to go at the next Car Council meeting.

MARCH -- our Anniversary Dinner. John Wiker and Bill Reider will be working
together to find a place. Bill contacted Milton's and they can be open for us
for supper if we want to have the dinner there. They want $150 for the use of
the place. Meals are about $15.00 and they will only prepare two entrees. He
will take the information to the Board. Wiker contacted a caterer who can
prepare for a maximum of 40 people. He has not yet received a menu from him, but
John has asked him to send us a $20 and a $25 menu. The caterer does not have a
site, so we would have to provide a place. Maybe we could go back to Highland
Senior Center which worked well for our Christmas party.

APRIL -- a Driving Tour to Grants. Save April 25 as the date. Start time would
be 9 A.M. and each family can prepare a picnic lunch.

APRIL -- Lube says we need to reschedule the Old Route 66 cleanup by a week to
April 11 because of the Easter weekend. We will start at 8:30 A.M.

Previous events:

The Christmas Party Potluck went very well, lots of food with nice gifts from
the Sunshine Committee for everyone who attended. There were three prize
winners: two one-year memberships and $25 cash prize. A big thank you goes out
to all who donated to Albuquerque Rescue Mission and The Storehouse. Ray gave
out some certificates of appreciation to Heula, Emma, Lee, and Steve & Rita for
all the hard work they have donated to the club.

Terry read to us a short article about car restoration that came from the "Car
Talk" section of the Albuquerque Journal. Hurley brought in a box full of
Newsletters and Communiques that go back to the 1990s for anyone who wanted
them. Take what you want. Tech talk suggestion: Robert has asked that we have a
tech talk on How to sell a Corvair. What techniques can you use? Where do you
list them? Pat says he's down to 50 Corvairs and some are for sale. Steve told
us of Roland DeRose who could be a guest speaker at one of our meetings.

Finally, the 50/50 drawing totaled $14 and Terry Price was the winner.

Adjourned at 7:58 PM.


Board Meeting
Anne Mae Gold

Called to order at 5:05 PM.

Present: Ray, Jim, John, Lube, Anne Mae, Bill Reider

President: Ray said that the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center will be
closed from March 2-7. We will need to find another place to meet for our March
membership meeting. Ray has asked if we could move the date of the meeting by
one week, but they have not contacted him as of yet.

Vice President: Tarmo is on a cruise. Happy and safe trip to him and Kay.

Secretary: Nothing to report.

Treasurer: Robert was attending the Car Council board meeting. Anne Mae reported
the treasury is currently at $4,986.14. Ray handed in receipts for the Christmas

Committee Reports:

Membership: Larry was not present.

Editor: Friday 1-23-15 is the deadline for the newsletter. No word from CORSA
about a chapter report and annual fee, probably won't get word until March.
Wendell Walker's memorial is going to be on February 7th at 1 PM in Rio Rancho
at the J & R Museum. This is the same day as the February Garage Tour. Robert
will be asked if the Garage tour can be postponed a week.

Sunshine: Vacant position. Ray suggested that the VP might be able to assume the
duties of the Sunshine committee until a replacement can be found.

Car Council: Robert was at a Car Council Board Meeting and the next regular
meeting (the first meeting for 2015) will be next week, January 28th.

New Business:

See if we can postpone the February 7th Garage Tour  due to the celebration of
Wendell's life at 1 PM February 7th.

Bill visited Milton's regarding the Anniversary dinner. They will open up for
the dinner. The cost would be $150 for the use of the facility. Maybe the club
could pay this cost. Dinner would come out to about $15.00 a head for the fajita
bar. Enchilada dinner would run about $12.00. We can choose two items from the
same page of the menu. The price includes the meal, drink and gratuity.

John spoke to the caterer. We would have to provide the space but the caterer
would provide everything else. The caterer would charge $15.00 per hour for an
assistant. John had two menu offerings, one at $20 and one at $25 (tax not
included). The caterer would provide the plates, cups, drinks, etc. He is not
available the first weekend in March. Since the March meeting will have to be
moved ahead one week to March 11th, we are talking about the Anniversary dinner
being on Saturday March 14. We will present these options and put them up for a
vote at the February general meeting.

April 11 is the Old Route 66 Cleanup starting at 8:30 AM.

April 25 is the driving tour out to Grants.

Old Business:

Our January breakfast was at Dough-Re-Mi bake shop in Edgewood. Everyone who
attended was pleased. The breakfast was awesome and the turnout was excellent,
especially considering that it was out of town.

Miscellaneous: What does it mean to pay your dues in our organization? What is
the actual value to members to have a printed newsletter? Now that the
newsletter is posted on-line, anyone can read the newsletter for free -- member
or not. The newsletter does not get mailed out to members not in good standing,
but they can still access the newsletter on the internet. The club hopes that
members are on the up-and-up and do the right thing by paying dues on time. The
membership chairperson should be in charge of collecting dues and then turning
the dues over to the treasurer, as well as looking for new members. The
treasurer should not be responsible for being the renewal enforcer. The
membership renewal dates for CORSA and CNM are not the same for many members.
Jim is currently keeping the membership list current, although per our
constitution this is one of the secretary's duties. What are our dues for? What
is the consequence for not keeping up on dues?

Adjourned at 5:56 PM.


A Caravan to the Edge
Breakfast in Edgewood, NM
Robert Gold

This month our CNM breakfast meeting took place at a restaurant in Edgewood, NM
owned by our new members Lisa and Dan Thompson. I haven't spent much time over
in Edgewood, so this was to be a new experience for me and my son, Art, who was
nice enough to accept a free meal from from his 'ole dad. We loaded up and met a
mix of 'Vairs (about 6 or so) and some of those other kinds -- the "water
pumper" types, driven by CNM members. Before it was all said and done I'd
estimate we had over a dozen members for the breakfast.

After meeting at the Smith's on Tramway, we traveled through sunny weather
("ain't New Mexico grand!") headed east to Edgewood. One unexpected aspect of
the trip was the chance to experience the stretch of Old Route 66 known as the
"Singing Road." As we discovered, if you drive around 45 in this section and can
keep your passenger side wheels on the sweet spot, your tires will sing out the
tune "America the Beautiful" as they roll over specially cut grooves in the
road. The guys at the Discover Channel made the event into one of their TV
shows. Of course I forgot to see it when it was on last November.

In no time, even taking into account a stop to check out the directions, our
caravan ended in the Dough-Re-Mi's parking lot. It seems to me that the parking
lot quickly turned into the "Corvair" paking lot, due to the prominance of our
cars in the limited-sized lot. Lucky for us our cars are somewhat small. I'm
sure Lisa and Dan were impressed when they looked out at their fellow club
members' cars.

To say the restaurant is unique is simply not saying enough. In the past, I have
only experienced a select few places that can stand with Dough-Re-Mi. When we
entered we were met with an intimate seating space, capped with a large menu
board of a vairety of teas. Too bad I don't drink tea. But for those of us who
like coffee the restaurant gave us a free cup. When it was time to eat, Art
followed the lead of a couple of intrepid members and ordered with the help of
the virtual menu supplied by Rita Gongora. Thanks Rita!

We got a nice chance to meet with the other CNMers as we waited for the food to
be prepared. Being a baseball fan I was particularly impressed with the owner's
approach to the food, which is to say, "We will take as much time as it takes to
make the food right!" To their credit, the quiche Art and I had was very tasty.
I heard that the shepherd's pie was probably even better than the quiche.

To conclude, I'd say that a trip to a neighboring town can be fun and rewarding.
Eating at Dough-Re-Mi slows down your pace, like a restaurant in the country
should do for us urbanites!

Thanks to everyone who contibuted to this effort. See you at the next club

-- Robert Gold


Breakfast In Edgewood
John Wiker

It was a dark, ugly, cloudy day as 10 vehicles, 5 Corvairs and 5 others gathered
at the Smiths at Tramway and Central on Saturday the 10th about 0930 AM. Jim
Pittman cranked up the iPhone and put in the address of our destination in
Edgewood. He then led us out onto the Mother Road, Old Route 66. The first area
of interest we arrived at was our Mile which we clean for the highway
department. I did not notice too much trash as we passed by but of course it's
almost 3 months until we do our duty. Next we came upon our competition's Mile,
that which the Corvette Restorers maintain. Next we arrived at the well
advertised Musical Pavement. It's meant to slow down traffic to the speed limit,
because if you do and roll over the ridges in the road, it plays a song to you.
I was either too fast or too slow, because all I got was the vibration and a
shrill pitch with my tires. Did any of you hear the song and if you did, what
song was it?

After passing the metropolis of Tierjas, we started the climb up Sedillo Hill. I
noticed that the climb up Old Route 66 was not as hard on my Corvair as when I
took the I-40 expressway. When we reached Edgewood, we pulled over to the side
of the road to refresh Jim's map. Two miles later we reached our destination,
ready for breakfast. Fourteen of us made the trip from Smiths and when we got
into the bakery, four more members who traveled on their own were already inside
to greet us. We occupied every chair and table available. Of course, I had to
ask the dumb question of the day -- Where is the menu? I was told to use my
eyes, pick out anything from the counter and refrigerator, then come to the
register and pay. Then tell the staff what I wanted to drink, and all will be

Fine was not the description. Excellent was a better word to use. For those of
you who could not join us, here is short list of available goodies.
Cinnamon rolls and sticky buns large enough for two. Various pastries that
melted in your mouth. Shepherd's pie, homemade Mac and Cheese with a unique
bread crumb topping, and a few types of quiche could be heated up for those who
wanted some heavier affair. Lisa and Dan Thompson did an excellent job hosting
the 18 of us and kept the walk-in traffic moving as well.

Everyone had a great time. By the time we were overstuffed and people began to
leave, the clouds parted, the sun came out and it started to warm up for our
trip back to Albuquerque, Los Lunas, or wherever we were headed. As we left, we
all agreed that it would be really worth our while for a return trip on our own
as well as another group adventure in the future. Another successful event is in
the book for the club.

-- John


Cast of Characters:

Lubert, Lube		Early Sedan
Pittman, Heula & Jim	Late Coupe
Hall, Vickie & Pat	Late Coupe
Wiker, Anne & John	Late Coupe
Gold, Robert & Art	Early Coupe
Blair, Larry
Price, Terry
Yoffee, Larry
Trujillo, Ray
McDuffie, Russ
Wilvert, Brenda & Hurley
Gongora, Rita, Steve, Steele
Thompson, Lisa & Dan & Alyssa


Three Special CNM'ers have February Birthdays:
	** Heather Choiniere
	** Alan Gold
	** Nancy McDuffie

One Special Couple Has a February Anniversary:
	** Rita & Steve Gongora


*  M E M B E R  *  I N F O R M A T I O N   ***   W H O  *  H A S  *  W H A T  *
Robert Gold 505-268-6878 has a 1962 Greenbrier that NEEDS A NEW HOME. Seating
 for 9. Beautiful van gray with white stripe, gray interior.  Both interior and
  exterior in great shape.  Powerglide with 110 HP engine. It runs great. If you
   want to provide the new home, you'll find it is well under Hagerty quote.
Brenda Stickler 505-856-6993 has Corvairs to move.
 One is a white Corvair V-8 (not running).
Pat Hall 505-620-5574 in Los Lunas, NM has Corvairs in need of repair.
 Lots of parts for most Corvairs.


Whack The Fuel Pump
Jim Pittman

Today in the Journal's "Car Talk" Ray Magliozza's article was titled "Fuel pump
likely on last legs" and he described a 2003 Chevy S-10 that would not run.
After much futile troubleshooting, a mechanic happens by and suggests whacking
the gas tank with a hammer. The S-10 starts right up. Ray says the fuel pump is

Reminds me of a day back in 1968 at Holloman AFB when my office mate, Lieutenant
Sprouffski, left our lab at 5:00 PM to go home. I was working late in the office
to finish up some data analysis.

After about twenty minutes Sprouffski appears at the door. I thought you left to
go home, I say. I did, he says, but my car died. Well, I'll drive you home, I

We get into my 1966 turbo Corvair coupe and start on the five-mile trip back to
the main part of the base. Soon I see Sprouffski's blue MG-B sitting forlornly
on the side of the road. We stop. What did it do? I ask.

I was driving and it just quit, he says, and I coasted to the side of the road.
It wouldn't start. Nobody was around so I walked back to the lab to see if I
could catch a ride.

Well, let's see if it will start, I say. Sprouffski jumps in the car and the
engine turns over merrily but does not start. We look under the hood and see
nothing amiss. I grab a handy rock and go to the right rear and peer under the
body in front of the wheel. I give a couple of smart whacks, listen for teltale
clicking, and say, Try it now. The engine starts right up.

Sprouffski's expression of amazement is pretty amazing. What did you do? he
says. I can't tell all my secrets, I say, just part of the lore of a Master

Well, back in 1965 when I was the proud owner of a brand-new Austin-Healey 3000
and wanted to go to all the available sports car rallies in southern Ohio, I
often asked my boss, Major Kaufman, to come along as navigator. After years as a
pilot with several cross-country flights in his log book, he was a pretty good
navigator. I guess the rallies in the Healey stirred the latent "sports car"
blood in his veins because one day he asked if I'd go half on a used MG-A that a
friend told him about. It's not running well, he said, so we can get it for a
song, and I'm sure we can fix it up. So on a cold winter morning we drove out to
Yellow Springs to look at it.

The 1960 MG-A was white with spots of rust and an array of little body dings.
There was no top. The school teacher owner said that last week someone left a
note on her windshield apologizing for backing into her car and left a phone
number and an offer to pay for repairs. She called the guy up and said forget
about it, because she had looked over the car and could not identify any new
dents he may have made.

She said the engine was running poorly. As she drove the car to school she'd
intermittently bang on the fuel pump (the battery access panel over the rear
axle had been removed) with a book in her right hand to keep it running. She
wanted a more reliable way to get to school and was buying an old Beetle from a
friend. The MG-A had been fun, but the thrill was gone. We made a deal to take
the car away for $200. We were able to start the engine -- barely. She showed us
the book-banging trick. Major Kaufman drove the car back to Fairborn while his
son sat backward in the passenger seat, pounding the fuel pump with the book
when the engine faltered.

We put the car in Kaufman's garage and looked it over. A more worn-out MG-A we
had never seen, but most of the parts were there. Many of them worked. A broken
spark plug was one problem. We bought spark plugs, points, condenser and a kit
for the fuel pump. The pump was full of what looked like jelly. After cleaning
we installed the new parts and with new points and plugs the car ran great! We
could only drive it in warm weather because of the missing top, but on a nice
day that MG was a ton of fun. The shifter was especially nice, like the
proverbial toggle switch. It had no power to speak of but once up to speed on
one of those nice Ohio country roads you hardly needed to slow down for the
curves. Outstanding fun-per-dollar was the name of the game in that $200 MG-A.
We couldn't wait for summer rally season to arrive.

My time with the MG-A was cut short by orders to Alaska for a four-year tour.
Major Kaufman bought my share of the MG-A and I sold my Austin-Healey and
ordered a new 1966 turbocharged Corvair in Lemonwood Yellow (for contrast with
the Alaskan snow) and by the time Ohio rally season started I was driving across
the continent to Colorado Springs and thence to Seattle. I don't know if the
MG-A ever got a new top or had those dents smoothed out and painted over. Major
Kaufman left the Air Force and headed for England where he would buy a Lotus
Elan to bring back to the states a year later... but that's another story.


The Strange Case of the 1965-67 110 HP (Non-A.I.R.) Corvair Engines
with both Powerglide and A/C --- by Bob Helt

Reprinted from: Vegas Vairs Vision, February 2013

The 110 horsepower Corvair engine with both Powerglide and Air Conditioning
available in the 1964 Corvairs was apparently an entirely satisfactory
combination causing no known problems. In fact your author owned a Corvair of
this year and combination in the hot summers of Phoenix and encountered no
drivability or overheating problems.

So it was natural that when the 1965 Corvairs were introduced, this engine and
option combination would be carried forward unchanged into the new models. And
so it apparently was.

But late in the 1965 model year, in May to be exact, something happened. There
could have been some kind of bad news from internal engine testing or even from
the field or dealer feedback. But whatever happened, Chevrolet Engineering made
a significant change to the 110 HP engine using this combination of PG and A/C.
Why? We still don't know.

But significant and strange were the changes. They called this a "second design"

This second design 110 HP non-AIR engine now would use the lower 8:1 compression
ratio 95 HP cylinder heads. Apparently, prior engines were encountering some
detonation problems or maybe dieseling at shut down.

But here is the strange part of this new design: they increased the initial or
static timing setting from 14 degrees to 24 degrees BTDC. In addition they
continued the use of the already standard #1110319 distributor. This meant that
the whole spark advance curve was increased by 10 degrees, resulting in a
maximum advance of 44 degrees compared to a previous 34 degrees (ignoring any VA
effect). This seems excessive: way beyond the maximum best torque point. They
even included a 24 degree timing tab to be used for setting the timing and for
identification of these engines. Why was such a large timing advance considered
necessary or even desirable? It would seem that this increase in timing would
encourage preignition and even more detonation with resulting likely engine

What were they thinking? What were they trying to accomplish? Better cooling?
Better drivability? Better fuel mileage? Or what? And Why?

Maybe you are suspecting that some of these facts might be in error due to typos
or misinterpretations. But this is unlikely since these specs are stated in
several Chevrolet documents and locations. In addition, at least two real life
example vehicles have been located, and this timing information verified.

Maybe you have even heard that some 1965-75 vehicles used a timing advance at
idle speeds to speed-up the engine for better cooling of a hot engine. But if
this was Chevrolet's intention, why did they continue to use the standard
distributor and not a different one with a reduction in the centrifugal advance?
It makes no sense.

So not knowing Chevrolet's intentions, we can only conclude that this second
design is a mighty strange engine.
Subject: Re: Engine trivia
Date: 2013=Jan=23 17:50:28 MST

As was often said on Laugh-In, "very interesting" even to a non-mechanical guy
like me. 	John Wiker sends

Subject: Re: Engine trivia
Date: 2013=Jan=25 13:34:44 MST

Interesting article and background, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

After reading the article, I remembered my timing scenario from just a couple
weeks ago when Steve Goodman and I got my recently acquired 1967 4-door up and
running again.

This car originally came from the factory as a 4-door sedan with a 110,
Automatic, with Air. Over the years, the automatic went away, replaced by a
4-speed, but the engine is original, as is the air. How original was my
question, so I went out and took a look a couple minutes ago. Sure enough, the
timing plate does have the 24 degree marking (see attached pics), so Bob's
article certainly makes sense. Still don't know why the changes were made, but
the set-ups certainly do exist, and one is in my garage. :)	Ed Halpin

Subject: Re: Engine trivia
Date: 2013=Jan=28 16:58:24

Good article, Jim. I have also heard of this.

I have a set of these heads on my Ultra Van. Casting #3856743. The block is an
RA, indicating 95 hp manual trans. Our Ultra has a PowerGlide and 3.89 diff.
Clarks says those heads are 95 hp. Anyone who looks at the combustion chambers
says they are 95 hp. Our "Care and Feeding" book says 110 hp, and this Bob Helt
article says 110 hp with air conditioning. Anyone I ever showed that page in the
"Care and Feeding" book, says it must be a typo. I would tend to believe our
book and Bob Helt. I just don't understand how Chevrolet could say it was a 110.
Did it have a 110 cam (891) instead of a 95 cam (889) with 95 heads? The 110 cam
has a little more lift and duration. I wonder if anything else was different
other than the advanced timing.

Paul Harvey would agree that now we know the rest of the story.

-- Kevin Sullivan

Subject: Re: Engine trivia
Date: 2013=Jan=28 23:31:38

For the record if you look in the CORSA Tech Guide "Code Numbers" section, on
page 7 it states "Records for 1966-67 show a standard compression head was used
on an engine when a combination of the L62 high performance, air conditioning,
and Powerglide trans was specified." This was written by Bob Kirkman who had
worked for GM and went to the Engineering Dept. to look up the information. Bob
was very knowledge and did a lot of research. He has the best paper on cylinder
head that I have ever seen. Over the years I have talked to him on this subject.
Hopes this helps to answer the question.

Bill Reider


TREASURY REPORT ************* 12-26-2014 to 01-23-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $5,033.21
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.01.02 2186 -$   45.00 CORSA Dues  D.Palmer       12 m CORSA      -$   45.00
2015.01.06      +$   25.00 Dues        D.Huntoon      12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.01.09 2187 -$   27.07 J.Pittman   JAN 2014 Newsletter_Printing   -$   27.07
2015.01.20      +$  127.00 Dues        P.Hall         14 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.01.20                 Dues        R.McDuffie     12 m CNM & CORSA $   70.00
2015.01.20                 Dues        L.Yoffee       12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.01.20                 Deposit     50/50 Raffle                    $    7.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.01.23 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $5,113,14



The Tri-State Durango 2015 marches on. The dates are
May 29th through May 31st.

Tim Shortle has done a mountain of work in Durango and most of the major
preparation work has been completed. The Hampton Inn is the host hotel and has
offered a rate of $110 per room if the reservation is made for the "Corvair
Tri-State". The numbers to call are 970-247-2600 or
800-247-2600 or maybe 970-247-6685 or maybe 970-247-6885, and the Hampton Inn
registration web page is up. You may link to it through the Rocky Mountain Corsa

About half the rooms of the 40 room allotment have been reserved so don't delay
making reservations. We hope the allotment will be increased if necessary but
that is not a guarantee. Also the Hampton has allowed the rate for the Thursday
prior and the Monday after the Tri-State in case our members (and guest clubs)
want to spend an extra day.

Included in the room rate is a hot breakfast and a swimming pool. A trolley stop
is just outside the hotel. There is an alternate Motel available in Durango for
those who choose not to stay at the Hampton. It is the Super 8 on Highway 160
Phone (970) 259-0590, ask for the "Corvair Tri-State" rate of $95/ night.

Durango is a fun place with lots of things to see and do. The Silverton/Durango
Narrow Gauge railroad is a feature of the town. And we hope to plan a Corvair
drive over to the Bar-D Chuck wagon dinner Friday night if enough people are
interested. The Saturday night banquet is in place as well as the Show-and-Shine
at the Rotary Park along the Animas River.

We are looking forward to hosting a really extraordinary weekend in southwest


|     February 2015      |      March 2015        |      April 2015        |
|  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa  | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   |
|   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  |  1  2  3  4  5  6  7   |           1  2  3  4   |
|   8  9 10 11 12 13 14  |  8  9 10 11 12 13 14   |  5  6  7  8  9 10 11   |
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|  22 23 24 25 26 27 28  | 22 23 24 25 26 27 28   | 19 20 21 22 23 24 25   |
|                        | 29 30 31               | 26 27 28 29 30         |
                    at Wyoming & Carmel, north of Wyoming & Paseo del Norte NE.
          After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.
Wed  4 Feb  Nominations for the MEISSNER AWARD for 2015 will be accepted.

	An invitation from The Walker Family!
 WHEN : Saturday, February 07, 2015 at 1:00 PM
 WHERE: J&R Vintage Auto Museum
        3650 New Mexico 528, Rio Rancho, NM 87144 505-867-2881
 We are Honoring the 95 years of Wendy Walker .... His Life was filled
 with his huge Heart and the Love of all his family, friends and cars.
 Please join us to remember the impact and legacy Wendy has had on all of us.

Fri  6 Feb 12:00 to 10:00 P.M. Supernationals EXPO - Albuquerque Fairgrounds
Sat  7 Feb 10:00 to 10:00 P.M. Lujan Complex at EXPO NEW MEXICO
Sun  8 Feb 10:00 to  8:00 P.M. Supernationals  Contact Reggie

Sat 14 Feb  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or

Wed 18 Feb  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Fri 20 Feb  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for March 2015 newsletter


xxx xx Mar xx:xx PM  CNM Anniversary Dinner --- to be announced

Wed 18 Mar  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Fri 20 Mar  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for April 2015 newsletter


Sat 11 Apr  8:30 AM  Old Route 66 cleanup -- come one, come all & join the fun!

Wed 15 Apr  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Sat 18 Apr	Annual Spring Thaw at the OLD CAR GARAGE
		3232 Girard NE, Albuquerque ,Aei 881-2722
		Get your collector car ready for the touring season in
		exchange for a donation to Cuidando los Ninos.


Fri 24 Apr  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for May 2015 newsletter

Sat 25 Apr (tentative) Driving Tour to Grants, NM - more information to come
Sun 17 May - Albuquerque Museum/NMCCC Annual Car Show - Albuquerque Museum,
             2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque -
May 29-30-31 - 2015 Tri-State -- Durango, Colorado
See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
==================== ==========================


Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 2 Issue 389

On the cover Pat Hall and Peggy help Robert get a proper title for a "new"
Corvair and the chore of getting a title inspired Robert to write up an article
on how to do it. Wendell reported $3,102.86 in the bank. Brenda suggested that
we host the 2009 Tri-State in Taos. An article borrowed from Denvair by Steve
Goodman discussed how to get -- and keep -- new members. An article by Jim asked
whether it was a blessing or a curse to add ethanol to gasoline. In his opinion
it was definitely a curse. Heula reported on a successful progressive dinner
extending from the Reiders' to the Scheflows' to Wendell Walker's. Garrie Fox
from the Pikes Peak club recommended Mobil 15W50 oil for Corvairs. Art Gold
reported on the Car Council and events planned for 2008. Finally, there was a
two-page survey to get members' opinions of the newsletter and web page. There
were so few responses that the results were never published.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 2 Issue 305

On the cover the CNM Board met at House of Covers to lay our plans. We had two
Billiken cartoons this month, one resolving to produce 12 new cartoons this
year, the other lamenting the loss of Oldsmobile from GM's lineup. Billiken
artist and founding member Mark Morgan provided a short history of Oldsmobile
and Plymouth which for many years were major American automotive nameplates.
Wendell said we had $5812 in the bank. Mark Domzalski reported that the 2002
CORSA Convention had been approved for Flagstaff and nearby clubs would be asked
to help. Mark's term as CORSA president was due to expire in July and no
replacement was on the horizon. Debbie Pleau was appointed chair of CORSA's
merchandise committee. Larry Blair was planning a tour of the Big-I project as
well as a presentation on adding a gasoline heater to your Corvair. After the
meeting we had a presentation on the history of Route 66 by our guest, Sue Mann.

Steve Gongora planned a presentation on CNM's web page and how it worked. We
didn't know how many members were able to browse the web. Richard Finch invited
us to Tularosa for an Ultra Van mini-convention. Among other attractions, the
participants planned to see White Sands and the Space Center in Alamogordo. Tech
tips this month included carb synchronizing and setting ignition timing.
Detailed instructions for installing a headlight relay were provided from
Virtual Vairs. Don't know why you'd want a headlight relay? Ask someone at one
of our meetings.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 2 Issue 221

On the cover, three 1965 Corsa convertibles.    President Del presided.
Treasurer Will reported that we had $906.86 in the bank. New member Steven Jay
Pleau joined on 12/30/1992. Visitor Dan Motter showed us cast brass belt buckles
he made. Did we want to order Corvair buckles for the Tri-State? Several
suggestions for our 1996 convention were brought up. Club merchandise included a
second edition of Bill Reider's "Care and Feeding of Your Corvair" book. We
planned to vote on whether the treasurer should be bonded. Plans for upcoming
activities included a trip to Bosque del Apache, a garage tour, the Navy Band
concert and a Twentieth Anniversary dinner. There was a list of other possible
1994 activities.

Bill Reider reported on an article in the December 1993 OLD CARS which gave the
Top Ten Reasons to own a Corvair! The 11th reason: The Corvair is the only car
ever certified "safe" by the U.S. government in tests conducted by the
Department of Transportation. More technical articles included a discussion of
CFC regulation (air conditioning after the phase-out of freon) and how to remove
a windshield without breaking it. Not easy.

1987 Vol 13  Nr 2 Issue 137

On the cover we congratulated Karen and Clayborne on the arrival of daughter
Allison on 01/26/1987. We had $866 to spend. We planned to visit Elmo
Reinhardt's garage (was this the "Tool Museum" or some other place?) and hoped
to visit Bobby Unser. Mark Morgan, a CNM founder, our first president and first
newsletter editor, stopped by the meeting on his way through town. A story by
Tom Martin described taking a brand-new 1961 Corvair on an antelope hunt. The
car survived. Clayborne told us about installing a Chevy S-10 spoiler on his
1967 Monza sedan to enhance stability in cross winds.

1980 Vol 6 Nr 2 Issue 53

On the cover we announced Ike Meissner's funeral. A moving tribute by Sylvan
reminded us of Ike's character and achievements. As Ike said, "Blessed are those
with the Corvair hobby for they shall be allowed to get dirty." Tech tips: Joel
said to use white vinegar to get vinyl cloudiness off glass surfaces. Francis
told how to get the distributor rotor off without damaging the weight cover. Tom
Silvan told about the danger of fire with too-liberal application of
rustproofing or undercoating material too close to exhaust parts. Bob Welch said
trouble with dash and instrument lights was often caused by a bad ground.


Enchanted Corvairs Newsletter is published monthly by Corvairs of New Mexico,
chartered Chapter #871 of CORSA, the Corvair Society of America. Copyright by
the Authors and by Corvairs of New Mexico. Articles may be reprinted in any
CORSA publication as a service to CORSA members, provided credit to the Author
and this Newsletter is clearly stated. All opinions are those of the Author or
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Material for publication should reach the Editor by the 15th of the month. Send
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more details. Transportation: 1965 Corvair Monza, 1990 Honda Civic, 1996 Mazda
Miata and 2013 Honda Civic. When I'm 64, I'll get by with a little help from my


Corvairs of New Mexico
Standing Award
Ike Meissner Award

As approved the Corvairs of New Mexico Board of Directors, October 20, 2004, and
As re-established by the Corvairs of New Mexico Board of Directors, July 16,

This tribute was written by Past President Sylvan Zuercher:

In Memoriam John A. Meissner

"Blessed are those with the Corvair hobby, for they shall be allowed to get

Ike wrote those word in an article for our club newsletter entitled "Hints -
Kinks - Sense and Nonsense."

Ike was as unique to our club as is the Corvair.

He was enthusiastic in his approach to club activities, club members, Corvair
owners and to finding answers to Corvair car problems. He encouraged many to
keep, preserve and maintain his favorite car. This he did with advice, trading
or giving of parts and by sharing his knowledge.

He attended meetings and club activities under distance and weather conditions
and later his own physical condition that would have kept most of the other
members at home. Ike arrived on many a meeting night after a session with
dialysis when the meeting was nearly over, to share what he could and I am sure
for the fellowship of the members. I feel that his overall outlook on life was
the reason for such enthusiasm.

Ike was the author of many articles about the Corvair, and several were
published by CORSA. His sense of humor showed in these articles, such as his
account of Clyde and the 500. This was the story of his daily drive from Santa
Fe to Los Alamos and the competition he was getting from a driver going the same

Ike's determination was evident several years ago during a Corvair fun run near
Montrose, Colorado. It seems he misread or missed some directions and became
somewhat lost. Eventually he was found, but upon learning he was close to the
finish line, he declined to be led there, saying that he would find the way.

Ike's approach to Corvairs seems to have been: If it can be fixed or some part
can be made to work better, I'll find the way to do it.

While visiting Ike at the hospital two weeks ago, he told me that he just had to
find a way to get better. Maybe Ike found his way.

Blessed are we of the Corvair hobby who were privileged to know you and to
fellowship with you.

Sylvan Zuercher


The IKE MEISSNER AWARD - Established 1987

01. 1987 Dec  2   Bill Hector
02. 1988 Dec  7   Jerry Goffe
03. 1989 Dec  6   LeRoy Rogers
04. 1990 Dec  5   Jim Pittman
05. 1991 Dec  4   Sylvan Zuercher
06. 1992 Dec  2   Bill Reider
07. 1993 Dec  1   Steve Gongora
08. 1994 Dec  7   Michael Stickler
09. 1995 Dec  9   Charles Vertrees
10. 1996 Dec  7   Debbie Pleau
11. 1997 Dec  6   Mark Domzalski
12. 1998 Dec  6   Wendell Walker
13. 1999 Dec  5   Dennis Pleau
14. 2000 Dec  3   Rita Gongora
15. 2001 Dec  2   Oliver Scheflow
... 2002 (Change from December to March)
16. 2003 Mar  9   Anne Mae Gold
17. 2004 Mar 27   Larry Blair
18. 2005 Mar 26   Robert Gold
19. 2006 Mar 18   Tarmo Sutt
20. 2007 Mar 10   Dave Huntoon
21. 2008 Mar 15   Heula Pittman
22. 2009 Mar  7   Ray Trujillo
23. 2010 Mar 21   Ruth Boydston
24. 2011 Mar  6   Brenda Stickler
25. 2015 March    __________________


The Ike Meissner Award

The Ike Meissner Award is presented annually to a Corvairs of New Mexico (CNM)
member, in good standing who best exemplifies a spirit of camaraderie and
fellowship, in the Corvair realm, with other CNM members and other Corvair

This form is confidential.  To avoid disappointment, do not divulge to
or otherwise advise the nominee of this action.

This form shall be submitted to the CNM Vice President or an alternate appointed
and designated by the CNM President.

This form will be distributed in the February issue of the Enchanted Corvairs
Newsletter and at the February Membership Meeting.

The DEADLINE for submission of this completed nomination form shall be NO LATER
THAN adjournment of the February Membership Meeting or as otherwise designated
by the CNM President.  Any exceptions to this deadline shall be made by
agreement between the CNM Vice President or the appointed alternate and the CNM

To the Ike Meissner Award Committee:
	It is a pleasure to submit the following Corvairs of New Mexico member
to be considered for the Ike Meissner Award.

   Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City, State and Zip: ___________________________________________________

Has been a CNM member since: _____  Has been a CORSA member since: _____
Has served as a CNM official, chair or leader:  Y __ N __
                                                Approximate years: _____

Has promoted the Corvair and Corvair hobby:  Y __ N __
                   Has helped other people:  Y __ N __

Briefly describe the merits of this member and nomination: ______________





  Date of this nomination: ____________________

Author of this nomination: ____________________