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   MARCH 2015 / VOLUME 41 / NUMBER 3 / ISSUE #474  

Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, First Place, 2005
Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, Third Place, 2010
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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING: 	Please note - this month only - Special Meeting Date!
		Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
	North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

 Dues Due .................................. Membership Committee
 Mechanically Un-inclined .......................... Ray Trujillo
 February Meeting Minutes .............................. Art Gold
 February Board Meeting ........................... Anne Mae Gold
 Treasury Report .................................... Robert Gold
 Award Ceremony Honoring Korean War Veterans ......... Consul Kim
 Celebration of the Life of Wendell Walker ... The E-Crank, VMCCA
 Double Dipping: Two Car Council Meetings ........... Robert Gold
 Smart Honda Civic -- Smart Cars .................... Jim Pittman
 A Sound Investment ................................. Robert Gold
 Who has What ................................ Board of Directors
 Calendar of Coming Events ................... Board of Directors
 March Issue, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ........ Club Historian
 COVER: LeRoy Rogers' 1960 Coupe at a Sonic Car Show, 23-Apr-2005
   A poster illustrating Wendell Walker's long engineering career

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On 25-FEB-2015 we had  42  active family memberships.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Mary Ellen & David Feasel of Peyton, Colorado


Mechanically Un-inclined
Ray Trujillo

Hello everyone!

First of all, please remember that our membership meeting for this month will be
held on March 18th. If you were at last month's meeting you'll recall this
change was due to the Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center being closed the
first week of March. Since we will be meeting later in the month than normal I
would also like to remind you about the Anniversary dinner. It is being held on
Saturday March 21st at the El Norteno Restaurant located at 4410 Wyoming NE. It
will begin at 5pm and the cost per person is $15. We will be having chicken and
beef fajitas, cheese enchiladas and it also includes a soft drink and dessert.
In order to get a good count for the dinner Jim Pittman will be sending all
members an e-mail asking to call me with your reservations. We felt this would
really help the restaurant prepare for our large group. Also we will present the
Ike Meissner Award at the dinner so please plan on attending and help honor our
newest award recipient. As usual, it should make for a real nice evening so I'm
looking forward to seeing you there.

On Saturday, April 11th we will hold our first Old Route 66 cleanup of the year.
We will start at 8:30am. Normally the first cleanup of the year is the one that
has accumulated more trash than usual because we've haven't been out there since
the fall of the previous year. So the more of you who can come out and help the
quicker and more complete job we can do.

On Saturday, April 25 we will have a driving tour to Grants and Steve Gongora
will be finalizing all the details with Dick Cochran next week, so I'll pass
those details on to the club as soon as I get them.

Next up on the schedule is the Albuquerque Museum /NMCCC Car show on Sunday, May
17th. I believe this car show is one of the best and the price is quite
reasonable, usually around $10.

Then a few weeks later on May 29,30,31, the 2015 Tri-State event will meet in
Durango. The Tri-State meet is always a nice weekend getaway and a great chance
to catch up with members of our neighboring Corvair clubs. So as you can see, we
have a fairly busy schedule of activities lined up.

Looking back at last month, we had originally planned on having a Garage tour to
The Old Car Garage but we canceled it because Wendell Walker's Life Celebration
was scheduled for the same day. It was a very nice remembrance party for Wendy
as stories were told about his full life and times.CNM had nineteen members who
attended and we all celebrated his wonderful life. Thank you to the Walker
Family for inviting us.

Well springtime is just around the corner and daylight saving time begins March
8th. I really like the time change because I can begin to do more outdoor
activities after the work day has ended. Although Mountain Standard Time only
lasts about four months, this is around the time of year where I feel like
winter has lasted long enough. I know our winters here are not nearly as severe
as other parts of the country and we're lucky to have such a tolerable climate.

Speaking of the time change, let me tell you what happened one year to my
family. I was about fifteen and I remember my dad saying to me that we needed to
remember to set the clocks forward one hour before going to bed that night.
Since I was the oldest of the kids I felt as if I was granted a great honor in
being able to set the clock forward for daylight saving time. I remember our
parents taking us out that Saturday night for pizza and we all came back stuffed
and happy. Now, later that evening and unbeknownst to me, while my siblings and
I were watching TV my dad had set our clocks forward for the time change. One
clock was an alarm clock while the other was just a large kitchen clock for all
to see. Since Saturday night was the only night we kids were allowed to stay up
till 10pm we took advantage of it. When our TV show ended Mom and Dad were
already asleep, so we all went to bed because on Sunday morning our family
regularly attended the early 9am mass. Now right before I go to bed I remember
to do my assigned honorable duty of changing the clocks ahead one hour with the
alarm clock to go off at 8am. If you're following me on this, you know the
clocks are now two hours ahead instead of one hour.

The next morning the alarm clock goes off and we all reluctantly awake to get
ready for church. Once we're all ready we pile into the family station wagon and
head off to church. Now my dad always said to us "If you're not five minutes
early then you're late." I must say that statement has been pretty good advice.
Well, we show up in the church parking lot and not a single car is there yet and
my dad proudly states "I guess we're the first ones here." Now that was the
first clue that something was amiss because we were never the first ones there.
So we wait in the car for a few minutes for others to arrive but no one comes.
My dad starts to suspect something is not right so he turns the car radio on to
listen for the time to be announced. When he hears the time is actually 8am
instead of 9am he turns to me and asks "Did you change the clocks last night?"
All I could say was he told me not to forget to change the clocks before going
to bed, which I honorably did. Needless to say, we were definitely not late that
morning and as I now say if you're not a hour early then you must have set your
clock right.

Well, I guess that's enough said for now, so I'll see you at the next club

-- Ray Trujillo


Regular Meeting Minutes - February 4th, 2015
Art Gold

Meeting came to order at 7:05 P.M. at North Domingo Baca Multicultural Center
with 24 in attendance.

Officer Reports

President Ray Trujillo approved the previous minutes. Welcome Wendell Walker's
sons Vance and Norm to the meeting. Voting on the Anniversary Dinner (Milton's
or El Norteno or a Caterer).

We voted for El Norteno for the Anniversary Dinner, to be held Saturday 3-21-15
at 5 P.M.

* March meeting will not be the first Wednesday as the center will be closed on
March 4th. Meeting will be moved two weeks to Wednesday March18th.

* No March Board meeting.

Vice President Tarmo Sutt was not present as January was a travel month for him
with ship cruises and auctions in Phoenix.

Treasurer Robert Gold stated that the account has $5,068.14.

Secretary Art Gold substituted for Anne Mae Gold who he said is not feeling well

Membership chair Larry Yoffee wanted to announced that we have gained two new
members, Mary Ellen & David Feasel, who live east of Colorado Springs. We have
not heard more from the potential new member from Taos.

Larry also said he would like to do a membership drive this year. How do we
attract new members to the club? A Corvair-only show?

Larry phoned El Norteno and stated that the club is now booked for the
anniversary dinner. He gave dinner alternatives which are Fajitas and Enchiladas
for $15 per person including drink, or a person could order off the menu at the
menu price.

Member Reports

Jim Pittman (Editor) - newsletter deadline, Friday, 2-20. Jim is one of the last
original members still active in the club. He has been editing the newsletter
for 37 years for a total of 444 issues. He thanked Mark Morgan, Steve Gongora,
Sylvan Zurcher, Bill Reider, Larry Blair, Heula Pittman, 22 different presidents
of the club, and 9 secretaries of the club.

(Sunshine) - Vacant - we need a representative - talk to a board member if

Vickie Hall (Merchandise) - she has lowered the prices on the patches (CNM and
Tri-State). Did not sell anything this month. She provided an inventory of
merchandise for 2014 to Ray.

Vickie said donations were dropped off today. These were items that club members
took to the Christmas dinner in December. She delivered them to the
"Storehouse". The folks there were very appreciative.

Robert Gold (Car Council) - Go to the website: He attended his
first board meeting, in which they discussed the problems with an unruly
exhibitor at the last swap meet. The council reinstated him on a probationary
status for one year. There will not be a garage tour at Bob Agnew's garage on
February 7th as scheduled due the date and time conflict with the Wendell Walker
memorial event. The Great American Car Race is coming through Albuquerque (June
24th) at Old Town Plaza.

New Business

Tonight's 50/50 raffle winner was Russ McDuffie = $7.50 for him and $7.50 for
CNM's general treasury - $15 all together.

Upcoming Events

FEB 07 11:00 A.M. - Garage Tour at Old Car Garage will be rescheduled

FEB 07 1:00 P.M. - Celebration of the life of Wendell Walker to be held at the J
& R Vintage Auto Museum

MAR 21 5:00 P.M. - CNM's 41st Anniversary Dinner will be held at El Norteno.

APR 25 .......... - Driving Tour to Grants - to be announced.

MAY 17 .......... - Albuquerque Museum Car Show

MAY 29 - 31 - Tri-State in Durango, Colorado

Last Month's Events

Dough-Re-Mi club breakfast had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the
wonderful fare.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 P.M.

Mr. Gold Reporting


Board Meeting -- February 18th, 2015
Anne Mae Gold

The meeting was called to order at 5:03 P.M.

Present: Ray, Tarmo, Larry Yoffee, Anne Mae, Lube, Dave, Jim

President Ray Trujillo said that the March membership meeting will be on March
18 due to closure of the facility. There will not be a board meeting in March as
it falls on the same night as the membership meeting.

March 21 is the Anniversary dinner at El Norteno at 5:00 P.M. Larry Yoffee
reported that there is no charge for the room. We can use the room from 5:00
P.M. until closing. There is beer and wine available for purchase. For $15 ($18
if tip is included) per person we get two items: beef and chicken fajitas as one
item, as a second item we can have cheese enchiladas. Soft drinks and a dessert
will be included. We will have two servers, no separate checks, we should tip
the servers. It was suggested that the Club pick up the tab for the tip. It was
suggested that calls be made and e-mails be sent out to members concerning the
Anniversary dinner. This way those who do not make the meeting will be aware of
the dinner. Jim will generate the e-mail. We also have the selection of the Ike
Meissner Award. We have received 3 or 4 nominations. Board members will make the
decision this evening.

Vice-President: Tarmo Sutt wants to follow up on members' car projects. He
specifically wants to talk to Terry Price about how he got his restoration
convertible chassis to the body shop!

Treasurer: Robert Gold was at a Car Council board meeting but sent word that the
club has a total of $5,036.74. He added that the club has always given Jim
Pittman an annual check for $125.00 for newsletter printing expenses. The board
approved this expense. Also, he needs to reimburse Ray the Christmas dinner

Secretary Anne Mae Gold had nothing to report

Membership: Larry Yoffee said that Mary Ellen & David Feasel from Colorado have
joined CNM. Larry also has another possible member from the Taos area. Larry is
thinking about having a membership drive to attract new members. He has read up
on activities to drum up interest and our club is already doing a lot of it.
Dave suggested that we may invite ex-members to a club picnic... no pressure...
come out and say hi. Larry will bring this up to the general membership and ask
for more ideas. Ideas mentioned tonight: assign new members a mentor to touch
base with them for car issues; tech talks at meetings; presentations of old car
commercials; change the meeting date and time; have a Corvair-only car show in a
high visibility area. Larry has the CNM banner. It is large and difficult to
transport and set up. He asks if we can make a smaller copy of the banner on an
easel or stand that is easier to set up than the one we currently have. Dave
says that he has a poster with the history of the club in the library. Dave will
bring it in to the next meeting.

Editor: Jim Pittman said Friday February 20 is the deadline for the newsletter.
Please send Jim your articles.

Sunshine: Vacant. Tarmo is willing to help out with these duties after Brenda
and Vickie finish their current schedule.

Car Council: Robert was attending the Car Council board meeting tonight.

New Business:

February Garage Tour was cancelled so that members could attend Wendy's service.

MAR 21 5:00 P.M. - Anniversary dinner at El Norteno at 5:00 P.M. at $15 per

APR 11 8:30 A.M. - Old Route 66 cleanup

APR 25 - proposed date for driving tour to Grants, NM. Steve Gongora will let us
know the time and meeting site for caravanning out to Grants.

MAY 17 - Albuquerque Museum Car Show

MAY 29 - 31- Tri-State in Durango

Old Business:

The Celebration of Life for Wendell Walker was held on February 7 and was well
attended. There were 19 members from CNM who attended.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 P.M and Anne Mae and Jim jumped into their Miatas and
cruised home.


TREASURY REPORT ************* 01-24-2015 to 02-19-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $5,113.14
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.01.30 2188 -$   45.00 CORSA Dues  R.McDuffie      12 m CORSA     -$   45.00
2015.02.09 2190 -$   31.40 H.Pittman   FEB 2015 Newsletter_Printing   -$   31.40
2015.02.17      +$  291.00 Dues        H.Wilvert      26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.02.17                 Dues        H.Wilvert      12 m CORSA       $   40.00
2015.02.17                 Dues        G.Johnson      26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.02.17                 Dues        D.Feasel       12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.02.17                 Dues        T.Price        12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.02.17                 Dues        T.Price        12 m CORSA       $   45.00
2015.02.17                 Dues        E.Halpin       12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.02.17                 Deposit     50/50 Raffle                    $    7.00
2015.02.17                 Deposit     Tri-State Merchandise           $   24.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.02.20 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $5,327.74


On November 7, 2014 a ceremony was held at the New Mexico Vererans' Memorial in
Albuquerque honoring many veterans of the Korean War which was fought during
1950-1953. The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles,
General Consul Hyun-myung Kim, presented the veterans with an "Ambassador for
Peace" proclamation. CNM member Bill Reider was one of the veterans honored.
Bill served with the U. S. Army in a halftrack unit during the Korean War. In
his remarks, Consul General Kim thanked the United States and the veterans of
the Korean War for their support and sacrifice for the Republic of Korea in the

The Korean War started 65 years ago on Sunday 1950-June-25. In 2012 a new
memorial marker was installed in Albuquerque at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial
Park. The monument shows the number of men killed in action, as well as those
missing. Officials said 215 New Mexicans died during the Korean War.

Official Proclamation

It is a great honor and pleasure to express the everlasting
gratitude of the Republic of Korea and our people for the
service you and your countrymen have performed in restoring
and preserving our freedom and democracy.

We cherish in our hearts the memory of your boundless
sacrifices in helping us reestablish our Free Nation.

In grateful recognition of your dedicated contributions, it is
our privilege to proclaim you an "AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE"
with every good wish of people of the Republic of Korea. Let
each of us reaffirm our mutual respect and friendship that
they may endure for generations to come

Minister	Chairman
Patriots and Veterans Affairs	Korean Veterans Association
Republic of Korea	Republic of Korea

Thanks to Larry Blair for making this information available to us.


Seven Special CNM'ers Have March Birthdays:
** Anthony Berbig
** Art Gold
** Vickie Hall
** Russ McDuffie
** Brenda Stickler
** Hurley Wilvert
** Joel Yelich

One Special Couple Has a March Anniversary:
** Anne Mae & Robert Gold

*  M E M B E R  *  I N F O R M A T I O N   ***   W H O  *  H A S  *  W H A T  *
Brenda Stickler 505-856-6993 has Corvairs to move.
 One is a white Corvair V-8 (not running).
Pat Hall 505-620-5574 in Los Lunas, NM has Corvairs in need of repair.
 Lots of parts for most Corvairs.


Celebration of the Life of Wendell Walker
The E-Crank - Newsletter of VMCCA - February 2015

Our cherished VMCCA member Wendy Walker passed away last year on September 15.
His family wanted to have a memorial service for relatives and friends in
Albuquerque on February 7.

Thanks to the hospitality of Gab and Evonna Joiner, Wendy's family put together
a plan to host Wendy's service at the J&R Museum in Rio Rancho. This proved to
be a perfect venue. The J&R was one of Wendy's favorite spots and everyone
enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere surrounded by open garage space and old cars.

About 75 folks from the VMCCA and Corvairs of New Mexico came to have fun and
pay their respects.

Wendy and Ilva's adult children Vance, Norman, and Kathleen provided lots of
popcorn, cookies, sandwiches and memories. Several attendees gave oral histories
about their life with Wendy.

There were a few tears but mostly smiles and joy in remembering so many
interactions with a life so beautifully lived. Don Farmer was most cogent:
"Wendy Walker is who I wanted to be when I grew up....."

The celebration continued for quite some time with participants strolling the
impromptu car show in the parking lot and enjoying the immaculate car collection
inside the J&R Museum.

Goodbye Wendy, we will boldly carry on in your memory.

Three Photos by Pat Hall


Car Council Board Meeting & Monthly Meeting Report
Robert Gold

First, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year. From the view of the Car Council
this is New Years since we didn't have any meetings from November until now. It
was a nice break, but now it's time to get down to business for the New Year.

To make up for the lack of meetings the Council has now had two meetings in
quick succession, and your Council rep was at both of them. For the first time
since I was elected to the Council's Board of Directors I actually got to attend
a Board meeting. Obviously, they don't meet very often. So this is, in part, my
report on that meeting.

First we heard from an individual who had been banned from participating in the
September swap meet. It appeared that he had gotten drunk, fought with his swap
meet neighbor, and a had been seen with a gun. It seemed reasonable to suspend
such a guy. However, he attended the meeting and pleaded his case with his wife
for reinstatement. Long story short -- the facts turned out to be a bit mirky,
he and his wife seemed to be really nice folks, so we just put them on probation
for a year and ended it like that. I guess I need to emphasize for any of you
who want to attend the swap meet -- don't drink in public and be sure to hide
all those guns you carry.

We then had some discussion of the upcoming Museum Car Show. All I can say is
that it's still on for Sunday, May 17. There will be a meeting with the City to
firm things up. Hopefully we can get a guarantee that there will not be any
flooding this year. Joyce Clements talked about the swap meet. She said she
needs help because the event has just gotten too big. The next step will be for
her to produce a chart detailing what is needed. That was to be presented to the
Council at the January meeting. That's about it for the board meeting. One other
thing of note is the snow storm I braved to get to the meeting. That got me
thinking about how each snowflake is different... amazing.

With the end of my first, ever Board meeting I only had to wait another week to
see all those Car Council folks again at the regular Car Council meeting. We
former government employees call that double dipping.

Even before the meeting at the Old Car Garage began, I got a chance to corral
Bob Agnew and tell him about the scheduling conflict between Wendy's memorial
service and the tour of his place. He understood the need to cancel the Garage
Tour and he invited us to visit him at a later date. At this time I don't know
what that later date will be.

The meeting itself was a bit uneventful. The main thing of interest was dealing
with the resignation of our former and current treasurer. He said he'd worked
enough at the job and we all agreed with him. The person who was being pressured
to take the job is Joe Ballengee, a current Board member. He took the
bureaucratic approach of having us name a committee to determine all the duties
of the job before he would consent to taking the position. I followed my wife's
instructions and didn't volunteer for the job. I guess she felt that being a
treasurer of a total of three organizations would be too much and I agreed with

On a sad note, it was mentioned that Louie Paul, the former Treasurer, continued
to be seriously sick with cancer, but he was still hanging in there.

A rep from the Sky City Casino spoke to the group about possible cruises out to
their facility. I got a chance to attend a religious celebration at Acoma and it
was quite an experience. The cruises could include a drive along old Route 66,
staying at the hotel, and a tour of Acoma. Just a thought....

I gave a report about the website. We've had no problems, so I didn't say much.
I will report to the group next month about the status of ownership of the
domain: Also, I need to research what we'll need to pay to
keep the name and continue to use the Weebly site to maintain our website. More
info next month.

Then we had discussions about the major Council events for this year:

1. The Museum Car Show,
2. Car Appreciation Day,
3. The Council Picnic,
4. The September swap meet.

I'll be saying more about these events when we get nearer to them. The dates can
be found on the Council's website.

Joyce then handed out a chart of needed help for the swap meet. I volunteered to
help put out signs on Friday morning. It seems if they are put out on Thursday,
they will probably disappear before the event. Joyce is looking for folks to
head up activities such as field supervisors for the three days, someone to take
charge of the "Hobo" dinner on Friday night, and coverage of other minor jobs.
This is a really big event and it's important that we get folks to help. I hope
to get some of you CNM'ers to help a bit more on Saturday. Remember, if you
volunteer you get free food and a chance to get an early start viewing what's
for sale. Please think about joining me and helping out either Friday morning
(8:00 am) or on Saturday during the day.

Lastly, it was reported that the Great American Car Race will be coming through
New Mexico in late June 2015. They will be at the Old Town Plaza at 11:45 on
June 24. I checked out the cars a few years ago and I still treasure the
pictures I took of all the unique rides. For your info, the J&R Museum, where
Wendy's memorial service will be held, houses several of these classic cars.
Info on the race can be found at their website

With that we adjourned the meeting at around 8:30.

-- Robert Gold


Smart Honda - Smart Cars
Jim Pittman

On Monday the weather was nice and we took the 2013 Civic for a drive out to
Edgewood for a second visit to Dough-Re-Mi for lunch. We had a fine time.

Afterwards we decided to return "through the woods" around the back side of what
we have been calling "Colleen's Mountain" near the community of Cedar Grove. We
descended the very steep hill at San Pedro and turned south on NM 14 from
Golden, heading toward Paako and Tijeras. The weather was cold but sunny with
significant wind from the west.

On the hills and curves I was doing between 50 and 65, no hurry. Suddenly with
no warning it felt like the engine went to idle. The tachometer was reading
about 1500. It was like the engine was idling in top gear. As we approached an
uphill climb the car slowed down. Pushing the gas pedal had no effect. Scary!

I dropped the automatic transmission selector into D3 and the RPMs went up, and
now pushing the pas pedal would accelerate the car. What is going on, I thought.
Was the hill steeper than I thought? Was there a strong head wind? It did not
feel like it.

For a while we continued along with everything working normally. Suddenly the
same thing happened, no acceleration when I pushed on the gas pedal to go up a
slight hill. Again, D3 made the engine rev up and again the engine would
accelerate. Clearly this was a real phenomenon. Over the next few miles the car
did more or less the same thing three or four more times. I could not see
anything I was doing to cause the deceleration.

Maybe my first thought should have been, The car has been hacked! But I did not
think that. Instead I thought, This car is fly-by-wire and there's no lever or
cable from the gas pedal to a carburetor. Instead the gas pedal sends an
electric signal to the engine control computer which tells the fuel injection
system how much gas to feed the engine. The computer gets data on which gear the
transmission is in, the engine speed, the car's speed, the altitude, the
temperature and who knows what else. Something is wrong with one of the sensors
or one of the computers.

When we bought the car we tried it with and without using its "Economy" mode and
it seemed to make no difference, so we just left it in Econ all the time. It was
in that mode now. I pushed the button to turn it off. The car misbehaved no more
all the way home. I called the Honda dealer and made an appointment to come in
and get it checked.

Friday before the appointment we took the car out to try to get it to misbehave.
We drove from the city limit to Tijeras and back two or three times, in Econ
mode, out of Econ mode, faster and slower, trying to get it to show the
mysterious deceleration. No misbehaving. It ran fine.

On Tuesday I took the car in for my appointment. I told Dave as best I could
what it did and everything I tried. I told him about driving to Tijeras looking
for failure and not finding it. I said, I didn't put it back in Econ mode after
the deceleration episodes, and it has been running fine ever since. That should
not make any difference, he said. I'll have my tech check it out.

I suppose auto dealers don't have mechanics any more, they have techs.

When we got the car back Dave told me his tech drove it around a bit trying to
get it to misbehave but it didn't. So they downloaded and installed a software
update from Honda. Let me know if it does it again, he said. I will, I said.

They downloaded a software update! I have downloaded any number of software
updates for computers, cameras, blu-ray players, even television sets. We don't
just own a car, we own a collection of computers powered by a gasoline engine.
We have to worry about computer bugs. Maybe we have to worry about being hacked!

Well, I don't think this Civic can be hacked because it does not have GPS or a
map/navigation function. But, it does have anti-lock brakes, electronic brake
distribution, multiple air bags, Bluetooth (turned off as far as I know) to talk
to a smartphone, and it has a remote access key fob. Could it be hacked through
any of those? Surely -- hopefully -- not.

This episode puts my faithful 1965 Corvair into a whole different light. The
Corvair has no electronic stuff whatever -- well, it does have a radio. But air
bags? No. Anti-lock brakes? No. Fuel injection? No.

Actually, my Corvair once suffered from a case of unintended deceleration, if I
may call it that. It was cold and stormy. Snow covered the ground. I had ordered
a new set of tires for the Miata and had new alloy wheels in the garage. I
thought it would be a few more days until the tires came in so I wouldn't have
to drive in the snow. But there was a phone call telling me the tires were here.
I couldn't wait. I went out to warm up the Corvair. I put the wheels in the
idling Corvair and jumped in to drive to Discount Tire. Push the clutch, put the
shifter in first, feed some gas and let out the clutch. The engine died! Put in
the clutch, restart. Same thing. Restart, jiggle the gas pedal. The engine just
idled along. The gas pedal had no effect! I turned off the engine and went to
Plan B to take the wheels in to get those new tires installed.

As soon as the weather allowed, I went out to see what was wrong with the
Corvair. Nothing obvious in the engine compartment. I peered under the car in
front of the left rear wheel. There was a C-clip on the ground. The link from
the front had fallen loose so the carb linkage was not moving. A new C-clip and
five minutes saw the problem fixed.

Can new cars with internet access be hacked? Apparently they can be and have
been! You can read more about it here:


A Sound Investment
Robert Gold

I've always loved music. This includes recordings made from the 20's through the
90's -- I'm a bit lost in the new millenium. The good news is that much of the
music I love is available online and can be downloaded digitally onto many
different devices.The bad news is I can't access this music through the radio
that sits in my beloved Corvair.

The question was what could I do to bring this variety of music into my car. I
think I've found the answer, so read on.

Let me step back a moment and recognize the efforts of my son, Art, who got me
the music I crave. As a result of his online efforts he downloaded over a
thousand songs of all sorts onto a flash drive. To tell the truth I don't know
how that many songs could fit into an ity, bity, flash drive. I guess I need to
ask a technical person for the answer to that.

As I said, I now have all that music, but the radio in my Corvair is not
equipped to play it. After checking online to look for a radio capable of
playing from a flash drive, I was horrified to find that only radios over $200
or so would do the trick. I tried to use a cheapee Chinese radio, but all it
seemed to want to play was the sound of my engine.

After a bit of a journey I discovered a solution that didn't cost much, was easy
to install, and could be used with my current radio. Among the myriad of
equipment out there they've made a little FM transmitter that plugs into a
lighter socket and can cost as little as $15.00. The transmitter will
accommodate flash drives as well as other digital input. The trick is that it
operates much like those old FM converters from the 60's that would turn your
stock AM radio into FM by fooling the radio into picking up the FM signal at a
certain frequency on the AM dial.

As is normally the case, the solution isn't as simple as just plugging the
transmitter into the 50 year-old Corvair lighter. That sorta works, but the
lighter just doesn't make good enough contact to eliminate static and other
sounds. Also, on occasion the lack of contact would simply turn off the device.
However, I found a solution. I purchased a universal lighter plugin and mounted
it below the radio on my early model. This made for a good contact for the
transmitter and moved the device nearer to the antenna for better sound. I now
can drive down the road listening to one of the more than 1,000 songs that Art
gave me, and it didn't break the bank in getting that done.

As I was listening to Duke Ellington it occurred to me you all might want to
know about this fix.

-- Robert Gold


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Tue 17 Mar = Saint Patrick's Day

Wed 18 Mar NOTE: The Board Meeting is cancelled this month

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Sat 21 Mar  5:00 PM  CNM Anniversary Dinner --- El Norteno Restaurant
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Sat 11 Apr  8:30 AM  Old Route 66 cleanup -- come one, come all & join the fun!

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May 29-30-31 - 2015 Tri-State -- Durango, Colorado
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     Room rate: $110+tax per night which includes a hot breakfast.
                This rate is good until April 29, 2015. 
  Mention "CORVAIR TRI STATE DURANGO 2015" if calling for a reservation.
Hampton Inn Durango 970-247-2600 800-247-6885 or 800-247-6685
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Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 3 Issue 390

Cover: we went to see the B-17 "Liberty Belle" at Double Eagle Airport thanks to
Steve Johnson. No fewer than nine B-17 photos were shown! Treasurer Wendell said
we had $2944 in the bank. We learned about a database of cars in the city
available to be used in movies filmed in New Mexico. David suggested going to
the CORSA convention in Ventura, CA by Amtrak: cheap and easy. Tarmo showed us
the rebuilt turbo unit destined for his 1966 Corsa convertible. LeRoy led a
great garage tour to the Lewis Antique Auto and Toy Museum in Moriarty.
President Mike was eloquent in his praise for the museum and the value to car
nuts of auto junk yards. Finally, the history of the Boydston Award and a
nomination form finished up this issue.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 3 Issue 306

The cover featured many snapshots of members and Larry's tech talk on gas
heaters. Billiken mourned the upcoming death of Plymouth. Our bank balance was
$5861. Mark, CORSA President, said that Debbie Pleau was now CORSA Merchandise
Chair. Preparations for the summer CORSA Convention in Chicago were going well.
Larry Blair gave last-minute information on our tour to the Big-I construction
site. Steve polished up the new CNM web page. It was described as "short on
flash and long on content." After the meeting, several members tried out the
Route 66 Diner on Central.

The board approved a sum of $125 to help with newsletter expenses. The little
guy in the back of Jim's head was still working for free, but the printer needed
toner and paper. Hurley claimed spring was on its way and told about finishing
up lots of detail work on his 1968 coupe. Joel reported on last month's tour to
the Tool Museum where we all had a great time. Anne Mae previewed several
activities planned by the CNM Ladies Group. Dennis reminded us that there were
plenty of CORSA Tech Guides available and anyone who wanted to work on a Corvair
really needed a copy.

Tech tips this month were mostly about cams. After a short article by Bryan
Blackwell, a two-page article by Ray Sedman explained how cams work and why
certain cams are best for certain engines. The cam is truly the heart of your
engine, and an engine rebuild mandates making an informed choice on the cam you

1994 Vol 20 Nr 3 Issue 222

The 20th Anniversary cover featured tiny copies of nineteen March newsletter
covers spanning 1975 to 1993. President Del ran the meeting. Treasurer Will
reported $886 in the bank. A guest was Kit Tras. We intended to produce some
"Corvair" belt buckles as a fund-raiser if we could obtain permission from the
Atlanta club. We voted not to require our treasurer to be bonded: it would be
too expensive. We learned that former member Roland Pool had died. We planned
events for the year: a 20th Anniversary party on March 26th and the Tri-State in
Pagosa Springs in May. Debbie reported on our "Vairs in the Air" committees.

Our first planning meeting for the 1996 CORSA convention was held in October
1993. Yes, we really did spend two and a half years getting ready for this major

1987 Vol 13 Nr 3 Issue 138

Our cover showed a 1960 engine compartment. Who can point out the features that
make it unique? V-P Tarmo ran the meeting. We had a rich $798 bank balance. New
members were Terry Lingle and Bill Wallace. Francis planned to check prices for
a Club name tag with CORSA logo. President Clayborne wrote about robbing
convertible parts to keep his sedan going through the winter, then robbing them
back to keep the convertible going through the summer. LeRoy had a list of items
for the March auction. Steve Goodman told about fun events planned for the
Tri-State in Ouray, Colorado. Francis told us about the heater hose gremlin
which eats your battery's power by making a short to the starter solenoid
connector. Bill Reider told us the details of rear suspension alignment. He said
you could do it yourself but it was pretty tricky.

1980 Vol 6 Nr 3 Issue 54

Our cover featured a Rampside on our our sixth birthday. Twenty-eight members
showed up for our meeting at Norm Brand's office. We made a $100 donation to the
New Mexico Kidney Foundation in memory of Ike Meissner. John Lawrence suggested
an annual award to the CNM member who best exemplified Ike's enthusiasm and help
with the Club: the start of the Meissner Award. Tech tips: we listed theoretical
modifications to a turbo engine. The "wet newspaper pulp" method of removing a
pilot bushing -- reputed to be messy! A table of front and rear suspension specs
for 1960-1964 Corvairs to take to your friendly alignment shop! Lakewoods have a
removable floor plate to get at the starter from above -- how many of us knew

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