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   APRIL 2015 / VOLUME 41 / NUMBER 4 / ISSUE #475  

Tony Fiore Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award, First Place, 2005
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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING: 	Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 at 7:00 PM
	North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

 Our Convair Club ................................... Brer Rabbit
 Dues Due .................................. Membership Committee
 Mechanically Un-inclined .......................... Ray Trujillo
 March Board Meeting .............................. Anne Mae Gold
 March Board Meeting Cancelled ............................ Board
 The Ike Meissner Award Goes to .................... Larry Yoffee
 March & April Birthdays & Anniversaries ..... Sunshine Committee
 Treasury Report .................................... Robert Gold
 Rampside License Plate LED Lights ................ Steve Gongora
 A Real Eye Opener Car Council Report ............... Robert Gold
 Anniversary Dinner Photos .......................... Jim Pittman
 Headlight Bezel Has a "Little Crook" ................... Members
 Calendar of Coming Events ................... Board of Directors
 April Issue, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ........ Club Historian
COVER: David's 1963 Monza poses at the end of our mile of Old Route 66
COVER: Seriously? They replaced our eastern sign on Old Route 66?

  MEETINGS: First Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 PM
  North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE
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  Secretary:     Anne Mae Gold      505-268-6878        beisbol30 @
  Treasurer:       Robert Gold      505-268-6878        beisbol30 @
  Car Council:     Robert Gold      505-268-6878        beisbol30 @
  Merchandise:     Vickie Hall      505-865-5574 patandvickiehall @
  Membership:       Larry Yoffee    505-321-5909         corsa180 @
  Sunshine:            VACANT          VACANT                  VACANT
  Newsletter:         Jim Pittman   505-275-2195             jimp @
  Old Route 66:      Lube Lubert    505-256-9331     505-400-3680 = cell
  Past President:     Pat Hall      505-620-5574 patandvickiehall @
  Past President:    John Wiker     505-899-3076         wikerj63 @
  Past President:   David Huntoon   505-281-9616        corvair66 @

MEETINGS: First Wednesday of each Month at 7:00 PM
   North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

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2014.05   Marilyn & Richard Foster     25-JUN-2014
2014.05               Chloe Mullins    25-JUN-2014
2014.06      Melba & Tommie Anderson   25-JUL-2014
2014.06     Susanne & Larry Hickerson  25-JUL-2014
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2015.01   Darlene & William Darcy      25-Feb-2015
2015.02               Frank Stadler    25-Mar-2105

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2015.03                Carl Johnson    25-APR-2015

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2015.04      Deborah & John Dinsdale   25-MAY-2015

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2015.05  Valerie Nye & Joel Yelich     25-JUN-2015

DUE JUNE 2015 ====================== INACTIVE DATE
2015.06            Curtis L Shimp      25-JUL-2015

Send your Dues to:
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Past due memberships become inactive after a one-month grace period.
The Club will mail in your National Dues if you send us the renewal
form from your Communique.

As of 25 March 2015 we had  41  active family memberships.


Our Convair Club
by Brer Rabbit

On a nice spring day Brer Fox woke up early and thought it would be a nice day
for a drive into town. He jumped into his 1963 Monza convertible. It started
right up and soon was purring like Brer Kitten. He headed down the mountain.

Near the west end of the club's mile of Old Route 66 he pulled over to inspect
the new sign. What's this? he asked himself. We have a new sign all right but
somehow it does not look quite the way it used to.

He snapped a quick photo and emailed the photo to editor Brer Rabbit. What's
wrong with this picture? he asked.

Editor Brer Rabbit took one look and quickly realized that the all-powerful New
Mexico Department of Transportation had performed a major bureauocratic
switcharoo and had moved our club from "automotive" to "aviation" and had made a
new sign to correspond to this change. And didn't bother to tell us about it of
course. Brer Rabbit quickly composed an email to Olga, our representative at the
New Mexico Department of Transportation. But after several weeks went by with no
reply, Brer Rabbit informed Brer Fox that we'd better get used to the new

Obviously we will have to get rid of all these "automotive" artifacts we own and
acquire some "aviation" artifacts in their place, he said. I have a few

We could look for some Convair B-58 Hustlers, for example. There are surely
quite a few stored over at Davis-Montham Air Force Base near Tucson. We should
be able to grab one or two cheap. That is, if the Tuscon club hasn't beat us to
the punch and bought all the good ones.

Or, we could look for something more practical, like a Convair C-131. It would
not only be cheaper to restore but we could use it to haul parts from
Massachusetts the next time Clarks' has a sale.

Something like the Convair 990 would be super to own! They are beautiful! But,
they are no doubt in very limited supply.

Let's bring this up at our next meeting, said Brer Fox. When's the next meeting?
It will be on Wednesday April 1st of course.


Mechanically Un-inclined
Ray Trujillo

Hello everyone!

First of all, let me begin this month's article by saying what a great
Anniversary Dinner party we had at the "El Norteno" restaurant. It was CNM's
41st anniversary and of course we had, appropriately, 41ish people attend the
dinner, what a great tribute to our awesome club. Everyone had a nice time as we
visited with each other and all enjoyed the wonderful food prepared for our
club. CNM gave some door prizes to quite a few lucky members as they had their
numbers drawn. A special thank you to Vickie Hall of the Sunshine Committee, the
Wikers, the Pittmans, and the Golds for donating the door prizes.

As the evening progressed, John Wiker did a fantastic job of running the door
prize contest and then John had the honor of presenting the Ike Meissner Award
to Larry Yoffee. Larry was recognized for his constant efforts of attracting new
members as our Membership chairman. Larry has put on numerous Corvair-only car
shows and has a terrific web site promoting the Corvair hobby. Larry also did an
awesome job of chairing the Tri-State meet in Chama and if you went to the Chama
Tri-State you know how successful that event turned out. If you didn't get a
chance to congratulate Larry at the dinner then thank him for all his
contributions the next time you see him. Great job Larry!

Before the evening ended I wanted to acknowledge and congratulate all our
members with the number of years they've been part of this terrific
organization. Without your contributions all these memorable years would have
never happened. And finally to top off the evening, we all boldly sang "You are
my Sunshine" to celebrate CNM's 41st anniversary. What a wonderful evening it

Okay, let's move on to next month's activities. On Saturday April 11 we will
have our first Old Route 66 cleanup for 2015 and we'll start at 8:30am. We're
hoping for quite a few members to show up since the first cleanup normally has
accumulated more trash due to the long layoff between cleanings. Next up on
Saturday, April 25th we will have a driving tour to Grants. Steve Gongora has
coordinated with Dick Cochran and they have set up some interesting stops along
the Old Route 66 way. This sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday so please
save the date for this informative and fun event. If you would like to start the
day with breakfast we will meet at 8:00am at the "Flying J" truck stop just west
of Albuquerque, that's at the 98th Street exit. If you'd rather skip breakfast
you can meet up with our group as we'll leave the truck stop at 8:45am and
proceed to meet Dick at 9:30am at the Rio Puerco exit. So you have three choices
to meet up for this cruise, 8:00am for breakfast, or the 8:45am departure from
the truck stop or just meet us at the Rio Puerco exit at 9:30am. Once we get to
Grants we'll break for lunch and then continue on with our cruise back home.

Also in April, Jeff Barrett who is a member of the North Carolina Corvair club
(CORSA/NC) is doing a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish foundation and he has named the
journey "Coast to Coast for the kids." Jeff has told me he plans on coming
through Albuquerque on April 28, now that's if all goes well along the way.
Since there was interest expressed from some members at our last meeting I will
contact Jeff and let him know to stop in Albuquerque to promote his fundraiser
and we'll meet him for a dinner. For those of you who were interested in Jeff's
fundraiser, please be flexible with his arrival date as we all know how a long
trip can have circumstances. What I'm trying to say, is Jeff could arrive here
the 28th or the 29th or the 30th, it just depends on how well the trip goes. At
the next membership meeting I'll need to get the names of all interested so I
can contact you with Jeff's actual arrival date and to insure we have a decent
number of members available to meet with him.

Now moving on to May. On Sunday May 17th the NMCCC/Albuquerque Museum Car show
will take place and our club's traditional plan is to meet at the Old Town
Sheraton Hotel parking lot at 7:00am. The cost is $10 and this is one of the
better car shows around. So start getting those Corvairs ready for this really
cool all-inclusive classic cars showcase. Then a few weeks later the annual
Tri-State meet begins on May 29th and runs through May 31st in the beautiful
Colorado mountain town of Durango. The host hotel is the Hampton Inn, so if
you'd like to stay there please see all the details for contacting them on the
calendar page of this newsletter. This is one of the highlight events of the
year and it's just around the corner so get your reservations done soon as rooms
are limited. I hope to see as many CNM members there as possible. This event
gives us all a chance to catch up with our neighboring Corvair club friends and
it's always a nice get away weekend trip.

Well I guess that's enough said for now, and remember "when your skies are gray"
and you need a little picking up just sing a few bars of that happy sunshine
song and you'll be amazed how quickly your mood will change for the better!
Okay, I'll see you at the next club meeting!

-- Ray Trujillo



 1. 1987 Bill Hector
 2. 1988 Jerry Goffe
 3. 1989 LeRoy Rogers
 4. 1990 Jim Pittman
 5. 1991 Sylvan Zuercher
 6. 1992 Bill Reider
 7. 1993 Steve Gongora
 8. 1994 Michael Stickler
 9. 1995 Charles Vertrees
10. 1996 Debbie Pleau
11. 1997 Mark Domzalski
12. 1998 Wendell Walker
13. 1999 Dennis Pleau
14. 2000 Rita Gongora
15. 2001 Oliver Scheflow
16. 2003 Anne Mae Gold
17. 2004 Larry Blair
18. 2005 Robert Gold
19. 2006 Tarmo Sutt
20. 2007 Dave Huntoon
21. 2008 Heula Pittman
22. 2009 Ray Trujillo
23. 2010 Ruth Boydston
24. 2011 Brenda Stickler
25. 2015 Larry Yoffee


Regular Meeting Minutes - 18 March 2015
Anne Mae Gold

CNM General Meeting Called to order at 7:04 PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes: approved

President: Ray Trujillo announced that the 41st Anniversary dinner will be this
Saturday, 3/21, at 5 PM at El Norteno. So far the count is at 39. El Norteno is
in the mall located at the southeast corner of Wyoming and Montgomery next door
to Michael's Crafts. Dinner will cost $16.05 per person and the club will pay
the tip. They will have beer or wine available, but alcoholic drinks will cost

Vice President: Tarmo Sutt spoke to two people in Santa Fe who may be interested
in joining our club.

Secretary: Nothing to add.

Treasurer: Robert Gold reported $5,332.74 as the current balance.

Membership: Larry Yoffee was on a trip back east to Delaware and mentioned a
museum (Air Mobility Command) in Dover, dedicated to airplanes from WWII. He has
no new members to report. He has been researching how to attract or recruit new
members to the club. How do we promote the Corvair hobby? He opened the floor to
suggestions. Bill Reider suggested that we place cards with meeting information
under the windshield wiper of Corvairs we see. Ray suggested that we contact
former members and invite them to a summer BBQ and give them a chance to join
the club again. Terry Price suggested that we have a show at a shopping mall. He
also suggested that we may want to meet with another car club that gets together
for lunch or dinner. There is a Cars and Coffee that is sponsored by a local
church on the second Saturday morning of the month. Father's Day car show at
Edgewood Walmart. April 19 Sonic Cruise and Schmooze. Nob Hill has extended the
shopping hours on Thursdays, maybe we can shut down Richmond from Central to
Monte Vista and park along there.

Editor: Jim Pittman said that the deadline for the newsletter will be Friday,
March 20. Please send in any articles over the Anniversary dinner as soon as
possible so he can include them in the newsletter. CORSA is going to start
charging an annual flat $35 fee per club. Mark Morgan sent a suggestion to Bryan
Blackwell that editors may want to fill in space in the newsletter with
"interesting" advertisements. Jim asked who was planning on going to the
Tri-State in Durango and who would be interested in nominating either a single
member or a couple for the Boydston Award. Any one from any of the three clubs
that participate in the Tri-State can be nominated. Rocky Mountain CORSA is the
hosting club, so they will be choosing the winner.

Car Council: Robert Gold mentioned that he has posted a photo of Corvairs on the
Car Council website. He did not attend the meeting last month because it was the
4th meeting in two months, so he still has a lot to report. He got to see the
by-laws, he is willing to forward it to anyone interested. He also got a copy of
the budget. Please see him if you have any questions.

Merchandise: Vickie Hall stated that there is no new merchandise to talk about.
She would love to sell her Corvair wares to anyone after the meeting.

Sunshine Committee: Vickie stated that the majority of the merchandise and items
owned by the Sunshine Committee is being stored at her house. She is working on
an inventory list for Ray. Please speak to her if anyone needs anything for
parties/events/prizes. Is there anyone who would like to take over the duties of
chairing the Sunshine Committee? If anyone would like to bring a door prize to
the dinner, it will be given away at the dinner.

      Upcoming Events:

April 11 -- Old Route 66 Cleanup starting at 8:30 AM.
April 25 -- Driving tour to Grants. Meet at Rio Puerco exit at 9:30 AM. All are
welcome to meet at 8:00 AM for breakfast at the Flying J truck stop just west of
town. The caravan will leave the restaurant at 8:45 and then proceed to the Rio
Puerco exit to meet Dick Cochran. Bring a picnic lunch if you want or plan to
eat somewhere at Grants. There may be a fee to the Mining Museum, but we will be
informed about that later. It will be about 100 miles one way.
May 17 -- NMCCC car show at the Albuquerque Museum. Early start - meet at 7 AM
at the Hotel Albuquerque parking lot. Cost is $10 per car.
May 29-31 -- Tri-State in Durango, Colorado. The host hotel is the Hampton Inn.
T-shirts are now available at and John Wiker told us that the Knight's Inn is two
blocks away and costs $55 per night.

      Miscellaneous Topics:

Terry Price spoke about how well known some of our members of the Corvair Club
are around town. He asked about the little "crook" in a late model light bezel
he brought in. He brought two in... one has the crook, the other does not. Today
Del Norte High School celebrated its 50th anniversary. John Wiker drove his
Corvair over as an example of what was being driven back in the beginning of the
school's life. Art Gold said that at the end of April Jefferson Middle School
will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary. He asks that people come out and
participate in a car show that he's organizing. He is hoping to have cars from
every decade that the school has been in existence. He will give us more
information at the next general meeting. Tuesday April 28 will see a new
Coast-to-Coast Make-A-Wish Fundraiser Tour... Jeff Barrett will be driving a
Corvair coast to coast. He plans to stop in Albuquerque on 4/28. Is anyone
interested in meeting up with him for dinner when he stops here? Please contact
Ray for arrangements. He will speak to the board to see if our club can donate
to this cause. The Pikes Peak club is donating to this fundraiser.

The 50/50 was won by Lube. The club got $8.00.

We adjourned at 8:10 PM. Several of us stayed for a Tech Talk by Larry Blair on
removing, cleaning, lubricating and replacing the rear quarter window in a late
coupe. The last step is simply impossible!


Board Meeting -- cancelled for March


Five Special CNM'ers Have April Birthdays:
	Elizabeth Domzalski
	Mark Martinek
	Robert McBreen
	Emma Rogers
	Ray Trujillo
Two Special Couples Have an April Anniversary:
	Connie & Floyde Adams
	Connie & Robert McBreen


TREASURY REPORT ************* 02-20-2015 to 03-19-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $5,327.74
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.02.23 2191 -$   90.00 CORSA Dues  H.Wilvert      12 m CORSA      -$   40.00
2015.02.23                 CORSA Dues  T.Price        12 m CORSA      -$   45.00
2015.03.09      +$   95.00 CORSA Dues  H.Wilvert      12 m CORSA       $   40.00
2015.03.09                 CORSA Dues  T.Price        12 m CORSA       $   45.00
2015.03.09                 Not specified                               $    5.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.03.20 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $5,332.74


Rampside License Plate
Steve Gongora

One of the details of the restoration of my 1962 Rampside was the license plate
lighting. You can buy replacements from Clark's Corvair Parts (part #C872R). The
problem is when you use the regular #1172 bulb replacements. The bulb gets so
hot when the lights are on that they melt the housing -- the replacement housing
is plastic, not metal. One solution is to buy LED lights for replacement. I
purchased mine from a website - Part #67-W15. This bulb
has a 210 degree beam angle. The illumination is great and now I don't have to
worry about a meltdown. -- Steve Gongora


This Month's Car Council Report
Robert Gold

This report is going to focus on the Car Council Board Meeting (the second this
year...) since I was unavailable to attend the regular meeting. But don't worry,
you'll be hearing about all the important stuff.

I've been hanging around the Car Council for years, however, it wasn't until the
last Board meeting that I really got to understand how the Council really works.
Now because I am a member of the Board I got to be part of the group that
actually runs the organization.

What I didn't realize is the fact that the stuff that we voted on at the regular
meetings was only a small part of the actual NMCCC decision making process.

This meeting was called mainly to compile for Treasurer-designate, Joe
Ballengee, a list of all the things the Council's Treasurer does in a year. As
you might remember, the new/old Treasurer, Ron Rymarz, finally had enough and
told the Council he was leaving the position. Joe had shown a willingness to be
treasurer, but he needed to know what he was taking on. Because of this I got a
lot info on how things are at the Council. So here goes...

I first found out that the Council has a safety deposit box to hold all sorts of
important stuff. Sometime soon this important stuff will include various
contracts (like with Los Lunas for the swap meet), the copyright for the Council
logo, the liability insurance policy, and various other legal documents. This
way any time anyone wants any of that stuff it will be in one place. Bill was
very happy with this.

After we sorted out the lock box thing, we turned to discussion of the Council's
almost, brand new trailer. After hearing what is happening with that trailer I'm
going to make sure that CNM NEVER buys one. It's not that the trailer was a bad
idea. We really needed it to haul the stuff that we use for various events. The
problem is all the side things like insurance (it was sooooo expensive we didn't
get any), who gets to use the trailer (only NMCCC authorized people), who should
tow the thing around (that came down to two people who had their own insurance),
and the need to make a detailed inventory of all the items in the trailer (that
should take a fair amount of someone's time).

We then talked a bit about the state of the Council's written bylaws. It seems
that the bylaws might need some tweeking to reflect what we actually do. To this
end Joyce later sent us a copy of the current bylaws. Add the bylaws to the list
of new things that I know. Again, if you're interested I'll gladly show them to

One interesting suggestion was to compile a group of SOP's (NO not SOB's, SOP's
are Standard Operating Procedures) that would define exactly how we do business
day to day. This document would include things like how we are to use the
aforementioned trailer or rules associated with the operation of the swap meet.
Pretty neat idea. This will be another document for the lock box.

The final thing we looked at was the budget. This was something I for sure had
never seen before. I now know how much we plan to spend on things like the
website (worth every penny), the P.O. box, the newsletter, insurance, and all
the NMCCC events. I now know all about that stuff and I'll share the specifics
with anyone from the club who wants to know. To paraphrase a star basketball
player, "We make a lot of money in the year, but we spend a lot of money too."

After all this stuff, Joe indicated that we hadn't scared him off and that he
would be willing to serve as Treasurer at least until the next election this
summer. The result of the meeting then was that we now know more about NMCCC
documentation and equipment and, better yet, we have a treasurer that isn't
yours truly. That makes Anne Mae very happy!

The meeting then concluded... Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the meeting was held
in the very room we hold the CNM monthly meetings. I guess that's it for this
month. For any of you interested in what happened at the regular Council
meeting, I'll make sure to forward to you the minutes when Joyce sends them to
me. -- Robert Gold


Seven Special CNM'ers Have March Birthdays:
	** Anthony Berbig
	** Linda Cochran
	** Art Gold
	** Vickie Hall
	** Barbara Johnson
	** Russ McDuffie
	** John McMahan
	** Brenda Stickler
	** Hurley Wilvert
	** Joel Yelich

One Special Couple Has a March Anniversary:
	** Anne Mae & Robert Gold


Photo 1: A bezel without the "little crook"

Photo 2: A bezel with the "little crook"

Photo 3: Magnified view of the bezel with the "little crook"

Photo 4: View from below

Can anyone tell us what this "little crook" is for?
What year(s) late Corvairs had it?
What year(s) did not?
Is it only on aftermarket bezels?


|       April 2015       |       May 2015         |      June 2015         |
|  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa  | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   |
|            1  2  3  4  |                 1  2   |     1  2  3  4  5  6   |
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|                        | 31                     |                        |
                    at Wyoming & Carmel, north of Wyoming & Paseo del Norte NE.
          After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.

Sat 11 Apr  8:30 AM  Old Route 66 cleanup -- come one, come all & join the fun!

Wed 15 Apr  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Sat 18 Apr  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or

Sat 18 Apr	Annual Spring Thaw at the OLD CAR GARAGE - WORLDWIDE AUTOMOTIVE
		3232 Girard NE, Albuquerque - 505-881-2722
		Get your collector car ready for the touring season.


Fri 24 Apr  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for May 2015 newsletter

Sat 25 Apr  8:00 AM  Driving Tour to Grants, NM - Old Route 66 - Mining Museum.
*** Meet at 8:00 AM at the Flying J Truck Stop, 9911 Avalon Road NW,
*** just south of I-40 and just off 98th Street. (505) 831-2001
*** Leave the Flying J at 8:45 AM, go to the top of Nine Mile Hill where I-40
*** intersects Atrisco Vista Road. Exit to I-40 frontage road - old Route 66.
*** It's approximately eight miles west to the old U.S. 66 / Rio Puerco bridge.
*** At Rio Puerco we will meet Dick Cochran who will lead an interesting tour.

Sat 16 May  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or

Sun 17 May - Albuquerque Museum/NMCCC Annual Car Show - Albuquerque Museum,
             2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque -

Fri 22 May  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for June 2015 newsletter


May 29-30-31 - 2015 Tri-State -- Durango, Colorado
	Host hotel: Hampton Inn Durango 970-247-2600
	Location: 3777 Main Avenue, Durango.
	Room rate: $110+tax per night which includes a hot breakfast.
	This rate is good until April 29, 2015.
	Mention "CORVAIR TRI STATE DURANGO 2015" if calling for a reservation.
	Call me with any questions.
	Tim Shortle 970-247-9675 days Mon - Fri 970-903-2127 eves - weekends
[ NOTE: if the Hampton Inn is full, try the nearby KNIGHT'S INN ]
[ 3515 Main Ave Durango CO - 1-866-599-6674 / 970-247-4042 - John Wiker ]

Fri 19 Jun  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for July 2015 newsletter

Sat 20 Jun  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or

Wed 24 Jun 11:45 AM THE GREAT RACE
	Lunch in Old Town -

See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
======================== ======================


Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 4 Issue 391

Cover photo shows a CNM airliner. There was a story by Buzz Lightyear about our
acquiring a commercial airline and a chemical company that made special paint.
We listed all members and their dues dates. We noted the death of Pikes Peak
member Ben Benzel. Wendell reported $3,108. We planned a TUNA to disassemble a
late rear wheel bearing. Chuck Vertrees planned a rally. President Mike Stickler
asked us to think up activities. Brenda outlined plans for next year's Taos
Tri-State. Jim asked if speed bumps were a sign of the breakdown of
civilization? Or, just a response to eternal human nature. What does this have
to do with picking up trash on Old Route 66? Tech Tips: Bob Helt told all you'd
ever want to know about cooling fans and Steve Goodman told about battery

2001 Vol 27 Nr 4 Issue 307

Cover photos previewed the illustrated report on pages 8-10 on our tour of the
Big-I construction project. This was one of the most educational club tours we
have had. Thanks, Larry Blair! At our meeting, after the clueless guard finally
unlocked the door for us, Wendell reported we had $6007. The Car Council said
the future of car shows at the Albuquerque Museum was bleak -- no money from the
city. We heard from our Iowa member, Wayne Christgau, who wanted to keep getting
the newsletter. We heard from a local member, Bill McClellan, who couldn't
attend meetings because of those pesky stairs. We heard from our southern
member, Richard Finch, about an Ultra Van rally in Tularosa. At the board
meeting we learned that Ilva Walker had a stroke and was in the ICU. We formed a
committee to decide how to manage our club awards so they wouldn't die for lack
of interest.

Tech tips: how to keep your car from rolling out of the driveway if the parking
brake was inoperable, an adventure of having a new windshield shipped, a tip on
fixing the infamous Powerglide cable leak, and an article telling all you'd ever
need to know about 1964 Corvair rear springs. We all know why 1964 rear coil
springs are unique among all Corvair springs.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 4 Issue 223

Cover art: Corvairs were taking over the world. President Del ran our meeting.
We had just over a thousand bucks in the bank. We planned for a March CNM
anniversary dinner party, the tenth anniversary Albuquerque Museum car show, a
"photo rally" put on by Chuck and Dennis, and the Tri-State in Pagosa Springs. A
tech session on Heim Joints, a Fourth of July car show in Santa Fe, the State
Fair, a Funkhana, an Aspencade, a trip to Acoma Pueblo and our Christmas dinner
were some more of the events we planned for 1994. Wayne Christgau wrote from
Iowa to tell how he came to be a Corvair owner: watching Bonanza on TV. Hoss
Cartwright drove a 1967 Corvair in a Chevy commercial. Wayne decided he had to
own that car. The next morning Wayne appeared at the Chevrolet dealer where an
identical 1967 Monza coupe was in the showroom, with "000007" indicated on the
odometer and a $2200 price tag on the window. Wayne drove his new Corvair away
from the dealership and into history. Twenty-six years later the Monza's
odometer turned 500,000 miles, having been all over the U.S.A. and in Greece,
England, Scotland and Wales.

Tech tips this month included a fix for oil leaking from the axle top cover vent
and how a dirt-dauber wasp nixed the fix, words of wisdom about cotter pins, and
an observation by Ann Landers that "for men, cars are their true loves" which we
can all believe.

1987 Vol 13 Nr 4 Issue 139

On the cover, a Mark Morgan Mad Mod: a Boattail Monza. President Clayborne ran
the meeting. LeRoy reported $688 in the bank. Brian Zolna (1966 500) and Bill
Finke (1963 Spyder) were potential new members. We planned a tour to Madrid and
an econo-run to Carrizozo. It was time for a NMCCC car show and an Ouray,
Colorado Tri-State. Steve Goodman provided facts, figures and motel phone
numbers. Bill Reider showed us a finned, cast aluminum oil pan. Clayborne
suggested that while a couple of bags of sand in the trunk might help keep your
Corvair stable as you drive through dust devils, an S-10 spoiler would work
better. Bill Hector reported that a few CNM members drove their rear-engine snow
vehicles up the back side of the Sandias to the ski area and played in the snow.
It was not exactly a ski trip, but was fun anyway. LeRoy reported that CNM's
first auction netted $75.25 and a lot of fun for the bidders. Bill Reider
reprinted an essay written by Kristen Romer for her English class on the rise
and fall of the Corvair. Tech tip: where to get new interlocks for a 1961-1965
transmission. We printed a dozen tips for saving energy, but don't bother
digging out your old newsletters to look for them. Examples: Put oversize tires
on your rear wheels so you are always driving downhill and gravity will help you
save gas. Turn your air conditioner around in the winter so it will blow hot air
into your house. Shorten the electric cords on your household appliances to save
unnecessary electrical loads. Maybe these were an April Fool prank?

1980 Vol 6 Nr 4 Issue 55

On the cover: an early convertible. We voted to keep our local dues at $7
despite CORSA's dues going up to $14. We made plans for the State Fair car show.
Markus Rothmeyer told us he would soon be finishing at UNM and moving back to
Bavaria. New members were Bill McClellan, Vince Wayland and David Langlois. An
article by Danny Simpson described cutting and welding together the front and
the back halves of two "wreckers" to make one good vehicle. Danny was driving a
late sedan he had rescued this way. George Morin provided tech tips: How to
install a grease fitting to lubricate late rear wheel bearings, How to destroy
your kitchen by heating cans of spray undercoating in the oven. Yes, the cans
exploded. Other less exciting tips addressed emergency brake cylinder bleeding,
splicing a piece of neoprene hose into a bad fuel line and a list of the myriad
ills that could befall batteries.






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