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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING:               Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 at 7:00 PM
 North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

 Mechanically Un-inclined ......................... Ray Trujillo
 May Meeting Minutes ............................. Anne Mae Gold
 May Board Meeting ................................. Jim Pittman
 The Imposter (Museum Car Show) .................... Robert Gold
 Treasury Report ................................... Robert Gold
 Jefferson Middle School 75th Anniversary ............. Art Gold
 Birthdays & Anniversaries .................. Sunshine Committee
 Road Trip (Tour to Grants) ......................... John Wiker
 Central New Hampshire Spring Dust-Off ............ Larry Yoffee
 Calendar of Coming Events .................. Board of Directors
 June Issues, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ....... Club Historian
 Changes from 1965 to 1966 ....................... Russ McDuffie
 COVER: Albuquerque Museum / Car Council Car Show, May 17, 2015
 COVER: Rita, Steve & Steele at La Ventana Natural Arch, April 25

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Hello everyone!

The Albuquerque Museum/NMCCC Annual Car show was held on Sunday May 17th and CNM
had seven Corvairs in the show. We had perfect weather as the temperature was
not too hot or too cold. If you recall, the weather the days before and after
the show gave New Mexico a decent amount of rain so we were fortunate to get a
good clear day for this awesome car show. As usual there were plenty of
beautiful classic cars to see but my favorite was the 1913 "Luna Car" brought to
the show by Bob Agnew of the Old Car Garage. Bob said it belonged to a client of
his and the burgundy paint job on this massive beauty was truly spectacular.
Everything about the car was done right, I really can't do justice describing it
to you. You had to be there to see how really grand it was. Not to be outdone,
CNM members brought nice Corvairs to the show and those vehicles belonged to the
proud owners Art Gold, Robert Gold, Anne Mae Gold, Jim Pittman, Tarmo Sutt, John
Wiker and myself. So a big thank you to those CNM members for their efforts and
for making our favorite car fairly well represented in the classic car
community. Even though none of our cars received an award we all had a good time
at breakfast and then later enjoyed the Museum's new exhibit about Albuquerque's
rich history. The exhibit is really well done and the admission on Sundays is
free, so you can't beat that deal. There are also plenty of other displays at
the museum so you could spend a whole day seeing all the art they have to offer.

Well the Tri-State is upon us and hopefully you've got your room reservations.
Those of you interested in caravanning to Durango on Friday, we'll meet at the
Valero gas station at the Sandia Casino turnoff at 8:00am. As I've said in
previous articles, this is really a fun and casual weekend and it gives us a
chance to catch up with our neighboring Corvair clubs. In addition to a nice
getaway weekend, Durango has a little bit of everything so if you're looking for
something to do outside of the Tri-State events it should be fairly easy to
find. Since I haven't gone to a Tri-State in the last couple of years I'm really
looking forward to it and I hope to see as many CNM members there as possible.

Okay let's move on to upcoming events. On Saturday June 6, CNM will have another
Old Route 66 cleanup starting at 8:00am and we'll meet at the I-40 & NM333
triangle. Remember the more of us who show up the better for all involved. After
the cleanup some of us go to breakfast and then it's back to our varied Saturday
plans. Next up, on the Fourth of July it's the annual Pancake breakfast in the
Santa Fe Plaza and according to Tarmo Sutt it starts really early. If you're
planning on showing your car you better plan on arriving some time between
5:00am and 6:00am. Wow! That's a bit too early for me but I wouldn't mind
getting up a few hours later for some pancakes with warm buttery syrup. As many
of you know, I have a sweet tooth and combining a Corvair event with sweets is
really hard for me to resist.

That reminds me of the time a few years back when I was driving my 1965 Corsa
convertible as a daily driver. It was a hot summer afternoon and I had just
finished delivering a print job to one of our customers and I felt like having
some ice cream. So I stopped at a local Baskin Robbins on San Mateo and ordered
a single of my favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream. As my cone was being made
I asked the server "How's business" and he replied that it had been slow all
afternoon. The server saw my Corvair outside in the parking lot and he started
asking questions about it. As we talked Corvair for few minutes the next thing
we know three cars pulled in and now his slow afternoon had become a busy one!
Since he was now busy I said goodbye but before I left he said I should stop in
more often with my Corvair because it seemed to attract customers. So you see,
I'm not the only one who loves sweets and Corvairs.

Well I guess that's enough said for now, so I'll see you in Durango and
hopefully they'll have cake.

Ray Trujillo



Call to order at 7:05pm and old minutes were approved.

President: Ray Trujillo reported that various members met with the Make-A-Wish
America driver Jeff Barrett and his team at the Owl Cafe. They were on their way
from North Carolina to California. CNM donated $300. Their website is if you'd like to see photos from stops along the way. You
can make additional contributions to a worthy cause on this site! Thanks to all
who came out! We had, count them, two Corvairs to show off at the Owl Cafe,
brought by John & Anne Wiker and Isaac, Julian, Sylvia & Ray Trujillo.

Vice President: Tarmo Sutt had a new haircut and enjoyed April activities.

Secretary: Anne Mae Gold has nothing new to report today.

Treasurer: Robert Gold reported our current balance as $4,939.37

Membership: Larry Yoffee has nothing new to report. Tonight he will show one of
several car videos that he has found on YouTube. If members have anything that
they would like to see, please let Larry or Ray know so that they can reserve
the Center's Smartboard. It could be fun to view these videos at meetings. John
suggests that if CORSA puts out anything at the next National Convention,
someone should bring it in so that it can be viewed.

Editor: Jim Pittman said the deadline for the June newsletter is Friday, May 22.
The members reminisced about Winrock Center, opened in 1961. A 1961 Corvair was
donated by Ed Black's Chevrolet. In those days Ed Black's was a very
Corvair-friendly Chevrolet dealer. The club's first sponsor was Milton Sanchez,
a top salesman at Ed Black's. Once Winrock is fully renovated, it would be great
to approach them as a possible venue for a car show, possibly at their grand
opening. Tarmo suggested that we could track down the Ed Black Chevrolet
"Blackbird" logo. Jim appreciated Tarmo writing an article about Tim Shortle's
visit with his 1969 Corvair Monza at our Board meeting last month. Jim has still
heard nothing about the CORSA chapter fee. His inquiry has been forwarded up the
line to the president. Jim drove his 1965 Monza coupe to the meeting. It's his
last Corvair! He bought it from Dale Housley in 1988. He was going to have the
windshield replaced, but when the windshield was removed they found rust at the
bottom of the windshield. He had to have that repaired and took it to Morning
Star. They fixed the problem, put the windshield in and painted the car. It
looks wonderful!

Car Council: Robert Gold (1) Museum Car Show: meet by 7:00am at the Old Town
Sheraton hotel to drive in shortly afterward. Entry fee is $10. (2) Controversy
has come up in the Car Council. Mild-to-Wild Classics has traditionally hosted
the Car Appreciation Day get together. The Car Council proposed co-sponsoring
the event. So far nothing about the co-sponsorship! Stay tuned for more

Merchandise: Vickie Hall has no merchandise money to turn in. John gave the
Make-A-Wish driver a copy of the Care and Feeding book and Heula sent a copy to
the couple who bought the 1996 CORSA Convention raffle car. Vickie said that
Hagerty Insurance made a "garage find" in Texas: a lot of cars in pretty good
condition. She and Pat will be attending the convention in Tennessee. They would
like to take the Club banner to display out there.

Sunshine committee: Brenda Stickler and Vickie Hall are sending out birthday
cards. After June mailing cards will be done by Kay & Tarmo Sutt for a couple of

Upcoming Events:

Sunday May 17: NMCCC car show at the Albuquerque Museum. Meet before 7:00am at
the Hotel Albuquerque parking lot, north side. Entry fee is $10 per car. No
charge to see the cars!

May 29-31: Tri-State in Durango. Host hotel is the Hampton Inn. To order
T-shirts: and order on-line.

Anyone wanting to caravan on Friday, meet at the Sandia Casino turn off at
8:00am at the Valero Gas station.

Saturday June 6: Old Route 66 cleanup. Start at 8:00 am. Meet at I-40 and NM333

Tuesday June 23: The Great American Race will stay in Santa Fe overnight.

Wednesday June 24: The Great American Race will stop for lunch in Old Town at
around 11:45am.

Steve Gongora talked to a person at Cottonwood Mall about their hosting a car
show. They want to charge a fee. Steve asked if the fee could be waived, the
answer was no. Steve has not pursued it any further. He'd like to have the
membership send him pictures from our previous car show (July 1996) so that he
can re-approach them and see if they can agree it would be an advantage to them
to sponsor a car show. The board will continue discussing possible events that
the Club can put on.

Old Business:

Old Route 66 cleanup in April, eight members.

Jefferson Middle School 75th anniversary. Six members brought their Corvairs.
Art Gold said that he succeeded in having at least one car from every decade.

Grants driving tour, sixteen members attended. Our thanks to Steve Gongora &
Dick Cochran for organizing!

The 50/50 drawing was won by Robert Gold who donated his portion back to the
club, so the club treasury received $10.00.

Terry Price thanked Jim for being an exceptional Newsletter editor. Jim provided
him with an article that helped him out with a problem. He also thanked Pat Hall
and Larry Blair for technical assistance on his car restoration project.

Larry Yoffee showed on the Center's HD television an old GM film showing
advantages of the Rampside pickup as compared to the Ford Econoline pickup.



Present: Ray Trujillo, Jim Pittman, Lube Lubert, Dave Huntoon.

Ray called the meeting to order at 5:06 PM. and commented on the excellent
Museum Car Show.

Robert reported via email that our bank account totals $4,654.59.

Jim said the newsletter deadline was Friday May 22nd. He has heard nothing more
from CORSA about chapter fees.

The Sunshine Committee position is still vacant. Birthday cards were sent out by
Brenda and then by Vickie and after June they will be sent by Tarmo. After that,
who knows?

Car Council: No report. The next meeting will be Wednesday May 27th.

MAY 29-31 -- The Tri-State in Durango. Some will caravan on Friday morning from
the Valero gas station at Bien Mur, across from Sandia Casino.

JUN 6 (Saturday) 8:00 AM. -- Old Route 66 cleanup - Lube.

JUN 23 (Tuesday) the Great Race will stay overnight in Santa Fe. The cars will
be on display.

JUN 24 (Wednesday) the Great Race will stop for lunch in Old Town at 11:45 AM.

JUL  4 (Saturday) -- Car Show on the Santa Fe Plaza. Pancake Breakfast. Want to
have your car in the show? Be there by 4:30 AM.

We can have short videos after meetings on the big TV screen. What videos do you

See the web page for the Coast-to-Coast run with the Make-a-Wish Corvair:

Jim suggested that it is not too early to be thinking about the 2017 Tri-State.
It's our show.
	Where will we go?
	Who will organize?
	David said as far as he is concerned, it could be in Chama again.

Are you interested in working on the Tri-State or any other club project? Let
the Board know.

Ray reported that on FM 98.5 they have been advertising a raffle of a 1963
Corvair. He thinks it is a transmission shop in town. No more details to report
such as where to get tickets or a deadline. Maybe we need to listen to the radio
more to hear about this deal.

Adjourned at 5:35 P.M.



One nice thing about CNM is that all you have to do to be a member is to have to
have an interest in Corvairs. That means we have a number of members who attend
our events in cars other than a Corvair. A leading member of that group is our
beloved editor, Jim Pittman. To give Jim credit, his Corvair credentials are
impeccable. He bought his first Corvair new in 1966, he helped start our club,
and he's been a significant contributor to our hobby ever since. But, alas, it's
been a "coon's age" since he showed up in a Corvair. Rumor had it that he still
had a Corvair, but I didn't totally believe it. That is, until today....

A person looking very much like Jim drove up in a 1965 Monza. He had a big grin
on his face. The new white paint gleamed on his car and was dramatically
contrasted with a clean, dark red interior. I was so taken aback that my first
words were to accuse the driver of being an imposter. However, to my delight it
was actually Jim with his resurrected beauty. Nice to have you back Jim!

I guess this is a good time to recognize the other cars that joined Jim today.
Here is the lineup of the CNM'ers who got up early to show the world our cars.

	Anne Mae Gold	1961 Red Lakewood
	Robert Gold	1964 500 Coupe
	Art Gold	1964 Monza Coupe
	Tarmo Sutt	1965 Corsa Coupe
	Ray Trujillo	1965 Corsa Convert
	Jim Pittman	1965 Monza Coupe
	John Wiker	1966 Monza Coupe

The rainforest-type weather from yesterday was gone and when we got together at
the Hotel Albuquerque we were met with a cool but dry, morning. Everyone had
smiles on their faces. We started out at 7:00 and minutes later, were parked in
a line at the show.

You've heard me in the past go on about how nice this show is. Well, this show
did not disappoint. Dodge cars and trucks were the featured cars this year and
there were plenty to see parked in a place of honor at the show entrance. Kudos
to those Dodge owners who brought out their beauties to see. For a moment I
almost had an urge to get a Dodge, but a poke in the side from Anne Mae brought
me back to reality.

I can't begin to describe the variety and quality of the cars on display. I did
find it amusing that the Corvair and the Mustangs were parked back-to-back only
separated by a parking lot island. It goes to show you that if 'Stang and 'Vair
folks can coexist there is hope for all of society. (This has been the
significant portion of this report.) Anyway, to sum things up, the weather and
cars could not be beat at this year's event.

As I said above, this was the 31st year of this show. I hope to see more of you
at the 32nd.

-- Robert Gold


TREASURY REPORT ************* 04-25-2015 to 05-19-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $5,054.37
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.04.21 2193 -$  100.00 R.Trujillo  Christmas Dinner Expenses      -$  100.00
2015.04.21 2198 -$   90.00 CORSA Dues  L.Blair        26 m CORSA      -$   90.00
2015.04.27      +$   75.00 CNM Dues    L.Haynes       26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.04.27                 CNM Dues    J.Dinsdale     12 m CNM         $   25.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.05.19 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $4,939.37



Seventy-five years is an exceptionally long time for a junior high/middle school
to be in existence. This is the case with Jefferson Junior High School, now
called Jefferson Middle School. To celebrate the longevity of Jefferson, a day
of events was held, which included an all-decade car show. Before getting to the
specifics of the car show, here is a brief history of one of the elite middle
schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Just before Jefferson was built, the country was going through our biggest
depression. Because of this, the president, Franklin Roosevelt, created the
Public Works Administration (PWA), which would bring new industry and employ
local people.

The money to build this school came from the federal government. FDR was fond of
New Mexico. Voters in the state overwhelmingly supported him in his 1936
campaign. He also knew the then-governor of New Mexico, Clyde Tingley, who was
the husband of Carrie Tingley, founder of a hospital for handicapped children.
FDR, being disabled and having a great interest in helping handicapped children,
provided the plans for the original hospital, which was located in southern New
Mexico. The plans were similar to the plans of another hospital he backed in
Warm Springs, Georgia. Jefferson was funded by the Public Works Administration,
the PWA. The PWA's money, combined with the hard work of the people of
Albuquerque, led to the creation of Jefferson Junior High. In 1939, Jefferson
Junior High school opened its doors.

A grand day of events was held for the celebration of Jefferson Middle School's
75th Anniversary, on April 18th, 2015. These events included: a silent auction,
band and orchestra concerts from Jefferson's finest, decade fashion shows, a
meet-and-greet with Orbit of the Albuquerque Isotopes and Smokey the Bear, food
trucks (one with the BEST steak sandwich this side of the Mississippi), and a
decade car show.

The car show was quite the spectacle! Over a dozen vehicles arrived for the
show, including an example of a vehicle from each decade that Jefferson has been
in existence. The show had a rustic 1947 Plymouth, a pristine 1955 Dodge, and
yours truly's 1964 El Camino. There were Corvairs at the event. John Wiker
showed his yellow 1966 Coupe. Attendees relished sitting in the coupe's driver's
seat and having photos taken, while some learned how the horn ring is used.
President Trujillo brought his 1965 Convertible, and the Golds had prominent
attendance with three sweet rides, with the red Lakewood stealing the show. The
show was so popular that Orbit and Smokey the Bear had to stop by and have a
photo op with the Corvairs!

Many thanks go out to all who attended the show, and we will see you at the
100th anniversary of Jefferson Middle School.

Art Gold reporting.


	Mary Ellen Feasel
	Robert Gold
	Rita Gongora
	Heula Pittman
	Jonathan Reider
	Dan Thompson
	Sylvia Trujillo
	Debra & Jon Anderson
	Carol & Larry Haynes
	Carolyn & Dan Palmer
	Heula & Jim Pittman
	Sarah & Terry Price



Let's take a Road Trip, and what a Road Trip it was! Fifteen adults and one
supervising grandchild gathered at the Flying J Truck Stop on Saturday morning
the 25th of April. We got quite a break from the weather with bad weather on
either side of the day of our trip, but that day was beautiful. Five Corvairs
and five vanillas gathered for the trip. We met our tour guide, Dick Cochran at
the Rio Puerco bridge and headed west on I-40 to the Mesita exit where we joined
the Old Route 66 "Mother Road." We passed several historical sites along the way
to our first stop.

I found out that it was better to have a co-pilot along to read the information
from the trip packet put together by Steve Gongora. I found that driving and
reading is almost as bad as driving and texting and I was always nearly past an
interesting site before I could look out to see it. I missed the San Jose
Mission in Laguna but caught the Budville Gas station, a place I had visited
before with the "Big Club."

Next came the Village of Cubero where Ernest Hemingway was to have finished his
Old Man and the Sea classic. Then came San Fidel, home of the San Jose Convent
and the White Arrow garage. Next came the Whiting Bros Gas Station and Chief
Rancho Bar and Dance hall.

After crossing over I-40 to the other side we came upon McCarty and its Santa
Maria de Acoma church. Next was a harrowing s-turn back under I-40 and next we
turned south on Rt 117 and headed through the McCarty Lava Flow Field which is
the youngest flow in the Continental United States, not including Hawaii or
Alaska. We stopped at the Ranger Station and spent time familiarizing ourselves
with the geology on New Mexico.

Next stop was the Sandstone Bluff Overlook. What a sight to see in all
directions. Next we were to see the Old Woman Rock which I never picked up sight
of coming and going in neither direction from our visit to New Mexico's Natural
Bridge at La Ventana. Going to have to make the trip again with Anne as my
co-pilot this time.

Now it was off to Grants and lunch we thought. But when we all gathered at the
Mining Museum, our priorities changed and our hunger for information on uranium
mining overcame those of our stomach. After viewing a few films about the
process it was time to enter yesterday's mining days below ground. Our guide,
Scott, an engineer and long time miner, did an outstanding job making us
understand what mining life was like in the days from the 1960's to the 1980's
in its heyday. After a good time underground, we emerged and this time we were
definitely hungry. Ray Trujillo and I went to some familiar territory, the local
golf course and had cheeseburgers that were about 1/2 pound each. Ray was "The
Man" and finished his and I wimped out and took some of mine home for later. Ray
and I teamed up for the drive home and about 30 minutes later, who should zoom
past us on the interstate but Hurley in his early model.

When I got home, it was back to reality as the storm the next day threatened to
make my grass tall enough to have to hire some sheep to tend to it. Got it mowed
and raked and trimmed just before dark and the onset of bad weather.

I would like to thank Steve and Dick for showing me parts of New Mexico that I
had not seen in my 19 years here in New Mexico. If you could not make the trip,
I would be glad to let you copy my program of a very interesting 200 miles of
past history that you can take on your own. Mine will definitely be used again
and it definitely won't be 25 years like it was for some of the older club
members along that day. A great day was had by all, I hope!



As I happened to be in New Hampshire last week, I made the trip to Hopkinton
which is near the capitol, Concord, for their annual Corvair "Spring Dust Off."
It was a fairly well attended show with folks arriving in their early and late
Corvairs. The event was sponsored by the Central New Hampshire Corvair
Association. They were joined by Corvair owners from Maine and Massachusetts. I
was told that in some years past, Corvairs from Nova Scotia, Canada have
attended. Not this year. It was held at the Hopkinton State Fairgrounds which
looks nothing like ours. It was more like a mountain campground.

There was a total of around 35 cars if I counted correctly. The only model not
represented was a Rampside. Included in that number was an outstanding dune
buggy with a 1966 140 hp engine. The owner did all the work and it was very well
done. There was also a 1969 Fitch Sprint with fender flares. Don't think Fitch
made these after 1966, so this may be a custom.

The late convertibles outnumbered the late coupes and the earlies were well
represented with one Lakewood and two sedans. I spotted two early Spyder
convertibles in very nice condition, one with Kelsey Hayes wire wheels and one
late with A/C. Generally speaking, these were all nice copies of the cars we
love. There were also two Greenbriers. Lastly, there was even a "General Lee"
version of a late coupe painted orange with the famous Number 1 on the doors.

The event was open to the public but only those who registered were permitted to
vote. In addition to attracting votes for each car displayed, there were valve
cover races on a very nicely made track and the "back seat driver" event which
was really a lot of fun to watch.

For those of you who frequent any of the Corvair forums on-line, as I do, you'll
be interested to know that I was able to put a face to a few Corvair folks whose
forum handles I recognized as they were there and I had a chance to make a new
acquaintance or two.

Thanks to all the friendly Corvair folks who took the time to fill me in on this
very nice event. Glad I made the trip.

I have put together a video presentation that you can see by going to my website


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Sat  6 Jun  8:00 AM  Old Route 66 cleanup - meet at the I-40 / NM 333 triangle

Wed 17 Jun  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Fri 19 Jun  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for July 2015 newsletter

Sat 20 Jun  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or

Tue 23 Jun          THE GREAT RACE Santa Fe Plaza -
Wed 24 Jun 11:45 AM THE GREAT RACE Lunch in Old Town

Sat  4 Jul  EARLY!  Fourth of July on the Plaza - Santa Fe - Pancake Breakfast


Fri 10 Jul - 6th Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day -Activities being planned
Sat 11 Jul - 6th Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day -Activities being planned

Wed 15 Jul  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Sat 18 Jul  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
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Fri 24 Jul  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for August 2015 newsletter

Sun  9 Aug - All Clubs Picnic - Oak Flat Picnic Area, South Rt 337

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Sat 19 Sep  9:30 AM Annual Santa Fe Air Show
Sun 20 Sep  7:00 AM Meet to go into the NEW MEXICO STATE FAIR CAR SHOW (?)
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Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 6 # 393

The "Library Van" was at the Museum Car Show. All 51 active members and 8
inactive members were listed. Mike Stickler ran our May meeting and Wendell
Walker reported $2321 in the bank. Sally Williams had a baby boy. We discussed
the need to increase our dues and ways to make more money. New members were
Curtis Shimp of Silver City, Fred Riggs of Las Vegas and Melba & Tommie Anderson
of Rio Rancho. Brenda Stickler reported on plans for the 2009 Taos Tri-State and
reported on this year's Tri-State at Pagosa Springs. Robert Gold reported on an
outstanding collection of Corvairs at the Museum car show. Steve Goodman told
two ways to find #1 TDC. What do those numbers and codes on a tire's sidewall
mean? Some are the date the tire was made.

2001 V. 27 Nr 6 # 309

Photos from the Manitou Springs Tri-State. Wendell said we had $5,686 to spend.
New members: Barbara & Gordon Johnson of Corrales. Larry gave the answers to the
Big-I Quiz. Mark previewed the upcoming Chicago CORSA convention. Some planned
to be at the Santa Fe Plaza on July 4th for pancakes. Ruth volunteered her Pecos
Wilderness cabin for an August campout. Sylvan reported news of former member
Will Davis, now in Florida: he picked up a dune buggy with 140 and Holley carb.

Members had a terrific time at the Tri-State. Reports came from Mary Lou
Martinek, Kay Sutt, Steve Goodman, Elizabeth Domzalski, Jim Pittman and Dennis
Pleau. Robert Gold reported on the Albuquerque Museum car show. Del Patten
emailed about the Big-I Quiz.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 6 # 225

The "oldest known" registered Corvette in New Mexico was a 1954 6-cylinder.
President Del ran the meeting. Guests were David Patten and Gary Rudolph. A new
member was George White. Treasurer Will Davis reported $918 in the bank; $50 was
sent to the Michelle Goffe Foundation Scholarship Fund and $200 was used to
start our 1996 Convention fund. We discussed upcoming car shows and a planned
rally or econorun. We planned a Villanueva campout. It was our turn to host the
Tri-State next year. It would be at Red River again.

Technical articles included an update on replacing shroud seals and a report on
our recent shifter clinic. Newsletter cartoon character Shoe's old DeSoto got 30
miles per gallon but it was oil, not gasoline. We had nine photos from our
Museum Car Show.

1987 Vol 13 Nr 6 # 141

Another Mark Morgan fantasy sketch: two CNM members fight Bernalillo Vice in
their Corvair/Ferrari replica. President Clayborne ran the meeting. LeRoy said
we had $529 in the bank. Seven Corvairs went on a rainy trip to Madrid. New name
tags arrived. We planned our participation in the May Albuquerque Museum car
show, a June picnic and a June econorun. LeRoy listed items to be auctioned in
June. An illustrated tech tip by Jerry Goffe told us how to obtain and install a
replacement license plate light housing for our 95 FCs. Other tech tips told how
to remove the oil pickup tube when disassembling an engine and the proper way to
use a test light. Bill Reider reported on the Museum car show. Tarmo's 1964
Monza convertible took Best of Show. Fifteen Corvairs were entered!

1980 Vol 6 Nr 6 # 57

On the cover, a Porsche, an Elephant and a Beetle, all with racing stripes. The
joke question was, "What did they have in common with Corvairs?" If you don't
know, ask your president. A historical note: this was the first Enchanted
Corvairs Newsletter to be printed on Jim's new Apple II Plus computer and NEC
Spinwriter printer, using a word processor called Super-Text. Although this and
many later issues of the newsletter looked more or less the same as before,
editing the newsletter by computer was a major improvement for the editor! No
more typing on a borrowed IBM Selectric, no more white-out, no more re-typing an
entire page to correct a minor error. Being able to use a computer to produce
the newsletter pushed back the editor's burn-out crisis by many, many years. In
fact, thanks to the little guy in the back of his head, he still hasn't reached

At our June meeting we may have had a Club officer in charge, we may have had a
treasurer's report and we may have approved the minutes, but we'll never know
for sure because none of this made it into the newsletter. We learned that
Corvairs were no longer wanted at the State Fair. We were invited to Moriarty
for their July Fourth parade. Mary Twilley donated a Corvair billfold for a
drawing. Jim Godlevski demonstrated his technique for welding and balancing
flywheels. Yes, welding. Bill Reider gave a talk on distributors. A new member
was Bill Hector. We donated $100 to the Kidney Foundation of New Mexico in
memory of Ike Meissner.

An article on fuel mileage by your editor discussed the changes in the way
mileage is reported now as compared to back in the sixties when our cars were
new. Jim asserted that EPA gas mileage figures are inflated some 25 to 30
percent as compared to the SAE ratings that were common during the sixties.
Also, since gas mileage isn't actually measured on the road but rather is
calculated from running an engine in the lab, you can't count on getting the
mileage the EPA says when you buy your new Chevrolet or Toyota. It also means
you can't readily compare published road test figures on Corvairs to road test
numbers on modern cars, since the measuring rules are different. Extrapolating
from these facts, Jim gave actual gas mileage figures for two of his Corvairs
and showed what (he claimed) the EPA figures would be if this was a valid

Finally, we had an article about a "Devin" Corvair-powered sports car, a call
for statistics on who in the club were "old timers" and a letter from Seth
Emerson who was running for CORSA director and asked for our votes. We finished
up with two tech tips: where to find a suitable replacement radio speaker and
how to use a Wisk bottle as an oil funnel.



As I did some quick research on the headlight bezel question, I deferred first
to my all-knowing Corvair guru buddy, then did a quick search on the Corvair
forum for all changes in the 1966 Model year.

So the notch is actually there for water drainage, and should have a matching
notch on the passengers side also. (See #13 on list of changes for the Body.) As
with most parts for our cars, early and late, many have been swapped without
even knowing there was a design change. Thanks to Terry Price for bringing this

The below list was complied from  and many contributors
there need to get credit.	-- Russ

Changes from 1965 model year to 1966 model year *

Items include those first offered in the 1966 model year and items that were put
into production during the transition between the 1965 and 1966 model year. This
list contains items and changes generally considered to be 1966 in nature but,
many were running changes that occurred towards the end of the 1965 model year
and therefore can be found on a number of late production 1965 Corvairs. Also
there are a few items that were first made available late in the 1966 model year
and will not be found on all 1966 models. When possible, dates for running
changes are included. Dates on running changes were gathered from the 1965 and
1966 assembly manuals. The dates listed represent the date the changes were
incorporated into the assembly manual with a revision. I believe these dates
should be viewed as a ballpark figure, give or take a week or two, on when the
changes took effect. Although the changes may have actually occurred on the
dates listed in the assembly manual, it appears unlikely that GM would be so
precise with running changes. Corvairs were also produced in three different
plants during the 1965 and 1966 model years: Willow Run, Van Nuys and Oshawa.
You would do well to assume that they did not occur at precisely the same time
at all three plants.

Another factor to take into account is the imprecise nature of dated components
in the car. Many components may have manufacturing dates on them. These include
engine blocks, transaxles, instrument clusters, carpets, distributor,
alternator, and the actual Fisher body of the Corvair to name a few. In general,
these dates are usually within a few weeks of the actual production date of the
car and fortunately this would apply for the vast majority of Corvairs produced.
Unfortunately since a small number of Corvairs don't follow this pattern, we
can't use the term "numbers matching" with 100% certainty.

Here is why the numbers may not always match closely to the actual production
date. Component parts, including the Fisher body, should always have dates that
would precede the actual production date. These components were stockpiled and
usually used in production within a few weeks of manufacture. Slowdowns,
over-production of parts, holdbacks and strikes can widen the gap between
component manufacture and actual car production. Fisher body was also known to
stockpile bodies and hold them before releasing them to the Chevrolet side for
production. This is dramatically illustrated by the holdback of months on some
bodies during the 1969 model year. Also Fisher would release a group of bodies
at once, and that would explain why the assigned VIN does not always follow the
sequence of the body number. For example, VIN #10 has body #11 and VIN #11 has
body #10. In view of these facts, generally speaking, you can get a rough idea
when your Corvair was produced. Do not be surprised if a component or two have
dates that fall outside that couple-of-weeks window. It still may be the
original part that came with the car. With the absence of production data from
GM (no longer available) for U.S. built Corvairs, the actual production date
will remain unknown. GM Canada does have records on the actual production dates
on Corvairs built in Oshawa. This can be obtain by mail. In the case of U.S.
built Corvairs, most owners will use the Fisher body build date as the
production date, and the true build date (car assembled and assigned a VIN on
the Chevy side) can range from a day to a week after the body build date in most
cases. Try checking the date codes on other components to see if they agree
within a couple of weeks of the estimated production date.

So there you have it. You can get a general idea when your Corvair was built,
and you can compare that date with the general date a running change occurred.
When considering if you car should have the running change or not, allow some
time leeway due to the fact that the dates we are using are estimates. (This
list was complied by David Trull.)

 1) New style tail light lenses (wedding band style on early 1966s)
 2) New style rear lower exhaust grill
 3) New style trim insert for redesigned lower exhaust grill for Corsa models
 4) No pinstriping on beltline of Corsa model
 5) New style Monza cross
 6) New plastic front "spoiler" lower valance
 7) New style "wide" chrome lock trim piece with blue instead of red center
 8) Corvair script relocated from hood to front panel. (three instead of two
 9) New style standard hubcaps with new design plastic inserts
10) New style one piece wheel well trim
11) Different trunk lock cylinder
12) Restyled thinner "look" rocker trim
13) Front aluminum headlight bezels have minor change. (added weep hole)
14) Remote mirror style changed to the "1967" style on 03/02/66
15) Most 1966 models had the older style which moved the entire head when
16) Headlight backing plate changed
17) Sheet metal box on air inlet shelf now gone
18) New style rear hood emblems for 110hp emblem (new mounting holes on rear
    hood fit newer 110hp emblem only)
19) New style rear hood emblems for 140hp emblem (new mounting holes on rear
    hood fit newer 140hp emblem only)
20) New style rear hood emblems for 180hp emblem (same mounting holes as all
    1965 rear hood emblems)
21) New improved firewall mounting for steering column to improve safety
22) Fewer spot welds on body
23) New style outside rearview mirror (non-remote)
24) Trunk splatter paint color darker on 1966 Van Nuys built Corvairs
25) Gas tank strainer removed, according to GM parts catalog
26) Attaching screws for tunnel pan changed on 01/04/66.
    1965 part #9417881 1966 part #9421479
27) Front hood spring retainer has 2 screws on 65s and only 1 on 66s
28) Steel floor plugs no longer have a notch on opposing sides like the 1965
29) Lower heater hose straps mounting position changed
30) Speedometer cable routed differently on 07/09/65. The cable is routed under
    the brake line on '65s and over the brake line on '66s. (See assembly manual
    for details)
31) Front license plate mounting frame changed. 1965 models had only round holes
    to mount plate. This required a nut and bolt to install the plate. 1966
    models have square holes
    for plastic inserts, which require only a bolt to screw into the insert.
32) Different routing of AC lines in body

33) Front brake shoe anchor pin changed
34) Late 1966 models have predrilled holes for dual master cylinder

35) Quick steering option now available factory option, RPO N44
36) Headrest bucket seats now available, RPO A82
37) Rear power antenna now available, RPO U75
38) Telescopic column without wood wheel now available, RPO N36
39) Hazard flasher now available factory option, RPO V74
40) Shoulder harness now available factory option (after Feb 1st 1966) as
    RPO A85
41) Special performance suspension now an available factory option, RPO F41
42) Hood and Trunk auxiliary lights now available as factory RPO Z19 package
43) Door edge guards now a factory RPO (part of the "Z19" Convenience package)
44) Manual tune radio is no longer listed as a factory RPO but still available
    from dealer
45) Two-speed wiper/washer no longer an option and now standard
46) Padded dash no longer an option and now standard
47) Backup lights no longer an option and now standard
48) Triangular glass refill bottle no longer part of two-speed wiper/washer
    package. (This was likely a cost saving decision due to the fact that the
    2spd wiper/washer was now standard and not an extra cost option as in 1965)
    (Still avail from dealer)
49) Outside rearview mirror no longer an option and now standard
    (RPO D32 deleted)
50) Rear Seat belts no longer an option and now standard
51) Tires changed from 6.50x13 to 7.00x13
52) Window sticker style changed
53) AC sticker changed, late 1966

54) Brake pedal switch changed. (07/07/65) 1965 part # 1993509
    1966 part # 1993353
55) Positive battery cable now routed through grommet in body instead of grommet
    in front shroud. (07/07/65)
56) Slightly different wiring to power top relay on frame rail. See assembly
    manual for details.
57) Different colors used on wiring harness ( changed to match rest of Chevy
    product line)
58) No longer a separate engine harness for 500 models; now shares harness with
    Monzas. (Backup lights standard)
59) Dash harness changed to include 2-speed wiper connector

60) Linkage for 140hp engine changed
61) New battery hold down ( 06/04/65 )
62) New style rear engine motor mount. ( 03/04/65 )
63) AC condenser relocated up away from engine.
64) AC now available for 140hp models including Corsa.
65) Receiver dryer moved from the engine compartment to the trunk
66) 1/4 in. size bolts for rubber engine perimeter seal (01/25/66)
    1965's used 5/16 in.
67) New Style Turbo air cleaner sticker.
68) Fuel lines on right side of 140hp models changed. (due to AC or smog pump)
69) AIR smog pump added to California vehicles except turbocharged 180hp models.
70) Changes to shrouds to accommodate AIR plumbing
71) AIR cars have modified exhaust manifolds
72) AIR cars have extra pulley for smog pump
73) Some larger shroud bolt attaching holes on cylinder heads.
74) Body platform code "Z" added to trim line on body tags on Van Nuys built
    Corvairs, excluding those with optional headrests. This was added to
    identify Corvair platform since Van Nuys was producing other Chevy models
75) No group 3 options on Fisher body tag
76) Front engine shroud changed to delete axle dipstick tube hole
77) Fan shroud has larger attaching holes due to use of larger attaching bolts
    in heads.
78) "High" mount bracket for AC now available for use on 140hp engine. Low mount
    bracket still used on two carb models.
79) Different mounting location for fast idle solenoid ( Now mounted to fan
80) AC cars no longer use 1961-63 style air cleaner assemblies. Std late model
    units used
81) Different ignition coil mounting location on 1966 AC cars vs. 1965 AC cars.
82) Different distributors "recurved" for AIR models
83) AC rear lid mercury switch added to shut off compressor when lid is opened
84) Transaxle oil dipstick check label in engine compartment now gone
85) Voltage regulator mounts in different position. No longer mounted diagonally
    as 1965 models. Now mounts pretty much straight up and down.
86) Spare tire carrier assembly attached to frame rail changed. (01/07/66)
    Lug wrench no longer attaches to carrier and now attaches to floor shelf
    near jack.
87) Clips attaching the molded insulation to the rear hood changed.
    1965 part # 9775412 1966 part # 389609
88) Front shroud engine grommet changed from 4 hole to 3 hole. (06/15/65)
89) Special crankcase vent tube for 1965 AC cars no longer needed and deleted.
90) Special 1965 AC oil bath air cleaner setup deleted. 1966 models do not
    require a special oil bath setup for AC cars.
91) Carburetor assembly changed. New part number with jetting changes

 92) New style upholstery with trim buttons and without map pockets.
 93) Wrinkled finished Corsa instrument cluster (dash) no longer has silver
     striping surrounding the dash. (08/13/65) 1965 part # 6455028
     1966 part # 6457062
 94) New style horn button for sport wheel option (non-telescopic)
 95) Different style ignition switch
 96) Different ignition lock cylinder
 97) Rear speaker grille style changed
 98) Thicker sun visors
 99) Tire pressure warning sticker in glovebox changed
100) Deluxe seatbelt buckles design changed
101) Monza emblem on horn button changed
102) Ashtrays now have a plastic "handle" that is screwed onto the front lip
     of the ashtray.
103) New face design on tissue dispenser
104) Different style rubber floor mats
105) Monza dashes now black instead of silver colored.
106) Shifter housing changed (05/05/65) 1965 part # 3872873 1966 part # 3872875
107) Shifter lever changed (07/07/65) 1965 part # 3872871 1966 part # 3872872
108) Chrome Corsa shifter housing changed. (07/07/65)
     1965 part # 3861871 1966 part # 3886500
109) Change in AC control assembly (spring added)

110) New two piece steering shaft with new type coupler (03/31/65)
111) Steering column mast jacket different

112) Change to a new Saginaw transmission for both 3 and 4spds.
113) Front strut rod bracket to transmission crossmember changed
114) Axle half shaft u-joint to hub bolts size enlarged on both ends.
     (late 1965 running change)
115) No longer have dipstick for transaxle
116) Backup light switch relocated on manual trans from bottom to the side
117) Shifter rear stabilizer bracket changed
118) Differential case changed (i.e. New mounting holes) to mount new style
119) On the shifter assembly, the receiver for the ball of the shifter is
     a welded on stamped version, replacing the 1965 style cast piece.
120) Throttle rod redesigned for new manual transmission.
121) Different longer (24 3/8" Vs 23 \0xBC") transmission input shaft
122) Rear transmission crossmember redesigned for use with the new "Saginaw"
123) Special flat metal locking piece attached to axle u-joint strap deleted.
     Bend up tang to lock. (08/13/65)
124) Accelerator linkage crossbar pivot attached to transmission redesigned.
125) On 1965s the bezel screwed into the backing plate and in 1966 it screwed
     into extra brackets in the headlight buckets

So, there you have it.... a listing of (most of) the many
changes to the Upgraded and Updated Model Year for 1966.

And do NOT give me credit for this find, it must go to my all-knowing buddy
Geoff Johnson (which took all of 4 seconds to answer me - he had to type the
answer out, ya know), and the more knowledgeable folks on the

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