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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

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 Mechanically Un-inclined .......................... Ray Trujillo
 June Meeting Minutes ............................. Anne Mae Gold
 June Board Meeting ................................. Jim Pittman
 Treasury Report .................................... Robert Gold
 The Great Race vs. the City - March Car Council .... Robert Gold
 Birthdays & Anniversaries ................... Sunshine Committee
 Who Do I Vote For? - May Car Council ............... Robert Gold
 Durango 2015 Tri-State Member Reports ....... Robert Gold, Larry
 Yoffee, John Wiker, Bill Reider,  Jim Pittman, Curt Shimp, Larry
 Blair, Steve & Rita Gongora, Lube Lubert, Vickie Hall, Elizabeth
 Domzalski,  Anonymous,  Photo Captions
 Mr and Mrs Bill Reider, 65th Anniversary ... Albuquerque Journal
 Calendar of Coming Events ................... Board of Directors
 July Issues, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ........ Club Historian

COVER:    Larry Yoffee's maroon 1965 Corsa turbo coupe in Durango
COVER: Lube Lubert received the Hard Luck Award for bearing noise

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Hello everyone!

This year's Tri-State has now come and gone. My family and I had a really nice
weekend at the meet and a big thank you to Rocky Mountain Corsa for doing a
great job hosting. Durango is truly a great mountain town with plenty to see and
do and I know we, in addition to the planned Corvair activities, also enjoyed
some hiking, some bike riding and some golfing. CNM had a terrific showing with
41 people attending, so thanks to everyone who came and represented our fine
club. It was announced that next year's Tri-State will be held in Montrose,
Colorado. Having the meet in Montrose may not be a surprise to many of you long
time members since every ten years the Tri-State's tradition is to hold it in
the very first town where the first Tri-State was held. The Pikes Peak Corvair
Club will host next year's meet and the following year in 2017 it will be our
turn. It's not too early for us to start thinking about who, what, where and
when for our Tri-State. So if you have any ideas about this event please let me
or a board member know your thoughts.

On June 6th CNM held its second Old Route 66 cleanup for 2015 and we had six
members come and help with our club's obligation. Thank you to Larry Blair, Dave
Huntoon, Robert Gold, Lube Lubert, Jim Pittman and John Wiker for their efforts.
So let me get this straight, CNM had 6 members cleaning 66 on the 6th day of the
6th month. Wow, is that just an incredible occurrence or am I just very easily
amused by coincidental happenings. Anyway, if I had been one of those 6 members
picking up trash on the 6th day of the 6th month on the Old Route 66 highway I
hope I would have had the 6th sense to go to the Route 66 casino afterward.

Okay, that's enough of me and my psychotic thoughts, so let's move on to
upcoming events.

After our next membership meeting on July 1st, Bill Reider has put together a
twenty minute video about maintenance relative to keeping our Corvairs running
smoothly. The video is from the American Mechanic and Bill has condensed the
material to items that are more beneficial to us. So if you like tech sessions
this should be worthwhile and educational. On the Fourth of July, the annual
Pancake breakfast on the Plaza in Santa Fe takes place. If you'd like to show
your Corvair you'll need to get there really early, like 6:00 AM or earlier.
Tarmo Sutt has told us he'll be unable to attend this year so possibly others
from our club will be able to represent CNM this year. Next up on the schedule,
on Saturday August 9th the NMCCC will have its All Clubs Picnic at the Oak Flats
Picnic area on South Route 337. Then on Sunday September 20th we have the New
Mexico State Fair Car Show and it is free admission just for bringing your
Corvair. So if you enjoy going to the fair without all the hassles of parking
and paying to just get in, then this is the perfect way to avoid all that. One
week later on September 25th thru 27th, the NMCCC will hold its annual Los Lunas
Swap Meet. This event has just gotten bigger every year, so if you'd like to
find some great deals or enter as a vendor then this is the event for you. For
more info about this event go to

Well I guess that's enough said for now, so I'll see you at the Route 66 Casino,
oops I mean the next club meeting.

Ray Trujillo


Anne Mae Gold

Start at 7:08 PM. Previous minutes were approved.

President: Colleen and gang from Big 98.5 FM Radio came out to the meeting. They
brought a 1963 Corvair (known as Claire the Corvair) that they are giving away.
Members were able to sign up for the key give away. Only 100 keys will be given
out, this sign up is for one of those keys. Steve and Rita will be donating a
dash cover for the Corvair. Daniel Winard from AAMCO was in attendance. He
helped put the Corvair together and has learned how to take care of Corvairs. On
Saturday June 27th, winners of keys will need to come out to AAMCO Westside
(6632 Caminito Coors Blvd NW) between 8-9 AM to register. You must be present to
win, key vouchers are not transferable. You can sign up online at or go to an Audio Express.
This car has been modified. Daniel has pulled out a lot of original parts but
they will go along with the car to the winner. He can work on transmissions and
just about anything else to do with automobile maintenance and repair, but he
does not sell tires. He owns AAMCO at 6632 Caminito Coors Blvd NW on the west
side, phone 505-896-4244 or check out

The Tri-State meet in Durango was very well attended by CNM -- 41 people
attended. Rocky Mountain CORSA did a great job putting on the event. RMC had 50
members in attendance so they took back the traveling trophy. Thanks to RMC for
a very enjoyable weekend. The 2016 Tri-State will be in Montrose, Colorado,
hosted by the Pikes Peak Corvair Club. The following year it will be CNM's turn.
We need to start planning soon for Tri-State 2017. Possible venues mentioned so
far were Las Vegas, Santa Fe and Los Alamos. Be thinking of other venues and
bring them up.

Lessons Learned from this last Tri-State: check acoustics in room, get a good
speaker system, choose an MC who speaks clearly and loudly, make sure there is
plenty of room for diners. The food was very good but the room had poor
acoustics, was very noisy and tables were crammed together. There was no
consideration for handicapped attendees -- bathrooms were upstairs!

Vice President: Tarmo brought a rare Corvair part to show after the meeting. He
asked about the Hampton Inn Tri-State lodging, everyone seemed to enjoy the
amenities, breakfast was great. He stayed at the Knights Inn, he felt it was
somewhat run down. Dave stayed at the Econo-Lodge. His room was small, no real
breakfast offered. Tarmo will be in California this year for the Fourth of July
so his famous immaculate 1966 Corsa turbo convertible will not be there. He
encourages the membership to come up and show a Corvair on the Plaza. For a
choice spot, be there at 4:30 AM!

Secretary: Nothing new.

Treasurer: Robert was unable to attend. He sent a report. The balance is

Membership: Larry was not in attendance.

Editor: This is a short month. Deadline is Friday June 19th for the newsletter.
Please send him any articles or your short paragraphs on the Tri-State to
include in the newsletter.

Car Council: Wednesday June 24 the Great American Race will stop, not in Old
Town, but at the great Unser Museum for lunch from 11:30-3:30 so no traffic jam
in Old Town! Our CNM member from Mimbres, Floyde Adams, will be there, driving a
1928 Buick Roadster. Jim reminded us that the Unser Museum has a fabulous
collection of race cars.

Merchandise: Vickie says that merchandise is not selling. Everyone here already
has just about everything that she has for sale. It was suggested that she take
the patches and the pins to the CORSA National Convention in Tennessee and to
Montrose next year and try to sell them there.

Sunshine Committee: Vickie is going to pass on the birthday card assignment to
Tarmo and Kay. She will give Tarmo everything tonight.

Upcoming Events:

June 6 (Saturday) Old Route 66 cleanup 8:00 AM, meet at the I-40 and NM 333
triangle. If it's raining, volunteers are not allowed to pick up trash... so
don't come out if it is raining.

June 23-28 CORSA National Convention, Knoxville, Tennessee

June 24 (Wednesday), Great American Race Lunch, Unser Museum from 11:30-3:30

July 4th (Saturday), Santa Fe Car Show on the Plaza, early start 4:30 AM (if you
want to show your car on the plaza)

August 9 All Clubs Picnic at Oak Flats Picnic Area, South Route 337. Robert will
tell us more.

Recent Events:
Albuquerque Museum/Car Council car show was very nice, CNM had seven members
bring their Corvairs. Thanks to those members for their efforts.

Lube showed us his hard-luck award plaque from the Tri-State.

Drawing for 50/50: John Wiker won $9.00 to pay for a sandwich.

Sam Nickel sent Dave Huntoon an e-mail with photos. He obtained a red 1960
Corvair coupe, a 500, with 14 miles on it. That's FOURTEEN miles. It was part of
the Pierce, Nebraska trove of stored Chevrolets auctioned in 2014. He is
interested in selling it. Sam lives in Albuquerque. He will probably be asking
$12,000 for it.

Adjourn: 8:05 PM

Tarmo had a tech session for those interested: he brought in a Judson
Supercharger for members to see. This large, heavy device is destined to go to
Del Patten, former CNM member and past president, who has been back east for
many years.


Jim Pittman

Ray Trujillo, Robert Gold, Lube Lubert and Jim Pittman met at 5:00 PM. Ray told
us that Bill Reider has Corvair tech sessions and commercials ready for viewing
after meetings. Jim said we need a smooth transition to after-meeting tech or
video sessions, as some members will want to leave early, others will want
conversations with friends, and some will want to watch the sessions. Ray said
that we need to start planning our turn for the 2017 Tri-State. Las Vegas, Los
Alamos or a return to Taos or Chama are the suggestions we have heard so far.
Summer events need planning. The Car Council picnic is on August 9th. Do we want
a Corvair picnic in October?

Robert said our bank balance was $4,919.59 and he was surprised at the cost
(about $30) for a book of deposit slips which he has purchased. Wendell Walker's
name no longer is printed on our checks and Robert and Art are authorized to
write checks on our account. Adding a person to sign checks is a complex and
tedious process! Anne Mae is in Phoenix and has been hired at Sandia High
School, starting this fall. Congratulations!

Jim's deadline for the newsletter is Friday June 19th and he hopes to get more
"paragraphs" for the newsletter from those who attended.

Sunshine Committee chair position is still vacant. Kay Sutt sent birthdates and
anniversary dates for July and will be sending out birthday cards.

Car Council news - the free lunch for those who worked on the Museum Car Show
will be attended by Art.

We hope some members will attend the Great Race on June 24th starting about
11:00 AM at Unser Museum because of all the great classic cars that will be
there, as well as our own Floyde Adams who will be driving a 1928 Buick

We think John Wiker will attend the July Fourth Car Show on the Plaza in Santa
Fe. Perhaps other Corvairs will join him?

The August 9th Car Council Picnic is on schedule for Oak Flats on South 337 and
CNM will be bringing bottles of water or other items.

The September 20th State Fair Car Show is right on track as in previous years
and all who have a Corvair to show will get in the State Fair for free that day.

The September 27th Swap Meet in Los Lunas is right on track and will be bigger
than ever this year.

We heard that Hurley Wilvert crashed his motorcycle at a race and is recovering
from several broken ribs.

Ray said he planned to bring his Corvair to the AAMCO raffle event on Saturday
June 27th.

We adjourned and then went outside to admire the new paint on Robert's blue late


   Sent: Saturday, June 06, 2015 1:18 PM
     To: Barron, Olga, NMDOT
Subject: Old Route 66 Cleanup - June 2015

We started our trash cleanup at 8:00 AM on Saturday June 6th. We filled
approximately seven large black plastic trash bags. The amount of trash was
light today. These members of CORVAIRS OF NEW MEXICO participated:

	Lube Lubert	Robert Gold
	David Huntoon	Larry Blair
	Jim Pittman	 John Wiker

Sincerely, Lube Lubert


TREASURY REPORT ************* 05-19-2015 to 06-16-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $4,939.37
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.05.07 2202 -$   34.78 J.Pittman   MAY 2015 Newsletter_Printing   -$   34.78
2015.05.15 2201 -$  250.00 Make-a-wish Donation                       -$  250.00
2015.05.20      +$  120.00 CORSA Dues  C.Johnson      12 m CORSA       $   45.00
2015.05.20                 CNM Dues    C.Johnson      12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.05.20                 CNM Dues    J.Yelich       26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.05.28 2203 -$   45.00 CORSA Dues  C.Johnson      12 m CORSA      -$   45.00
2015.06.03      +$   50.00 CNM Dues    C.Shimp        26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.06.05      +$  140.00 CORSA Dues  D.Gadomski     26 m CORSA       $   90.00
2015.06.05                 CNM Dues    D.Gadomski     26 m CNM         $   50.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.06.16 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $4,919.59


Robert Gold

Let me start this month's Car Council report with a bit of a confession. You're
not going to hear much about what went on at the Council meeting. To tell the
truth nothing much exciting went on this month. We had our normal officer
reports and discussions, but nothing to "write home about." I can say the
Council is doing great financially, we have a new Treasurer, and plans continue
for the various Council-sponsored events for 2015. If you need all the
particulars wait until I distribute the April Council newsletter or take a look
at the absolutely wonderful website What I'd like to talk
about here is a non-Council event: The Great Race.

For those not in the know, the Great Race is comprised of a group of incredibly
valuable antique cars that follow a grueling course through the U.S. This year
the race is scheduled to come through Albuquerque on June 24. If you'd like to
see what kinds of cars compete in the race, take some time off and go up to the
J&R Car Museum in Rio Rancho. On display are a number of cars that have competed
in the race.

When discussion of the race took place my attention was drawn to the statement
that, "The race will stop in Old Town for lunch." OLD TOWN FOR LUNCH! That means
130-plus antique cars will be stopping in Old Town and after the cars are parked
the riders will go to lunch. WHAT?

Anyone who has lived in Albuquerque for any amount of time knows very well that
in the summer time trying to navigate Old Town can be quite a challenge. Just
finding parking for a single car can be a problem. Just imagine 130 cars
rumbling into town with their occupants hungry for lunch. Where are these cars
going to park and where are these folks going to eat? The organizers have
allocated just 2 hours for this exercise. I hope they find a venue that can
service all of them that quickly.

In case you think I'm over thinking this thing, remember that the organizers are
going to be dealing with representatives of the City of Albuquerque, who didn't
show much interest when the race came through town a few years back.

I realized I wasn't the only one with concerns when I saw the expressions on the
faces of the other club reps. Joyce Clements said that she'd look into the
situation. The problem is, who are we to ask? The City of Albuquerque can be a
mystery to navigate and the Great Race's web page didn't give many details. On
the plus side, the Council voted to hand out welcome dash plaques to each car in
the race. I have the image of the cars driving along, not having a place to
stop, and the passengers grabbing a plaque as they continue through town.

I truly hope things are better organized than they seem now. It could work.
After all, my true love, Anne Mae, observed that all the cars could easily fit
in the Albuquerque Little Theater parking lot. So, if you want to see how things
work out, plan to be in Old Town on Wednesday, June 24, at around 11:30. Just
make sure you get there early so you can get a parking spot!	-- Robert Gold


Robert Gold

The meeting began in the parking lot. We hung out and talked cars as we waited
for a key to get in. Joyce came to the rescue with the key and in no time we
were ready to begin the meeting. The meeting, though poorly attended, did have a
few things of interest. So here goes.

The treasurer gave his report. We continue to be in great shape. There's lots o'
money in a checking account and a couple of CD's.

Things moved to a discussion of the results of the May 17th Museum Car show.
The event just about broke even. We had 308 entries. Volunteers at the event get
a free luncheon at Villiage Inn Pizza in Corrales on June 28. I'll send a list
of those who get free food. The event lost a bit of money. Nothing that can't be
made up.

I reported that we've had about 1,400 views on the website. My main concern has
to do with the domain name. Jamie will help me figure out what we need to do to
gain ownership of our "good name." I'll hopefully have something intelligent to
say at the next meeting.

NEWS FLASH ---- The Great Race has figured things out. No longer will they be
waiting in line to turn left through the Old Town Plaza. The event has been
changed to the UNSER MUSUEUM at 1776 Montano Rd NW, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque,
NM 87107 on Wednesday, June 24. Lunch is sheduled to begin around 11:30 and end
at 3:45 when the racers go on to Gallup. I'd suggest you stop by and see all the
cool cars that are in the process of crossing most of the country.

Jamie reported that things are progressing nicely on the August 9, All Club's
Picnic. The GTO Club and the Rickshaws are teaming up on the event. The entry
fee is still  $5.00 per carload. It was pointed out that our classics could
generally fit a lot of people in the car and don't forget the trunk.

The meeting concluded with nominations for the officer positions to be voted on
next week. After the dust had settled, we had one nomination for each of the
open positions, except for the President. Jamie Saavedra and Lauri Rector both
showed interest in that position. Dennis Siebert accepted a strategy of giving
the person the presidental position and the loser would become the
vice-president. Now I have to decide who to vote for?

Jamie has done a great job as the Facebook person for the Council, and besides,
she did a brilliant job restoring her GTO. Lauri has been the backbone of the
organization for the last three years. No doubt we'd have a great group under
Lauri's leadership. So WHO DO I VOTE FOR? Tune in next month and see how things
turned out.

That's about it for this month. As I write this I'm packing for the Tri-State.
Art and I will be on the road in his 1964 Monza 2-door. See you up in Durango.

-- Robert Gold


CNM Birthdays in July:
	Debra Anderson
	Larry Blair
	Mark Domzalski
	Carol Haynes
	Larry Haynes
	Kelli Morgan
	Leslie Sullivan
	Kay Sutt
	Tarmo Sutt
	Val Nye
CNM July Anniversaries:
	Linda & Dick Cochran
	Kelli & Mark Morgan
	Lisa & Dan Thompson
	Anne & John Wiker


Durango 2015 Tri-State -- Member Reports

	It's easy for me to describe what I liked about the Durango
Tri-State. It's the same thing that I like about all our Corvair events either
local, regional, or national. It's not the cars, even though the cars are an
important part of our events. It's not the locale, even though I have to say
Durango was a perfect place to hold a Tri-State. Simply put, for me, it was the
interaction with all the other Corvair folks that stands out. From the moment we
arrived, Art and I were treated to a warm welcome from all the RMC members. I'll
always value being a member of this car fraternity.


	The car show was well placed as it was in a highly visible area
frequented by locals. How great was it that the train was so close by. Durango
has been a favorite destination for us over the past 40 years. So that combined
with getting together so many nice Corvairs for the public to see really helps
to promote interest in our cars.

This was our fourth Tri-State. We've had an opportunity to meet many new people
and see what they have done with their cars. So, when the event comes around
again each year, it's nice to see those Corvair folks and their cars again.


	I liked the town, the scenery, the river walk, the golf course, the
car show, the banquet meal, especially the desserts; the friendly folks from
other clubs, the friendly town folks, the location of the car show right next to
the VFW who were having a garage sale that my wife unfortunately found; the
trolley bus service which really made the lack of parking downtown almost
unnoticeable; the mountain scenery that still had lots of snow there; and
finally, the beautiful weather, cool in the evenings and just warm enough in the
daytime so that all those long sleeve shirts I brought along were unnecessary.

I would also like to thank the car pool team of the Yoffees, the Halls, the
Luberts and the Blairs who made the Wikers' trip pleasant and uneventful --
except for the knocking noise coming from Lube's car. Hope he finds out what was
causing the noise soon.

The only drawback was the Comedy Club that Anne and I went to in downtown
Durango Friday night. It was beyond silly and was demeaning to anyone who may
have been from a small country town in Texas named Tuna! We left at the
intermission it was so bad.


	I like the Tri-State events because you get to see many old and
long-time friends. Having been to most of the Tri-States in the past it's a
great opportunity to visit with people from out of state, and see what they have
done to their Corvairs. I didn't care for the guy that was MC for the Banquet.
He was hard to understand and just went on and on. As a side remark, the highway
going up from Albuquerque and Bloomfield to Durango was very good until you got
into Colorado where it went down to two lanes. New Mexico has one up on Colorado


	The town of Durango was a major factor in the success of this
Tri-State. I fondly remember our visit in 1990. For us it is nearby and for all
there are many attractions in the vicinity. There's lots more there than the
Durango-to-Silverton narrow-gauge train! But the great value to the Tri-State is
always the variety and quality of the Corvairs and their owners. Fifty-year-old
cars that can run with modern automobiles and that can be driven hundreds of
miles to a weekend vacation and then back home! If we could calculate the
average distance covered by all the Corvairs this weekend, it would surely be an
amazing statistic for cars half a century old. Then there are the conversations
with friends old and new. What great opportunities thirty-one Tri-State
gatherings have provided!


	Likes: Durango is a beautiful town and never having visited there before
I was glad of the opportunity to do so. I thought the host hotel was especially
nice with a great staff and one of the best hot breakfasts I ever had in a hotel
in this price range. I was appreciative of the goodies that the host club set
out Friday night and the drinks during the remainder of the event. Registration
also went smoothly for me and I appreciated all the local information included
in the goodie bag, especially the local road map.

The Rotary Park was a great place to stage the cars for the People's Choice and
having the steam train operating right next to the park and the 50's music D. J.
was a bonus.

The food at the Saturday night banquet was especially good and I thought the
host club did a good job of supplying plenty of raffle items. I also enjoyed
Christy Barden's gift of gab while everyone was working their way through the
chow line.

Dislikes: let me say that none of the remarks below are "deal breakers." None of
them would have kept me from attending the event.

Names tags should have been made available or at least in the pre-event
publicity they should advise you to bring one.

For any off-site event, maps should be provided, even if they are just hand

I found no information as what to do with the People's Choice ballot.

For the car show the cars should have been grouped by category. This would save
a lot of extra walking by us seniors. Having said that, I have been at a number
of Corvair events where the hosts try to do this but the drivers just don't
follow instructions.

The town of Durango is too crowded for my likes.

Something formal should be planned for Saturday afternoon such as a fun rally or
a tech session. I know that a rally would take manpower, but over the years I
have been at many Corvair club events such as the Vair Fair in Virginia where
year after year the host club does both a fun rally and a tech session,
sometimes two. These clubs have no more manpower than those clubs in the
Tri-State events. The fun rallies are designed to show off to best advantage the
local country side.

For me most Corvair awards banquets are just too long and I usually leave before
the end of the show. Buffet style dinners should be served from both sides of
the serving table.

There was no info available that I saw that said free off street parking was
available at the Elks Club. I ended up in a for-fee parking lot over a block

The Elks Club building did not have a sign that I could see that said Elks Club.
There was a big sign that said "P. O. B. E." which meant nothing to me. I also
wondered around inside the Elks Club for 10 minutes before I found that the
dinner was in the basement. There were no signs.


	Deja Vu in Durango! I could not believe it had been 25 years since
we drove the 1964 yellow Spyder to Durango. But when I dug out my framed photo
from the Communique cover, there it was, June 1991! It took almost a year to get
my "Rocky Mountain Rendezvous" photo on the cover. Jerry Goffe took my photo
negative (remember those?) and did his magic to remove shadows and brighten it
up. I submitted it to CORSA and eventually it was published.

It was a fun trip back in 1990. Kathleen and I were within three months of
getting married, the Spyder was in top condition mechanically, and with a new
paint job by MAACO -- Sil, the owner of MAACO, took a personal interest in it --
we decided to take the long way from Albuquerque to Durango. We went over Wolf
Creek Pass with the turbo spooling up, whistling, pushing the manifold gauge to
the positive side, and Kathleen yelling at me to slow down. The snow was still
melting, so the Spyder got a little dirty, but what joy it was to blast into the
Rockies with the top down.

After the car show, we headed north of Durango to catch the train as it returned
from Silverton. Some of my shots looked like the steam locomotive was in the
back seat! Jerry helped me pick out the best image to send to CORSA.

Was that a better trip than Durango 2015? I don't think so. The Tri-State meets
are all good, each unique, but they are always fun. Perhaps unfortunately, our
2015 trip found us riding in a Brand-X, not in a Spyder. Maybe next time.


	It is hard to believe that the first time we did this was
almost 40 years ago. It is such a great event that is solid and such an
opportunity to keep the Corvair alive.

Editor Jim asked if the white 1966 Corsa coupe was the same one we drove to
Durango in 1990. The car I drove to the first Tri-State in 1976 was my 1965
Corsa. Bill Reider owns the car now. I've been to Colorado to the Tri-States
with the 1966 Corsa coupe more times than I can count. I put over 16,000 miles
on the car since 2003 with my local driving and going to Tri-State events.


May 29: Early Friday morning CNM members met at the gas station near Sandia
Casino to caravan to Durango. My brother Bill and I were in my 1963 Corvair
4-door sedan and the Yoffees and Wikers were in their Corvairs. On the road the
axle bearings on my car decided to have a sour note. Very loud at times and
scary too. With several stops we finally made it to the Hampton Inn in Durango.
We got our room on the first floor and two electronic keys. We had twin queen
size beds, very comfortable. We didn't watch much TV. We sat on the patio a lot.
Nice cool weather, not too hot during the day.
May 30: Saturday morning we went to the little kitchen area to have breakfast
there. We went back to our room, Bill got his camera but I forgot mine. We went
to the VFW & Rotary Park parking lot for the Corvair Car Show, 9 AM to 12 noon.

We had lunch at Wendy's and we saw Robert Gold and his son Art Gold. Back at the
hotel several of us discussed what could be making the noise in the rear end. At
around 2 PM Pat Hall and I jacked up the car with jack stands in front of the
rear wheel housings. I removed the rear tires, brake drums and the left axle
shaft with bearing housing. The bearing was pretty dry. Pat packed a lot of
marine grease into the bearing and the bearing retainer. Then Pat and Dave
Huntoon installed the axle shaft into the differential assembly.

I pushed the bearing housing all the way in. I installed 4 lock washers and 4
nuts, then tightened them in an "X" pattern. I installed the brake drum, and Pat
said not to adjust the brake shoes on the rears. I decided I would do the right
rear bearing at the house after we got home from the trip. I installed both rear
tires and tightened the lug nuts. Pat raised the Corvair high enough so I could
remove the jack stands, then lowered car to the ground. I re-tightened the rear
lug nuts. We put the jack stands back in the trunk, locked up the car and went
to the room to clean up.

That night at the banquet dinner my brother Bill won a seven-piece American
ratchet wrench set. The banquet meal was okay. Bill and I left early after the
dinner and later that evening we were surprised when Pat brought the "Hard Luck
Award" to our room. Pat took a picture of me with the award.
May 31: On Sunday morning my brother and I had a big breakfast. We loaded up the
car with suitcases and other things. I turned in both electronic keys. We got
some more food, then got into the car and our caravan left the Hampton Inn
parking lot. We stopped at a Valero gas station for premium gas for the Corvair.

We headed south on Highway 550 through Durango, bound towards the Colorado state
line with New Mexico. We stopped at a gas station south of Bloomfield, New
Mexico. We walked around a lot. We got back in the Corvair and continued south.
Next stop was at a Tee-Pee gas station and casino. We grabbed a burrito and ate
it outside.

At this point John Wiker said he was going to lead the caravan. We didn't stop
in Cuba, New Mexico as we had done on the way north on Friday. John and his wife
turned toward Rio Rancho. We continued to I-25 with Dave Huntoon, Pat and Vickie
Hall. Bill and I made it to the San Mateo Blvd exit on southbound I-25. We made
it all the way home with the rear end knocking all the way. About six hours
driving time.

What about that noise that followed us all the way home? On June 9th we pulled
the right axle and could not get the bearing off. Installing two good used axles
and bearings got rid of the noise. Now I can hear other Corvair noises, like the
blower fan and tire road noise and normal conversations!


	As I type this up to send to our editor we are minutes away from
leaving to go to the CORSA Convention, and we will be visiting friends and
relatives as part of the trip. I'm sorry to say that I didn't have time to put
much thought into this. No matter how you prepare for a long trip, when it's
time to leave everything piles up and you run out of time! I'm sending this to
our editor anyway and I hope he can use it.

Going to Tri-State events is one thing that I look forward to each year. I enjoy
seeing how the individual Corvair Clubs present their turn at hosting the
Tri-States. I always enjoy visiting with "Corvair Friends" and catching up on
their news from the past year.

An assignment on this trip is to deliver a Paxton Supercharger to Tennessee and
it will eventually be delivered to former member and former CNM president Del
Patton. Maybe we will meet a few old Corvair friends at the convention and I'm
sure Pat & I will make some new Corvair friends there!


	Where we were sitting during the Saturday night dinner, it
was difficult for us to understand or sometimes even hear Christy Barden's
comments, but I picked up a few remarks he said about Jim. Christy gave glowing
remarks about how Jim has been putting out an outstanding newsletter every
single month for so many years. He commented on our web site saying, "If you go
to the CNM web site, you can find statistics on anything you can think of as far
back as you care to go." (This may not be an exact quote, but it's close.)
Here's an exact quote:  "When they are wheeling Jim into the old folks home,
they will be saying, 'One more, Jim, just one more!"' He meant, just one more
newsletter! So true. Jim has set the bar at an all-time high. We appreciate it.


	At the banquet, I for one would like to thank Mr Barden for taking
pains to gather information on every car in the show and try to recognize the
cars and owners at the banquet. That made the Car Show that much more
interesting to me! I don't know all the cars and owners.


	The food at the banquet was great! Unfortunately the PA system and the
room acoustics were not great, and as there was a lot of enthusiastic
conversation everywhere, it was hard to hear and understand the speakers. But,
Tri-States are supposed to be "laid-back" and this one was! Glad I went!!


Page 10: Pat Hall & Bill Lubert watch as Lube Lubert removes a noisy
axle and bearing in the hotel parking lot on Saturday afternoon. Art & Robert
Gold unpack Art's early coupe.

Page 11: Christy Barden congratulates RMC president John Dawson who is taking
back the attendance trophy this year. RMC had fifty members present while CNM
managed a healthy forty-one and PPCC contributed twenty-three.

John Dawson presents this year's Boydston Award ("Saint Francis of Corvair
Award") to Eric Schakel of the Denver club. Eric has been a fearless Stinger
race driver, editor of the Denvair News, writer of excellent tech articles for
the RMC newsletter and the Communique, and a major contributor to the popular
2011 Denver CORSA Convention.

John Dawson congratulates CNM member Tarmo Sutt on winning another prize for his
amazing red 1966 Corsa turbo convertible. The car continues to inspire awe in
the minds of car aficionados wherever Tarmo takes it.


Mr and Mrs Bill Reider, 65th Anniversary

Bill and Helene "Lee" Reider are celebrating 65 years of marriage.

Bill Reider and the former Helene Lepley were married May 27, 1950, at St.
Philomena Church in Chicago.

Bill served in the U.S. Army and completed a tour of duty in Korea during the
Korean conflict. He was a commercial photographer in Chicago until relocating to
Albuquerque in 1974. He established Cartune Inc. in 1974, first as an auto parts
business and later as a repair shop specializing in Corvairs.

Bill retired in 1991. Helene was employed as a legal assistant at Sutin, Thayer
& Browne from 1980-1992.
The couple have been members of Corvairs of New Mexico since 1974, and were
involved in various leadership positions in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and are
recipients of the Silver Beaver Award from the Boy Scouts of America.
Their children are Barbara Dye and her husband Wade Dye; Laurie Valdez; and
Thomas Reider and Steve Reider, both deceased. They have seven grandchildren and
four great-grandchildren. Bill and Helene will celebrate with family and


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                    at Wyoming & Carmel, north of Wyoming & Paseo del Norte NE.
          After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.

Sat  4 Jul  EARLY!  Fourth of July on the Plaza - Santa Fe - Pancake Breakfast

Fri 10 Jul - 6th Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day -Activities being planned
Sat 11 Jul - 6th Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day -Activities being planned

Wed 15 Jul  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Sat 18 Jul  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415, or


Fri 24 Jul  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for August 2015 newsletter

Sun  9 Aug - All Clubs Picnic - Oak Flat Picnic Area, South Rt 337

Sat 15 Aug  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
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Wed 19 Aug  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Fri 21 Aug  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for September 2015 newsletter


Wed 16 Sep  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

Sat 19 Sep  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
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Sat 19 Sep  9:30 AM Annual Santa Fe Airshow

Sat 19 Sep - Concours du Soleil - Albuquerque -
Sun 20 Sep - Concours du Soleil - Albuquerque -

Sun 20 Sep - State Fair Car Show --- check on date and time!


Fri 25 Sep  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for October 2015 newsletter

Fri 25 Sep - NMCCC / Los Lunas Annual Swap Meet
Sat 26 Sep - Morris Sports Complex, Morris Rd. & Hwy 314, Los Lunas
Sun 27 Sep -
See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
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Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 7 # 394

Our cover featured Bill Reider's silver-and-black 1965 Corsa. New members were
Brian Rowe and Curtis Shimp. VP Pat Hall ran our June meeting and Wendell Walker
reported $2,552. Sylvan headed a committee to recommend changes to our Meissner
Award. Pat said he'd bring his truck for our first scrap metal drive. We
discussed saving money by not mailing newsletters to computer literate members.
Secretary Chuck Vertrees said he had received a member list from CORSA and it
was full of errors: some CNM members were not listed, while some names on the
list had never been CNM members. We published the list, noting errors.

Brenda Stickler contributed an article on preparations for the Taos Tri-State.
Yes, we really did work on it for a year or so. Laura Wilshire of the Denver
club reported on the successful 2008 Pagosa Springs Tri-State. Bob Helt of the
Las Vegas, Nevada club contributed an article on the history of CORSA with
emphasis on CORSA and chapter publications. Richard M. Langworth placed an ad in
CAR AND DRIVER magazine stating an interest in a national Corvair club and in
October 1969 he sent out Preliminary Newsletter #1 to those who responded. CORSA
was founded on 7 March 1970. Preliminary Newsletter #4 was dated Jul/Aug 1970
and was now called the "Corsa News." It was 17 pages and contained the proposed
constitution and by-laws. A "CORSA Quarterly" started in June 1971 and the
"CORSA Communique" as we know it today started in September 1978.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 7 # 310

Our cover had photos from Jerry Goffe's June Mystery Tour. The photos were made
at Bien Mur near I-25 and Tramway. Today you'd see a huge Sandia Casino! New
members: Tamara & Anthony Couture, owners of a nice yellow 1964 convertible, and
Barbara, Gordon and Steve Johnson. We had $5712 in the bank. Our Sponsor Joe
Trujillo said that Galles was having a car show in June and we should bring
Corvairs. Steve Gongora reported on our new embroidered jacket patches.

We discussed the upcoming Route 66 Diamond Jubilee and decided it was not well
organized, was in the wrong place, and was too expensive. Could we have a car
show on Central near Richmond NE instead? We planned a Fall Aspencade to the
Shidoni Art Studio near Tesuque and Pojoaque. Should we send our newsletters to
the western CORSA directors? Mark mentioned the idea of sending newsletters by
e-mail. Your editor thought we were not ready to do that.

President Hurley's column was written from a hotel room in Houston and the high
humidity prompted thoughts of the Corvair's front fresh air vent windows. With
no engine up front, these vent windows allowed many of us to survive without air
conditioning. We planned a campout at Ruth's cabin in the Jemez and the State
Fair car show in September.

Del wrote a "tech tip" that described the results of not replacing the oil
filler cap and then driving around for awhile. A tech tip by Brent Covey
borrowed from the "VAIR-IETY" newsletter told all you needed to know about late
model wheel alignment and how to do it yourself!

1994 Vol 20 Nr 7 # 226

Our cover showed the commemorative award presented to Terry Price for hazardous
duty at the Pagosa Springs Tri-State Meet. Someone accidentally discharged a
firearm in his direction! We had $873 in the bank. The Museum car show had 440
vehicles but Corvair turnout was poor. At Pagosa Springs there were 91 Corvairs.
Denver had the biggest turnout. We planned to host next year's event at Red
River. Kay Sutt reported on the Colorado event. We planned a Saturday tech
session to demonstrate Heim joint carb linkage. We looked forward to the Santa
Fe July Fourth car show, an All-Chevy show at Galles celebrating their 86th
anniversary and a July 10th econorun. New members Clint and Angela Collins were
married in June. New member Bert Weil was restoring a 1964 sedan.

Tech tips: How to finish back window trim, how to prevent Corvair skin cancer
with a screen under the front air intake, how to prevent condensation during
storage, proper installation of a Chevy S-10 air dam on late Corvairs. We
reprinted an article on Don Yenko and his Corvair Stinger race cars.

1987 Vol 13 Nr 7 # 142

Our cover was a Mark Morgan fantasy. We had $633. The library van's seats were
done and body work was next. Corvairs at the Museum car show were scattered, not
grouped. Eleven Corvairs went to Ouray and total attendance was 65. Jerry showed
us a video of the Ouray trip. Clayborne told us the technique of "sparking"
bearing races so they wouldn't spin in front wheel hubs. Connect your engine
ground straps so your brake cable won't melt. Things to do when rebuilding an
engine. Easy removal of weatherstrips. Using a test lamp to check electrical
circuits. Otto Mechanic had a new use for Armor All. This was the first CNM
newsletter to feature "Burma Shave" signs throughout the issue.

1980 Vol 6 Nr 7 # 58

Our cover showed a mid-sixties NSU Prinz 1000 with 1960 Corvair styling. New
members were Del Patten, Sheldon Dike and Ike's son John Meissner. Bill Reider
gave a talk on Corvair mufflers. Can you use a "turbo" muffler on non-turbo
cars? In CAR AND DRIVER: the most significant cars of the last 25 years... the
Corvair "opened the door to government regulation of the automobile" -- no
mention of its intrinsic values.

Book review: "The (in)Compleat Corvair Story" by Dave Newell. Technical:How to
connect a condenser to a generator: it goes to the ARMATURE terminal, not to the
FIELD terminal. It's there to suppress radio noise.

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chartered Chapter #871 of CORSA, the Corvair Society of America. Copyright by
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