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   AUGUST 2015 / VOLUME 41 / NUMBER 8 / ISSUE #479  

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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING:              Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
 North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

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 July Meeting Minutes ............................. Anne Mae Gold
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 Pancakes on the Plaza (July 4th) .................... John Wiker
 National Car Collector Day .......................... John Wiker
 Birthdays & Anniversaries ................... Sunshine Committee
 Treasury Report .................................... Robert Gold
 Deferred Maintenance (DENVAIR NEWS) ............... Eric Schakel
 June and July Car Council Reports .................. Robert Gold
 Wendy Walker - What a Guy! ......................... Robert Gold
 Calendar of Coming Events ................... Board of Directors
 August Issues, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ...... Club Historian

COVER: We did not see the cars of The Great Race as we waited in
 Cedar Crest, but we did see John Barnhart's bright red Karmann-Ghia,
 a classic sixties sports car. Right, Pat Hall's Convention Tank photos

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On 25-JUN-2015 we had  43  active family memberships.



Hello everyone!

Well 2015 is a little more than half way done and our end of summer and fall
events are coming up. First on the schedule is the All Clubs Picnic being held
on Sunday August 9th at 10:00 am at the Oak Flat picnic area on South Route 337.
This is a great event to meet and visit with other classic car enthusiasts like
ourselves. All clubs associated with the New Mexico Car Club Council are invited
and you're encouraged to bring a side dish to add to the hamburgers and hot dogs
supplied. Next up, on Sunday September 20th, CNM is once again lucky enough to
be invited to display our Corvairs at the State Fair Car Show. Thank you to
Robert Gold for all the years of keeping CNM in the loop with the State Fair
people. Let's not take this invitation for granted because as you know
everything nowadays can be so easily changed. Then on Friday September 25th
through Sunday September 27th the Annual NMCCC Swap Meet takes place in Los
Lunas at the Morris Sports Complex located at Highway 314 & Morris Road. I've
attended this swap meet a few times and it just seems to have more vendors every
year. The first time I went I really wasn't looking for anything in particular
but I found some really good deals on some chrome beauty rings and a Chevy door
mirror for my 1965 Corsa. Anyway, there's all kinds of parts and accessories
available there so you just never know what you'll find. Then on Sunday
September 27th the Corrales Harvest Festival has invited us to bring six to
eight Corvairs to display. This a great way to expose CNM and many of our
awesome cars to the public. So at the next meeting let's see if we can get
commitments for those six to eight slots. Thank you to Dave Huntoon for setting
up CNM for this fine event.

If you were at our last membership meeting, you'll recall Pat & Vickie Hall gave
us a report about their trip to the CORSA National Convention in Knoxville,
Tennessee. One thing Pat mentioned was that a representative from CORSA was
urging CNM to bid for the National Convention in 2017. At the July meeting we
briefly talked about the possibility of hosting a convention. Some of the
comments from those who were around for the 1996 Albuquerque event stated that
it is quite an undertaking and felt that we no longer had the manpower to take
on such a large project. Since then, the convention idea was discussed again at
our July Board meeting and we decided it was best to ask our members once again
at the August meeting to see if there is a dedicated interest by a majority of
members. After our board meeting, Jim Pittman called me and said that he had a
fairly extensive report compiled from many of the committee chairpersons from
the 1996 convention. I asked Jim to e-mail all members the report so they could
get a good idea of what a convention entails. Please take some time to review
this report on his web page before the next meeting as it shows how many people
it took to host the 1996 event. Now after reading through most of the report I
believe the only way to put on a good national convention is to have all members
on board along with many others like family and friends. This topic will be on
my August membership meeting agenda so please bring your ideas and thoughts for
discussion as we need to decide one way or another.

Okay, let's move on. A few months ago, Jeff Barrett of the North Carolina
Corvair Club was doing a fund raiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation and it was
called "Coast to Coast for the Kids". Jeff submitted his story about his trip to
the Corsa Communique and it was published in the July/August edition. In fact
the cover picture shows Jeff's Corvair in front of the neon-lit gas station on
Route 66 in Shamrock, Texas. Jeff's article talks about his stops along the way
and of the many pictures in the article he has a photo of the CNM members who
showed up at the Owl Cafe to meet with them on the evening of April 28th. I'm
really happy that Jeff had a successful journey and it was nice that he
mentioned meeting with CNM.

Well I guess that's enough said for now, so I'll see you next club meeting.
-- Ray Trujillo



Called to order at 7:02 PM

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

The room was not ready for the meeting. Robert, Lube, & Anne Mae set up the
table and chairs. The TV/Video was not available for Bill Reider, so we were not
able to watch his video.

Ray (President) On Saturday 6/27, Big 98.5 gave away a 1963 Corvair. Ashley
Plumlee was the winner. She had the 17th key and it started up the car! John
Wiker and Ray were in attendance and spoke to her about joining CNM. They left
her with a Club card.

Tarmo (Vice President) was not in attendance. We hope he is having fun in

Anne Mae (Secretary) thanked Jim for taking notes at the last Board meeting
while she was in Phoenix. She has a new job at Sandia High School!

Robert (Treasurer) reported that the treasury has a balance of $4,727.63

Larry Yoffee (Membership) said he has been trying to contact the possible new
member up Taos way. Ray said there is a new neighbor in his area who has two
Corvairs. He will be approaching him. Dave Huntoon also might have a lead on a
new member.

Jim (Editor) said the newsletter deadline is Friday July 24. Jim brought in a
framed photograph of a Corvair among hot air balloons that Wendell's son Vance
Walker gave to the CNM Club. The Corvair is the 1965 raffle car from the 1969
CORSA Convention that Wendell did much of the body work on. For now the photo
will be located in the Pittman household. Jim also showed Ruth Boydston's
Boydston Award plaques. Jim and Heula took the plaques up to the Tri-State and
brought them back, but they were not used at the banquet presentation. This
year's winner was Eric Schakel of Rocky Mountain CORSA. His name has been added
to the plaque. There are spaces for two more names on the plaque before another
board needs to be added. Jim shared Eric's email asking that we get various
people from the clubs to go to the Great Western Fanbelt Toss in Palm Springs,
October 23-25. The email message can also be found on the webpage under News.
Also under News is a call to us from Bryan Blackwell to sponsor the 2017
National Convention. If you have any comments on this please speak up. Both CNM
and the Denver club have put on National Conventions: CNM in 1996, Denver most
recently in 2011. Members at tonight's meeting do not feel that we have the
manpower at this time to sponsor it. It may be too big for just one club to put
on. Jim will forward the email to the other presidents in our region. We are
willing to help.

Robert (Car Council) reported the next events are July 11 "Car Appreciation Day"
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Mild to Wild, then caravan to Tijeras, with activities
until sunset. The Car Council Picnic will be August 9. We will be informed as to
what our club can donate.

The day of the Car Council meeting was also the day of the Great Race stop in
Albuquerque. Art Gold attended and filled the membership in on the show. There
was a 1962 Corvair as part of the Race. The cars were all beautiful. There was
virtually no input from the city for this event. Art and Robert said it was
probably one of the best automotive events ever seen in Albuquerque. The
facility at the Unser Museum was perfectly set up for visitors to park and watch
the cars come in. Coverage by the Journal and by local TV stations was somewhat
underwhelming. We are fortunate to have a world-class racing museum in
Albuquerque and we should all go and visit the Unser Museum.

The Swap Meet envelope stuffing party will be July 8 at 6:00 PM at the Old Car
Garage. Come stuff envelopes and get fed pizza. Laurie Lector won the election
for the presidential spot and Jaime Saavedra is the new VP.

Vickie Hall (Merchandise) had nothing to report.

Sunshine Committee: Tarmo Sutt was not in attendance, Kay Sutt is mailing
birthday cards.

Upcoming Events

JUL 4: Santa Fe Car Show on the Plaza. Beginning at 4:00 AM. John Wiker is
planning on attending with a Corvair.

AUG 9: All Clubs Picnic in Oak Flat Picnic Area on South Route 337. Admission is
$5 per car, pay as you enter.

SEP 20: NM State Fair Car Show, meet at 7:00 AM at the corner of San Pedro and
Central to drive in.

SEP 25-27: NMCCC Los Lunas Annual Swap Meet at Morris Road and Highway 314. CNM
will help with parking. Lube and Pat Hall will help mark/set up the field on
Thursday, Robert will help put up signs on Friday.

Other Topics: Pat and Vickie attended the National Convention in Tennessee. They
say it was very nice overall. Some negatives: The concours was set up early, was
finished early and was over before the stated time, so that by the time they got
there, some cars were still present, but many had driven off. The Hospitality
Room ran out of goodies every day and was not well stocked. This convention had
more than 500 at the banquet, by Pat's guesstimation. The 2016 CORSA Convention
will be held in Springfield, Illinois. Pat said that he successfully delivered
Tarmo Sutt's heavy Paxton supercharger to Dell Patton's representative.

Dave Huntoon was called by Corrales Kiwanis Club. They are looking for 12 cars
for a car show on the last weekend of September. They expect to have about
10,000 visitors at the Corrales Harvest Festival. This may be a good venue to
show the Corvair and drum up some interest for the club.

Heula won the 50/50. She donated the entire proceeds ($16.00) to the club. She
also brought our attention to a 50+ Magazine that had a very well-written blurb
about our club. Also she said it is a great resource for activities that the
club might like to participate in. Larry Yoffee reminded us that Larry Blair is
a wonderful resource for tours in our area. Dave Huntoon also has a friend who
may be willing to give us a tour.

John Wiker told us about his visit to Alaska. During the entire trip he never
saw a Corvair.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 PM.



Ray Trujillo, Tarmo Sutt, David Huntoon, Lube Lubert, Larry Yoffee, Jim Pittman.

We received several raffle tickets from CORSA West (Los Angeles) for a "Car
Lift" kit that will be raffled at the Great Western Fan Belt Toss & Swap Meet,
October 23-25 in Palm Springs, California. They will be available to our members
to buy at the August meeting. More info:

We spent a lot of time discussing whether we should bid for the 2017 CORSA
Convention. Larry had info on Isleta Casino as a venue. Advantages: near the
airport, camping, golf course, scenery, nice rooms, a banquet room, large area
to set up a concours. An autocross could be set up at the racetrack just off
I-40. What functions would be needed: a Rally? An Econorun? Tours? A Raffle Car?
How much would CORSA help to organize events? We guessed they would do the
concours. Can "enough" workers be recruited to do more than a year of planning
for everything required to complete a convention? Some of us remembered those
who worked so hard for so long on the 1996 Convention and the fact that Few who
worked on the 1996 Convention are available.

JUL 24 FRI Newsletter deadline
AUG 09 SUN Car Council Picnic, Oak Flat Picnic Ground, S. 337.
SEP 19 SAT Annual Air Show at Santa Fe Airport
SEP 19-20 SAT-SUN Concours du Soleil in Albuquerque
SEP 20 SUN State Fair Car Show. Meet at "Old Furr's" parking lot, SW corner
    of Central and San Pedro. Enter the fairgrounds at 07:00 AM.
SEP 25-26-27 FRI-SAT-SUN NMCCC Swap Meet, Los Lunas
SEP 27 SUN Corrales Harvest Festival. We need to guarantee 6 or 7 Corvairs.
SEP 25-26-27 FRI-SAT-SUN -- Santa Fe Concourso
OCT 03 SAT -- Old Route 66 Cleanup
OCT 04 SUN Balloon Fiesta -- Classic Cars drive on the field
DEC xx SAT Christmas Dinner -- We need to find a venue soon!



We decided to get an "early" start on our vacation so we were on the road by
12:40 AM and had breakfast at 7:00 AM, in Amarillo, Texas.

We had lunch in Oklahoma City, dinner in Mount Vernon, Missouri and we stopped
for the night in Lebanon, Missouri at 8:00 PM.

At 8:00 AM we were on the road again. We had lunch in Edwardsville, Illinois, a
quick stop in Kokomo, Indiana and arrived at brother Ravon's house at 9:30 PM in
Goshen, Indiana. 1485 miles to this point.

Three days later at 8:00 AM we headed for Elizabethtown, Kentucky and arrived at
brother Terry's house in the early afternoon. 367 miles.

Two days later at 8:30 AM we left for Oak Ridge, Tennessee and arrived at sister
Becky's house at 5:00 PM. 218 miles. This is where we stayed throughout the
Convention. It was "Free room and board" - can't beat that!


On Tuesday June 23rd we drove to the Convention at the Marriott Hotel in
Knoxville, Tennessee to get our registration bag and to check out what was going
on. The first day was mostly meetings so we didn't stay at the Convention very
long, although we did visit the Hospitality Room and the Vendor Sales Room where
Pat was in Corvair Heaven and yes, he bought some parts.

Wednesday June 24th was on the schedule for the Concours d' Elegance. It was
supposed to go from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM but they were finished long before 4:00
PM. There was nothing much scheduled to happen before the Concours so we didn't
arrive until about 1:30 PM. Well, the judging was already over and many of the
cars had departed. We did get to see and take pictures of so many wonderful
looking Corvairs plus a small Tank or tracked military vehicle powered by a
Corvair engine.

Thursday June 25th was spent back in the Vendor Sales Room where Pat, of course,
bought still more more parts. Also, brother Raye from McDowell, Kentucky drove
down to spend the day with us at the Hotel.

Friday June 26th was the Banquet and Awards. The food was good and was delivered
to our tables. That was so nice. No standing in a long line. The acoustics were
poor so it was hard to understand what the MC was saying. The Chapter Newsletter
Award went to "The Dripline" edited by Ed Halpin of Pikes Peak Corvair Club.
Congratulations to Ed and his fine club!

We had a really good time visiting with relatives "back east" and we were glad
to be able to attend the Convention where we spent some time with old Corvair
friends and made new Corvair friends. 227 miles in the area.

Now it was time to head home, June 29th. We left at 5:30 AM. Our first stop was
in Ripley, Tennessee where First Cousin Lynwood lives. 336 miles. Up early the
next day, we drove to Clinton, Oklahoma for the night. 596 miles.

On Wednesday July 1st we arrived in Albuquerque at sister Debbie's house for
dinner. 443 miles. Since today was the CNM membership meeting and since we were
in town already, we couldn't miss it. So after dinner we drove to the meeting.
It was good to see everyone. We finally arrived at home in Los Lunas, 10:00 PM.
That was a short 31 miles later.

	3,655 ....... total miles
	85.536 ...... gallons of fuel
	$2.58 ....... average price / gallon
	42 .......... or better MPG.

Thank you, one and all, for joining us on our vacation!



Well another Fourth has come and gone in Santa Fe. I left home at 04:30 and got
to Santa Fe at 05:30 and by the time I found the car show entrance, parked and
registered it was 06:00. I made it into the first lot road about four cars from
the crossroads between a Studebaker Avanti and a Triumph, both that looked
showroom perfect. More on them later.

There were twenty-two categories plus Best of Show and People's Choice. Mine was
Category E, 1960-1966 American Classics. After setting up my display, I went to
get in line for the breakfast. The serving was two super large pancakes, about
9" each, four square inches of ham, a serving spoon of frozen strawberries with
the emphasis on frozen, coffee or orange juice. Not too bad for $8.00 a person
which helped with scholarship money for the Rotary Club. As a Kiwanian, I did
not feel badly helping out another community service organization.

At about 08:30 my cell phone rang and I assured Tarmo that I had made it and
would represent the Corvair world well. At 0900, my daughter and my three
grandkids showed up to spend some time and some of my money with me. As I woke
up from a short catnap, who should I see, but Dave Huntoon taking pictures of my
car and others for this article. We spent about an hour with each other. He left
and I finally got around to counting cars.

My count was 123 vehicles that included cars, trucks, motocycles, homemade
vehicles and one fully refurbished firetruck. The family members left at 1200
and I attended the awards ceremony at 12:30. Too bad the jazz band was playing
very loudly just across the street when announcements were made. I was able to
pick up on only three winners. My category was won by the 1962 Avanti, the
1960-1980 import category was won by the Triumph, I think, and the People's
Choice went to the three-wheel two-cylinder homemade vehicle.

Maybe when Tarmo returns from California he could bring us a newsletter from the
Santa Fe Club that may list all the winners.

We were dismissed at 1:00 PM and as I got to I-25, it started raining real hard
until I reached the Cochiti Lake second turnoff. Talk about good timing. I had a
good time and want to thank Tarmo for keeping his membership current with the
Santa Fe club, as they allowed me to enter using his spot for free.



Saturday July 11th 2015 was National Car Collectors Day and my day started at
10:00 with a car show at MILD TO WILD. At the 11:00 cutoff of cars entering the
area I counted 101 cars crammed into the parking lot, parked on both sides of
Summer Ave and some other places down the block around the corner. Just ask
Robert and Art Gold where they had to park their Corvairs. There were free
hotdogs galore and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Even Joey Chestnut would
have felt at home.

My car was parked in an area that seemed to be reserved for yellow cars. To my
right was a 1962 Austin Healey, to my left was a 1949 Chevy Coupe and next to
that was a 1958 Chevy 2-door, all yellow. The 1958 Chevy however was decorated
with all kinds of stripes and sparkles while the rest of us were just "plain

At 1:00 they read the proclamation and at 2:00 we lined up on Third Street to
caravan to Tijeras and another show for that community. The only reason I went
on the caravan to Tijeras was the promise of Ice Cream at the Fire Hall and
Community Center. We hit every light on Central and the 35 cars soon got spread
out really badly. So we lost the thrill of having all the shoppers on Central
look and point our way. We drove on Old Route 66 to just short of the west end
of our "Corvair Mile" and formed up again for the ride over the Musical Road.
Someone must have done something to the road surface since my last trip over it,
because I heard the music this time, as did most of the others today.

We arrived at our destination in Tijeras at about 2:50 and there were about 19
cars already there, some of which had not been at Mild to Wild. A youth group
had set up a snack line. For $3.50 you could get, you guessed it, a hot dog,
chips, and a soda, and if you wanted to really splurge, you could get a
hamburger combo for $4.00. Oh by the way, the Ice Cream Lady never showed up.
They had a live band of six guys called the Latin Imitation. They were loud and
noisy and the only song I recognized during the first 30 minutes was Hound Dog
by Elvis. The drummers were the soloists and each tried to outdo the other on
the drums while the other was singing. By 3:00 P.M. I thought I could not take
it any more and I left.

When I got back to Albuquerque Eastside, it started to rain and when I got to
the house, my car looked like a leopard with brown spots. Not too bad a day at
all. Thanks to the Golds for their company.


Eight CNM'ers celebrate birthdays in August:
	Floyde Adams
	Steve Johnson
	Ryan McDuffie
	Mark Morgan
	Sarah Price
	Lee Reider
	Alyssa Thompson
	Larry Yoffee

One couple celebrate their wedding anniversary in August:
	Sylvia & Ray Trujillo


TREASURY REPORT ************* 06-17-2015 to 07-23-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD

DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $4,919.59
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.06.18 2205 -$   90.00 CORSA Dues  D.Gadomski     26 m CORSA      -$   90.00
2015.06.18 2204 -$   29.95 R.Gold      Bank Deposit Slips             -$   29.95
2015.06.22 2206 -$   31.40 J.Pittman   JUN 2015 Newsletter_Printing   -$   31.40
2015.06.22 2207 -$   40.61 J.Pittman   Meissner Award Plaque          -$   35.26
2015.06.22                             Boydston Plaque Engraving      -$    5.35
2015.07.01 2208 -$   31.40 J.Pittman   JUL 2015 Newsletter_Printing   -$   31.40
2015.07.01 2209 -$   86.85 J.Pittman   Newsletter postage, 3 months   -$   86.85
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================

2015.07.23 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $4,609.38



Something happened to our automobiles in the last couple of decades: They became
independent. Oh, sure, we still mostly steer and stab the pedals (although that
will likely change in the next decade or two!). But we've slowly become
conditioned to NOT do all of the automotive maintenance things we once took for
granted. For instance, when is the last time you (or a Service Station
Attendant, for those of us who remember such luxuries) added a quart of oil
after checking the dipstick during a fill-up? How often do you change the spark
plugs in your every-day car these days? Check tire pressure? Adjust the
carburetor or points? Clearly, times have changed....

Some months ago I had the opportunity to drive fellow Rocky Mountain Corsa
member Jon Whiteley's new 1966 Corvair Corsa coupe. Jon is a fastidious
individual, newly re-infected after a long Corvair remission. He has
disassembled, tweaked, adjusted, lubricated, and generally fiddled with
everything on his Corsa to bring it up to "spec." Jon's Corvair felt like it was
only 2 or 3 years old, right from the A1 Used Car lot at your local Chevy dealer
in 1968 or 1969. It didn't take many minutes behind the wheel to remind me that
Corvairs don't have to have windows that stick going up and down, or door latch
buttons that require both feet to depress. The idle can truly be smooth, and the
shifter silent and tight. Lights can all work, and the starter should engage
each time the key is twisted fully clockwise. As a guy who builds his own
engines and generally isn't afraid to drive a Corvair anywhere in any weather, I
was embarrassed by how clunky the Corvair formerly known as Pig had become!
Fortunately, it doesn't take a village or even a fortune to improve most of our
Corvairs. On a nice Sunday morning I started with the engine, as it doesn't
matter how sweet the rest of the machine is if the car doesn't run. Here's the
general rundown in the rear compartment:

1)	Check/change oil and filter. Unlike your new ride, the chokes and
accelerator pumps in your ancient carburetors dribble enough gas into the engine
case to dilute and pollute the oil. 3000 miles and/or at least once a year are
good rules to live by. Oil is an important part of the Corvair's cooling system,

2)	Carbs & fuel lines. Snug down (but don't crush!) the carb to manifold
nuts. They vibrate loose over time, and can lead to hard-to-find vacuum leaks.
Tighten the carb top screws for the same reason. Again, don't go gorilla with
the screwdriver; simply snug them down to prevent fuel seeping. Check the inlet
fittings. Teflon tape is NOT your friend here - it only works on NPT taper
fittings, and your fuel system has few of them. If you have a leak, fix the
flare fitting or replace the line. Gas leaks are stinky at best and incendiary
at worst. Not fun. And don't forget the air filter, fuel filter(s), and PCV
while you're going through these steps.

3)	Throttle linkage. Rube Goldberg designed the original Corvair linkage,
and it remained throughout the production decade. From the gas pedal back, there
are a bunch of links, pivots, and isolator bushings. They wear out. Clarks sells
them, they're cheap, and they not only take out the slop when installed, but
they often quiet numerous mysterious clunks and rattles. Then you can
synchronize your carburetors with confidence!

4)	Battery cables. They get corroded, and do not pass current effectively.
Clean the posts and cable ends, make sure the engine grounds are in place, and
you'll be amazed at how well the rest of the electrical system responds! Your
FLAPS (Friendly Local Auto Parts Store) sells little aerosol cans of terminal
seal spray, if you are really motivated. And you do have the battery firmly
secured in place, right?

5)	Wrap this up with fresh plugs, points, condenser, rotor, cap, and good
plug wires with the proper seal boots. My distributor is fairly fresh, with
little play in the shaft, and working advance weights and vacuum advance pivot.
If your timing wobbles (marker not steady under timing light) after you've
installed fresh ignition parts, it might be time to obtain a rebuilt point
plate. Set mixture, timing, and idle. Your tune-up is now complete!

My car wasn't too far gone in any of these areas, but the difference in engine
drivability after going through the maintenance items above was very noticeable.
I'd love to tell you the economy went up 15%, but the reality was the 140 revved
better, and I drove it like a rental car afterwards. With the engine running so
well, I decided to do something about the stiff, notchy shifter. I popped the
big chrome boot cover off, and liberally sprayed white lithium grease into the
ball pivot while moving it through the full range of motion. Eureka! That was
the equivalent of a transmission rebuild in a spray can. I had previously
adjusted the shift coupler, but had neglected the simplest part. The result was
again very noticeable. That worked out so well, I grabbed a few more spray cans
off the shelf. White lithium spray quieted down the door hinges, and cured a
nasty clunk when the door was closed. A touch of WD-40 in the pushbuttons on the
door handles made them feel fresh. A quick shot of a graphite lock lubricant in
the key slots made the lock cylinders feel special.

The front hood hinges have rollers under pressure that don't roll very well on
old cars. I zapped them with WD-40, but it didn't work for very long. Still, the
effort to close the trunk has been reduced, and I suspect that will prevent
additional wear damage. At that point I powered up the electrical system and
checked all the lights on the car. Right rear stop light wasn't working. It was
the typical Corvair issue with poor socket ground - easily remedied, but will
probably come back soon. Last but not least, I checked the tire pressure. I run
radial tires, and prefer the rears to be in the 30-33 range, with the fronts 8
or so PSI less. It had been months since I'd checked them, probably waiting for
the monitor to alert me....

My day was done, and the Corvair was dramatically improved from the squeaky,
clattery Corsa I started with that morning. From the driver's seat, it was much
more pleasant to drive, with a willingness to rev I'd forgotten over the
previous months. Even the passenger seat occupant commented on how smooth the
car felt, a significant compliment indeed.

If you're waiting for the maintenance panel on your Corvair to light up, you
have a long, long wait. So maybe you'd like to try a few of these things
instead? You may be amazed at the result!



This month's meeting was made up of two parts -- one, a big thing and the other,
a bunch of little things. I'll run through the little things first and save the
big news for last (don't cheat and look at the end of this report!)

Anyway, first I want to mention that Anne Mae Gold attended the meeting with me.
I'd like to think that having a night with me and cars was the main attraction,
alas, I now believe the dinner at Rudy's had something to do with her

Lauri Rector began the reports part of the meeting with a mention of the current
state of the treasury. Not very much was reported, since Lauri was filling in
for Joe Ballengee, who is doing good deeds with the scouts for the rest of the

We followed with old business, and Joyce Clements mentioned the volunteer
luncheon was upon us. It would be next Saturday at the Pizza Inn in Corrales.
Only Art Gold of our club was eligible for the free lunch. Cars and pizza, not a
bad combo. Speaking of pizza, Joyce mentioned that there would be a envelope
stuffing party for the September swap meet on Wednesday, July 8 at 6:00 pm. You
can get free pizza if you come and help.

We talked about The Great Race, that had just come through town on that very
day. It was unanimous that the event was the best ever. Too bad Mayor Berry
missed it this year. Don't worry Mayor Berry, next year the event won't come
through Albuquerque, so you don't have to plan to miss it again.

I reported that the website continued to be healthy with 900 people looking at
the site over the last month. Jamie Saavedra and I are the website committee. We
had a meeting so I could give her enough info to back me up. I've enjoyed
working with Jamie. She is the president of the GTO club -- and GM too, not bad.
Next, we'll be meeting with the brains behind the website, Paul Krause, to see
if we can get a handle on getting to own our website:

Discussion continued on the Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 11 and the
ever-popular All Clubs Picnic on August 9. You can find more info on the website
I just talked about.

The last, small thing, was a report by the Bylaws Committee. Why do we need a
Bylaws Committee? Well, as the report revealed, we have rules dealing with stuff
we don't do and no rules for some stuff we have been doing for a while. Sounds
like we need a bit of a cleanup effort, and that's what the committee is trying
to do. They should have more to report after they've been able to look things

Now the big thing for this meeting: the Election of Officers. As I mentioned,
the President position was contested by Lauri Rector and Jamie Saavedra, with
the loser being automatically elected as Vice-President. Lauri won as President
so Jamie became Vice-President. Somewhat to my surprise I voted for the
candidate who won. I know Jamie will do a great job as VP.

Since all the other elections were uncontested there wasn't much drama. It would
be nice if all our elections could be so easy. Democracy can be so messy... Here
are the new officers:

President ----------- Lauri Rector ----- NM 4-Wheelers
Vice-President ------ Jamie Saavedra --- GTO Club
Treasurer ----------- Joe Ballengee ---- Albuquerque Model Car Club
Secretary ----------- Bill Lemen ------- Lincoln Owners Club
Board of Directors -- Perry Key -------- Car Artists Co-op
Board of Directors -- Mark Terkeltaub -- Pontiac Club

I think I have two more years in my position on the Board of Directors, so I'll
just be continuing to do what I've been doing.

That's it for this month. Don't forget the upcoming Car Appreciation Day at Mild
to Wild Classics on Saturday July 11th. See you there. -- Robert Gold



Several years ago my family bought property in the mountains near Ruth
Boydston's place. Because of family obligations (Sara and Javi) we haven't
visited our place much until recently.

As I sat in the passenger seat last week, while Anne Mae drove, I thought back
to a trip that took me down the same roads with Wendell Walker. Wendy wanted to
visit Ruth and I was there to meet up with my family. What made the trip
memorable was that Wendy chose to drive his DeTomaso Pantera.

So you car guys imagine this: The two of us hurtling down narrow mountain county
roads, full of pot holes in a VERY low-slung sports car. By the way, we made it.
THAT WENDY, What a Guy!



I don't know how you do it, but if I don't know much about something I try to
hang around people who do know those things. My true love, Anne Mae, is more
than perfect in Spanish, so I make sure to keep her close by when I run into
Spanish in various places. Anyway, I have valued greatly working with Paul
Krause on the Car Council's website. He's made me look really good. Just lately
we have been working revisions to the control of our domain name and migration
of the email to our current website. As you might remember, we don't have any
control of our first attempts at website names. Make sure you only use

Now let me change back to report mode and tell you what went on this month at
the meeting. The room was hot and attendance was sparse. Lori Rector introduced
herself as the new President as we applauded. She didn't waste much time to make
a significant change to the Council meetings. I'll talk about that later.

A guest made a pitch for the El Camino Car Show and Road Rally to be held in
Socorro from Aug 4 to Aug 6. It will be quite an event. I have the flyer for
anyone wishing more info.

Lori then told us that she would give the treasurer's report because Joe
Ballengee was out of town. She said that a number of bills and checks were still
outstanding, so reporting the checking account balance as a bit below $15,000
does not reflect too much of reality. She expressed her hope that Joe will
return soon so we can get the full story.

I then stood up and requested $300 to pay my man, Paul Krause, to make various
tweeks to the website and email systems. I'm happy to say the I received a
unanimous vote in favor of the works. Thanks Paul!

Jamie reported that the Facebook page is getting more interest. Take a minute an
check it out. I forgot to mention that Jamie was more than a little helpful in
my website work. Also, without her I would be the only one in the website

Joyce said that though the volunteer luncheon was lightly attended, the pizza
was great. I was sorry to hear that our volunteer, Art Gold, was unavailable for
the free food. But he did receive free food. He and my bro Alan joined me and
John Wiker at Collector Car Appreciation Day and got our hot dog. Cars and food
is the way to go! The show had lots of cars and the event in Tijeras was equally
as much fun.

The Bylaws Committee reported that it had suggestions to make about the rules. I
didn't know that the VP's only official job was to fill in to for the Prez. The
committee thought Jamie would be able to do more than that. Lori agreed, and
added she did more than that in her three years as VP. So, that change and
several more, which included what to do with our growing list of property, would
be mailed to the membership clubs for a vote. I'll let you know at a CNM meeting
what the committee would want to change.

Jamie said that plans continued for the Aug 9th picnic at Pine Flats. We are
donating 24 packages of hamburger buns. We got edged out for the water this
year. Plans are also ongoing for the Swap Meet in September. I told Joyce CNM
members would be available for Saturday morning duty. In addition I'll be
helping with sign placement on Friday.

And now for the big finish: Lori unilaterally changed the starting time for the
meetings from 7:30 to be 6:30 starting in August and ending with a vote in
January. Remember change is good and make sure you don't come late next time. I
quipped that the next meeting might be held in shifts. I'll let you know which
shift I attend.

With that we adjourned. I look forward to seeing everybody next month, whether
they're on time or late... -- Robert Gold


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                    at Wyoming & Carmel, north of Wyoming & Paseo del Norte NE.
          After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.

SUN 09 AUG 10:00 AM "All Clubs Picnic" at Oak Flat Picnic Area, South Rt 337

SAT 15 AUG  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
** Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415,

WED 19 AUG  5:00 PM Board Meeting: 1112 Westerfeld Dr NE Albuquerque NM 87112

FRI 21 AUG  9:00 PM Deadline for items for September 2015 newsletter


WED 16 SEP  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

SAT 19 SEP  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
** Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415,

SAT 19 SEP  9:30 AM Annual Santa Fe Airshow

SAT 19 SEP  Concours du Soleil - an amazing collection of New Mexico automobiles
SUN 20 SEP  Los Ranchos de Albuquerque - Contact:

SUN 20 SEP  State Fair Car Show - be at the "OLD FURR'S PARKING LOT" by 7:00 AM!


FRI 25 SEP  9:00 PM Deadline for items for October 2015 newsletter

FRI 25 SEP  Santa Fe Concourso - 369 Montezuma Avenue #511 - Santa Fe, NM 87501
SAT 26 SEP  The Club at Las Campanas --
SUN 27 SEP  A gathering of more than 110 rare and exotic cars and motorcycles

FRI 25 SEP  New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Annual Swap Meet Los Lunas
SAT 26 SEP  Morris Sports Complex, Morris Rd. & Hwy 314, Los Lunas
SUN 27 SEP  Contact:

SUN 27 SEP  Corrales Harvest Festival - six or seven Corvairs needed
FRI 02 OCT - CORVAIR HERITAGE DAY (Corvair's official birthday)


SAT 03 OCT  8:00 AM  Old Route 66 Cleanup

SUN 04 OCT - EARLY! Classic Cars Drive on the Balloon Fiesta Field

SAT 17 OCT  1:00 PM - Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms

WED 21 OCT  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 23 OCT  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for November 2015 newsletter

See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
======================== ======================

Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 8 # 395

The cover shows a 1965 Corsa convertible at Valle Grande in April 1979. Jim told
about buying the car in 1972 for $500. Visitors to our July meeting were Dwight
Simmons and Mary & Richard Twilley. Mary was our treasurer in 1980. Potential
new members were Brian Rowe and Ross McDuffey - spelling by Vertrees. David
Huntoon told about helping out a man who was driving a Ford Model-A across
country when his car failed in Cedar Crest. Dave towed the Model-A with the
library van, very slowly. Pat & Vickie reported on our first scrap metal recycle
which brought in $349. Mike Stickler told us about his mom's Nash Metropolitan.
Several members visited Leslie & Kevin Sullivan for a cookout on the Fourth of
July. On a beautiful July 12th eight "trash pickers" cleaned our mile of Old
Route 66.

We planned a TUNA at the Hall place in Los Lunas, an All-Clubs picnic at
Villanueva State Park south of Las Vegas, a pot-luck get-together at the Palmer
residence in Juan Tomas, a State Fair car show and an October econo-run
organized by Chuck Vertrees. We were advised to calculate gallons per mile
instead of miles per gallon as a better measure of fuel economy, and Steve
Goodman told us in detail how to perform a perfect oil change.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 8 # 311

On the cover: scenes from the Galles and Nob Hill shows. We met at Casa
Chevrolet. The treasury held $5,613. Mark Domzalski was looking forward to his
retirement as CORSA president. We had a Mystery Tour, a Galles Show, a Santa Fe
Plaza Show and a Nob Hill Show. Bill Reider showed us what to do when a tap
breaks off in an aluminum head. Hurley Wilvert told about driving from
Cincinnati to California and thinking that Albuquerque would be a nice place to
live. He said when we were picking trash on Old Route 66 a bicycle rider thanked
him. Made his day.

Debbie Deck previewed our campout in the Pecos. Robert Gold asked us to get our
cars ready for the State Fair. Del Patten told us not to forget the oil filler
cap. Richard Finch told about restoring a 1964 Monza convertible. Seth Emerson
told about foolproof valve lifter adjustment, cold! Bob Helt answered the
question about the 1964 Spyder: why the larger displacement 1964 turbo engines
are rated at 150 HP, the same as the 1962-63 turbos.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 8 # 227

The cover showed the ruins at Quarai with a Greenbrier. This was an attempt to
scan a photograph and print it as a computer graphic. President Del ran the
meeting, Steve Schulthis and Bill Palmer were guests. Our bank account was $823.
Bill Reider reported on the Car Council. the Museum car show went well. We
planned a picnic and a swap meet. Rita Gongora told us about plans for a trip to
Rancho de las Golondrinas in October. We had an econo-run in the Manzanos.
Dennis Pleau held a tech session on throttle linkage adjustment with Del's car
as guinea pig. Five CNM cars were at the Santa Fe Plaza Car Show. Hard to get up
at Oh-Dark-Hundred to drive to Santa Fe. Dell announced plans to raise money:
raffles, an auction, charging for the annual campout.

Mike Stickler reported on our econorun. Seventeen CNMers showed up and the best
overall was Dennis Pleau's 1963 coupe with 34.17 MPG. Steve Gongora reported on
the Galles car show. Dennis showed us how to disassemble, clean and repair
windshield wiper switches. Other tech tips told what to do if your engine seemed
crooked (look for a broken bolt holding the transmission to the cross member)
and how to free up your emergency brake cables (squirt 'em with WD-40 to clean)
and how to just look over all the various parts under your car while you are
under there fixing that bad bolt (look for dangling wires, frayed cables, loose
or badly adjusted thermostat doors, cracked rubber boots, cracked or leaking
hoses or fittings, etc).

1987 Vol 13 Nr 8 # 143

President Clayborne announced that our August meeting would be held at THE
RAFTERS, a restaurant in Santa Fe, on a Sunday afternoon. We had only $664 in
the bank. Car Council business: the swap meet was being planned, Could the city
finance a car museum? Clayborne told about seeing a restored Albertosaurus and
restored antique fire trucks at the Natural History Museum. The June arrivals of
future Corvair drivers Megan Jennifer Lawless and Emily Rose Gongora were
announced. Mark Morgan's Billiken demonstrated four-wheel steering on a Corvair.
Bill Reider discussed carburetor jet size as related to power and economy. He
listed part numbers for outside mirrors.

If you want to give Corvair scoffers a definitive report on the 1972 exoneration
of the Corvair by the Government's Department of Transportation, it's on the
last page of this issue. Ralph's rants were refuted after DOT tests.

1980 Vol 6 Nr 8 # 59

The cover featured a cute runabout with a rumble seat. My dad once had one of
those. Your editor asked for articles, jokes, photos, drawings or other grist
for the newsletter mill. President Reider ran the meeting. Members planned to go
to Moriarty to help with their Fourth of July parade. Francis mentioned a new
body shop in town: the CAR & TRUCK FACTORY, owner: Bob Phillips. Sylvan told us
about the need for the right proportion of tire pressures for front and rear
tires. President Bill talked about tire choices for our Corvairs -- there were a
lot more in 1980 than now! Technically speaking, you should soak a new pilot
bushing in motor oil for a couple hours before installing it. Finally, there was
a short story about a rich executive's plans to re-manufacture 1964 Spyders --
in the twenty-first century. That could be today!

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