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   SEPTEMBER 2015 / VOLUME 41 / NUMBER 9 / ISSUE #480  

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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING:              Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 at 7:00 PM
 North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

 Mechanically Un-inclined .......................... Ray Trujillo
 Dues Due .................................. Membership Committee
 August Meeting Minutes ........................... Anne Mae Gold
 August Board Meeting ............................. Anne Mae Gold
 Larry Blair's Yellow 1964 Spyder Convertible ...... Photographer
 The State Fair - Happy Anniversary! ................ Robert Gold
 Birthdays & Anniversaries ................... Sunshine Committee
 Car Council Picnic Report (Photos on Page 10) ..... Jim & Vickie
 Treasury Report .................................... Robert Gold
 Windshield Washer Replacement Pump ............... Steve Gongora
 Get the Right Gas Cap ......... DETROIT AIRCOOLER - Pete Koehler
 Inside a Failed Fuel Pump .......................... Jim Pittman
 Road Trip! ... to the Fan belt Toss ... DENVAIR NEWS Eric Schakel
 Deferred Maintenance (DENVAIR NEWS) ............... Eric Schakel
 Calendar of Coming Events ................... Board of Directors
 September Issues, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ... Club Historian

COVER: Pat Removes Number Two Rocker Arm before Driving Home.
COVER: Name Your Poison: Lead? Cadmium? Zinc? Arsenic? Iron? Acid water?

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On 25-JUN-2015 we had  43  active family memberships.



Hello everyone!

Aah! September is finally here and I sure hope that means a lot fewer hot days
and more cool evenings. It seems the older I get the more difficult the hot New
Mexico summers are to take, or maybe I feel that way today as I write this
article because my air conditioner in my so-called modern day car has not been
working very well lately. You might have seen me driving down the streets of
Albuquerque and pleading "Come on Freon!" Funny, just a few years ago I drove my
1965 Corsa every day to work and it had no air conditioner and I don't recall
becoming too bothered by the hot summer temperatures. For a few years now I've
been driving a somewhat newer vehicle and I guess it didn't take me too long to
notice how uncomfortable a car can get without good air conditioning. Anyway,
enough of me complaining and let's go over our upcoming schedule.

On Sunday, September 20th you're encouraged to display your Corvair in the State
Fair Car Show. Thanks to Robert Gold for setting up CNM twenty years ago with
the State Fair people, so let's take advantage of this privilege as long as we
have it. Also, please read Robert's article in this month's newsletter about how
CNM got the State Fair invite. If you'd like to attend this event, we'll meet at
7:00am at the parking lot near the corner of Central and San Pedro, that's where
the old Furr's Cafeteria used to be located. One great perk to coming to the
State Fair car show is you get in free. So I hope to see you there!

On the following weekend, September 25th-27th, the New Mexico Council of Car
Clubs holds its Annual Swap Meet at the Morris Sports Plex located at Morris &
Highway 314 in Los Lunas. If you'd like to be a vendor or help with the event
the contact is and otherwise, if you would just like to
see what's available for sale, that's perfectly fine too. There's tons of really
neat stuff to see and buy, maybe too much stuff, as most wives will attest. On
the other hand, it's usually the girls who are known for shopping so this swap
meet is kind of the guys' turn to go shopping. Speaking of shopping, it reminds
me of a time I went with my wife who was shopping for shoes and it seems like we
searched endlessly, only to come back and buy the first pair we saw hours
before. Come on girls, does this sound familiar to you, I think you know what
I'm talking about. Now if you go to the swap meet with your husband, which I
don't advise, you'll see how it feels to have the shoe on the other foot.
Needless to say, I don't go shoe shopping with Sylvia anymore. Okay, I better
move on before I really get in trouble.

Also on Sunday, September 27th, the Corrales Harvest Festival has invited CNM to
show six to eight of our Corvairs at their event. This is a great opportunity
for CNM to show off our Corvairs to the public and you can't beat the awesome
days that come in late September. Thank you to Dave Huntoon for setting up CNM
in what should turn out to be an excellent fall event.

Next up on Saturday, October 3rd at 8:00am CNM will hold its final Old Route 66
cleanup for 2015. So if you can come out and help that would be great. The more
who can come out the better.

Then a few days later, we'll have our monthly membership meeting and as usual we
will conduct our annual Officer Elections. Please don't hesitate if there's a
position that you'd like to run for, just let me know so we can announce who is
running for what position. Also, after our membership meeting Bill Reider will
present a slide show about his time in the Army in Korea.

In November, CNM will once again holds its Annual Potluck and Bingo night. It
will be held on the first Saturday, November 7th at 5:00pm at Steve & Rita
Gongora's House of Covers located at 115 Richmond NE. This event is always a lot
of fun and I'll keep you updated as the date gets closer. Remember there are
many other non-CNM activities listed in the calendar sheet of this newsletter.
So take a look and see if you might possibly find an event that you'd really
enjoy. If you do, attend the event and then tell us about it at our meeting or
write an article about it for the newsletter.

Well I guess that's enough said for now so I'll see you at the September club

-- Ray Trujillo


MEMBERSHIP MEETING ==  August 5th 2015
Anne Mae Gold

Call to order: 7:03 pm

President: We have had communication from the 2017 National Corvair Convention,
asking our membership if we are interested in participating in this event.
Opened floor to comments. The Convention that we hosted in 1996 was so
spectacularly done that we helped CORSA a great deal. A lot of money was
generated, but the trend recently has been that the National Conventions are not
making much money and are even losing money. We have guidelines that were
written up from the one we hosted, Jim has put these on the website under
Reports. We would need at least 6-8 people to head up different aspects. Heads
would include Venue, Hotel, Parking, Banquet, Rally, Car Show, Concours,
Hospitality, Advertisement, T-shirts, Gifts, Donations, Theme, Logo, Artwork.
Could members from other clubs help via computer? Do we have two people here
tonight willing to head it up? (Voting tonight Yes or No: YES = 2; NO = 14.)
Various members said that they would help if Mark Domzalski headed it up. Ray
will contact him and ask. The 2016 Convention is going to be in Springfield,
Illinois. Larry Yoffee mentioned that Isleta Casino would be a great venue: they
have a Rail Runner station, banquet facilities, hotel, close to the airport,
other advantages.

Vice President: Tarmo was not in attendance.

Secretary: previous minutes were approved, thank you Jim!

Treasurer: Current balance is $4,609.38

Membership: Nothing to report.

Editor: Aug 21 is deadline for next newsletter.

Car Council: Things are rolling along. Robert reported about the changes coming
up to the NMCCC website. This Sunday is the picnic, CNM is donating 24 packages
of hamburger buns which he will purchase, Dave Huntoon will take them up to the
picnic for us.

Merchandise: Vickie was not in attendance.

Upcoming Events:
SUN AUG 09: All Clubs Picnic at Oaks Flat Picnic Area on South Route 337
SUN SEP 20: NM State Fair Car Show. Meet at 7:00 am SW corner of Central and San
FRI-SUN SEP 25-27: NMCCC Los Lunas Annual Swap Meet at Morris Rd and Hwy 314
SUN SEP 27: Corrales Harvest Festival 9:00 am-5:00 pm - they need 6-8 Corvairs
to show
SAT OCT 03: Old Route 66 cleanup starting at 8:00 am
FRI-SUN OCT 23-25: Great Western Fan Belt Toss - raffle tickets are $5 each for
various prizes.

Miscellaneous Topics:
  * Gretchen popped in to give John Wiker (not in attendance) a Kiwanian Hi.
  * Bill Reider brought in a flier for Russell's Car Museum as a possible
    site for a tour.
  * Anyone thinking about going to the Fanbelt Toss? Possibilities for
    caravanning exist... see the website for more information.
  * Steve Goodman sends his regards via Larry Blair. Where is the secret VIN
    stamped on a Corvair? On the sub-frame of the car or in that general area.
  * Dave Huntoon got an email from a man in Colorado area, he's looking for
    a Corvair to buy. If anyone has a car to sell, contact him directly:
    John Green: 303-688-9018 or email:
  * Steve Gongora shared information on a replacement windshield washer
    motor that is easily installed and works just like the original.
  * The Christmas Dinner is open for discussion. John Wiker has suggested
    the Quarters BBQ at 4516 Wyoming at Montgomery NE, plates will be under $20.
    The first Saturday of December is the traditional date for the dinner, this
    would put it at December 5. Ray will check on availability.
  * Elections will be held in October.

The 50/50 was won by Robert Gold. He donated his part to the club. $15.00 was

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Bill brought in a video that he edited from Master Mechanic about several
"machine tool" procedures: repairing bad spark plug threads, removing rusty,
broken bolts, removing rusted nuts.


Board Meeting August 19th
Anne Mae Gold

Called to order at 5:09 pm at the Pittman home.

Present: Ray Trujillo, Tarmo Sutt, Lube Lubert, Brenda Stickler, John Wiker,
Robert Gold, Anne Mae Gold, Jim & Heula Pittman

President: Ray said he talked to Mark Domzalski and Mark said he was not able to
chair the 2017 National Convention and he didn't think we had the manpower to do
it. Robert suggested that Terry Price may be interested in heading it up -- if
his wife agrees. Robert will contact Terry to make sure he IS interested. Brenda
says if we find someone to commit to heading the convention, she will assist in
what she can -- calling or researching. We may not have the manpower to do it
all, so we may need to reach out to neighboring Corvair car clubs. Jim mentioned
that our club is scheduled for the 2017 Tri-state. It was suggested that we
either (1) Swap Tri-State years with one of the Colorado clubs or (2)
Incorporate the 2017 Tri-State into the Convention. The board suggests that we
take the temperature of the club's interest at the next membership meeting
before we make a motion to drop the idea.

Earlier John Wiker had suggested that we look into the Quarters (located at
Wyoming and Montgomery NE) for the club's Christmas Dinner. Ray contacted them
for more information The facility holds about 40 people. They offer family style
dining. The cost would run about $25 per person. They do have a menu without
appetizers that runs $15.99 plus tax and gratuity. The club could pick up the
tax and gratuity. Ray suggests that we keep it under $20.00 and we could provide
our own dessert (and plates if necessary). Ray penciled us in for December 5th.

John Wiker asked, who do we want to donate to this year? Ask everyone to donate
$10 worth of school supplies? Contact schools to see if the Parent Association
is making food baskets that we can donate to? John said he and Anne will
distribute the donations. Brenda suggested food baskets. We could pick out a
school and ask what they need.

VP: Tarmo Sutt said he talked to Fred Edeskudy. Fred said back in March he gave
Tarmo money for his dues. Neither Robert nor Jim had a record of his payment so
Tarmo said he must have lost track of the payment, and he will see that Fred is
credited for a year's renewal. Fred also asked if there are any T-shirts
available with "CNM" or Corvair" design. We didn't know of any.

Treasurer: Robert reported that the current balance is $4,611.85

Editor: Jim said the newsletter deadline is this Friday, August 21st. He said
that finally we have received a request from CORSA for an update of our chapter
information (they still had Chuck Vertrees listed as Secretary) and our 2015
annual fee of $35. Robert will send a check for the fee. Jim said he was
surprised that they did not ask for a list of current members and we wondered
how they were keeping track of chapter membership. Previous lists of CORSA
members that we have received have been full of errors.

Car Council Picnic: Dave Huntoon delivered the hamburger buns. The weather was
nice. Jim said he thought that there were fewer people there than last year.
There were some very nice cars at the picnic. Robert will see if he can find out
at the Car Council meeting how many people and cars attended this year and in

Membership: Larry was not present and we had no new members. Jim said there were
two members coming up as expired who usually renew promptly. He has not
routinely notified people by email that their dues were due because due dates
are shown on the mailing label; should he?

September events:

SUN 20 SEP State Fair Car Show - be at the "OLD FURR'S PARKING LOT" by 7:00 AM!

FRI 25 SEP New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Annual Swap Meet in Los Lunas

SUN 27 SEP Corrales Harvest Festival - six or seven Corvairs needed

October events:


SAT 03 OCT 8:00 AM Old Route 66 Cleanup

Miscellaneous: Early Sunday morning August 16th Pat Hall had a heart attack --
he had severe pain in his chest and left arm -- while they were at their
southern location. He was taken first to Socorro Hospital where they were unable
to contact the VA and then was airlifted to Presbyterian hospital in Albuquerque
where he was treated. He received a stint for a blocked artery. By the following
day Pat reported he was feeling much better, and the next day he was released
from the hospital to go home. Vickie says she is discouraging visitors because
she wants him to rest. He will not be working very much for a few weeks as his
healing progresses. Heula passed around a get-well card for all to sign.

Brenda Stickler told us she needs to give up ownership and paying insurance on
the Library Van and would like for it to go back to the club -- or to someone in
the club. Dave said he has the "CNM Library" material that had been stored in
the van. There's more than will conveniently fit in the van.

Meeting adjourned at 6:18 pm and Heula treated us to servings of two kinds of
pie and Louisiana-style coffee.
Larry Blair's 1964 Spyder

At the August meeting we thought Larry must have repainted his famous "NO AGUA"
green Spyder convertible, but he said this is his original Spyder and it has
been storage for years. It is the one he drove to the Durango Tri-State in 1990
and the one that was featured on a CORSA Communique cover in 1991. Here is an
attempt to compose a dramatic sunset photo with the help of Photoshop (R).


The State Fair Car Show -- Happy Anniversary!
Robert Gold

For you CNM'ers who haven't noticed, this year will be the 20th year we have
been doing the State Fair Car Show with my help. The show will be held on
Sunday, September 20th, the last day of the Fair. Please keep in mind that the
club participated in a show at the fairgrounds before that run, but only under
the authority of the Vintage Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA). This is the 20th
year of having our very own spot along Heritage Ave.

I guess it would be appropriate for me to mention that our first round of State
Fair Car Shows ended because of a problem having to do with the purchase of
trophies for the show. Neither the VMCCA nor the State Fair wanted to pay for
them. The result was the VMCCA walked out, leaving our club with no way to show
our cars. I made the mistake of asking at a CNM meeting why we couldn't have our
own show. The result was I was put in charge of setting up our own State Fair
Car Show.

Actually, things went very smoothly after that. I contacted the State Fair and
they were VERY helpful. We were awarded the last Sunday of the Fair for our
show. Even nicer, the Classic Chevy club, who also had a show on that last
Sunday, was nice enough to divide up the turf with us so they would show their
cars on Main Street and we'd have Heritage Ave to ourselves. I think most of you
would agree that our show area is probably nicer than where the Classic Chevys
are because we get a lot more shade through the day.

Thinking about the fact that we've attained 20 years brings back all sorts of
memories. Two things stand out for me.

The first is that the weather has been fantastic to us for all those years. Only
once did it look like we'd be rained on, but that dissipated quickly.

The second memory is how lucky we've been dealing with the State Fair
administration. For the last, I don't know how many years, Craig Vemcill has
made sure that things have gone smoothly. If you see a guy on a bike hovering
around our cars-- that's Craig. Be nice to him!

Oh yes, I forgot one other major memory. It was at the Fair Car Show that Pat
Hall first arrived. He introduced himself to me and said he'd like to
participate in the club... what a lucky day for CNM!

With all that in mind, all you need to do to attend this year's show is to get
up early on Sunday, September 20, and join us at the former Furr's Cafeteria
parking lot on the southwest corner of Central and San Pedro before 7:00 am.
Everyone will then pose for group photos and leave around 7:15 to enter the
Fairgrounds through Gate 3. This is the farthest gate to the south on San Pedro.
We will be parking on Heritage Ave just south of the Manual Lujan Building.

I hope we get a great turnout for this anniversary show. Remember, there is no
admission cost for car show participants so you can go to the Fair for free! I
hope to see you there!	-- Robert Gold


Fourteen CNM'ers celebrate birthdays in September:
	Connie Adams
	Jamie Anderson
	Linda Soukup
	David Huntoon
	Carl Johnson
	Gordon Johnson
	Janet Johnson
	Connie McBreen
	Josh McDuffie
	Christian Deyermond
	Curtis Shimp
	Frank Stadler
	Kevin Sullivan
	Julian Trujillo

Five couples celebrate their wedding anniversary:
	Kathy & Larry Blair
	Emma & LeRoy Rogers
	Kay & Tarmo Sutt
	Brenda & Hurley Wilvert
	Valerie Nye & Joel Yelich


Car Council Picnic
Jim & Vickie

Pretty close to 9:00 AM at the Smith's parking lot at Central & Tramway, various
classic cars gathered in preparation for the short drive east on Old Route 66 to
Tijeras and thence south on NM 337 to Oak Flat Picnic Area for the Car Council

Jim & Heula arrived to find Bill and Lube Lubert who were in Bill's 1964
Chevrolet. Next to arrive were Vickie & Pat Hall who drove up from Los Lunas in
a bright red Corvair convertible with the top down. Since David Huntoon joined
us at Oak Flat later we had a grand total of seven CNMers with ONE Corvair.

Pat & Vickie's ride was the 1964 Monza convertible formerly owned by Wendell
Walker. A lovely car, it seems to some of us to be jinxed. As we left the
parking lot to start our caravan on Old Route 66 it started an alarming clatter.
We all stopped to analyze the noise and decide what to do about it. We
suggested, instead of trying to get a tow truck, that we try to get it to the
nearby Pittman residence where it could park in the shade, we'd then all go to
the picnic in one car, then we'd come back and deal with the broken engine
later. Pat thought that would work, so we headed west on Central, clattering as
we went. We parked it in the shade and transferred our picnic goodies to Jim's
car. Soon Jim, Heula, Vickie and Pat were headed back toward the picnic in the
"classic" 25-year-old Honda Civic EX four-door five-speed that Jim insists is
really a "sports car" at heart.

We all enjoyed the picnic but sad to say there were fewer people and cars than
last year. The weather was just about perfect although the bright sun was not
especially good for photos. Several interesting and beautiful cars made the trip
to the picnic and we enjoyed looking them over. There were occasional cool
breezes. No rain storms started up this year.

Sorry, all CNMers who did not attend -- this was another enjoyable picnic. We
offer many thanks to the Rickshaws club and the GTO club for organizing it.

After enjoying hamburgers with the fixins and various desserts, we headed back
down the mountain and soon Pat was working on the clattery engine, happily in
the shade of the car port. Jim supplied a floor jack and jack stands and there
were tools in the trunk of the Corvair. Pat suspected the noise was coming from
cylinder number 2 and removed the rocker on the intake valve of that cylinder.
He was sure that the problem was a dropped valve seat and that with the rocker
removed he could drive home on 5 cylinders. And that's what he did.

The following day Vickie reported that Pat and Lube got the engine out of the
car and started disassembling it. Pat said the number 2 intake valve seat
disintegrated and pieces went into cylinder number 6 also. Number 4 (the middle
one) wasn't damaged. Pat says he'll fix it so that it will run just like a new
engine. Whether he'll go with 140 heads or move to 110 heads is the question.

Among the modifications Wendell made to this car in addition to the 140 engine
are: 5-bolt hubs with 14-inch wheels, late Corvair brake drums and shoes, and
power seats from, as I recall, a Fiero.


TREASURY REPORT ************* 07-24-2015 to 08-19-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD

DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $4,609.38
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.08.10 2210 -$   32.53 J.Pittman   AUG 2015 Newsletter_Printing   -$   32.53
2015.08.17 2211 -$   21.00 R.Gold      NMCCC Picnic Hamburger Buns    -$   21.00
2015.08.18      +$   56.00 CNM Dues    B.Stickler adjust for 26 m CNM  $   25.00
2015.08.18      +$                     50/50 raffle for July           $   16.00
2015.08.18      +$                     50/50 raffle for August         $   15.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.08.19 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $4,611.85

Windshield Washer Pump
Steve Gongora

Here is a solution for you if the washer for your Corvair has stopped working.
You can purchase an ANCO pump from Parts Plus (part # ANW65-01) listing for
$33.18. Disconnect your plug from the old washer and plug your positive (red)
wire to the power side of the plug and the ground (black) wire to the other side
of the plug. I used the spade terminals for the job. I mounted the pump on the
side of the wiper assembly. I also replaced my rubber tubing. I used the
provided T-connector for the sprayer. Presto, you again have a working washer
with your wipers. By hooking the wires to the washer motor, you use the original
washer button knob to wet your windshield.-- Steve Gongora



At the recent Meet the Makers of the Chevrolet Corvair event in Ypsilanti we had
an issue with gas caps. Seems that no matter hard we tried to adhere to the
rules and regulations concerning parking cars inside their building we found it
was a moving target. Drive 'em in, but disconnect the batteries. Oh yes, you
have to have a locking gas cap. Once inside the building we were not allowed to
start the Corvairs up and drive them back outside. Okay, During the program
while the cars were sitting several developed gasoline leaks. Oops! That is
worse than just having a regular non-locking gas cap in my opinion. But the regs
stated that we had to have locking ones, so Corvair Lady Eva ordered some up for
us. And that is when the problem began.

The Corvair fuel system, as with all cars and trucks of the same era, were not
closed systems as they are today. Current vehicles are required to vent any
vapors or pressure through a filter and then capture those vapors and re-run
them through the engine and out the tail pipe. Cleaner air is the goal. In the
1960s there were no such regulations so the fuel systems were vented to the
atmosphere through the cap on the vehicle's filler neck. If you look at the gas
cap on your Corvair it will say "Vented" and using a non-vented cap is a bad

Sitting in the hanger at the Yankee Air Museum the Corvairs were building up
pressure in their fuel tanks. After a while that pressure was looking for an
escape route. It couldn't take the normal path as designed out the gas cap. The
first victim was Dave Manaco's beautiful Rampside pickup truck. It started
leaking near the front bumper which had several people wondering how that could
be. Then we recognized the optional gas heater on Dave's truck. The heater
provided the path of least resistance to the fuel pressure. Once we figured out
what was happening we checked other cars on display and found similar pressure
in them as well.

So the moral of the story is, if you have to have a locking gas cap, make sure
it is of the vented variety. If you are one of the members who got a locking cap
for this event (MasterPro Select #5092) DO NOT use it on your 'Vair! It will be
fine on any modern car with evaporative emissions equipment, but it will not
work on a Corvair or other pre-emissions car or truck.

And we always say, Safety First!



A Brief Thought

I'm one of those type of car nuts who loves watching guys fixing cars on TV.
It's always nice to see someone excelling in something that you yourself can't
do. I can say one thing about that viewing experience -- You don't watch car
shows and expect to hear dialoge of a literary quality. I know for sure
Shakespeare wasn't a car guy.

I'm writing this to alert you to a saying that I think should be repeated. A guy
buying a Lincoln spoke it and it made a lot of sense to me. He was speaking
about his love of classic cars. He said, "The car not only moves me, but it
moves them." He was referring to all the "thumbs up" he got with his car. I
think that sums up our American car culture. Not bad hugh? -- Robert Gold


Inside a Failed Fuel Pump
Jim Pittman

This pump, obtained from Clark's to replace a pump that lasted only 1,000 miles,
failed after ten years but only 3,000 miles of actual driving. I blame ethanol
in our gasoline for deteriorating the valve material, but is part of the blame
letting the car sit for weeks at a time without starting the engine?

The rest of the insides of the pump looked to be in good shape. But it only took
one bad valve to cause a catastrophic failure. Well, it did not cause a fire!

A new fuel pump from Clark's was installed and the engine started right up. But,
it would not idle fast enough not to stall. I disgnose a bad carburetor or maybe
fouled spark plugs. A repair job for another day.


Road Trip!
Eric Schakel

Hatched in a moment of temporary insanity, with hints of youthful nostalgia
dredged from foggy memories, a movement is afoot to induce a bunch of
otherwise-rational Rocky Mountain Corsa members to drive to beautiful Palm
Springs for the Great Western Fan Belt Toss and Swap Meet over the October 23-25
weekend. Hear me out, you know you want to do this!

The GWFBT is a legendary event I have heard of since early Corvair years,
probably second only to the National Corsa Convention (and we've been there,
done that, with impressive teamwork and result) in terms of "must-do" Corvair
events. In recent conversations with other Corvairistas, I have found others who
share that curiosity.

The question, then, is what are we waiting for? There's no time like the present
to make this fabulous road trip opportunity into reality. After all, none of our
cars (or selves!) are getting any younger, so why delay this important bucket
list item any longer?

AND, if we attend the Toss in reasonable force, we can perhaps induce some of
our SoCal Corvair brethren (and sistren, naturally!) into visiting Colorado for
the Tri-State!

But wait, there's even MORE! The touristy shops along I-15 sell date-flavored
milkshakes. Dates are nature's pre-eminent sugar fix, truly the candy of the
gods. There is nothing quite like a date milkshake, and you can't even get them
in the freezer section of King Soopers and toss them in the microwave like you
can White Castle cheeseburgers. I'm not kidding...

As self-appointed Road Trip Instigator, I will provide information next month,
with some valuable insights from other potential GWFBT Road Trippers. Mark your
calendar now, and alert your boss and parole officer - let's do this thing!
Reprinted from Denvair News - Rocky Mountain CORSA


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          After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.

WED 16 SEP  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

SAT 19 SEP  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
** Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415,

SAT 19 SEP  9:30 AM Annual Santa Fe Airshow

SAT 19 SEP  Concours du Soleil - an amazing collection of New Mexico automobiles
SUN 20 SEP  Los Ranchos de Albuquerque - Contact:

SUN 20 SEP  State Fair Car Show - be at the "OLD FURR'S PARKING LOT" by 7:00 AM!


FRI 25 SEP  9:00 PM Deadline for items for October 2015 newsletter

FRI 25 SEP  Santa Fe Concourso - 369 Montezuma Avenue #511 - Santa Fe, NM 87501
SAT 26 SEP  The Club at Las Campanas --
SUN 27 SEP  A gathering of more than 110 rare and exotic cars and motorcycles

FRI 25 SEP  New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Annual Swap Meet Los Lunas
SAT 26 SEP  Morris Sports Complex, Morris Rd. & Hwy 314, Los Lunas
SUN 27 SEP  Contact:

SUN 27 SEP  Corrales Harvest Festival - six or seven Corvairs needed
FRI 02 OCT - CORVAIR HERITAGE DAY (Corvair's official birthday)


SAT 03 OCT  8:00 AM  Old Route 66 Cleanup

SUN 04 OCT - EARLY! Classic Cars Drive on the Balloon Fiesta Field

SAT 17 OCT  1:00 PM - Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms

WED 21 OCT  5:00 PM  Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 23 OCT  9:00 PM  Deadline for items for November 2015 newsletter


SAT 07 NOV  5:00 PM Bingo / Potluck / Auction at HOUSE OF COVERS

WED 18 NOV  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 20 NOV  9:00 PM Deadline for items for December 2015 newsletter

SAT 21 NOV  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
SAT 05 DEC  5:00 PM Christmas Dinner - QUARTERS - Wyoming & Montgomery NE (?)
See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
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Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 9 # 396

The cover showed the starter motor from Richard Finch's Ultra Van. He told us it
was originally in Steve McQueen's Myers Manx dune buggy [featured in the 1968
movie The Thomas Crown Affair] and how he came to have it. New member: Gary
Calabrese. We had $2,111 in the bank. Art reported that the Car Council had a
new member, the Viper Club. Sylvan described torqueing engine studs in the
proper order. All current officers said they'd run again in October. President
Mike was finishing up his new garage and doing cool Corvair work. Brenda
reported preparations for the 2009 Tri-State in Taos. Robert told about "The
Original Crossover" as he called his VW van with Corvair power train. Jim
reported tank-by-tank gas mileage for a 180-HP turbo engine compared to his
blueprinted 140-HP engine. The 140 had better fuel economy but not by much! The
main advantage of the 140 was its increased smoothness, flexibility and
reliability as compared to the 180 turbo. Pat & Vickie reported on a nice Car
Council picnic at Villanueva State Park.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 9 # 312

At Ruth Boydston's cabin in the Pecos we had a quiet, cool, damp weekend
campout. Sylvan presided. The treasury held $5,570.86. Visitors included John
Stichman, Steve Johnson, Gordon & Barbara Johnson and Roger Chavez. All joined.
Another new member was Robert Harvey of Las Cruces. Jim Clements and Tom Willard
made a presentation on the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs. Will Davis in
Florida told about his 140-HP dune buggy. Steve Gongora organized a very nice
Nob Hill Car Show. LeRoy Rogers told of having a new windshield split down the

Mark Domzalski reported on the CORSA convention and told us how fortunate we are
at CNM in having such a congenial and healthy chapter. He mentioned travails he
has seen with other CORSA chapters. Larry Blair in turn credited Mark with a
major improvement in CORSA during the last three years while Mark was president.

More CORSA news: next year there was to be an award for best chapter newsletter.
Naturally we thought we'd win it. Anne Mae reported on activities of the CNM
Ladies. Sylvan said we all had to leave the meeting room and exit at the same
time through the back gate because of a manpower shortage with Galles security.
(Some of us used to park outside the Galles area just to avoid this

An article about the DOMC was credited to "any-old-mouse" but the writing style
sounded like Del Patten's. The gist of the article was poking fun at an article
written by Larry Blair. An inside joke that made sense to some. "DOMC" is short
for Dummy of the Month Club. On a more serious note, our new NMCCC rep, Mark
Martinek, reported on the July and August meetings as well as on the Car Council
picnic at the Elks' Refuge in the Manzanos. He said it was a fine picnic. Mark
said he felt CNM wasn't doing its part to support the Car Council and
recommended that we should either do better or withdraw. He also gave us a long
article (with lots of photos) about the great Pecos Wilderness campout at Ruth's
cabin and the fun of dealing with rain, mud and nearly impassable roads. Richard
Finch gave his point of view of slogging along the muddy mountain roads in his
Ultra Van.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 9 # 228

Drawings from the shop manual showed the smog control equipment on a 1969
Corvair. VP Dennis ran our meeting. The treasury overflowed with $1,063, with
$195 in a special convention account. Visitors were John McMahan and Brooke
Martin from Long Island. New member Bill Palmer had a 1965 Monza. Bill Reider
reported Car Council activities: a Labor Day tour; a swap meet; a Route 66
calendar. We planned the State Fair Car Show, a Villanueva camp out and another
auction. Dennis reported on the CORSA Convention in Colonial Williamsburg. Del
praised the great Villanueva camp out. Debbie said she picked up a lot of tips
on running a convention at Williamsburg. Paul Coffman told us about preparing to
restore a Spyder. Mark Aksamit (Cactus Club) told how to swap the driver's and
passenger's seats to equalize wear.

1987 Vol 13 Nr 9 # 144

On the cover, Mark Morgan's "Urban Assault Vehicle" was based on a Lakewood with
armor and machine gun. Our August meeting was in Santa Fe at THE RAFTERS. Our
June scavenger hunt had low turnout. LeRoy Rogers' 1965 Monza took first place
at a car show in Alamogordo. Dale Housley organized a car show. We planned an
auction. Jim wrote an article on urban assault driving. Do freeway gunners make
us pay attention to our driving habits? Bill Reider told about the causes and
prevention of overheating.

1980 Vol 6 Nr 9 # 60

On the cover Pete Colburn was at a Winrock car show. The treasury held $273. We
planned an econo-run/aspencade in October. We had a talk by a representative of
the city's Environmental Health Department on the emissions inspection program.
He said 1967 and earlier were exempt. Some were relieved to hear this. Tech
tips: protecting your upholstery from the New Mexico sun; looking for an
electrical leak at the heater hose near the starter; detecting a sheared
woodruff key on the crankshaft gear; repairing the hold-open feature on your
door hinge. Jim published the first half of a short story on rallying in sports
car heaven (southwestern Ohio) in the middle 1960s with Austin-Healeys, MG-Bs,
TR-4s, Jaguars, Volvos, Corvairs and slightly disguised friends and co-workers.

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