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   OCTOBER 2015 / VOLUME 41 / NUMBER 10 / ISSUE #481  

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EDITOR: Jim Pittman

NEXT MEETING:             Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
 North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, Wyoming & Carmel NE

 Mechanically Un-inclined .......................... Ray Trujillo
 Dues Due .................................. Membership Committee
 September Meeting Minutes .......................... Robert Gold
 September Board Meeting .......................... Anne Mae Gold
 Mark Morgan's TR-8 in Autocross .................. EXHAUST NOTES
 Christmas Party Collections ......................... John Wiker
 The State Fair ..................................... Robert Gold
 Car Council Reports - August and September ......... Robert Gold
 Zero to $10,000 is Several Easy Steps .............. Jim Pittman
 Birthdays & Anniversaries ................... Sunshine Committee
 Treasury Report .................................... Robert Gold
 Greenbrier and "Double Rampside" at Forney Museum ..... DRIPLINE
 Slide Show of Scenes from Korea in 1952-1953 ....... Bill Reider
 Calendar of Coming Events ................... Board of Directors
 October Issues, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago ..... Club Historian

COVER: Corvair owners Attend the 2015 New Mexico State Fair

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On 25-SEP-2015 we had  43  active family memberships.



Hello everyone!

October marks the start of the last quarter and I'd like to go over the
remaining activities for 2015. October 2nd is Corvair Heritage Day and is
designated the birthday of our favorite classic car. The first retail sales of
Corvairs began on this date back in 1959, so get out and drive your Corvair. You
know, I was born in 1959 so it's no wonder that I ended up loving Corvairs. On
Saturday, October 3rd, CNM will hold its last Old Route 66 cleanup starting at
8:00 AM. So if you can come and lend a hand for about a hour that would be
greatly appreciated. After we've finished with the cleanup some of us will go
and meet for breakfast. On the very next day, Sunday, October 4th, The Fiesta of
Wheels car show for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta will meet at
7:30 AM at the Los Ranchos Journal Center (Rail Runner Station) located at 101
El Pueblo NE. That's at the corner of Edith & El Pueblo and if you'd like to
participate then just line up with all the other classic cars for entrance into
the balloon park around 9:00 AM. This is actually a pretty nice way to get
fairly close to the balloons without fighting all the traffic, and there is no
cost to get into the park as long as you drive your classic car. Next up on
October 7th, CNM will have its monthly membership meeting and on this night
we'll hold our annual election of officers. If you'd like to run for a position
please contact me prior to the meeting so we'll be able to add your name to the
election choices. If you would like to nominate someone for a position, please
clear it with them first so they can accept or decline your nomination. Finally,
last but not least is a club breakfast at 9:00 AM on Saturday, October 24th at
the New Yorken Cafe & Bakery located at 2120 Juan Tabo NE. Now that's quite a
full October.

Let's now move to November and December activities. On Saturday November 7th at
5:00 PM, CNM holds its annual Bingo/Potluck/Auction night at the House of Covers
located at 115 Richmond NE. Steve and Rita Gongora graciously host this evening
at their place of business and you're encouraged to come and join your fellow
members for a fun-filled time. Please bring a potluck dish item of your choice
and if you have any items that you'd like to donate for the auction that would
be awesome. As for the bingo, cards will be sold for either $1 or $2 each, I
can't remember what the price is, but the winner of the bingo game gets half of
the proceeds and CNM gets the other half for its bank account. We'll usually
play about four games of bingo. It really is a fun event and it makes for a nice
evening out. So make plans now to attend, it will be here before you know it.

Our final 2015 event is CNM's annual Christmas party. This year it's going to be
held on December 5th at 5:00 PM at the Quarters Restaurant located at 4516
Wyoming NE. The cost will be $16 a person with CNM paying the tax and gratuity.
Every Christmas CNM does some sort of donation to a needy organization and this
year John and Anne Wiker have found two elementary schools in the South Valley
that are in need of school supplies. So please bring elementary school supplies
to the Christmas party and the Wikers will deliver them on CNM's behalf.

That's all the activities that are scheduled for the remainder of 2015 but if
anything else is added you'll be notified. You know, any time I see or hear the
word "notified," it reminds me of when I was in high school and I had a Math
teacher who would use the phrase "Consider yourself notified." That was his way
of giving us students a major hint of what was important to study. Anyway, not
that I will test you on all the above listed activities, but I always thought it
would be more fun to be the notifier than the notifiee. So "Consider yourself

Okay, let's move on. The State Fair Car Show had another great turnout this
year. Thanks to all who showed their Corvairs and a big thank you to Robert Gold
for coordinating it. Please read Robert's article in this month's newsletter for
more details. The Los Lunas Swap Meet and the Corrales Harvest Festival have not
yet taken place as of this writing so you'll be updated on these events in next
month's newsletter.

 Well I guess that's enough said for now so I'll see you at the next club
meeting. -- Ray


Robert Gold

Membership Meeting
September 2nd 2015
Robert Gold

President Ray Trujillo called the meeting to order at 7:05. The previous
meeting's minutes (written by my wonderful bride, Anne Mae) were approved.

Ray then began a discussion about next month's elections. Tarmo Sutt declined
being VP for next year. Also, this year will be Ray's last year as President.
The lineup of those willing to serve is: Pat Hall: President, John Wiker: VP,
Anne Mae Gold: Secretary, Robert Gold: Treasurer.

We then moved on to the CORSA National Convention for 2017. Mark Domzalski was
contacted and he declined the job. In like manner, after deliberation, Terry
Price bowed out. The result was that we voted that CNM will not host the Corsa
Convention. The good news however is that Terry has volunteered to accept the
top spot for the 2017 Tri-State.

The members discussed various places to hold the Tri-State. Suggestions were
Roy, NM; Claunch, NM; Los Alamos, NM; Pagosa Springs, CO, Socorro, NM; and Las
Vegas, NM. We hosted it in Las Vegas in 1992. We'll put our thinking caps on and
continue the discussion at the next meeting. The dates of the Tri-State are also
up in the air at this time.

Tarmo noted that September is an active car month. One big activity (aside from
the State Fair Car Show and the NMCCC Swap Meet) is the Concorso to be held in
Santa Fe late in the month. Alas, Tarmo's 99-point red 1966 Corsa turbo
convertible will not be there this year. But lots of high end cars will be
there. Admission is a bit pricey, but well worth it.

Robert Gold made reports for both Secretary and Treasurer. He noted that Anne
Mae (and also Art Gold) are tied up at school functions. The treasury has
$4,686.85 in it. The membership will be happy to know that Steve Gongora paid
his dues and continues to be a member in good standing.

Jim Pittman mentioned that the deadline for the newsletter in the "long month"
of September, is Friday September 25. He displayed a trashed Clark's fuel pump
that replaced a fuel pump that only lasted 1,000 miles. This one went 10 years
and 3,0000 miles before failing. Jim believes that the evil that did the deed
was ethanol in the fuel.

Robert reported on activities of the Car Council. He noted that drama has
returned to the Council. There was a fight over changing the start time for the
meeting. Also, Joyce Clements, a founding member of the Council, got irritated
and has resigned as newsletter editor. The good news is that the Swap Meet is
still on track and the picnic, attended by half the area's population, was a
rousing success.

Vickie Hall reported that she has sold Curtis Shimp a CNM patch for $5. This led
to everyone telling Pat Hall how happy we are to see him back in good health. If
anyone has an urge to use a helicopter to fly to a hospital it may cost you
almost $48,000. That is probably close to the value of Tarmo's 99-point car.

We then discussed the various upcoming car events. The State Fair Car Show will
happen on Sunday, September 20. This is the 20th anniversary of the
CNM-sponsored event. The NMCCC Swap Meet will take place on September 25-27. The
Corrales Harvest Festival will take place on the Saturday of the Swap Meet.
About 8 Corvairs are expected for the event. October 3 will be the last Old
Route 66 cleanup of the season. The cleanup will start at 8:00 in the morning.
October 23-27 are the dates of the Fan Belt Toss way out there in California.
November 7 is the date of the, always popular, Bingo Night at Steve and Rita's
House of Covers. This event will begin at 5:00. Vickie Hall will come up with
some "rules of engagement" for the highly contested auction items. Lastly, the
CNM Christmas Dinner will take place on December 5 at the Quarters Restaurant on
Wyoming at Montgomery. It was decided that donating school supplies to a worthy
elementary school is the way to go. Dinner will cost $16.00, with the tax and
tip to be paid for by the Club. There should be door prizes at the event.

Heula Pittman noted that it's been a while since we had a club breakfast. We
decided to have a breakfast at the New Yorken Restaurant on 2120 Juan Tabo NE
(just south of Menaul) on October 24. Starting time will be 9:00 am. Note that
to expedite service, the restaurant asks that we order as we arrive, rather than
waiting to order until everyone arrives and has been seated.

John Wiker asked about the Balloon Fiesta Show that has been sponsored by the
Rainbow Car Club. No one had any info about this event for this year. Terry
Price then described various Corvairs around town he knew were for sale. Larry
Blair offered a free rubber thingy for a workbench to anyone who wanted it.
Terry was the first to say he wanted it. Brenda Stickler is selling an
inoperable V6 Corvair for $600. She also is looking for a home for the "Library"
van. She also commented she recently saw one of CNM's founding members, Carl
Johnson, driving his car.

Concerning founding members, the attendees at the meeting were treated to a
surprise visit by Mark Morgan. Mark had traveled in for a family event from his
home in St. Louis. We got to listen as Mark described the founding of the club.
He was aided in his description by an early member, Steve Gongora. The first
meeting took place in 1974 in the South Valley.

Dave Huntoon mentioned that a group from Colorado will be passing through on
their way to this year's Great Western Fan Belt Toss in California.

Brenda won the 50/50 raffle. The total was $16.00 so $8.00 went to Brenda, $8.00
to our treasury.

Ray adjourned the meeting at 8:10. He asked members to stick around for a
picture presentation by Bill Reider of his days in Korea during the war.


Anne Mae Gold

Board Meeting -- September 16th 2015
Anne Mae Gold

Present: Jim & Heula, Anne Mae & Robert, Lube, Ray

Called to order: 5:05 pm

President: (Ray) nothing new

VP: (Tarmo) not present

Secretary: (Anne Mae) nada.

Treasurer: (Robert) $4,721.66 in checking. No big expenditures coming up.

Membership: (Larry) not present. We learned that Brenda & Fred Edeskuty have
re-joined CNM, so Heula contacted them and learned that they had never received
a new membership packet. She mailed a packet on up to them, including a new Care
& Feeding book. Fred asked after XL sized T-shirts but we have none in stock at
this time. Robert told about the nice T-shirt that he and Art made that was
based on an old CNM license plate. He suggested the club may want to order a run
of club T-shirts. Robert says the Edeskutys' dues have not yet been paid up by

Editor: (Jim) Friday Sept 25 is the deadline for the newsletter. He plans to ask
CORSA how they keep track of chapter membership in CORSA. Apparently CORSA is
still looking for a club to host the National Convention. Richard Finch's book
was mentioned in the latest Communique, and Jim sent the author information on
how he documented an engine rebuild that he and Richard did, and how that led
Richard to write the book.

Car Council: (Robert) The next big event is the Swap Meet in Los Lunas. Lube
asked Robert to remind them to have the field sprayed the day before. Already
60% of the slots have been sold. A bogus letter went out saying that this event
had been cancelled. Joyce was notified about it and made every effort to squelch
this misinformation. It is not known who was responsible for the misinformation.

Tri-State: (Terry) not present

New Business:
September 20 State Fair Car Show. Meet at 7am at the San Pedro and Central
Parking lot.
September 25-27 NMCCC/Los Lunas Annual Swap Meet, Morris Rd and Highway 314 in
Los Lunas.
September 27 Corrales Harvest Festival, need 6-8 Corvairs for show. 9 am-4 pm.
October 3 Old Route 66 cleanup at 8 am.
October 7 CNM Officer elections.
October 23-25 Great Western Fan Belt Toss, Palm Springs
October 24 CNM breakfast at the New Yorken, 2120 Juan Tabo at 9 am, located
between Indian School and Menaul NE
November 7 Bingo/Potluck/Auction at House of Covers, 5 pm
December 5 Christmas Party at Quarters Restaurant, 5 pm. 4516 Wyoming NE. Meals
will be $16 per person. Club will pay gratuity. Club can also bring a cake.
Membership is asked to bring new school supplies to be donated to two south
valley schools.


The "Library Van" is up for adoption. Pat Hall is no longer interested in
holding an elected position. Ray will call John Wiker to see if he is willing to
run for President.

Adjourned: 5:50 pm


Mark Morgan drives his Triumph TR-8 in the BSCC Autocrosses, 23 August, 2015.

Family Arena, St Charles, Missouri.

Reprinted from:
Exhaust Notes, Newsletter of the St Louis Triumph Owners Association,
Vol 17, Issue 9, September 2015


Christmas Party Collections
John Wiker

I know that Christmas seems a long way off, but if you look at our busy
calendar, the 5th of December will be upon us quickly. At the September meeting
the club decided to collect school supplies for a couple of under-served
elementary schools.

Anne and I have located two in the South Valley that would more than welcome a
mid-year boost by Christmas Break time, as fresh supplies will be needed to
start the new calendar year. So we are asking all CNM attendees to bring typical
school supplies that Anne and I will collect and deliver to the two schools.
More information at the next meeting.

Thanks for all you can bring to the "table" that evening. See you there for a
great time!


Changing  Partners  ... And A Nice Surprise
20th Anniversary State Fair Car Show
Robert Gold

It's hard to believe that 20 years have passed since our first car show at the
State Fair. So much time has gone by that my son,  Javi,  who was  an infant at
thefirst show, displayed his car at this year's show!

Another indication of how time has passed is the tale of two cars at this year's
event. One car had belonged to a departed, valued member and another was a car
long associated with a long time current member. Simply put, two significant
cars had changed ownership and the new owners brought them to this year's show.

First we have a 1964 Monza Vert that had been cobbled together by Wendell Walker
our treasurer for many, many years. Pat Hall bought it and drove it to the show.
You might be interested in this list of the changes made by Wendy:

1. Special Wendy designed backup lights.
2. Five-lugged hubs.
3. Massive high-backed Fiero seats with
    speakers in the headrests.
4. Dual master cylinder (pretty main-
    stream for Wendy)
5. Custom side mirrors.
6. 140 hp engine.

Wow, neat stuff huh?

Secondly, I want to talk about that other car, the one that most CNM'ers know
very well. It is LeRoy Rogers' distinctive 1960 Monza with fender skirts in all
its red glory. But this time behind the wheel was, not LeRoy, but Jay Waterfield
and his wife Pauline.

Both these cars had changed owners, but the club can still enjoy them, thanks to
Pat & Vickie, Jay & Pauline.

Now you know about two of the cars and here is a list of all of the cars on

 1. Robert Gold ........ 1962 Loadside
 2. Robert Gold ......... 1964 Monza Convertible
 3. Sara Gold ............ 1974 Volkswagen Bus (Corvair powered)
 4. Javi Gold ............. 1964 500
 5. Pat & Vickie Hall ...... 1964 Monza Convertible
 6. Lube Lubert ............. 1964 Monza 500 (Famous Great White Hope)
 7. Sally Williams ........... 1966 500
 8. Sara Gold ................. 1964 Monza
 9. Anne Mae Gold .............. 1961 Lakewood
10. Larry Yoffee ................ 1965 Corsa
11. Geoff Johnson ................ 1963 Monza Convertible
12. John Wiker .................... 1966 Monza
13. Jay & Pauline Waterfield ....... 1960 Monza 900

Now to describe the show itself.... as usual, the weather was wonderful. A light
wind and sunshine continued throughout the day. What was there not to like? As
you have seen, we had 13 cars on display. After we parked, Anne Mae Gold treated
the CNM'ers to a wonderfully hot, green chili casserole. After chowing down
people then scattered around the Fair to see the sites while the old fogies,
like me, just kicked back and enjoyed the day.

I thought that would be about it for my day, but boy I was wrong. As I went
through the ribbons the Fair gave us for the show, I noticed a red, white, and
gold one that stood out. And was I surprised when I read the ribbon. It was a
ribbon of appreciation for yours truly... me! I'm soooo honored that Craig and
the Fair thought enough of me to give me such an honor. Because of this I've
decided to put on the show for the another 20 years....

I guess that's it for all the show talk. We're now ready for the show winners
and here they are:

Best Early ............. Pat, Vickie Hall ... 1964 Monza
Best Late .............. Larry Yoffee ....... 1965 Corsa
Best F.C. .............. Robert Gold ........ 1962 Loadside
Best Late 4-Door ....... Sally Williams ..... 1966 500
Best Gold Family Car ... Javi Gold .......... 1964 500

I'm now officially done with my report. Next I'll hang up my special ribbon, and
go to bed. See you next year.

-- Robert Gold


August 2015 Car Council Report
Robert Gold

It was a dark and stormy night and I should have known that it wouldn't end
well. There was lightning in the sky and it was getting dark at the 7:30 start
time for the Council. That was bad enough, but we also had no key to get in so
this month's Car Council meeting was held under a leaky awning, in the rain, at
the Old Car Garage. And it was getting close to 7:50 for the start. I guess the
good news, if there is any good news for this meeting, was that the meeting was
over in a hurry.

After the obligatory treasurer's report (we've got lots of money in the bank),
the Facebook and website reports (everything was grand for these efforts), and
the picnic report (it went very well and 400 people where there!) we turned to
the meat of this night's meeting.

The Secretary, Bill Lemen, announced that Joyce Clements would no longer do many
of the things she had been doing for the Council. This mainly consisted of her
exiting from the post of newsletter editor and the maintainer of the list of
members. I emailed her and asked her to reconsider. She is a large part of the
fun I got out of the Council.

With that said, and more rain falling, we discussed the effort to change the
time of the meeting to 6:30 from the current 7:30 time. There seemed to be some
hard feelings on the part of the 7:30 crowd. I felt their concerns were valid
and I eventually sided with them, with a bit of an add-on. We would start at
7:30 and try, try, try, to end by 8:15. At least I have a chance of getting home
before my bedtime. We almost voted unanimously for the 7:30 time, but I fear we
may be drifting back to the Council of old. This bickering makes me feel sooooo
happy to be in CNM. I like to hang with people who want to hang with me.

I had the honor of moving for adjournment and the meeting mercifully ended at
8:10. Not bad for the meeting's running time under the new system. Now if I can
just get Joyce to stick around.... tune in next month and see what happens.

		---- Robert Gold

September 2015 Car Council Report
Robert Gold

There is a dark secret that surrounds attending meetings of any sort. We go to
the meetings knowing that certain things need to be covered, but at the same
time we realize that getting there won't be an easy path. Simply put, by the
time everyone has their say, days or weeks or years seem to have passed.

That's probably why when you look around the room you'll spot someone with a
smartphone secretly streaming the latest sporting event.

It is therefore a rare occurrence that a meeting is held, topics are covered,
and opinions are heard in a relatively short time. Wonder of wonders, that is
exactly what happened at this month's Car Council meeting. Why, you might ask,
was this meeting so special? The answer revolves around the motivated seller
idea. As I mentioned last month, we decided, rather than starting the meeting
earlier, we'd just get things done quicker. Nice idea, but I didn't understand
how we'd get that to work. Now I know. Our President, Lori Rector, came to the
meeting straight from the hospital where her husband was recovering from
surgery. After a day at work and at the hospital she was ready for a short
meeting and a short meeting is what we had. Here's what went on in that short
amount of time.

First we heard from the treasurer that the Council continues to have lots of
money. This was followed by a short discussion on the fate of the webpage and
facebook page now that Joyce will no longer be feeding us with the information
we need. The discussion centered on the fact that with the web, more people are
depending on us to disseminate information. We decided the challenge is to make
the information available without expending too much time and effort. The
solution has yet to be found, but we are looking into it.

After that, we talked about the proposed bylaw changes. We are to complete the
vote on the changes by next month's meeting. The main idea expressed is that
though these changes might reflect reality, the rules may expect too much from
our officers. I'll let you know how this turns out.

Joyce then opened discussion on the Swap Meet that will be held in a couple of
days. Suffice it to say that she held up a map that showed that virtually all
the spaces are now sold. Nice accomplishment, needing little discussion. Joyce
did mention that because of the growing popularity of the Swap Meet she just
doesn't have the time to do that and the newsletter both. We all agreed that
some guidelines need to be produced that would define what goes into the
newsletter and also onto the facebook and website pages.

The meeting then ended with a notice that the Budget Committee will meet this
coming February.

Running time of the meeting.... 30 minutes! I told Lori she was now one-for-one
in chairing a short meeting. I actually got home before everyone had gone to bed
at my house. Let's hear it for Lori!!!!

		--- Robert Gold


Zero to $10,000 in Several Easy Steps
Part 3 -- Jim Pittman

As I promised in earlier articles, here's the next installment of my continuing
story of bringing my 1965 Monza back to full "daily driver" condition, something
I may never achieve!

I told about setting out in February to replace a cracked windshield and how
that led to sixty-nine days in a paint shop. I got the car back just in time to
show it off at the May meeting.

Next the interior (bright red) was improved by HOUSE OF COVERS and then the
Corvair visited OLD CAR GARAGE for new oil and filter and a chassis lube. I had
another chance to show it off at the Albuquerque Museum Car Show.

Next it took me to the June Old Route 66 cleanup. Then I put the Corvair in the
garage, just to protect the new paint from dust, don't you know. There, with no
real reason to drive it, the car sat undisturbed for some six weeks.

Not driving your Corvair is not good for it! Finally one fine morning I thought
I'd drive it somewhere and it started right up, but no sooner had I backed out
of the garage than the engine stalled. I opened the engine compartment lid and
saw gas was running out of the fuel pump! Quick turn off the electric pump.
Fortunately I was able to move the car out of the driveway by putting it in
reverse and carefully running the starter motor. No doubt after 3,000 miles and
10 years the pump was dead. Order another from Clarks.

The new pump eventually arrived. Installing it went okay and no more leaks. But
now the engine acted like it was only running on three cylinders. No time to
work on it now -- let it sit.

Later I asked Pat Hall if he'd rebuild the two spare carburetors I got from
Francis Boydston back in the 1980s that had been sitting on the shelf all these
years. He said he would. On September 9th we installed them. The engine started
right up and ran long enough to get the carbs synchronized and then, just before
we were about to leave for a test drive, it slowed down, sputtered and quit. It
would not re-start.

Pat would not let this condition go on for long and soon he had a new set of
points and a new rotor installed and adjusted. Now the engine ran great, he
said. When I drove the car, no doubt overly sensitive to any abnormalities, I
found the engine did run great, but the car itself was very clunky and noisy.
The clunkiness was no doubt due to 50-year-old suspension parts, and I finally
decided some of the alarming noises were caused by loose stainless trim around
the windshield and back glass. Definitely not fun to drive despite the new carbs
and plugs and points. Back into its parking slot the car went.

The October Old Route 66 cleanup is coming soon and maybe, just maybe, I'll feel
like driving the Corvair to the meeting place. Maybe I'll feel like driving the
Corvair to our October 24th club breakfast.

But I am definitely going to have to get those trim pieces de-rattled. Then I'll
have to get those suspension parts de-clunked. Then ....

So, the story continues ....


Four CNM'ers celebrate birthdays in October:
	Erica Anderson
	Jon Anderson
	Dan Palmer
	Terry Price
	Bill Reider

Wedding anniversary:
	David & Mary Ellen Feasel


TREASURY REPORT ************* 08-20-2015 to 09-25-2015 ************* ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $4,611.85
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.08.31      +$   75.00 CNM Dues    J.McMahan      26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.08.31      +$         CNM Dues    Alan Gold      12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.09.03 2212 -$   28.19 J.Pittman   SEP 2015 Newsletter_Printing   -$   28.19
2015.09.13      +$   63.00 CNM Dues    S.Gongora      26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.09.14      +$   13.00 Deposit     50/50 raffle for September      $    8.00
2015.09.14      +$         Deposit     Merchandise                     $    5.00
2015.09.18 2214 -$   87.05 J.Pittman   Newsletter postage, 3 months   -$   87.05
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.09.25 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $4,634.61
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================


David & Mary Ellen Feasel's 1962 Greenbrier and 1963 "Double Rampside" custom
pick-up at the Forney Transportation Museum in Denver.

At Right, Steve Gongora's almost perfect Rampside poses for a portrait drawing!


At our September meeting Bill Reider presented a series of photos he made while
on duty with the U S Army in Korea in 1953. Bill was pursuing a career in
commercial photography before being drafted. In the Army he kept up his interest
in photography as best he could. In Headquarters Company, 21st AAA, 25th
Division one of his accomplishments was producing 6,000 Christmas cards, each
with a GI's photo inside. He remarked that he did not see many of the photos
that he made in Korea until he returned to the states! Some of the photos showed
daily life in the Army and some showed scenes from the daily lives of Korean
civilians. Bill digitized many of his photos and they made an interesting slide
show for us. Thanks, Bill!


|      October 2015      |    November 2015       |    December 2015       |
|  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa  | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   | Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   |
|               1  2  3  |  1  2  3  4  5  6  7   |        1  2  3  4  5   |
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FRI 02 OCT  CORVAIR HERITAGE DAY (Corvair's official birthday)

SAT 03 OCT  8:00 AM Old Route 66 Cleanup

SUN 04 OCT  7:30 AM Balloon Fiesta --- Fiesta of Wheels
	Please line up at the Los Ranchos Journal Center Station Rail Runner
	    Station, 101 El Pueblo NE, corner of Edith and El Pueblo at 7:30 AM.
	Officials will call us when the field is open and ready for us,
	this might mean we stay at the staging area until approximately 9:00 AM.
	This is uncontrollable due to the safety of the Balloon Fiesta and the
	    road access. In addition please obey all traffic laws and give
	    right-of-way to the busses.
	More information:

	at Wyoming & Carmel, north of Wyoming & Paseo del Norte NE.
	After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.

SAT 17 OCT  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms
** Bill Schofield 505-565-2105, David Silva 505-550-8415,

WED 21 OCT  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 23 OCT  9:00 PM Deadline for items for November 2015 newsletter

SAT 24 OCT  9:00 AM Club Breakfast --- THE NEW YORKEN --- 2120 Juan Tabo NE
            Between Indian School Road and Menaul Blvd NE. Note: to expedite
            service, the restaurant asks that we order as we arrive, rather
            than waiting to order until everyone arrives and has been seated.


SAT 07 NOV  5:00 PM Bingo / Potluck / Auction at HOUSE OF COVERS

WED 18 NOV  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 20 NOV  9:00 PM Deadline for items for December 2015 newsletter

SAT 21 NOV  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms

SAT 05 DEC  5:00 PM CHRISTMAS PARTY - The QUARTERS - Wyoming at Montgomery NE
	Donations this year: School supplies for elementary school children.
	John and Anne Wiker will deliver the items after they are collected.

WED 16 DEC  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

SAT 19 DEC  1:00 PM Los Lunas - Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms

FRI 25 DEC  9:00 PM Deadline for items for January 2016 newsletter
See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
======================== ======================

Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 10 # 397

Ray is proud of his early sedan at a board meeting. We had lots of photos of
airplanes at an EAA fly-in in Moriarty. President Stickler advised not worrying
too much about the dire economy because classic cars should hold their value
well. Brenda Stickler reported on planning for the Taos Tri-State, now nine
months away. Art Gold reported on Car Council doings including efforts to stop
legislation for front license plates. Some say they would make it easier to nail
speeders using red-light cameras. A comprehensive article on steering boxes and
steering arms and steering shafts for all Corvair years was put together from
articles in Virtual Vairs. Thanks, Seth Emerson! Robert Gold reported on the
TUNA recently held at Pat Hall's place in Los Lunas.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 10 # 313

The cover showed the American flag at half-staff and the New York skyline before
the twin towers were destroyed. I used two pages of the newsletter trying to
make sense of the events of 9/11. Re-reading them now, it sounds like I was on a
desert island, separated somehow from both the pre-9/11 world and the post-9/11
world, unable to let go of one, unsure how to survive in the other.

On September 5th, in the previous time-space continuum, president Hurley ran our
meeting, Chuck took notes, Wendell said we had $5,070.86 and Robert pepped us up
for the State fair car show. Sylvan introduced new members John Stichman and
Steve Johnson. Memories of the campout in the Pecos centered on rain and mud. We
hoped to get a group together to have dinner with Dennis & Debbie when they were
in town. We had a slate of candidates for the October election. Jim gave a
lecture on "Computers and the Internet." We planned a tour to the Shidoni bronze
works near Santa Fe. Someone mentioned that we should do better to explain our
traditional events to new members.  We had an article by first CORSA president
Rick Norris on the first CORSA convention, back in 1971. Tech tips and "dummy of
the month" items: Modifying FC throttle cables. Repairing a thermistor. Head
rests on Corvair seatbacks. We had two pages of photos from the State Fair.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 10 # 229

Cover: the introduction of the 1960 Corvair 35 years earlier. Customers stared
pensively into the trunk (no engine!) and the engine (no trunk!) of the
revolutionary new car. There was also a drawing of a Fitch Phoenix. New members
were David Asher of Tucson and Steve West of Las Vegas, NV. President Del ran
the meeting; V-P Dennis was in Oregon. Will said the bank was holding $1048 for
us, with $168 earmarked for Convention expenses. Bill Reider reported on the
all-club picnic and the upcoming swap meet. Our next meeting was to feature a
pot-luck and an auction of "junque" or maybe "treasures" at House of Covers.
This year's Aspencade: a trip to Rancho de las Golondrinas between Albuquerque
and Santa Fe. Our State Fair car show replaced a Funkhana as our September

President Del said farewell after two years in office but vowed to continue
competing with Sylvan for his proper place in car shows despite the superiority
of the famed "Blue Crud" as a show car. An article from another publication
lamented the death of an active club member, SOMEONE ELSE, the person who
actually did all the work in the club. A  "Dummy of the Month" article told
about an FC transmission assembled with the backup light switch permanently
turned on. All seemed well until the owner installed a backup safety beeper and
it wouldn't quit beeping!  Mark Martinek reported on the State Fair car show.
Twelve Corvairs showed up, the most cars for any club present. The CNM
Exhibitor's Choice trophy vote was a tie between Mary Lou's 1963 convertible and
Jon Anderson's 1965 500 coupe. Debbie Pleau reported on plans for the CORSA
Convention including rules and regulations and a calendar of tasks and
deadlines. We had our VAIRS IN THE AIR patch/logo design ready.

1987 Vol 13 Nr 10 # 145

Our cover loudly proclaimed ELECTION! We had $701 to spend. Bert Romer reported
on the upcoming swap meet where five spaces were reserved for CNM members. We
planned a trip to Carlsbad to see the stalactites, stalagmites and bats. The
library van was ready for sanding and all were invited to help. LeRoy conducted
another fun-filled auction. Outgoing president Clayborne reviewed the
accomplishments of his administration. Mark Morgan reported on freeway road rage
in California. The club planned an Aspencade to the Boydston's cabin in the
Pecos. Sylvan previewed the November "Architecture Tour" and LeRoy reported on
the Christmas dinner. A tech tip noted the value of a 4-ounce tube of special
Positraction lube to quiet down a noisy rear end.

1980 Vol 6 Nr 10 # 61

Our cover sketch was a 1965 Corsa convertible, the star of Jim's "Autumn Rally"
story which concluded in this issue. Jim used to fantasize that he'd get this
story published in Road & Track magazine alongside a Peter Eagan article, but it
has never happened. There were several tech tips in this issue. Could you really
mix leaded regular with unleaded regular to get a higher octane fuel for
Corvairs? Could you really change an early model from generator to alternator
without a major re-wiring chore? Could you determine what metric size tire to
buy from our handy tire size chart? Could you fix a broken clutch cable with our
instructions? Could you believe that 1969 windshields are different from other
late-model Corvair windshields? What?

Enchanted Corvairs Newsletter is published monthly by Corvairs of New Mexico,
chartered Chapter #871 of CORSA, the Corvair Society of America. Copyright by
the Authors and by Corvairs of New Mexico. Articles may be reprinted in any
CORSA publication as a service to CORSA members, provided credit to the Author
and this Newsletter is clearly stated. All opinions are those of the Author or
Editor and are not necessarily endorsed by Corvairs of New Mexico or CORSA.
Material for publication should reach the Editor by the 15th of the month. Send
material via e-mail ( jimp @ ) or submit a readable manuscript. I prefer
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newsletter is composed using Apple computers. Software includes OSX, AppleWorks,
Photoshop CS, GraphicConverter, BBEdit and InDesign CS. If you care, ask for
more details. Transportation: 1965 Corvair Monza, 1990 Honda Civic, 1996 Mazda
Miata and 2013 Honda Civic. When I'm 64, I'll get by with a little help from my