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 Mechanically Un-inclined ........................ Ray Trujillo
 October Meeting Minutes ........................ Anne Mae Gold
 October Board Meeting .......................... Anne Mae Gold
 The Eyes Have It (Bill ReiderŐs photos) .......... Robert Gold
 Birthdays & Anniversaries ................. Sunshine Committee
 Christmas Party Collections ....................... John Wiker
 Day at Corrales Farm Festival ..................... John Wiker
 Corrales Harvest Festival Part II ............ Brenda Stickler
 Corvairiations from the Norm .................... Larry Yoffee
 A Cautionary Tale ............................... Larry Yoffee
 National Route 66 Caravan ......................... John Wiker
 Treasury Report .................................. Robert Gold
 October Club Breakfast: The New Yorken ........... Jim Pittman
 Calendar of Coming Events ................. Board of Directors
 October Old Route 66 Cleanup ..................... Lube Lubert
 November Issues, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 Years Ago .. Club Historian
 COVER: CNM's Halloween Pumpkin ... First seen in November 1985
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Ray Trujillo

Hello everyone!

First of all, I stated on my last article that I would update you on two
activities that occurred after last month's newsletter deadline. Those two
activities were the Corrales Harvest Festival and the Los Lunas Swap meet. The
Los Lunas Swap meet was once again a great success with tons of vendors and just
about everything available that a collector car enthusiast could need or want. I
had nothing particular in mind when I went and I was tempted by many different
items like beautiful leather bucket seats, shiny chrome rims, and lots of cool
accessories. Well as I was leaving the swap meet thinking I had resisted the
many temptations, I saw a really neat hot dog rotisserie machine and I just had
to have it. Can you believe it, all those awesome car parts to choose from and I
end up buying a hot dog cooker. Anyway, I got home excited to show off my prize
and when I showed Sylvia what I proudly bought she quizzically asks, "Where are
you gonna put that thing?" Sensing she doesn't care much for my new toy and
feeling a little hurt by her comment, I jokingly said, "Well of course, it will
go perfectly in our bedroom."

On to the Corrales Harvest Festival. The festival was really a fun family event
as there were hay rides from one end of town to the other. There were many
different booths to see arts and crafts, locally grown produce, kids face
painting and multiple food booths to choose from. There was also live music at a
couple of the stops and we couldn't have asked for better weather. CNM was
represented by John Wiker, Larry Yoffee, Dave Huntoon and yours truly. Thanks to
Dave Huntoon for setting this up and we enjoyed it so much I've asked if we
could participate again next year. It really is a nice event and it's at a great
time of year.

On October 3rd, CNM held its final Old Route 66 cleanup of the year and we had
five members show up. The five members who came were Lube Lubert, Dave Huntoon,
Pat Hall, Robert Gold and myself. A big thank you from CNM to those five members
for their helping with this cleanup. Good job boys!

Okay, let's talk about our upcoming events. On Saturday, November 7th at 5pm CNM
will hold its annual Bingo/Potluck/ Auction night at the House of Covers located
at 115 Richmond NE. This event is one of CNM's main fund raising activities and
you're encouraged to come and play a few games of bingo and participate in our
silent auctions. If you can, please bring items that you'd like to donate for
the auction and remember it's also a potluck affair, so bring a dish to enjoy
with your fellow members . We'll play three or four games of bingo and the
winner of each game will split the pot with the club. This is always a fun
evening so plan to be there. Next up on the schedule, on December 5th we'll hold
our final social event of the year with our Christmas party at the Quarters
Restaurant located at 4516 Wyoming NE. The start time is still to be determined
as the Quarters has two parties to host that day. At our next membership meeting
we'll see what time works best for our group. This Christmas CNM plans to donate
school supplies to a couple of needy elementary schools so please read John
Wiker's article for more details.

At the end of our next membership meeting Bill Reider will present a slide show
of some of his excellent photography work that he did over a twenty-eight year
career in the advertising field. Bill has given me a sneak preview and you're in
for a real treat.

 Well I guess that's enough said for now so I'll see you at the next club

-- Ray


Anne Mae Gold

Call to order = 7:01 PM

Approval of Minutes = approved

President: Ray has already filled out the annual request for CNM to continue
meeting at Domingo Baca and it was approved for first Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM.

Officer Elections: Ray will stay as president if needed, Tarmo is stepping down
as VP, Secretary Anne Mae is willing to stay, Treasurer Robert will stay. Terry
nominated Ray for President; Ray nominated John Wiker for VP. The slate was
approved by acclamation.

John Wiker suggested a new club/board position. This position would be Activity
Director. This currently falls under the prevue of the VP. John is not adverse
to doing the job, but in an effort to have more members involved in the club, he
feels this would be a good position. Discussion was held over this proposition.
Any club member can suggest and organize an activity. Club members should be
bringing in tech talk presentations.

The membership voted and the above names were elected to their nominated

Vice President: Tarmo was not present but had spoken to Jim by phone, so Jim
gave his report. Tarmo brought home from California a Porsche 911T. His red
Corvair will be stored while he works on the Porsche. A new Goldwing motorcycle
has joined the Sutt family but we haven't seen it yet because Tarmo had a class
to attend tonight. He sent photos and it looks awesome.

Secretary: nothing to report.

Treasurer: We have $4,879.61 in our account.

Membership: Larry Yoffee said that Jay and Pauline Waterfield are possible new
members. They bought LeRoy's 1960 Corvair. They attended the State Fair Car Show
with the 1960 Corvair. Jay owns "Dr. Jays" on San Mateo and a transmission shop
on Candelaria. Larry brought in a mini-poster of Corvairs.

Editor: The deadline for the newsletter is Friday October 23. A group of
Colorado Corvair people plan to come through Albuquerque on the way to Palm
Springs on October 21st. Please look on the website under the NEWS tab if you
want to contact them to make arrangements to join their caravan.

Car Council: Robert reported out on the Swap Meet. It was a "magnificent"
success. Thank you to all members of CNM who attended and helped out. The Car
Council is currently working on by-laws.

Merchandise: Thanks to Lube, a cookbook was sold. Vickie gave Robert $5.

Do we want new Club shirts? Larry is willing to go to the graphic artist who
made the Chama shirts to come up with a couple of designs for new CNM T-shirts.
Larry will bring in the catalog for us to look at. Mention was made of making
new jackets. Larry said we could look at the catalog so that we can see what the
prices are.

Tri-State 2017: Terry Price reports that the venue has been narrowed down to
three: Taos, Pagosa Springs or Las Vegas. The advantages of each were discussed.
Larry Yoffee is on board for T-shirts, John Wiker will be in charge of
registration, Pat Hall will be in charge of the car show. More volunteers will
be needed! A decision on the venue should be reached in a month or two.

Upcoming Events:

10/23-10/25 Great Western Fan Belt Toss
	Raffle tickets were available at $5 each for various prizes.

10/24 Saturday 9:00 AM -- CNM breakfast at The New Yorken Cafe
	2120 Juan Tabo NE (between Menaul and Indian School).

11/ 7 Saturday 5:00 PM -- Bingo/Potluck/Auction
	House of Covers, 115 Richmond NE.

12/ 5 Saturday 5:00 PM -- Christmas Party at The Quarters Restaurant
	4516 Wyoming Blvd NE at Wyoming and Montgomery.

Recent Past Events:

State Fair Car Show (13 Corvairs)

Santa Fe Concourso (no report of any Corvairs)

NMCCC Swap Meet (great success)

Corrales Harvest Festival (Four members attended, they also got a chance to
visit Ollie and Mary Alice Scheflow)

Old Route 66 cleanup (Five members picked up six bags of trash)

Albuquerque International Balloon Car Show (no report of any Corvairs)

Miscellaneous Topics:

Please bring your working items for the silent auction. Feel free to put up home
baked goods at the auction.

The club will be collecting new school supplies for the Christmas party. All
items will be accepted. John and Anne Wiker will collect and deliver the

Brenda made a suggestion that once a CNM member reaches a specified age,that
they be made a lifetime member who does not pay dues.

The 50/50 was won by Hurley -- $15 total.

Adjourn = 8:25 PM


Anne Mae Gold

Present: Ray, Jim, Heula, Vickie, Pat, John, Lube, Terry, Robert, Anne Mae Gold

Called to order at 5:00 PM

President: Ray reported that the Quarters called about our Christmas dinner
party. They are double-booked and have asked us to start at 4:00 PM instead of
5:00 PM. We would have the room from 4:00-5:30. We could go earlier and go from
3:30 to 5:30. Ray will call about our arriving at 3:30 PM.

Ray has taken care of the bingo cards. We went over the rules for the silent
auction. The intent is to avoid conflict such as the one that spoiled last
year's party. The board recommends that bid increases be at least $1, maybe more
if the item is worth more. The last game is always blackout. Final bids need to
be in by the end of that game. One person needs to then collect the bid sheets.
Totals will be tabulated and money will be collected by the volunteer banker.

Vice-President: John will call all members on Thursday evening to remind them
about the Saturday morning breakfast.

Treasurer: $4,771.42; Edeskuty's membership fee has not been received. The $35
annual club charge from CORSA has cleared.

Secretary: Nothing

Membership: Larry was not present. Vickie shared Larry's information on the club
T-shirt order suggestion. Money does not need to be collected prior to ordering.
T-shirts must be ordered in quantities of 12 or more per order. Vickie will be
taking the orders.

Editor: Friday October 23 is the deadline for the newsletter. According to the
by-laws the president must appoint all the board members. This was done at the
meeting. Do we need an actual Activity Director on the board? This is a topic
Jim feels we need to discuss as a board. Steve Gongora has the website for our
club that is hosted on CORSA's server. Jim has been maintaining his website for
the club for about 15 years. After positive reviews by the Pikes Peak club, he
finally decided to try out Google Analytics. So far it is not revealing any
useful information. Jim received a letter from the North Texas Corvair
Association advertising the Corvair Hawaiian Shirts that were featured at the
Knoxville convention. They are selling for $85. Jim ordered one. He will model
it for us when it arrives.

Car Council: Next week's meeting will be the last for 2015. The by-laws will
be voted on.

2017 Tri-State: Terry needs to know how the Tri-State gets paid for. Taos, Las
Vegas and Pagosa Springs are the 3 cities in the running at this time. June 2-4
is the proposed weekend for the 2017 Tri-State. That's the weekend after
Memorial Day. Robert and Art will help Pat with the car show. Terry is thinking
about looking for a guest speaker. Are we interested in having a rally? No.
Usually there are tours of local interest spots. Terry would like to take a
photo of each car, have them printed and give photos to each owner at the
banquet. He'd also like to use these photos for making a 12-month calendar
showing all the winning cars.

New Business:

Oct. 23-25 Great Western Fan Belt Toss in Palm Springs.
Oct. 24 Breakfast at New Yorken Restaurant at 9:00 AM, location: 2120 Juan Tabo.
Nov. 7 Bingo/Potluck/Auction at House of Covers at 5:00 PM.
Dec. 5 Christmas party at the Quarter's Restaurant at 4516 Wyoming NE, 3:30 PM,

We should set up a "garage tour" of the Unser Museum for February. Ray will set
up a tentative calendar of activities.

Adjourned at 6:27 PM. Some of us admired the "new: Gold red 2002 Honda Civic
with a wing on the trunk lid! Robert is so pleased.


Robert Gold

My membership in CNM has given me much pleasure totally unrelated to cars. For
example, I've encountered two of our valued members in my previous role as a
scientist in the Federal government. Larry Blair and Tamo Sutt had "day jobs"
that were related to my job as a water expert. Larry was the head of the
Albuquerque Arroyo Flood Control Authority and Tarmo worked for the New Mexico
State Engineer Office. These guys got me thinking of what interesting jobs my
fellow CNM members might have.

Probably the most spectacular is that Hurley Wilvert was a wild
factory-sponsored motorcycle racer. Who would have thought?

Not quite as exciting, but equally interesting, was Bill Reider's work as a
professional photographer. Thanks to Bill's recent talk to the club, I came to
understand the depth of his abilities in that field. Unfortunately, I didn't
stay around to listen to his complete talk to the Club. Luckily, I got a second
chance to appreciate his work.

Bill Reider was kind enough to go over his photographs in private for both
myself and my son, Art. With his flash drive in hand Bill brought his photos
over to Art's. For an hour and a half he captivated us with both his work in
Korea, during the war, and his commercial work, when he lived in Chicago.

I could go on and on about his shots, but let me sum things up in a simple way.
His pictures were of the same level you see in those gigantic books they sell to
display on your coffee table. They are that remarkable! Some of the shots
actually were run in publications for various clothiers and industries. Other
shots were made just for Bill's amusement. All of them were memorable. I asked
Bill if he had ever had a show for his photographs, and I was sorely
disappointed when he said no.

So it turns out that we at CNM, and Art and I have had the unique privilege to
behold Bill's images. Thank you Bill for your time and your abilities.

Three Birthdays in November:
	Jim Pittman
	Anne Wiker
	John Wiker

John Wiker

I know that Christmas seems a long way off, but if you look at our busy
calendar, the 5th of December will be upon us quickly. At the September meeting
the club decided to collect school supplies for a couple of under-served
elementary schools.

Anne and I have located two in the South Valley that would more than welcome a
mid-year boost by Christmas Break time, as fresh supplies will be needed to
start the new calendar year. So we are asking all CNM attendees to bring typical
school supplies that Anne and I will collect and deliver to the two schools.
More information at the next meeting.

Thanks for all you can bring to the "table" that evening. See you there for a
great time!


John Wiker

On Sunday, 27 September, four members represented the club at the Corrales
Harvest Festival. Larry Yoffee, Ray Trujillo, and I met at the McDonalds at
Alameda at 08:15 AM and drove into Corrales looking for the spot we were to
display our cars. We drove through the whole town and did not find any place
suitable for us. We turned around and drove back out and who do we see flagging
us down, but Dave Huntoon. We parked next to the Senior Center and behind the
Town Hall behind lots of vendor tents. Who was going to see us there, I thought?
At about 10:00, Sylvia Trujillo showed up and she and Ray went off to enjoy the
event. A few people wandered by and finally at about 11:00, business picked up.

It so happened we were parked near the street that Ollie Scheflow lived on. I
had picked up and taken him home a few times so I was familiar with his home
area. I walked down to visit him at about 12:00 and found the house open and no
one around but a car was parked out front. I knocked on the door to the kitchen
area that I always used and still no answer. I walked back to my car and got out
the member list, found his phone number and called. The caretaker, Eva, answered
and said that they were out back in the orchard when I visited and all was well
and he was resting and could take visitors at 2:00 PM.

Just as we were about to leave to walk to Ollie's house Brenda Stickler showed
up and came with us. We spent about 20 minutes with him. He is doing well and
misses the club and people he considered friends for many years. He says hello
to everyone and will talk to his daughter about the possibility of joining us at
the Christmas dinner.

We walked back to our cars, glad to have taken the opportunity that the event
provided us. One of the more "colorful" characters we met claimed to have worked
at Ed Black's while in high school as a janitor and gofer handy man. Later, he
was allowed to drive and deliver cars to new owners. He delivered Ed Black's
first 1962 Spyder to a pilot at Kirtland AFB. He said he drove the new car along
Zuni from Wyoming toward the Kirtland Gate, hit the gas as he left the pavement
and entered the stones on Zuni, spun the car and almost lost it when the turbo
cut in.

He spent about 30 minutes too long with us, all the while leaning on Larry's car
and his expensive paint job. If only you could have seen the look on Larry's
face every time he would change position!! After entirely too many home-made
pastries and BBQ, 3:30 PM arrived and we all agreed to leave and give the
attendees one more look at the Corvair "parade." It was a great day and we
parked close to some overhanging trees that provided shade for us.

Photos: David Huntoon


Brenda Stickler

As a resident of Corrales for ten years, it was surely time for me to attend the
Corrales Harvest Festival for the very first time. Of course I was most
motivated, knowing there would be Corvairs on display.

I headed down my hill and was able to park two blocks away from all of the
festivities. It was almost 2:00 PM when I caught up with the Corvairs... who had
it "made in the shade." It was great to visit with Larry, David, Ray and John
and they said people enjoyed asking them questions and admiring the Corvairs.

Larry stayed with the vehicles and the rest of us took a nice walk to visit
Ollie at his home about three normal city blocks away. This visit had been
prearranged by John through the care provider in the Scheflow home. We were
offered coffee by the caregiver, but we all declined. Of course our Ollie was
all smiles, and very glad to have us come visit.

One of the first topics was that we were looking for new leadership and did he
want to run for an office for CNM. He kind of chuckled ... and declined nicely.
Soon, we were letting Ollie know that we were going to have the Christmas dinner
in a little over two months. He said he would see if his daughters could go, he
would love to see everyone.

Well, of course we ended up talking about vehicles. Ollie has one light blue
Corvair in his garage that he is continually doing a little work on. He
indicated that Pat Hall most probably would be taking the Corvairs in his yard
that pretty much had been parted out.

As the guys headed out to look at a large collector motor home from the 1960's
that was in the yard, I looked up the caregiver and asked her to ask Mary Alice
if she was up to a brief visit with me. I was escorted into her room and Mary
Alice and I held hands and caught up. Occasionally, her card group comes out and
spends time with her. She was very pleased that our car group had come out to
visit with Ollie. She agreed that is was good to see Fall coming around.

When I mentioned that possibly one of her daughters might get them to the CNM
Christmas Party ... she said that would be nice. Mary Alice thanked me for
visiting with her and we had a nice hug.

I did walk around the Festival and made a few purchases and for a while a lady
from England latched on to me and we discussed how warm and cozy the little farm
town of Corrales was. There were lots of great booths with art and jewelry.
Corrales has a variety of great food choices. The Park next to the library had
great shade and activities for young children. If you are a reader there is a
great yearly book sale to help fund the Corrales Library.

I hope more of you will join us next year... I'm hooked. Of course the highlight
of my very first Corrales Harvest Festival was my visit with Ollie and Mary
Alice "of Corrales" Scheflow!


Larry Yoffee

Before I tell you my story, my purpose for writing it was to offer a feature to
our newsletter and encourage others to contribute their own "horror" ... I mean
interesting stories while owning and driving a Corvair. Well, they don't have to
be horror stories, just fit with the title of the by-line... CorVairiations. So,
please contribute each month with your own stories.


Larry Yoffee

Recently, I was re-telling a story to a friend of mine, a cautionary tale
really, about a time I was getting ready for a cross country trip in my 1965
Monza 110, December 1970.

First picture my 1965 Monza 110 HP coupe in madiera maroon, 4 speed with a
telescopic steering wheel, chrome reverse wheels, center mounted tach on the
steering column and a luggage rack. Oh, and my one Lucas Flamethrower lamp
mounted under the left side front bumper. I was so proud.

In those days, I was attending the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

It was Christmas break and I decided to make the + or - 2000 mile trip to see my
grandmother in Dover, New Hampshire, my hometown. Now usually a trip like that
in December is probably not recommended for all the obvious reasons. But being
22 at the time, not much was obvious to me. I just typically went with it no
matter what "it" was.

My Monza was really a great performer. I had done regular maintenance on her (I
think it was a her) and I felt confident I could make the trip with no problems
and, as it turned out, I did. Or at least one way.

It's important to add that I had a companion with me. A female friend of mine,
not plantonic, not a girlfriend either, at least I didn't think so. She was from
New Hampshire also and so when I asked her if she'd like to make the trip, she
said yes. Once we got to her town on the western side of the state near the
Vermont border, I dropped her off at her parents' house where I met her mom and
dad. Her dad had lots of stories. He was a WWII vet and was a part of the famed
10th Mountain Infantry Division -- they fought the war on skis.

My grandmother and I had a great visit and when she asked me what I wanted for
Christmas, I said I could use a new set of tires. She didn't know what Michelins
were but agreed to pay for them. My first set of radial tires. I could not
believe what they did for the handling of my coupe.

So, now for the cautionary part of this tale. As I recall, it was cold, really
cold the day before I was ready to leave. I decided to change the oil and
because I did everything on that car myself in those days, I just got after it.
But, I either got lazy or forgot to change the oil filter.

Fast forward to picking up my friend and heading back to Colorado. We were in
the middle of Nebraska in a blizzard when smoke started filling the cabin of the
car through the heater. I'm sure I uttered a few choice words as I pulled off
I-80 which by this time was down to one lane behind the snowplow. There wasn't
much room to pull over and I was really worried about another car running into
us. No flashers you know. But I pulled off as much as I could, hoped for the
best and opened the engine compartment. I knew right away what it was. Remember
that oil filter I didn't change? Well thankfully there was a new one in the
trunk along with lots of new oil. I cleaned up the mess as best I could and off
we went. But not far.

They closed the interstate and we had to exit. The closest town was a one-horse
town and even that one horse had enough sense to stay in the barn. It was so
cold and so white. Under different circumstances, I'm sure I would have thought
it was quite beautiful. But we were forced to put into this small old hotel and
in a room that didn't have a heater that worked very well. I think I slept a
little that night but wouldn't swear to it. Hard to sleep when you're that cold.
In the morning, they opened the interstate and we headed out.

We eventually made it back to Greeley that day with a cautionary tale. Whatever
you do, please, change out the oil filter FIRST!!

Larry Yoffee


John Wiker

I represented Corvairs of New Mexico tonight at the Unser Racing Museum. Thirty
classic cars showed up at 4:00pm, 18 from local clubs and 12 "travelers."

I talked with the gentleman leading the group from Chicago to the West Coast in
his brand new Chevy Camaro. He said at times on the route he had 66 cars in the
group and when they got to Albuquerque they were down to 46, but would pick up
more from Gallup on. Cars would join him and leave him all along the way. They
were spending the night here and would leave for Gallup in the morning. They'd
leave when everyone was up, had breakfast and "felt like leaving."

They were housed in four hotels downtown and as far west as the Route 66 Casino
hotel. After spending about one and a half hours at the museum, they headed for
the Route 66 Diner on Central for dinner.

With the group were nine folks from Canada. If you look at a calendar, you will
see that in addition to Columbus Day, it is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. These
folks hoped that there was turkey of some kind on the menu at the diner.
Apparently Americans are not the only ones with turkey as a tradition on

Some of the Canadians were from British Columbia and had already put 4,300 miles
on their 1951, flat-head 8 Meteor 2-door hardtop which looked exactly like my
grandfather's 1951 Ford.

As they left for the diner I headed for home having met a bunch of people a
little more adventuresome than I think I would ever be. By the way, no one could
recall seeing a Corvair in the group on this trip. Also by the way, it might be
time for our club to revisit the Unser Museum. I recall we went there years ago
and I remember Bill Reider taking a picture of me sitting in a race car. A
Classic! The museum has grown a lot since then and now occupies two buildings
and a lot more displays than I recall from many years ago. This might be a good
"Garage Tour" to start our new year.

Jim, I took a few pictures that I will bring to the meeting on the 21st to
download into your computer. John Wiker sends


TREASURY REPORT ............. 09-26-2015 to 10-21-2015 ............. ROBERT GOLD
DATE      CHECK#    AMOUNT PAYEE       DESCRIPTION           BALANCE = $4,634.61
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.10.02 2213 -$   35.00 CORSA       Annual CORSA Chapter Fee       -$   35.00
2015.10.05      +$  280.00 CNM Dues    F.Adams        26 m CNM & CORSA $  140.00
2015.10.05      +$         CNM Dues    F.Riggs        26 m CNM & CORSA $  140.00
2015.10.14 2216 -$   28.19 H.Pittman   OCT 2015 Newsletter_Printing   -$   28.19
2015.10.15      +$  145.00 CNM Dues    T.Sutt         26 m CNM         $   50.00
2015.10.15      +$                     E.Halpin       12 m CNM         $   25.00
2015.10.15      +$                     R.Cochran      12 m CNM & CORSA $   70.00
2015.10.20 2217 -$   45.00 CORSA Dues  D.Cochran      12 m CORSA      -$   45.00
2015.10.20 2215 -$  180.00 CORSA Dues  F.Adams        26 m CORSA      -$   90.00
2015.10.20      -$         CORSA Dues  F.Riggs        26 m CORSA      -$   90.00
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================
2015.10.21 ********************** ENDING BALANCE ********************* $4,771.42
========== ==== ========== =========== =========================================


 A club breakfast was scheduled for Saturday October 24th at 9:00 AM at the New
Yorken Cafe & Bakery at 2120 Juan Tabo NE. Four Corvairs parked in front of the
cafe. Fourteen CNM members gathered around a large dining table and had a great
breakfast.   We had a lovely time and the Fall weather was perfect.   This is a
great locally-owned business and we all vowed to return! Thanks to the friendly
staff. Some who attended were thrilled to see the famous Corvair Shirt from the
North Texas Corvair Association.  Thanks to Rita Gongora and John Wiker who set
up this event!

Photos: Jim Pittman

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	at Wyoming & Carmel, north of Wyoming & Paseo del Norte NE.
	After the meeting, we may go to "JASON'S DELI" at 5920 Holly Ave. NE.

SAT 07 NOV  5:00 PM Bingo / Potluck / Auction -- HOUSE OF COVERS

WED 18 NOV  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 20 NOV  9:00 PM Deadline for items for December 2015 newsletter

SAT 05 DEC  3:30 PM CHRISTMAS PARTY - The QUARTERS - Wyoming at Montgomery NE
	Donations this year: School supplies for elementary school children.
	John and Anne Wiker will deliver the items after they are collected.

WED 16 DEC  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 25 DEC  9:00 PM Deadline for items for January 2016 newsletter

WED 20 JAN  5:00 PM Board Meeting: HIGHLAND SENIOR CENTER at 131 Monroe NE

FRI 22 JAN  9:00 PM Deadline for items for February 2016 newsletter

FRI 03 JUN 2016 Tri-State in Montrose, Colorado - Pikes Peak Corvair Club
SAT 04 JUN 2016 Tri-State the Holiday Inn Express has been confirmed
SUN 05 JUN 2016 Stay tuned for phone numbers, T-shirts, other details.
	More information:
See the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Web Site for more "NMCCC" activities
======================== ======================


On October 3rd five members of Corvairs of New Mexico met for our last Old Route
66 cleanup for 2015 and picked up six bags of trash. Thanks to: Robert Gold, Pat
Hall, David Huntoon, Lube Lubert, Ray Trujillo.


Jim Pittman

2008 Vol 34 Nr 11 Issue 398

On the cover, CNM members and friends pose with Art's Corsa at the State Fair.
Some attended the Locomotive Restoration Project. Tarmo's red Corsa turbo engine
was done and had run on a test stand. Wendell turned over his final treasury
report to Robert Gold. Planning for the Taos Tri-State continued. Pat Hall
described a reconnaissance trip several members made to Taos in October. We
discussed what to do with the CNM awards and thought the two Colorado clubs
should be more involved with the Boydston Award. Mike Stickler described car
work he was doing to prepare for winter. Lee Reider and Emma Rogers called for
Christmas donations for children's hospitals. Robert reported on a record year
at the State Fair with seventeen Corvairs. David Huntoon forwarded an article
about a Corvair based on an island in Maine, how it was used, how it was
maintained. Chuck Vertrees reported on our recent economy run with Pat & Vickie
getting 49.8 MPG in an early model. Finally we had an article about lubrication
of flat-tappet engines by modern oils and how the lack of zinc
dialkyldithiophosphate or ZDDP would cause severe cam wear.

2001 Vol 27 Nr 11 Issue 314

This issue was full of photos, starting with a cover shot of Mark Domzalski,
outgoing CORSA president, and Hurley Wilvert, outgoing CNM president. The
October meeting reported our treasury at $5,359.59. An almost-new member
attended: John Mattern. At the State Fair Car Show 18 Corvairs on hand. Our
elections brought in Robert Gold, Larry Blair, Chuck Vertrees and Wendell Walker
as Pres, V-P, Scribe and Moneyman. At the board meeting, we learned that only
six members turned out to clean our mile of Old Route 66. Our tour to the
Shidoni Foundry went well with an excellent lunch at Gabriel's.

We discussed the continuing problems with Galles security. Have we lost members
due to these difficulties? Should we look for a better meeting place? Anne Mae
invited the CNM Ladies Group to a meeting in November and a week later we
planned a club potluck. Jim reported on an impromptu dinner several members
organized when the Pleaus were in town. It was great to see old friends! Robert
reported on the State Fair Car Show. With perfect weather it was a great
success. Finally, a lengthy tech tip from Virtual Vairs discussed turn signal
problems with a 1963 Monza.

1994 Vol 20 Nr 11 Issue 230

The cover was a shop manual drawing of a late rear suspension. New members were
Fred & Susan Roach and David Huntoon. David's father Walter was already a CNM
member. President Del ran the meeting. Our bank balance was $973. Dennis said he
had received ten completed questionnaires from members for activities during the
coming year. Bill said there would be a car show at the Atomic Museum. Bill told
us he wrote a letter to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal pointing out
errors in their coverage of the recent appearance of Ralph Nader. They later
published his letter. Our election winners were Larry Blair, Bob Beasley, Chuck
Vertrees and Will Davis. Larry's column "NOXIOUS FUMES" asked us to support the
Pleaus in their planning for the convention, to help educate each other on
technical issues and to have fun and fellowship in meetings and events. Rita
Gongora previewed an auction and pot luck, Debbie Pleau reported on Convention
planning and the cook book project, and Del Patten contributed a book report on
AMERICAN CARS by Leon Mandel (1982).

Technical stuff this month included: restoring old speakers; keeping those late
tail lights burning; fixing a "cranks but won't start" problem; preventing a
short in the wiring harness under the tunnel cover of late models

1987 Vol 13 Nr 11 Issue 146

The cover was borrowed from another club and showed a nice early sedan in front
of a classic Greek-style door. We had $713 in the bank. The Car Council made
$2000 in the September swap meet. Francis invited all to go on the Aspencade to
his cabin in the Pecos. We thanked Milton for being our Ed Black's Chevrolet
sponsor. New officers were Bill Reider, Bill Hector, Chuck Vertrees and Brian
Zolna. We planned to go to Las Vegas to see the famed Montezuma Castle. Sylvan
previewed his Architecture Tour. LeRoy provided a financial statement for the
past twelve months. Sadly, we spent more than we took in. Steve presented a fun
football quiz. Mark Morgan sent the Club a clever hand-drawn "Billiken" card
announcing the arrival of two new Naval Aviators, Marilyn Dorothy and Caitlin
Delorez. He called them "Twin OK-3s" and the card illustrated a carrier task
force with two A-6 aircraft on the downwind (upwind?) leg.

1980 Vol 6 Nr 11 Issue 62

The cover was an idea for a two-seater Corvair by Les Campbell, our former
secretary who was in humid and salty Connecticut. He reported on "Corvair Day"
at the famous Lime Rock race track, home of racer John Fitch and his Corvair
Sprint and Fitch Phoenix specialty cars.

Tech tips included: replacing interior door panels, installing a Vega clutch
disk and why you'd want to, cleaning mufflers with WD-40 and steel wool, and
checking the year your engine was made by noting the number stamped on the oil


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