Seminar on Human Growth and Development
(Educational Psychology 613)

Spring 2004

Thursdays 4 - 6:30 -- Mitchell Hall 208
Jan Armstrong, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico

This seminar examines topics in research and theory relevant to human growth and development, including implications for instruction and childrearing. This semester, we will focus on two broad areas: classic and contemporary theories of human development and the role of culture as an aspect of human development. We will also consider the implications of developmental theory and research for educational practice, parenting and social policy.


Modernist and postmodern theories of human development

Culture and human development

Human development and societal change

Developmental and cultural perspectives on children's artwork

Images of development (in film, television, advertising, artifacts, toys)

Cultural construction of learning disabilities

Culture and emotion

Teaching human development

Requirements: Participate in and help with direction of seminar discussions; complete a literature review or research project on a topic related to culture and human development.

Students in all majors are welcome. Graduate and non-degree students with interests in Educational Psychology, Human Development, Special Education, Medical Education, Health Education, Educational Leadership and Teacher Education, Human Resource Development, Professional Development/Training, Counseling, Anthropology, and Sociology may find this course of interest. Feel free to contact me for additional information ( -- - click on photo)

Course texts and readings:

Goldhaber, Dale E. (2000). Theories of human development: Integrative perspectives . Mayfield Publishing.

Turiel, E. (Editor). (1999). Development and cultural change: reciprocal processes . New directions for child and adolescent development (number 83, Spring 1999). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Armstrong, J. (2004). Perspectives on Human Development . College of Education Photoduplication Center, Educational Administration Building. (Please attend class before purchasing.)

Copies of texts will be available at UNM Bookstore and on Reserve at Zimmerman Library.