Theoretical Perspectives:Human Growth and Development


Biological-Maturation Framework

Overview of Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory Presentation (PDF)

Freud and the American Ethos (Essay)

Behavior genetics

Ethology (Lorenz), theories of attachment (Bowlby, Ainsworth, Sroufe)

Trait theories of personality and temperament

Environmental-Learning Framework

Learning Theory (Skinner)

Social-cognitive (Social Learning) Theory (Bandura)


Constructivist Framework

Cognitive-developmental (Piaget)

Information-Processing (Cognitive psychology)


Cultural-Context Framework

Psychosocial (Erik Erikson)

Ecological Systems (Bronfenbrenner)

Sociocultural (Vygotsky)

Contextual Systems (Pianta and Walsh)

Humanistic Perspectives

Hierarchy of needs (Maslow)

Interpersonal relations (Carl Rogers)


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