Council for Social Foundations of Education
Education is a social process.  
Education is growth.   
Education is, not a preparation for life;   
education is life itself.   

-John Dewey  
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Council for Social Foundations of Education

This site serves as a resource for those interested in Social Foundations of Education as an academic discipline, as a means of creating more meaningful and effective professional practice, and as a venue for informing educational policy.

As an academic discipline, Social Foundations of Education draws on the humanities and the social sciences to formulate and investigate questions regarding conventional notions of schooling and learning. Examining the underlying factors that shape such conventional notions enables a broadened understanding of the role of education in society.

Professional educators employ the methods and insights generated through Social Foundations of Education to analyze curricula, adjust instructional strategies, enhance their connections to students, families, and communities, and determine solutions to ethical conundrums.

Citizens and official policymakers find the methods of study developed in this discipline helpful in the interpretation and evaluation of proposals for the improvement of schools. As a result, concerned individuals are better able to conceive of educational arrangements that support inclusive, equitable, and effective approaches to schooling.

The resources gathered through this site will encourage advocates of meaningful learning for the sustenance of a democratic society to take active steps toward implementing effective change.