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EDLEAD/LLSS 605 is an intensive course in the use of field-based and general qualitative research methods in the social study of education. The aim of the course is to help participants acquire skill and gain experience in using a wide range of methodological and analytical research techniques. The emphasis of the course is on the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of qualitative data.

Course Prerequisites

This course is intended only for students who have completed at least one "conceptual" course related to qualitative research. Examples of such courses include Naturalistic Inquiry (LLSS 502), Education and Anthropology (LLSS 522), Ethnographic Research in the Classroom (LLSS 623), and field research, case study research or qualitative evaluation courses offered by other programs and departments. In other words, you should already have acquired a basic understanding of the aims and underlying assumptions associated with qualitative research before taking 605. It is also helpful for students to have acquired some knowledge of "quantitative" research methods before taking this course. I have found that students who have taken an introduction to statistics or general research design are better able to understand the similarities and differences between qualitative and other research strategies.

Last update: August 7, 2003.

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