Naturalistic and Qualitative Research Exemplars (representative list)



Gregory Bateson

Margaret Mead

Robert Murphy

Colin Turnbull

Ashley Montague

Dorothy Lee

George, Louise Spindler

James Spradley

Jack Weatherford

Jean Lave

Sylvia Scribner

Victor Turner

Peter McClaren


Science, Technology, Society Studies

Sharon Traweek (physicists)

Rosabeth Moss Kanter (business)

Arthur Kleinman (medicine)

Karin Knorr-Cetina (science)

Bruno Latour (science)

Sharon Kauffman (aging, medicine)

Paul Rabinow (science, technology, biomedicine)

Rayna Rapp (biomedicine)


Psychology, Social Psychology

Howard Becker

Uri Bronfenbrenner

Robert Cole

Kenneth Gergen (postmodern psychology, identity, technology)

Harry Harlow

Kurt Lewin

A.D. Pellegrini

Harry Stack Sullivan

Eric Erikson

Carl Rogers

John and Beatrice Whiting



Yvonne Lincoln

Michael Q. Patton



Gary Fine

Erving Goffman (Presentation of Self in Everyday Life)

A.B. Hollingshead (Elmstown's Youth)

W.F. Whyte (Street Corner Society)

Harold Blumer

George H. Mead

C.W. Mills

Paul Willis (education, critical ethnography)